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Seven Ways Apple Wants To Change The Way You Live, Work And Play (WWDC 2015 Recap)

June 9th, 2015 by Christen Yesterday at WWDC 2015 - Apple announced a bevy of new features and products and Drake was the pitch man in charge! Many of the innovation announcements rivaled competitive apps and technologies that are already available on Google's platform, but that's not stopping Apple from giving it's annual WorldWide Developers Conference the highlight it deserves.  It's clear that Apple wants you all to themselves and isn't interested in "playing nice" with the competition. Check out how Apple wants to change the way you live, work and play using their latest innovations below.   WWDC Drake

Apple Music Wants To Become Your Go-To Music Streaming Service

The biggest announcement of the day was Apple’s new streaming service, Apple Music. While many saw this coming... (remember that $3 billion Beats acquisition last year?) Spotify is years ahead with a loyal and budget conscious fanbase that refuse to lose. Apple is releasing Apple Music for Android to give itself as wide an audience as possible while taking aim at Google Play consumers too. With its Beats 1 radio station, Apple is also going after Pandora’s radio audience and any other streaming service out there - Tidal included. (I'll admit, I was a huge fan of Beats Music - so I'll be especially interested to see what Beats 1 radio brings to the already crowded streaming table.)  

Apple Music Connect Could Be The Next SoundCloud 

(Avid SoundCloud user) Drake made a special appearance to highlight the “Apple Music Connect” feature including the launch of ocial music discovery.  Soundcloud has been ahead of is competitors at connecting fans with artists, and it’s always been more of a social network/streaming service hybrid. Which is exactly what Connect is trying to be.  

Apple Notes

Apple Notes Update May Change The Way You Work

Notes has always been fairly light on features, but its revamp today puts it in closer competition with third-party organization apps like Evernote. Now you can draw sketches, make checklists, and add photos, maps, and websites into Notes. All things you can do on Evernote.  

Read All Your Favorite Books, Articles And More With Apple News

Apple News has taken a few notes from competitor, Flipboard. Just like Flipboard, you can pick a list of publishers or topics to follow, and Apple News will provide a customized news reader. Apple News is “the best mobile reading experience ever,” according to Susan Bailey and with upcoming freebies like New York Times articles and more - it could change the way you consume daily news soon.  

Are You Using Your Wallet Or Smartphone To Buy Your Next Purchase?

Apple introduced a robust Apple Pay expansion: It’s coming to the UK, it’s partnering with Pinterest for a new “buyable pin” program, and it’s partnering with Square on a payment reader. Apple also renamed Passbook “Wallet,” and are clearly on the way to replacing your vegan leather wallet with your smartphone - wallet could very well change the way you make purchases forever.  

The Next Apple Update Could Have Your iPhone Predict Your Next Move

Siri wants to be the assistant you've always wanted and with a little help from Apple, it's  making its intelligent search even better with proactive assistance on iOS 9. This means Apple devices will now anticipate what you’re looking for based on context and make predictions about what you want based on your past behavior. Siri will be able to set appointments and with an API for search, the proactive assistance feature will be able to pull information from contacts and apps on your device too.  

Apple Maps

New Yorkers - This Next Update Is For US! Apple Maps Finally Gets It Right!

Apple has a horrible track record with Maps, but its new public transit feature should appeal to commuters without cars. Instead of routing people to third-party apps, the iOS 9 version of Maps will provide public transit directions.  Talk about a subway savior! Move over Google Maps - I think Apple may finally get it right!  

