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New York Fashion Week Goes Social With Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat Sneek Peek

September 5th, 2013 by Christen

Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat


With designers in search of new ways to make collections generate fashion week buzz, many of them resort to social media as the “go to” for the masses.  For its Spring/Summer 2012 show, Burberry decided to debut its collection via Twitter, sending the brand’s name to Twitter’s list of global trending topics at the time. Just last week, it was announced that Carolina Herrera has launched her first social media contest to boost awareness of her bridal line.  It’s no longer show attendees that get the first glance at fashion week looks — this season, for Rebecca Minkoff fans at least, that honor falls to the users of Snapchat.  Now with the power of social media, Rebecca Minkoff has solicited the power of the Snapchat app to debut her Spring 2014 collection moments before they appear on the runway.


Rebecca Minkoff Snapchat


Snapchat is a two-year old iPhone and Android app that allows users to send messages, photos and videos that automatically self-destruct seconds after they’re viewed.  Sharing sneek peeks of the Spring 2014 collection allows fans to experience the star fashions of the shows even before most editors and show-goers can.  The Rebecca Minkoff team believes  that fashion week involves the consumer just as much as it does the designers, editors and buyers.  Uri Minkoff, the CEO of Rebecca Minkoff says, “We believe in a different approach. We believe the consumer is part of [fashion week], and that their inclusion is going to grow. The consumer has a voice and say in [our] brand, they should get special perks even if they can’t attend the show.”

Are you keeping up with the New York Fashion Week excitement from the comfort of your computer screen?  Check out all the runway shows in it’s entirety here.

Will you be following the Rebecca Minkoff releases on Snapchat?  We’ll be sure to post some of the exclusive sneek peeks via Instagram for your New York Fashion Week enjoyment.


Fashion’s Biggest Party – Fashion’s Night Out Is Now Over

February 27th, 2013 by Christen

After four exciting years of shopping til you drop and fashion hangovers, Anna Wintour has officially pulled the plug on fashion’s biggest party – Fashions Night Out.  Fashion’s Biggest Party – Fashion’s Night Out Is Now Over.

fashion's night out

After four years, Anna Wintour has pulled the plug on fashion’s biggest party…

According to the official website “Fashion’s Night Out will go on hiatus in the United States in 2013, in order to enable retailers to channel their resources towards strategies more in keeping with their current priorities.”… WAIT, what about those who priorities include fashionable partying? :/



According to organizers the problem wasn’t unruly shoppers turning quiet neighborhoods into “zoos” so much as it was about money. “The sponsors of the event—Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and NYC & Co.—made the joint decision to go on hiatus so retailers and designers can focus their budgets on projects that are more in line with their specific objectives, rather than a big event on one night in September.”


Lisa Lockwood at Women’s Wear Daily reported that the event became a burden for designers and retailers given that “they have had to invest more and more of their resources to maintain a high level of quality, and there unquestionably was some backlash, especially from designers who were staging fashion shows at the same time.” But as the event grew every year there were also logistical problems. After this year’s FNO Hillary Reisenberg wrote a piece at BuzzFeed titled “How A Worldwide Shopping Party Became A Dangerous Liability,” a problem that was particularly evident in New York. She pointed out that in the city the crowds damaged cars and patrons were served drinks with little oversight as to whether or not they were underaged.

While I’ll admit, there were issues of extreme partying that took place during Fashion’s Night Out, the retail event really kicked off New York Fashion Week in a way unlike anything before.  It was a chance for those who are unable to experience life underneath the NYFW tents to become apart of Fashion Week in some way.  (Granted, those same individuals could quite possibly be the same ones featured in the unruly video above, but I digress.)

Will you miss the Fashion’s Night Out experience this year or are you over the pressures of retail therapy hype?  

#NYFW: Michael Kors Fall 2013 Takes Fashion On A Futuristic Journey

February 15th, 2013 by Christen

If you’re a fan of luxe simplicity with an edge, then Destination Kors by Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection is for you.  Several celebrities arrived for the New York Fashion Week Fall collection debut including Jada Pinket Smith, Willow Smith & more…


Jada Pinket Smith in Emerald reefer coat with belt from the Michael Kors Resort 2013 collection

Jada Pinket Smith in Emerald reefer coat from the Michael Kors Resort 2013 collection


