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Become The MVP Of Your Next Party With This Photo Sharing App

November 18th, 2015 by Christen

There’s nothing like hanging out with good friends or family and capturing those priceless moments that’ll last a lifetime.  If you’re anything like me, you’re always swiping through party or event photos to share online.  Whether it’s selfies, usies or group photos, most people are still stuck sharing photos the archaic, old-fashioned way via text or email.

But what if you could share high quality photos, quickly and without compromising your private contact information?  With FotoSwipe, you simply swipe the photo from one device to another to share seamlessly.



Imagine you are out with a group of friends at a party and you’ve taken a dozen photos of the evening. Your friends all want copies, but texting each of them twelve photos would take hours. Sometimes, I’m so engrossed in living in the moment that I forget to immediately share group photos.  With FotoSwipe, everyone in your group can get your photos in seconds!




FotoSwipe is a secure, photo sharing app that allows you to share photos or videos between iOS or Android smartphones or tablets by simply “swiping” using your finger from one device to the next.  Sharing is easy! Simply place the two phones next to each other and launch FotoSwipe on both. Select the photo/video you want to share and drag it from your screen to the receiver’s screen. The photo will be copied instantly.




FotoSwipe isn’t just the easiest way to instantly share photos and videos with people near you, it’s also a great way to transfer photos too.  In addition to sharing photos with friends, I use FotoSwipe to transfer photos between all my handheld devices including my iPad, Amazon Fire tablet and Samsung tablet.

Be the MVP of your next party or family event, download FotoSwipe on iTunes or Google Play today, it’s fast, simple, and free.

Learn Something New! Summer School Is In Session With These Amazing Apps

July 10th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to learn something new!  There are tons of inexpensive and free apps that will help you learn practically everything!  Want to become fluent in Spanish? There’s an app for that?  Need to brush up on your cooking skills?  There’s an app for that too!  Check out 10 amazing apps that will help you learn something new each and everyday below!


learning apps


Become a master chef: Most of us have a few go-to dishes in our repertoire, but don’t branch out from there. If you want to expand your recipe bank, food journalist and author Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is the way to go. Aside from recipes, there are kitchen tips and shopping lists built in to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. And there’s is a vegetarian version of the app you can download if you are an herbivore. $9.99 on iOS


Learn to invest: If you want to diversify your portfolio but find the stock market overwhelming, Trade Hero is here to help. Aside from being able to buy, sell and trade stocks, you’ll also receive pro tips and support so you can make the most educated decisions when it comes to investing in stocks. Free on iOS and Android



Become bilingual — or trilingual: You can pick up a foreign language without having to sign up for a Berlitz class. Duolingo turns the learning process into a game by allowing you to pick up one of more than a dozen languages through a series of speaking, listening and visual exercises. With the convenience of being able to study on the go, you’ll be a master linguist in no time. Free on iOS and Android



Get your art history on: Whether you are an art buff or want to appear more knowledgeable the next time you’re at a museum, this is the app for you. With Daily Art you’ll examine a new masterpiece each day, read about its history and the artist. Free on iOS and Android



Sharpen your #girlboss skills: Levo League recently debuted their Thinking Talents app complete with a quiz to help you assess your strengths in the workplace. The best part is that you can share your results with coworkers and friends to get a sense of how your skills can best complement each other. If you’re thinking of starting a business with your friends, this app is a must. Free on iOS


Get informed: LinkedIn recently updated their news app, Pulse, making it one of the best resources for business, career and trend information. Unlike traditional newspapers, there is no subscription fee for Pulse, and it is one of the best sources for learning about how to advance in your career and what is happening in the working world. Free on iOS and Android




Become a Stock Market Whiz: Similar to Trade Hero, the Stock Market app will help you learn the ins and outs of wall street. Aside from offering easy-to-follow graphs and charts, this app features great video content on investing and stock basics. Free on iOS and Android



Teach Others: The updated iTunes U now allows instructors to collect and grade assignments. It is also teaching us to be greener since by nature it forces you to go paperless. Not a teacher? You can still use this app! There is a wide library of free college-level courses so you can take that elective you missed out on. Free on iOS



Become a Wordsmith: Lexicon nerds, rejoice! The Word of the Day app was build for you. The title says it all; you’ll be sent a new word and definition each day so you’ll eventually have the most impressive vocabulary out of all of your friends. Free on iOS



Teach Your Kids: This is a great app for parents who want to help their tween or teen prep for high school or college. Kahn Academy allows your child to refresh their skills in past course levels and get ahead of the curve by learning advanced content. The app also features tools for parents and teacher. Free on iOS and Android


Now that you have a few summer apps that will keep you learning all summer long, which apps are you looking forward to downloading first?  Share your summer school skill wishlist in the comments section below!




Calling All NYC Tourists & Transplants…There’s A New App Just For You!

April 2nd, 2012 by Christen

With over 50 million tourists annually, New York City is launching a better map to help them navigate a little easier or at least one that makes it easier to patronize city businesses.  A new iPhone map app from the city’s official tourism center portrays businesses not as little red pins, but with their logos. It incorporates social media updates, OpenTable booking capabilities and daily deals directly into the map.

The app is a co-branded version of a map app called CityMaps that launched earlier this month. By hooking into a bundle of APIs, it’s able to expand beyond capabilities of a typical online map.



Store owners can claim their spot on the map in order to curate their presence on it, and eventually the startup hopes to make money by charging them for some of these privileges.

Advertisements for the new co-branded version of CityMaps will appear on bus shelters, on taxicab video screens and even on a Time Square jumbotron.



Which NYC based apps are you currently using to navigate through the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”?  Would you use this new app as an NYC tourist, transplant or original borough dweller?  







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