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Cyber Safety: Four Tech Tips To Ensure A Safe And Secure Cyber Monday

November 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Experts anticipate the number of cyber threats will increase this holiday season, especially during the popular Cyber Monday shopping holiday, as shoppers head online and in-store in record numbers to purchase gifts.

Consumers should be on alert following this year’s high-profile cyber data breaches at national retailers, yet many are not taking sufficient precautions to protect their personal information.  Research shows consumers know credit card fraud is a reality in today’s economy. In 2014, 552 million consumer identities were stolen from retailer data breaches according to the 2014 Norton Report, and that number is projected to grow in 2015.

cyber safety

 Nearly 70 percent of Americans frequently or occasionally worry about identity theft, according to a recent Gallup Poll and 62 percent worry about having a computer or smartphone hacked. More than a quarter of Americans reported they, or someone in their household, had personal financial information stolen in the last year by computer hackers who targeted retailers.

With the added threat of retailer hacking, cyber crime is at an all-time high for today’s consumer, an ill-informed consumer is a hacker’s primary target, so this holiday season consumers must take responsibility for their own protection.  Discover how you can shop safely online using these tips below.

Cyber Safety

Discover four tech tips for consumers to protect themselves against cyber hacks and ensure a money-saving and secure cyber monday shopping experience below.

1. Shop on secure websites: Avoid accidentally clicking on infected sites by looking for the SSL certificate and ensure the site starts with https:// and has a padlock icon.

2.  Keep your passwords secure: Use different passwords for each of your online accounts, and change each password every three months in case your data is hacked.

3.  Update anti-virus software regularly: Cyber criminals are always developing new viruses to hack into your devices. To ensure your computer is protected from the latest threats, install anti-virus software and configure it to update automatically.

4.  Delete apps you don’t use: Information stored in mobile applications, like passwords, is vulnerable to Internet hacking. Get rid of apps you no longer use.

Cyber criminals will pounce on the opportunity to exploit a seemingly simple security mistake, savvy consumers need to mitigate the risks by staying wary of anything suspicious this holiday season.

5 Ways To Stay Safe While Online Shopping On Cyber Monday [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 28th, 2014 by Christen Stay Safe While Online Shopping   PRIVATE WiFi has teamed up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to help holiday shoppers stay cyber secure when using their mobile devices this holiday season. The infographic illustrates that while mobile shopping is good for online commerce it is potentially risky for consumers who increasingly rely on public WiFi for holiday shopping:
  • 40% of online shopping for last year's Black Friday occurred on a mobile device
  • 52% of online shoppers used their mobile devices to make holiday purchases in 2013
  • 88% of people know that identity theft is a potential issue when using public WiFi; however, 39% of public WiFi users have accessed sensitive information and 25% have logged into their online bank accounts while on public WiFi
"The holiday season is a busy time for both online retailers and identity thieves alike, and we want to arm consumers with the tips they need to shop safely," said Kent Lawson, CEO of PRIVATE WiFi. "With only a few simple changes, consumers can really protect themselves as they shop."

"Online and mobile shoppers should protect themselves against cyber threats, scams and identity theft during the holiday season, as well as all year long," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. "But as shopping volumes increase this time of year, so do potential threats. The tips make consumers aware that it is important for them not to let their guard down."

Check out the infographic below and discover 5 ways to stay safe while online shopping (on Cyber Monday and anytime) below...

Stay Safe While Online Shopping

Now that you know what steps to take to maintain a safe and secure online shopping experience, which Cyber Monday deals are you ready to click on first? Share you Cyber Monday shopping tips below!

How To Buy A Handbag, Movies, Diapers And More With A Hashtag #AmazonCart

May 26th, 2014 by Christen I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias.  


  Have heard about the latest in shopping innovation? The new AmazonCart service by Amazon allows users to shop while on the go by simply using Twitter.  #AmazonCart gives shoppers a unique opportunity to use Twitter as a search engine; finding items to purchase without leaving your Twitter feed!  
Here's how it works. Follow @Amazon (or any of the other amazing Amazon twitter accounts FOUND HERE) and keep an eye out for tweets showcasing the latest deals in fashion, technology, home goods and more. Once you've spotted a tweet with an item you want to buy, simply respond to the tweet using #AmazonCart and it'll be instantly added to your Amazon or Amazon Prime account. As if you needed another reason to shop, the #AmazonCart program takes impulse shopping to a whole new level.