Bright lights, fast city and urban athleticism meets uptown polish.  It’s an attitude based on full speed futuristic fashion.  It’s where the endurance of electric colors med the glamour of classic black, whites, olives and charcoals.  The Michael Kors Fall 2013 collection is a luxe take on autumn wih camp, graphic dogstooth patterns and moto tailoring.  Bonded wool coats, jackets and track pants with racing stripe and zipper details. Rubberized shaker knit sweater over perforated felt skirt. Ribbed knit peplum sweater and tube skirt. Black slim dresses with parachute silk trains.  It’s all here in the Michael Kors Fall 2013 collection.  Check out more photos from the runway and the full show below…


Michael Kors Fall 2013

Destination Kors Fall 2013


Michael Kors Fall 2013

Destination Kors Fall 2013


Michael Kors Fall 2013

Destination Kors Fall 2013




Discover the entire Michael Kors Fall 2013 Runway Collection below…


What do you think of the Michael Kors – Destination Kors runway collection?  Are you more of a fan of Michael Kors fashions or accessories?  



photos/video courtesy of Michael Kors

#NYFW: Betsey Johnson Fall 2013 Collection – It’s Vibrant, Quirky & Fun!

February 13th, 2013 by Fashion Staff

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, one of the highlights of the week is the Betsey Johnson Fall 2013 Collection.  Energetic 70 year old cart wheel diva Betsey Johnson debuted her Fall 2013 Collection to much surprise as most thought she was doomed after filing for bankruptcy. Apparently backer Steven Madden stepped in and save the day.  Best known for her pouffy and frilly dresses, Johnson showed her new active wear line on a catwalk that included cell phones, flirting, and a dynamic exercise routine led by the designer that included running in place, yoga and pull-ups.


#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013


The garments presented were a mix of workout gear, party dresses, and accessories, all styled together in a wild explosion of colors -yellow, teal and hot pink lyrca -and layers. Cropped workout pants and zip-up jackets were printed with BJKicksA, the theme of for the show itself. Non-active wear clothes included sheer maxi dresses worn over leggings topped with faux fur.

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013


#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013



#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

Activewear by Betsey Johnson includes neon-spotted matching pantsets, topped with hot pink quilted vests. Models wearing these sporty numbers ended up prone on the floor, arms outstretched, doing yoga poses!After the model walked, they formed a line, where Johnson led a spirited “class” where tights were used for pulls and champagne bottle were used as resistance. The runway instantly transformed into a yoga studio with a series of curls, crunches, and sit-ups!



#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013

#NYFW Betsey Johnson Fall 2013


Betsey Johnson closed her show with her daughter Lulu, granddaughters and signature cartwheel with the loudest crowd ovation heard within the tents. What are your thoughts on the Betsey Johnson Fall 2013 collection? Will you be watching the reality TV shows “Betsey and Lulu” next month?


Check out more from the Betsey Johnson Fall 2013 Collection below:


NYFW: Vera Wang Fall 2013 Ready To Wear Collection Exudes Sensual Sophistication

February 12th, 2013 by Christen

Fresh from the debut of her Ready-To-Wear Fall collection, Vera Wang has once again inspired beauty, sensuality and sophistication in her designs.  Very seldom can you witness a design collection that takes your breath away, but once you do experience it, it’s sure to be a moment that you’ll never forget.  The Vera Wang Fall 2013 Ready To Wear Collection, may not be ready to wear everyday however the beauty of being a woman is the versatility that you have to transform your look in any way, every day.

Let’s go back to London 2012 (not London Fashion Week per se’ – moreso London shop style).  Last August, while shopping in a local London boutique I discovered a beautiful metallic, monochromatic brocade dress and instantly fell in love with it.  Little did I know, the Vera Wang collection would be such a sophisticate interpretation of the growing and ever-present brocade trend.

I found love in this brocade dress... and so did Vera Wang...

I found love in this brocade dress…                                                                                                  (and so did Vera Wang by infusing the distinct pattern in her latest line )



Not to say that Vera Wang’s collection was inspired by my London Instagram flicks (that would be cool to think though…LOL) however, the textures and beautiful colors throughout the collection are elegant as they are sensually stunning.

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection


Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Bountiful Brocade Parade:  Beautiful patterns and intricate brocade details illuminate the runway in deep metallic hues and accents of deep purples, green and orange.  The Vera Wang Fall Read To Wear Collection speaks sensual sophistication infused with an artful opulence without saying a single word.