Apple Wants To Help You Ditch Android For Good 

It's no surprise that Apple wants to get people to stop using Android, but yesterday's announcement of 'Move to iOS' has just made it easier than ever. Available this Fall - ‘Move to iOS’ is an app designed to help people switching from Android to Apple. The app transfers contacts, message history, photos and videos, bookmarks, email, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books from Android to Apple, and suggests third-party apps to re-add.   With Apple Music being the biggest announcement of the day, it's clear that music lovers everywhere are looking at their platform choices differently.  Are you a Spotify or Tidal user?  Would you consider Apple Music?  Have any of these announcements made you more/less confident in Apple products? Share your thoughts below. Featured In Pose Magazine’s ‘Most Inspiring People’ Issue

October 17th, 2012 by Fashion Staff It's with great honor that we announce that Publisher Christen Rochon  has been selected for inclusion in Pose Magazine's 'Most Inspiring People' Issue - alongside  literary great Dr. Maya Angelou and actress/comedianne extrodinaire Kim Coles.  Check out a few of the clips below and for the full issue, visit    

Have TSA Screeners Been Stealing From You During Travel? (Video)

September 28th, 2012 by Tech Staff   In recent reports almost 400 TSA agents have been fired due to an overwhelming issues of THEFT.  With holiday season soon approaching, could it be that TSA agents are hoping to cash in on your travel holiday plans.  Check out the video below from ABC News and see what happens when aTSA agent gets caught with a "lost" iPad...
If you saw or caught a TSA agent in the airport with your tech goods, what would you do?

Imported From Detroit: Chrysler Drives “MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL” To Broadway

September 28th, 2012 by Christen
chrysler motown the musical broadway preview nyc

Imported From Detroit and Impacting Broadway in 2013... The Chrysler 300 and Motown: The Musical

  As a "motor city gal living in the city of dreams," I was beyond thrilled to hear that the Motown story would be descending upon New York City in the form of a musical and one of Motown's biggest supporters the Chrysler brand has been announced as the driving force behind the arrival to Broadway.  

“The Chrysler brand is honored to be part of this epic event that details the history of Motown, celebrates the music of its time and shares with the world how the city of Detroit serves as a source of inspiration. It’s extraordinary events such as these that helped to define the values of the Chrysler brand.” - Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, Chrysler Group LLC.

Thursday night, as a guest of the Chrysler brand - I had the pleasure of enjoying a luxury evening filled with ground travel in the 2013 Chrysler 300, attending a very special preview of MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL as well as the celebrity-filled after party event and Liberty Theater. The preview event, held at the Nederlander Theater hosted MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL producer Kevin McCollum, director Charles Randolph-Wright, Smokey Robinson and Mr. Berry Gordy himself gracing the Nederlander stage to share their enthusiastic joy regarding the show and anticipation of it's release next year.  The cast performed select numbers from the musical which included original Motown hits like "Dancing In The Streets", "Ball Of Confusion" and "You're All I Need".  This intimate event was host to many of the Motown music family & friends including Aretha FranklinJesse JacksonStar JonesGayle KingAl Sharpton and more.  
motown the musical preview cast

The cast of "Motown: The Musical" along with Berry Gordy at the preview event - presented by Chrysler in NYC.

MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL opens on Broadway at The Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (205 West 46 Street) on April 14, 2013 following preview performances beginning March 11, 2013. Directed by Charles Randolph-Wright, MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL is the real story of the one-of-a-kind sound that hit the airwaves in 1959 and changed America forever. This amazing show charts Motown founder and Detroit native Berry Gordy’s incredible journey from featherweight boxer to the heavyweight music mogul who launched the careers of Diana Ross and The SupremesMichael Jackson and The Jackson FiveStevie WonderThe TemptationsSmokey Robinson and The MiraclesMarvin Gaye and many more.  In addition to the story of the music, it also shares intimate stories behind the music such as the budding romance between Diana Ross & Berry Gordy as well as how his music shattered barriers and shaped a nation.  If you've ever enjoyed the made for tv movies such at "The Temptations" or "Jacksons: The American Dream" then you'll absolutely enjoy the music, dancing and story of MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL on Broaday.

MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL on Broadway previews begin March 11th 2013 and tickets are on sale now.   For more information visit Chrylser's blog and

  Are you ready to see MOTOWN: THE MUSICAL on Broadway?  What are some of your favorite Motown hits?  Share below...  