  Recently, I used #AmazonCart for some not-so-impulsive shopping. I've had my eye out on buying new luggage for a few months now and using my Amazon Prime account (with free 2nd day shipping) was the perfect opportunity to put my #AmazonCart to work. Low and behold, after a few simple replies on Twitter - I found that I had more than just a suitcase in my Amazon checkout cart. Amazon tends to tweet out some pretty amazing deals and with "one-tweet-shopping" keeping an empty checkout cart makes buying these deals hard to resist. Before I knew it, I had to tame the impulse shopping beast within and with the click of a checkout button, my shopping was complete!  



#CyberMonday: Steals, Deals And Discount Codes You Need To Know

December 2nd, 2013 by Christen


If you’re like the millions of Americans that avoided Black Friday big box stores for holiday shopping then you’re probably online today looking for all the Cyber Monday deals that your wallet can handle.  Lucky for you we have only the best steals, deals and discount codes that your computer can handle for your shopping enjoyment below.   BEST BUY:  Save 15% on specialty items and up to $50 on all Cyber Monday online buys with Store Pickup  from CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:   HOLIDAY20OFF   WAL-MART:  Samsung 40" Class Smart LED HDTV for $397.99 + Free Shipping.  Save Up To 60% Off The Walmart Value Of The Day. CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:   NO CODE NEEDED    MACY'S:  Save 15% Off regular, sale and clearance prices. $50 Off $200+ all sale & clearance apparel, select home items, fine & fashion jewelry. 10% off home, select watches, select fine & fashion jewelry, shoes, coats, suits, dresses, lingerie, mens suit separates & sport coats, furniture, mattresses, area rugs/floor coverings and get Free Shipping on $75 or more. CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:   CYBER   H&M:  Cyber Monday - Take 40% Off Your Entire Order of $50 or More + Free Shipping through 12/2/13 CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:  7376    TARGET:  Save $5 Off $50 Sitewide + Free Shipping Qualifying Purchases Over $50+. Get $5 Off $25+ men's apparel purchase excluding shoes.  Get $5 Off $20+ purchase of women's fashion boots. CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:     TGTDAEBB    ALDO:  Up to 55% off stylish footwear in stock. CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:     cyberdeal13   BATH AND BODY WORKS:  Cyber Monday! Save 25% off exclusive Body Care, Candles, Wallflowers, Soaps, Gifts & much more! Offer ends 12/2/13. CYBER MONDAY Discount Codes To Know:     RMNCYBER25

The Power of The Mobile Consumer

July 30th, 2013 by Nicole The Power of The Mobile Consumer The Power of the Mobile Consumer - Smart-Hand-press-on-Cart-icon-from-mobile-phone - Divas Mobile devices are revolutionizing how we live our lives.  We have embraced the mobile lifestyle.  Always on and connected, mobile technology offer almost everything we need to do business, shopping, social media, and entertainment.  Consumers want to communicate, get information, be entertained, and shop whenever and wherever they are, often all at the same time. “Smarter mobile devices, increased wireless bandwidth, and cloud computing work together to provide ready access to information, products, and services from virtually anywhere any time." (Source) Driven by consumers increasing use, mobile use (with devices: smartphones and tablets)  is the fastest growing technology.

The Power of The Mobile Consumer - Let’s look at the numbers – by 2016:

1.       One billion consumers will have smartphones 2.       There will be 5.8 million public Wi-Fi hotspots globally 3.       126 million tablets will be in use in the U.S.


In this fast pace lifestyle we live in, convenience and efficiency is everything.  Mobile technology offers consumers the ability to:

1.       Watch TV/Video on demand:  Watch a movie at home on their TV, continue watching it on their smartphone on the way to work, and finish watching it in bed at night on their tablet. 2.       Shop by Smartphone/Tablet:  The Internet and e-commerce has made it so easy to purchasing goods and services and retailers are offering more mobile based coupons and locations based discounts with Near Field Communications.  “With NFC, shoppers can hold their phone near a tagged item on a store shelf, get information about the product, and then even download coupons.” 3.       Taking care of business:  Lifestyle apps and services are getting better and more streamlined.  With mobile payment technology like PayPal, Google Wallet, and Apple Passbook. 4.      Get instant access to information and products instantly using QR Codes.  For example, US-based online grocer announced in October 2012, that it was launching over 100 QR-code based ‘virtual stores’ at train stations in major cities including Boston, New York, Washington, D.C. and Chicago. The Power of the Mobile Consumer - Divas   Mobile consumers will require their smartphones and tablets to offer tools and information that will make consumer lives easier, more productive, ease of use, and have high expectations as technologies get better supported by emerging technologies.       The Power of the Mobile Consumer - The Rise of Mobile - DivasandDorks   Smartphones like the iPhone have built-in motion detectors for game control, navigation (GPS), augmented reality, context awareness apps, microphone, proximity sensor, and ambient light sensors.  These technologies will offer us even more mobile functionality in the near future.  Stay tuned. What do you think about the power of a mobile consumer?  How has mobile technology shaped your life? Source    

