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First Impressions: Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone From Verizon Wireless

August 12th, 2013 by Christen Upon opening the FedEx shipping box and discovering the Nokia Lumia 928 by Verizon Wireless I admit, I was skeptical.  After all, when a smartphone comes out the box boasting to "reinvent the way you do business" it has to come correct, or not t all.  After years of testing out the latest in iOS, Android and Windows smartphones, I've come to learn that no matter the technological advances or "coolness" factor - ultimately we all want a smartphone with the right combination of apps and specs as unique as we are that benefit our everyday lives.  No matter what device I'm currently using, there's typically a heirachy of "standard must haves" that each of my smartphone need in order to compliment my lifestyle. 1.  Does it "look" & "feel" good in my hand?   2.  Is the camera quality good enough for sharable photos via social media & online publishing? 3.  Can I download Instagram, WordPress, Twitter & Facebook with ease? After spending the weekend with my new device, I've compiled my first impression observations on Verizon's flagship Windows phone.  If you've ever thought about getting a Windows 8 device - check out my initial reaction to the device below (AND... as a bonus Verizon Wireless is offering the Lumia 928 for free with 2-year service contract.)


Upon unboxing the Nokia Lumia 928, I couldnt help but notice the sleek design and ultra bright white color (a Verizon Wireless exclusive). Ive never been a fan of smartphone devices in white - mainly because my fear of makeup stains, visible scratches and other easy to spot blemishes that often steer stylish girls clear of the easy to stain color. However, the Gorilla Glass 2 touchscreen is virtually stain resistant, resulting in the color concentration to the backside of the phone. The size and weight of the Nokia Lumia 928 is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 but with an solid weight of  160 grams it feels slightly more stable, secure & slip proof in the palm of my hand. (I fumbled & dropped my S4 plenty of times, actually more than any other smartphone ive ever owned before. So i can definitely tell a huge difference when holding the Lumia 928 in my hand.)
Nokia Lumia 928

Gorilla Glass 2 makes the Nokia Lumia 928 tough and does not easily "crack" under pressure.

Nokia Lumia 928

The rear of the Nokia Lumia 928 is impervious to stains found on other white smartphone devices.



I've known about the camera quality for some time now, but to see it in real-time action is a totally different experience.   The 8.7 MP PureView camera rear sensor produces luminous 3264 x 2448 pixel photos while the front facing camera is at an impressive 1280 x 960 pixels. It offers a variety of cinematic features too - perfect for photography geeks of novice users alike.  The video and audio quality was beyond my expectations for what a smartphone camera can do.  The crisp imaging & audio sound doesn't just capture the content - it allows you to re-experience the moment with unimaginable clarity as if it was your first time.

"Sunny Selfies" in Long Beach with Ty of


Can you count the shades of blue, white, yellow, brown and black found in this picture? The Nokia Lumia 928 captures them all!

VIDEO TEST:  While out and about Sunday afternoon, I captured some video images and to my surprise the audio quality did not sound distorted, muffled or unrecognizable at all.  Check it out below.



When it comes to an easy to use smartphone - Windows has the competition beat.  Hands down.  That's one thing that I've always loved about the Windows phone, the user interface is simple, easy to use and allow you to pin all of your most used apps to the home/start screen.  However, with a limited apps library, Windows probably won't become a leader in application options anytime time soon.  I was able to download my favorite apps with ease, all with the exception of Instagram (However there are other options available that helped me with my quick pic Instagram fix almost immediately.)
Nokia Lumia 928

You can find "most" apps available in the Windows store - and even those you can't find, you can typically find a comparable third party app to fill in it's place.

Nokia Lumia 928

This isn't Instagram app, it's the Instance app. It allows you to share photos using the Instagram platform.

  After two days with the Nokia Lumia 928 device, I'm learning more about the apps, HERE maps, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio apps and more daily.  It's definitely a different user experience unlike any iOS, Android or Windows device I've ever used before - but I'm sure that I'll learn to love this phone as lightening fast as the Verizon LTE network that it's on!  Stay tuned as I'll be sharing more of my initial findings on the Nokia Lumia 928 device soon!  For more about the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows phone and how you can score your own for free visit   Disclosure:  I’ve been provided the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows phone by Verizon Wireless for review, all experiences and opinions expressed are my own.  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.

Verizon To Launch The Nokia Lumia 928 Later This Month

May 9th, 2013 by Rod

Verizon Wireless and Nokia Lumia 928 Smartphone - Analie - Divas and Dorks (2)

If you are a Verizon subscriber and having been waiting for another high-end Windows Phone device or a Nokia Lumia with a Pure View camera, your wish is about to come true.  Big Red is set to get their own Nokia Lumia that will differ from the the noteworthy Lumia 920 only available on AT&T. Introducing the Nokia Lumia 928

What Features Will Come With The Verizon Nokia Lumia 928?

  • The Lumia 928 will offer a lighter & thinner aluminum body (over the polycarbonate one AT&T uses)
  • a 4.5inch OLED display
  • powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor + 1GB of RAM
  • an 8.7 MP Carl Zeiss PureView camera w/ flash
  • support for simultaneous voice & data over LTE

Verizon Wireless and Nokia Lumia 928 Smartphone - Analie - Divas and Dorks (1)

What Is Pure View?

Pure View is Nokia's patented floating lens technology that allows 5x times the amount of light without the use of a flash.  Combined with their Optical Image Stabilization to reduce shaky pic/videos, gives you the best in low-light photos & video.
Here's a video below showing off its Pure View camera in action against the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III.
Are you impressed?  Who's buying one when it becomes available?



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