March 16th – The Day Of AppleGeddon (The New iPad & Apple TV)

March 7th, 2012 by Tech Staff Instead of breaking all of today's Apple news into seperate posts, we've decided to bring you all of the glorious Apple-related news, launches and updates into one easy to read AppleGeddon article.

The New iPad was announced earlier today, and as we told you via our LIVE BLOG it has more than a few good features that makes it worthwhile to be considered "NEW & IMPROVED"... As was rumored this thing is packing a Retina display, potentially making this the most pixel-packed slate on the market. The 9.7-inch screen plays host to 3.1 million pixels in a 2048 x 1536 arrangement -- that's 264ppi. It's not just a higher resolution though, the screen also boasts improved color saturation. There's also a new iSight camera on board that's quite similar to the version inside the iPhone 4S. It's five-megapixels, AND has a backside illuminated sensor with a five element lens. It's also capable of capturing 1080p video. The new keyboard is sporting a brand new dictation key that lets you speak instead of type -- yup just like on Android. The new software inside will also let you use the slate as a portable WiFi hotspot too!  And LTE has officially arrived!  With an LTE antenna on board, (shout out to AT&T & Verizon) and although a tad bit pudgier, (increased weight of 1.4lbs & 9.4mm thickness) Apple is still claiming to get 10 hours of battery life.

  The new iPad will be available March 16th, starting at $499 for the 16GB WiFi model and scaling up to $829 for the 64GB version with 4G.Pre-orders start today in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, with the rest of the globe to follow on March 23rd. Official Press Release.    

Apple TV Also announced today is the new Apple TV® featuring 1080p programming including iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix, Vimeo, photos and more in HD. With iTunes in the Cloud, customers can purchase and play their favorite movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store and watch them instantly on their HD TV. The new Apple TV features a simpler, refined user interface making it easier than ever to access your purchased movies, TV shows and music with iTunes Match right from iCloud. With AirPlay, users can stream or mirror their favorite content from their iPad or iPhone 4S to Apple TV. Apple TV will be available on Friday, March 16 for a suggested retail price of $99 (US) through the Apple online store, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. Apple TV requires iTunes 10.5 or later.  Official Press Release.   So what do you think?  Any plans on upgrading to the "NEW" iPad or Apple TV- Let us know below!

Why The Now Defunct AT&T / TMobile Deal Will SUCK For You…

December 19th, 2011 by Christen Here are some options to consider IF the merger would've gone through...but since we no longer have that to worry about, I guess everyone is safe...that is until we consider why this defunct deal will suck for consumers... 1. No iPhone, if a T-Mobile customer. 2. Phones with better data options -- soon. 3. Billing cycles change. 4. Higher fees for T-Mobile subscribers. 5. Bye, bye unlimited data plans. 6. No more unlocking. 7. Hello, rollover minutes. But, you heard right.  AT&T has officially dropped it controversial $39 Billion bid to purchase T-Mobile (*whispers a prayer of gratitude* - I tried to wait it out with TMobile & now I'm glad I didn't.) According to the official statement from AT&T, the FCC and DOJ (Federal Communications Commission & Department of Justice) got all in the mix and now it's the consumer who will suffer most. AT&T says:  "The actions by the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice to block this transaction do not change the realities of the U.S. wireless industry. It is one of the most fiercely competitive industries in the world, with a mounting need for more spectrum that has not diminished and must be addressed immediately. The AT&T and T-Mobile USA combination would have offered an interim solution to this spectrum shortage. In the absence of such steps, customers will be harmed and needed investment will be stifled." So now that we know what happened we can easily speculate the following: The merger would've created the largest US Carrier crushing Verizon's 102 million subscribers.  This time last year, TMobile was loosing when it came to customer retention (they lost almost 320,000 contract customer in Q4) - while AT&T was on the other end of the stick gaining 2.8 million customers during that same time.  Since Tmobile has a heafty supply of towers - that could've easily been used to AT&T's advantage (no more dropped calls, anyone?)  The non-merger will leave consumers in decision mode when deciding which wireless company will give them the biggest bang for the buck.  Just keep in mind:
  • Contract cancellation fees - yup, they'll suck for you...
  • Unlimited calling & data plans - yup, they'll continue to suck for you...
  • That whole 4G thing?  Who are we kidding, that'll definitely suck for you...
  Not the quite the news we were expecting on this wireless business game, but hey, we've always been more of a Monopoly game fan anyways...