Catalog Spree App – Your Online Shopping Destination

May 3rd, 2013 by Nicole Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Logo   Your online shopping just got easier.  Catalog Spree is your personal digital mall.  Perfect for the fashionista, shopping addict, and online shopper, Catalog Spree says you can turn your iPhone/iPad into a shopping destination with their app.  No more catalogs snail mailed to the house.  You get real-time updates to the most popular retailers.  Perfect for Cyber Mondays. Download the Catalog Spree App on Apple App Store (iOS) HERE      

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - SC1

Catalog Spree wrote about its app “We launched Catalog Spree in April 2011 with seven retail partners. In our first year we helped change the App Store and create a “Catalogs” category. We invented a new way to shop online, and changed how retailers view tablets. Most importantly, we gave shoppers the best window-shopping experience ever.  

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Lists


How Does the Catalog Spree App Work?

With the Catalog Spree App, you can literally shop more than 350 catalogs in one location.  Get and see in beautiful display all your favorite online catalogs in one app location.  The beautiful app display lets you slide through hundreds of catalogs pages, searching for products, building a curated list of your favorite finds and items you plan to purchase. The app can be personalized for your shopping specifications by organizing your shopping purchases, keeping track of viewed products, building a list of catalogs and products you may like based on your buying habits, and building lists of prior purchases and products you plan to purchase.  

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Categories

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Pages

Sharing With the Catalog Spree App:

Want to share your finds via Facebook?  You can do that too.  Build your curated list of products with Catalog Spree and share with your Facebook friends.  And what’s great about this app?  You purchased products directly from the app.  The app also has a deals section that has all of the catalog daily deals.       Catalog Spree — Your Personal Digital Mall from Catalog Spree on Vimeo. Tell us what you think about Catalog Spree.  Do you like this kind of catalog shopping?

Are You Leading a Borderless Consumer Lifestyle?

December 27th, 2012 by Analie What type of presents did you receive for the holidays? When your family came over did many of them ask you for the password to your Wi-Fi? How many of you or your loved ones received more than one gadget for the holidays? Back in October Verizon released the results of one of their first surveys. The surveys examine the connected lifestyles we lead.  (See 1st image).  We learned a lot about who is using tech and how they're using it lately. According to Verizon: “Borderless consumers are an important and rapidly growing segment, almost 40 percent of U.S. adults. These consumers use several devices and require connectivity, flexibility and choice whenever and wherever possible. They are defined as consumers who own a laptop or desktop, own a smartphone or tablet, have an Internet-enabled device at all times, are motivated to make technology and connectivity upgrades and are interested in the benefits of a connected home.”  

Borderless Lifestyle Verizon

As you can see technology and connectivity is important to the borderless consumer. Internet bills are one of the important utility bills to be paid. It's no longer a luxury expense on the budget. Apps such as Dropbox give us access to our files at all times; but we need a mobile device to access the Dropbox app. The gadgets of the borderless consumer serve a purpose and are no longer just for entertainment purposes.   How did borderless consumers do during the holidays? (see the following image).  It seems consumers are enjoying shopping from the comfort of their own home office.  Check out how all consumers shopped for the holidays.

Borderless Consumer Holidays

We are no longer restricted to one way of connecting. There was a time when we had to wait to use the home desktop PC.  Now our TV’s are “Smart”. They receive and share data as well. Services such as Redbox Instant by Verizon are great for the borderless consumer. They can choose how to view their content; via DVD/Blu-Ray or streaming it. Smartphones and tablets open up desktop-like webpages making online shopping easy on the go. Catalogue and phone shopping barely make the list as nearly only half of consumers shop in person.  Times have surely changed? Do you fall into the borderless consumer category? Where do you fall in with all the consumers?  

The Best Cyber Monday Sites For Virtually Any Holiday Gift!

