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Posts Tagged ‘news one now’ Talks What’s Trending In Tech On TVOne

January 11th, 2016 by Christen


CES 2016 wrapped last week as the most successful technology trade shows to date, breaking records across the board launching unique and exciting innovations to the world.  CES (also known as the Consumer Electronics Show) is the super bowl of the tech world for the New Year. From gadgets to make your home smarter, to personal robotic butlers and more, discover what’s trending from the best of CES 2016 below.

For The Home


samsung smart fridge



Samsung Smart Fridge Family Hub

Could you imagine a home appliance that multitasks, organizes groceries and provides super cool entertainment too?  The Samsung Smart Fridge provides all that AND MORE!  Efficiently manage grocery shopping and keep tabs on grocery expiration dates every time you open the refrigerator door.  The 21.5″ full HD LCD screen display not only looks good on the outside, but there’s a camera on the inside that captures a snapshot and will let you know when it’s time to pick up more eggs, milk or other grocery essentials.  This smart home addition isn’t cheap, if you want to upgrade your home with the refrigerator of the future, be prepared to spend some major “dough”.

[Price: $5,000]







Flic Smart Home Button

What if you could order a pizza, set movie night ambiance or instantly call a taxi from a click of smart button?  The Flic Smart Home button revolutionizes the way you create a connected home and is so easy, even a kid could do it.  Flic is a small wireless button that you can stick anywhere to automate practically any home gadget powered by electricity.  Triggered by a click, double click and hold you can activate simple home solutions that’ll save you time and money.  With the Flic Smart home button safety is a click away. With Flic you can alert your friends and family with your exact GPS-location if you’re ever in trouble. Flic integrates with your phone’s GPS functionality to keep you safe no matter what. 

[Price: $34]


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For You






Intel Hoverboard Butler (Segway Robot)

If you’ve been waiting for a real-life version of “Rosie The Robot” from the popular 80’s cartoon, The Jetsons you’d be happy to discover that Intel showcased the multitasking, ridable robot named the Segway Robot.  Not only is this  personal transportation device aka a hoverboard, but the display screen allows the robot to make cute faces, mobile arms move around making it the best front door greeter anyone could own. Although it won’t be available until next year, we’re sure that it’ll be loaded with amazing updates to make this personal hoverboard robot the must have cyborg for the holidays.

[no pricing details]



share roller



ShareRoller E-Power For Bikes

Introducing ShareRoller. The world’s first removable, portable, multi-platform electric drive that powers regular bikes, share bikes, folding bikes, and even kick scooters If you’ve ever needed a boost while riding your bike across town or up a hill, the ShareRoller is for you!  The petite electrical attachment will transform any regular bike to an electric bike, fueling it up to 750 watts of power.  With ShareRoller, you can propel yourself effortlessly at 20mph+ without pedaling for 14 to 20 miles of range, even garner extended range of up to 36 miles.

[Price: $649]

Parrot Disco drone

Parrot Disco Drone

Parrot has introduced a different kind of drone and it’s the Parrot Disco.  The Disco is the first-ever wing-shaped drone that you can fly – no experience necessary.  The take off is automatic, you simply launch the Disco into the air (as you would a paper airplane).  It gains altitude and waits for your control via RC controller or wifi Skycontroller.  This isn’t your ordinary drone, reaching speeds close to 50mph the Parrot Disco (when paired with in-App Flight Plan) makes flying on autopilot easy and offers a flight time of 45 minutes.

[no pricing details]



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For Life




VR Headsets

For gamers, Virtual Reality is huge and there are a few VR headsets making waves on the CES show floor.  From Samsung’s Gear VR (which consumers can buy in stores today) to HTC’s Vive headset which integrates a camera, which will help show the “real” world around you – this trend of immersive entertainment is becoming highly popular, but it’ll cost you.  The VR headsets range from $59 to $600 each.






Ripple Maker Machine + App

The Ripple Maker has been wowing coffee lovers in NYC with its ability to produce high-res Ripples onto lattes, cappuccinos, or any foam-topped drink in a matter of seconds. Now the Coffee Ripples App empowers anyone with a smartphone to turn ordinary beverages into extraordinary experiences by creating inspiring Ripples from any image, photo or message they choose or create.



TV One News One Now


These are just a few innovations shared today on News One Now, but if you want to discover more innovation and technology from CES 2016, visit all week long and get social with us on TwitterFacebookYouTube and more!

DivasAndDorks On TV: Let’s Talk Back To School Gadgets w/ Roland Martin and News One Now On TV One

August 8th, 2014 by Christen

This week, as a guest on the News One Now morning show with Roland Martin I discussed the best Back To School Gadgets plus, the latest in affordable tech and deals that you can find in retailers today. Discover my top picks and which items I shared with News One Now on TV One below.


Best Back To School Gadgets

News One Now host Roland Martin and Christen Rochon talk “Back 2 School” gadgets on TV One.


Who says Back To School shopping is just for students?  As one of the biggest technology shopping seasons of the year, now is the perfect time to grab the best deals online and in stores.  The combination of families stocking up on school supplies, college students shopping for electronics and select state sales tax holidays makes this one of the busiest times of the year for retailers and they’re giving up the best deals to earn your business.

Best Back To School Gadgets

Discover the best back To School gadgets and deals that you can find from retailers such as Radio ShackTargetWalMart and more in the video below.

Best Back To School Gadgets

Best Back To School Gadgets
Best Back To School Gadgets
Samsung S Tab 8.4 with Bluetooth keyboardGalaxy S5 & Gear 2 ($499, $149, $199 & $199)
The Samsung Galaxy S Tab is incredibly thin and light design so it’s easy to tote around and carry to class, add a Bluetooth keyboard and there’s no need for a laptop.  It’s Super AMOLED screen makes streaming movies during study breaks better than ever.  Students can easily view two applications side-by-side for easy multi-tasking with Multi Window and for a fully connected experience, sync up with the Galaxy S5 & Gear 2 from AT&T for a total immersion in the next big thing in technology.
Best Back To School Gadgets
Great for students of all ages, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is a great tablet to break into the tablet craze without breaking the bank.  Its’ 7? screen makes it the perfect size that’s portable and comfortable to hold so it’s great for on-the-go use.  Plus it also has Multi-Window so you can view two applications side-by-side for easy multi-tasking.

If you’re looking for more Back To School gadget ideas for the entire family check out a complete #Tech4All post shared earlier this week here.

Best Back To School Gadgets
Proximo Bluetooth trackers ($32)
Every 3.5 seconds, a mobile phone is lost or stolen. When you consider the threat to your sensitive data, your downtime and the cost of recovering your phone, you’ll see exactly why Proximo is the perfect tech accessory to help you keep track of your technology. The Proximo Bluetooth trackers will alert you with a customizable alarm the moment you move a set distance away from any of your devices using your iPhone/Android device or tracker fob.

Best Back To School Gadgets
Quirky desk accessories Pivot Power & Space Bar ($20 & $100)
Pivot Power Pop bends to fit any sized plug or adapter without wasting a single outlet, but this version brings bold, head-turning hues. Finally, your power strip is something you’ll want to showcase, not something you’ll want to hide away. Space Bar is a sleek desk accessory that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. After a long day of work, slide your keyboard into the space below the shelf and store your office miscellany—keys, digital camera, etc.—up top.

For more entertainment and news that affects your community be sure to listen to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST and watch at 9 a.m. EST on TV One. 



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