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection


Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection


Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection

Vera Wang Fall Ready To Wear 2013 Collection


Embellished prints and voluminous hip lines heightened by the moody jewel tones and plenty (plenty) of black was seen cascading down the runway.  Only Vera Wang could bring such art and sincere style to a collection without sacrificing her commitment to strong, poignant trends.  I am in LOVE with the classic look and feel that only richly decorative brocade fabrics can provide in design and lucky for me, there’s enough love in this Vera Wang Collection to go around.


View more from the Vera Wang Fall 2013 Ready To Wear Collection below:


DVF Fall 2013 Show Brings Bold Prints, Colors And Glam

February 11th, 2013 by Christen

If you’ve ever imagined yourself  our clubbing during the height of the glam rock era,  you might just find yourself adorned in Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall 2013 Collection.  Mixed with heavy prints, bold colors and bright patterns – the disco-infused theme wasn’t just the inspiration for the fall collection, it heavily influenced the runway soundtrack instantly transforming the DVF Fall 2013 show audience to a less-than-typical evening at the iconic Studio 54.

Diane Von Furstenberg FALL 2013 JUMPSUIT

Fall 2013 show mixed with bold patterns




Fall 2013 show added metallics to the mix

One by one as each model graced the runway, we saw it all including DVF signature wrap dresses, blazer and skinny pants in “fetish pink,” gold lamé jackets, a turquoise floor-length halter dress, a rabbit-fur black vest, and a dress made of chain mail. Dizzying black-and-white prints were inspired by graphic artist M.C.



Fall 2013 show highlights of hot pinks and bold pairings




Fall 2013 show beautiful unconventional patterns



Fall 2013 show adds the glam of luxe fur

Diane Von Furstenberg described her woman for next fall: “Wrapped in a swirl of twisted chain link, she steps into the night. With an effortless glamour, she winks at herself and smiles at her shadow … In sky-high metallic heels, she swaggers across the cityscape … She is the rock star and the muse of her own life. Her clothes are her friends. Life is a party.”  


Fall 2013 show prints outlined in pink




Fall 2013 show printed dress




Fall 2013 show vibrant glamour in blue



Discover more looks from the DVF Fall 2013 Collection below:



Diddy and Sean John Make History with the First Instagram Fashion Show

February 8th, 2013 by Christen

As social media tends to expose more and offer accessibility to events and our lives.  It was only a matter of time until a designer would execute the first Instagram fashion show.  I mean really, we already have an abundance of “models” showcasing their talents via “selfies” – of course a show during New York Fashion Week was imminent.  Fashion maven and Social media innovator Sean Combs creates another first with the launch of the Sean John Instagram fashion show.  The viral event will take place today, Friday February 8 at 10:00AM ET.

On Instagram straight FLEXXIN…



 “In honor of New York fashion week we wanted to do something that has never been done before,” said Combs.  “With Instagram technology we are bringing Sean John to the social media runway where our consumer lives.” – Sean “Diddy” Combs


Fashion maven and Social media innovator Sean Combs creates another first with the launch of the Sean John Instagram fashion show.  The viral event will take place today, Friday February 8 at 10:00AM ET.  Combs will be posting new looks every 30 minutes from 10:00AM – 5:00PM ET.  Viewers will be invited to check out images from the latest collection only available at Macy’s.

sj instagram fashion show 1



sj instagram fashion show 2



sean john 1 instagram fashion show

How do you get front row access to the latest Sean John Collection?  Follow Diddy on Instagram


In addition to making history as the first fashion show on Instagram, it’ll also serve as the longest fashion show EVER!  Measuring in at 7 hours long!  Sure it’s innovative, but can you imagine the disappointment if none of the revealed looks during this Instagram fashion show makes it to Instagram’s “Popular” page? (*WHOMP*)

You call it – Social media innovation or just a sign of the times?  Remember this post  New York Fashion Week Goes Digital – Fashion Feat Or Fail? expect to see more designers embracing social media platforms (while saving money on costs) emerging soon.  Question is, are consumers going to embrace these changes or ultimately feel cheated out of the designer wooing they’re used to.


About Sean John, a privately held company, was created by music icon Sean “Diddy” Combs and made its fashion debut with a men’s sportswear collection for the spring 1999 season. In 2004, Sean “Diddy” Combs for Sean John was honored by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as Men’s Wear Designer of the Year. With annual retail sales in the United States of over $525 million, Sean John remains one of the most impressive full lifestyle brands in the US and around the world. In May of 2010 Sean John signed a deal with Macy’s to be the exclusive U.S. department store retailer for the Sean John men’s sportswear collection beginning in Holiday 2010. The Sean John product is available online at and in over 400 Macy’s stores across the country, with additional doors to be added in the years ahead.  Learn more at

New York Fashion Week Goes Digital – Fashion Feat Or Fail?