Fashion in 140 Characters?

May 6th, 2011 by Fashion Staff Guest post by: Noni Shanay Cavaliere In New York City at the beautiful Lincoln Center, Alice Tully Hall, Co-created by Jeff Pulver of the 140Conf and Lilly Berelovich of Fashion Snoops, pulled off a one-day Fashion Conference focused around social media and fashion. The event was sold out and featured over sixty speakers. The 140 Conference series created by Jeff Pulver is focused around engagement on Twitter. His catch phrase is "behind every tweet, is a person". He is all about humanizing digital space.  

Twitter is based on brevity and engagement (conversation), so it's no surprised that the conference followed those tenements by giving speakers only ten minutes and panels only fifteen. Fast paced, short and sweet. If you couldn't attend, through Lincoln Center partnership, the whole day was live-streamed and also you could follow on Twitter the hashtag #Fashion140 to catch "sound bites" and opinions of what was being said. Some people on Twitter did raise opinions about how some of the speakers seemed more like sales pitches of their brand or marketing services. As an attendee, I have to agree. At moment I did feel I was being "sold to" instead of giving any real information on how a brand can rock out digitally. But in 10 minutes it's hard to go deeply into a topic or "teach" social media and branding. Here's one guy who did though:

Daymond John of Fubu, Shark Branding and also a shark on ABC's Shark Tank, did an amazing job hitting home about branding. Although, this is a man is used to having sixty to ninety minute speaking engagements, he came blazing. What I liked too was he didn't stand behind the podium, he worked the stage.  

The Miss Universe panel was about how Miss USA and Miss Teen USA use social media and branding to do things like feature what they're wear, what brands they like and to connect with their fans. Also chatted about how brands reach out to them for "celeb tweets".  

So can I sum up the lessons of the conference is a 140 characters?

"You are the brand, not just the product"

"Twitter & Facebook are very valuable marketing platforms."

"Don't overlook mobile, fastest growing way people are buying and connecting with brands"


"Blogs are a great way to launch your brand and bloggers should be your best friend"

"Don't sell, engagement, entertain, and listen"

or as the Urban Outfitter's social media strategy is, says Dmitri Siegel


What confused some people attending but more of us attending liked, was in the afternoon, the creators of the conference made some time for charities too. The official brand ambassador of Fashion 140, Amanda Greene spoke about Lupus and her love for fashion and how she independently catches the attention of brands and thus became the brand ambassador of the conference. Marc Ecko came on and instead of pushing his clothing or his lifestyle magazine, Complex, he instead took the time to talk about his national initiative against corporal punishment in schools and how he launched his message online. Next was Jessica Coghan spoke on behalf of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher's "Real Men Don't Buy Girls" campaign to end underage prostitution and sexual slavery internationally. Jessica showed how the campaign was successfully launched via Facebook. Out of the whole day my three favorite speakers were Daymond John, of Fubu and Shark Branding, Stacy Igel of Boy Meets Girl USA, and Robert Vedi of Fashion Comes First. Best case study for successfully using social media for emerging designers/brands is Boy Meets Girl USA, Owner/Creative Director/Designer Stacy Igel. She has branded both herself and her companies and has mastered building last customer relationships and media relationships over the digital space. Plus she's humble which is always great in an industry obsessed with "look at me, I'm fabulous" designers.