November 26th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Black Friday has come and gone and its time to celebrate Cyber Monday!! For those of you who still don’t know what Cyber Monday is, this day was created by companies to encourage people to shop online; as if we really needed a reason to this already. However this day of online shopping is the most convenient way to take advantage of holiday deals while avoiding large crowds, long lines with intense weather conditions and injuries; yes injuries. The saying “I survived Black Friday” wasn’t created because of its innocent misperception of safe activity. Black Friday shoot outs at the local Walmart in Florida is a too common story making headlines and making the celebration slightly discomforting and discouraging for some. Since 2012 is the year of generating and revamping comic heros, I notion the movement of a Black Friday hero, we could just call it CYBER MONDAY! Have no fear your hero is here to the rescue and there are plenty of great deals to take advantage of and avoid a black eye or two or three. Here are a few “go to” online sites in no particular order with a variety of great deals that virtually any online shopper would love!

    Not only should you appreciate Macy’s for its elaborate yearly beautiful thanksgiving parade but they are also encouraging online shoppers with specials like an extra 15% off and free shipping off orders of $75 or more.

What can’t you purchase on this website? From beauty supplies to a Kindle of any kind, is offering an instant $30 off eligible and applied credit card applicants and various percentages up to 70% for select products.   Did you know you can even score a free Amazon Prime account?  Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives you and your family unlimited fast shipping, such as FREE Two-Day shipping, instant streaming of thousands of movies & instant access to thousands of books without the pesky $79 membership fee.  (Find out how to score your free account via video here.)

    If the Walmart industry could turn into a local store then there would be no need for their great cyber monday deal of free shipping in the Home department nor prices for the perfect gift under $20! Check this website out for great deals on electronics and gifts delivered right to your door.

A personal favorite for great deals during anytime of the year; is offering an extra percentage off for all departments and deemed the entire weekend as cyber weekend for extra savings. From personal use, I must mention their great customer service with an impeccable track shipping support to ensure your delivery.   So go grab a snack and get ready to camp out in front of a computer and enjoy a safe Cyber Monday!   Have you entered Diva Days Of Christmas Holiday Giveaway yet? What are you waiting for?

The Best Cyber Monday Tech Sales At Your Fingertips (Listing)

November 26th, 2012 by Tech Staff


  In case you didn’t get a chance to take advantage of the deals on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, don’t fret.  Today is Cyber Monday, which is another day of sales to treat yourselves or to gift for the holidays. So grab your credit cards, a cup of coffee, crack those knuckles and let's get ready to shop! We’ve gathered a fine list of retailers joining in on the savings for you below.  


  • Samsung 55 inch Slim LED 1080p HDTV for $998
  • Sonos Play:3 for $299.99 + get a $100 Amazon gift card
  • Sony NEX-5R mirrorless camera for $648 + a camera bag, 16GB SD card, & wireless backup drive

Best Buy

  • HP ENVY 14 inch Ultrabook w/ 4GB of RAM & 500GB HD for $550
  • Samsung 46 inch Smart LED 1080p HDTV for $600
  • Samsung 16GB Galaxy Note 10.1 for $450


  • ASUS Nexus 7 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet for $250
  • LG 50 inch 600Hz 1080p Plasma HDTV for $550


  • Nikon D3100 14.1MP DSLR w/ 18-55mm kit lens for $480

Tiger Direct

  • Beats by Dre Studio headphones for $270
  • Vizio All-In-One PC w/ 4GB of RAM, 1TB HD, & 24inch HD display for $600
  • Xbox 360 2-game 250GB HD bundle for $250


  • PlayStation 3 charge & chat bundle for $269
  • Samsung 46 inch LED HDTV for $700
  • Xbox 360 4GB Skylanders bundle for $160
  With all these deals on everything from cameras, computers to video games - you have no reason to give anyone, just a gift card. What's on your Cyber Monday holiday gift wish list?   Have you entered Diva Days Of Christmas Holiday Giveaway yet? What are you waiting for?   Via

Tips To Find The Best Deals And Maximize Your Cyber Monday Shopping!

November 26th, 2012 by Christen Today marks Cyber Monday - it's one of your best chances to order those holiday gifts at unbelievable prices!  If you're a online shopping novice, you're probably wondering how the pros make the most out of their Cyber Monday shopping without breaking the bank.  We've got you covered!  Check out a few top Cyber Monday shopping tips below, plus a few secrets that'll help you save some additional dough on free shipping, family discounts and more!  

Top 5 Cyber Monday Shopping Tips


1.  Know what you want, make a list & STICK to it!

2.  Compare prices!

3.  Make sure your information is protected with a secure shopping site.

4.  Be aware of shipping costs.

5.  Know your return policies.

  Now that you have the tips & tricks to online shop like a pro, where are you shopping for your deals first?      Have you entered Diva Days Of Christmas Holiday Giveaway yet? What are you waiting for?    



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