February 4th, 2013 by Christen

IMG Fashion and Rightster announced that for the first time, there will be a live stream of every runway show from New York Fashion Week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) at Lincoln Center, as well as video on-demand content available for all shows and presentations, for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Starting February 7th – NYFW live streams will be available on and, giving fans worldwide a front row seat to fashions most beloved designers’ shows.

new york fashion week streaming online


Now that the mystery of one of New York’s most fashionable events will be revealed on a computer screen near you, what does that mean for New York Fashion Week and what does that mean for you?  The tents at New York Fashion week has always been much more than the experience of designer runway shows and presentations.  It is the epicenter of the current and future faces of fashion.   Editors, stylists, models, celebrities, makeup artists, bloggers and more crowd inside the tents in an anxious frenzy to network, floss their style and make their way to each designer show.  Sure, live streaming of the runway shows will give outsiders a front row seat to the newest season of style, but it’ll never replace the experience that is New York Fashion Week.


In fact, half of the entertainment that is New York Fashion Week actually takes place outside of any of the designer presentations.  From the omnipotent 20-something pr representative intoxicated with power to the more than desperate model/stylist/actress-to-be , these are just a few of the lead characters you’re destined to experience underneath the tents of fashion week.  The ruthless elbows & jabs from photographers determined to “get the shot” to the catty chatter of “influencers” complaining about their overbooked (non-existent) show calendar – these are people and scenarios that can’t possibly be shared by streaming a runway show online. Last season, the disgruntled daughter of a French publisher went as far as slapping the face of pr before the start of a show – these are scenes from NYFW that I can’t make up and definitely won’t be streamed on a computer screen near you soon.




Overall, you can in fact call this a fashion WIN for the masses who may never step foot inside a NYFW show, but if you’re not easily entertained and have hopes of obtaining an insider’s view of what New York Fashion Week really is then think again.  Now that IMG Fashion and Rightster has unveiled a small segment of the New York Fashion Week curtain, don’t believe that this is an all-access pass for a full-on NYFW experience; those experiences are still reserved the fearless fashionistas and not the faint of heart.



A Few Good Apps For Fashion Week Fun! {Infographic}

August 29th, 2012 by Christen

Using your smartphone for all your New York Fashion Week needs is now easy as pie!  HTC put together some helpful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Fashion Week using an HTC smartphone (below). Advanced camera features and easy access to social networks make it easier than ever to stay in the loop while making your way to shows, events and after parties throughout Fashion Week.

What are some of your favorite apps to use during fashion week!  Share in the comments section below!

Betsey Johnson: Fashion, Bankruptcy & Reality TV

April 27th, 2012 by Christen

Betsey Johnson’s company sent the fashion world into a tizzy on Thursday, having filed for bankruptcy. But not to fret—the party is far from over for the legendarily perky designer. Despite having to close 63 freestanding stores, Johnson will stay on as creative director for the brand focusing on sportswear and her moderately priced line, among other projects.

I certainly didn’t see this coming.  As a fan of Betsey Johnson fashions (and even more a fan of her MBFW runway shows) I thought they could do no wrong.  However, the company was in deep water after a $48 million loan evasion that resulted in a bail out by Steve Madden (Steve Madden Ltd. owns intellectual property rights to the company). The Wall Street Journal explains that the brand’s luxe prices are simply not affordable to its younger demographic and could not compete with lower-priced retailers (H&M,Topshop) targeting the same customer base.

But hold back your tears, because here’s a bit of good news: a few flagship stores will remain open in Manhattan and a few other cities. Saks Fifth Avenue,Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom will continue to carry the collection. Johnson also plans to hold a runway show during Fashion Week in September to promote her more affordable frocks. “I love the moderate price range,” she told WWD. “It is in synch with all the girls who are buying my clothes.”

The 70-year-old will also be cartwheeling onto—what else—reality television. The show, Betsey + Lulu, is set to air this July and will star the designer and her daughter. She will also put her nose to work releasing two more fragrances to follow up last year’s release of Too Too.



Looks like things are looking up for one of my favorite eccentric fashion brands, check out some of our favorite Betsey Johnson runway moments & let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye out for their new “more affordable” lines coming soon.










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