    The only part I didn't really think was good was unlike at the monthly #140Conf events, you never got to actually meet the speakers. Most came in fifteen minutes before speaking and left after. If they did stay, they were tugged away in a "green room" of sorts. It would have been nice if there were more opportunities to network with them and a lot of the speakers were in essence saying the same things over and over again.


All in all, the day was good, it was great to see some many people finally realizing digital is where it's at, customers are your friends so converse with them on a deeper level then sales and bloggers are important too. And everyone cares about fashion in some way, it's up to you to find the "them" who match your ideal consumer and engagement them.

BREAKING NEWS: Social Media Kills Broadcast Media

May 2nd, 2011 by Christen It's official! This past weekend has been the busiest "Breaking News" moments the world has seen in a while.  From the Royal Wedding (yeah, that just happend on Friday - REMEMBER?) To last night's breaking news by President of the United States, Barack Obama announcing that world reknown terrorist Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  This is where the interesting part comes in...if you're like the millions of people from around the world that has interest in the latest world affairs you probably didn't have to wait to hear the news via your broadcast news medium of choice, you simply logged onto your favorite social media platform at recieved the news immediately BEFORE THE REST OF THE WORLD! For example, my story is this....on the day of Royal Wedding my timeline was filled with audio, video, photos and comments painting a play-by-play picture of the ceremony from gown to song (after song, after song, after song).  Literally 15mins before the official Bin Laden announcement was made via President Obama, my Facebook feed was buzzing with the news that Osama was indeed captured and dead. Is it possible that the Osama is DEAD Facebook page had something to do with the news traveling so fast?  The page was actually created years before his death actually occurred.  I don't believe this conspiricy-theory driven page had anything to do with it, but with almost 350,000 LIKES this page is serving as an online memorial board where visitors are sharing their stories and feelings about his Bin Laden's death.

Now, you want to know who had the news before Facebook, CNN and Twitter?  This guy...

That's right, he tweeted LIVE just feet from the actual mele that brought Bin Laden down.  This is the exact reason why Broadcast media won't be able to compete with social media.  The live updates of billions via social media platforms will always out-perform the traditional means of relying on broadcast media for breaking news and reports.

(Twitter has just confirmed that nearly 4,000 tweets PER SECOND were sent out during last night's speech by President Obama. - via CNNTech)



Still don't believe that social media is outperforming traditional broadcast media when it comes to news delivery?

Check out this poll listed on


So far, over 35% of all polled heard the news not via CNN or local news programming but via TWITTER!

The everyday journalist, Twitter-user and Facebook-correspondent are the ones making news happen and reporting it IN REAL TIME!  After this weekend, I know that I'll be the one checking for news more often online and awaiting for broadcast media to confirm it later, how about you?



In case you were wondering about the Royal Wedding and social media buzz, you can catch the details HERE.

Reality TV Fashion Smackdown…

March 25th, 2011 by Christen We all know that Reality TV is our secret and not-so-secret daily obsession.  From Bravo's Real Housewives franchise to VH1's signature "_____ of Love" shows.  Now that scripted TV is becoming almost extinct, it seems that we get our fashion Do's and Don'ts from real people....that just happen to be on tv.  With that in mind, we went on the hunt to find the most stylish reality show currently on television and we came up with these top choices.

The cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta

These women live on budgets that are larger than life...or are on the "fake it, til you make it program..." in any event, we have seen our fair share of Louboutins to Louis Vuittons on this show that's if you paid attention beyond the backbites and catfights.


The cast of VH1's Love and Hip Hop

Their men may be ballers, but have we seen enough fashion on this show to make it a candidate for most fashionable reality tv?  We'll have to stay tuned to this show and watch how it develops...


VH1's RuPaul's Drag Race

Don't get it twisted, these dudes have been consistent in serving fierce since day one!  With a little bit of ducktape and Dior, these gals have made strong strides to finish this race as the most fashionable on reality TV.


Today's Poll Question:

Apple News You Can Use….

September 1st, 2010 by Christen




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