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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Give Mom The Power of Photography With Olloclip 4 in 1 lens

May 7th, 2015 by Christen Looking for a Mother's Day gift idea that mom will actually use this year?  Look no further than olloclip from  Smartphones offer better cameras every year. But they still lack one important DSLR feature – interchangeable lenses. olloclip is a set of quality lenses that snaps right onto your smartphone’s camera. Keep them with you in a compact, easy to attach device, and capture amazing shots without your camera bag.   IMG_0270   Fully equipped with four additional lenses at moms disposal, there's no limit to the photos she will capture with olloclip as a gift.  The wide-angle lens doubles the field of view, letting her capture classic architecture or sweeping landscapes. To shoot with even more artistic flair, there’s a fisheye phone camera lens that can curve any large subject into the frame. And when the photographer’s eye spots a tiny wonder like an exquisite flower, switch to the macro lens to focus in on even the tiniest details.   IMG_0279   olloclip works for video as well as stills, and can be used with the back- or front-facing cameras (fisheye selfies are wild). Sturdy aluminum construction holds the multi-element lenses in place, maximizing light for priceless photos. Up your creative game with less hassle and expense than a bulky DSLR.   IMG_0275  

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    Starting at $70 and available for both Samsung and iPhone smartphones, olloclip makes a great gift for moms, dads and grads this season and is sure to be a gift that they'll never forget.  Learn more about olloclip and other great gifts by visiting today. About Grommet:  Since 2008, The Grommet has helped more than 2,000 early-stage consumer products to reach new customers. The Grommet’s Discovery Team selects only 3% of all products considered, helping Makers, entrepreneurs, and inventors to reach The Grommet’s 2 million email subscribers, 140,000+ social followers, and more than 6 million monthly page views.    

Take Smartphone Photos To Another Level With Olloclip

July 23rd, 2014 by Christen olloclip   If you're familiar with taking photos on your smartphone, you already know how limiting the standard lens can be.  There have been many accessories promising improved smartphone photographs through filters and external lenses but none of them have been more popular to date, than the Olloclip 4-in-1 lens system.  The olloclip 4-in-1 lens system is one of the most popular smartphone lens solutions, and it comes with a wide angle lens, fisheye lens and two macro lenses to complete versatility in any photography setting.   olloclip     This set includes a wide angle and fisheye lens, which can be easily converted into 10X and 15X macro lenses by unscrewing the outermost part of each.  The compact design means that instead of four lenses you’re carrying around just one small accessory, which will easily fit in your pocket or elsewhere. Olloclip slides onto the iPhone and comes off easily and the lenses are attached securely, but you can’t use olloclip if your iPhone has a case. There are convenient lens caps for each of the lenses, and you also get a soft bag that you can use for storage or cleaning.  

Wide Angle lens

It’s not always possible to fit in everything in one photo, which is what the wide angle lens is for.  The wide angle lens isn't the best in optical quality, but for iphoneography it definitely does the trick and give you the width of the canvas that you're looking for.    

a wide angle view of familiar sights in downtown Portland, Oregon.


A wide angle view of my hotel hallway.

Fisheye lens

The fisheye lens works exactly as you would expect and delivers the photos that you've come to know and love.  However, you have to be careful when shooting your photos with the fisheye lens as I have found that my fingertips somehow get caught in the shot, unless I'm extremely careful before pressing the shutter.  


a fisheye lens view of downtown Portland, Oregon.


A fisheye tale of a recent auto industry event in Portland, Oregon.

10x lens / 15x macro lens

The macro lenses are very useful for macro photography. You can’t do macro photography without a macro lens, so olloclip 4-in-1 can open an entirely new world of creativity for you.  I used the 10x lens and the 15x macro lens on tea bag packaging and the contents.  You can see that both the 10x and 15x lens delivers in quality and makes the macro photography experiences worthwhile for use on text and shooting other objects, while on the go.  

An external view of the Smith Teamaker Herbal Infusion tea bag packaging and directions.


An up close and personal view of the Smith Teamaker Herbal Infusion tea bag.

    Olloclip 4-in-1 is available for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5/5s for $69.  Do you love taking photos on your iPhone?  Would you consider yourself an  iphoneographer?  What are some of your favorite iPhone camera accessories that you use?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.      

Random Yet Helpful Accessories for Divas and Dorks

June 27th, 2013 by Analie

Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Stelle Audio Pink Model

How can you enhance your everyday routine? What little things can you add or enhance to make experiences more enjoyable? We have so much to choose from. We have extra chargers, wireless speakers, camera accessories and more. As things pop up, I will try and bring you the random yet helpful accessories that you can use! We recently told you about the Everpurse and the pink Beats Pill. Here are a few other gadgets that are sweet to carry around.

 Random Yet Helpful Accessories for Divas and Dorks

  Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Stelle Audio Clutch Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Stelle Audio - Audio Clutch - Rebecca Minkoff - Model

1. Stelle Audio Clutch

Similar to the EverPurse, the Stelle Audio Clutch looks like your normal everyday clutch but has more functionality to it than fashion.  When you open the clutch, BAM! Two speakers ready to boost music in your next gathering or impromptu get together. This is for the most fashionable of all Divas, as this clutch has style written all over it! It weighs less than 2 pounds so it won't put a cramp in your style. It of course has a built in mic, allowing it to use it as a speakerphone.
The Audio Clutch is designed to bridge the gap between the fantasy of fashion and the functionality of technology. Listen to music, dance to your own tunes, host a conference call or talk to a friend from anywhere your life takes you. With an intuitive user interface, the Audio Clutch pairs wirelessly to any Bluetooth device. No manual required!
PRICE: $349 BUY IT!     Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Olloclip Lenses Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Olloclip  

2. Olloclip

One of the accessories that I think will catch the world by storm by the holidays. The iPhone 5 camera is decent for social networks, updates, random pics. We all use our smartphones to capture the everyday things, even the bigger things in life. But there is only so much you could do with it. We have told you about the Olloclip accessory before. With it, you can give your iPhone rear camera some options. Those options are: Macro, Fisheye and Wide Angle. You might not be able to upgrade your phone, but now you can do a bit more with your camera. You can out more about the Olloclip lens HERE   PRICE: $69.99 BUY IT!   Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - Grip and Shoot Accessories for iPhone

3. Grip and Shoot for iPhone

Continuing on the path of iPhone camera accessories. Check out the Grip and Shoot. I know, it may sound gimmicky, but after trying it, I'd feel guilty not recommending it! Sometimes it's just difficult to hold the camera steady. The iPhone is a huge bar phone with an extended screen. It's difficult to take a picture without touching the screen at times. With the Grip and Shoot, you get more of a steady hand and a trigger button. It's sort of like a mobile tripod. It's not on sale yet, but you can preorder it! PRE-ORDER!  

Random Accessories for Divas and Dorks - USB MP3 Calculator


4. USB Calculator MP3 Player

We all have to get some work done. If you still don't want to let go of your old-school calculator. Check out this calculator that has that classic look with a touch of modern technology. This calculator may look like your simple math machine, but it has so much more to offer. It has a USB port and built-in speakers for some music when you get the chance! It reads MP3 andn WMA files from your microSD card. If you just want to connect another device. Have no fear, it has a 3.5 mm jack. I'm sure updating the books doesn't seem so bad now! PRICE: $25 BUY IT!  



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