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If You Really Love Binge Watching With Bae, Put A Ring On It!

May 31st, 2016 by Christen cornetto commitment rings   First there were purity rings, then promise rings and now there’s a new form of outrageous commitment rings coming to a finger near you soon.  Modeled after engagement rings, there are new “streaming commitment rings” that have been created to symbolize your promise to binge watch together, forever.  That’s right, with these rings, you’re promising to Netflix and chill with and only with your streaming partner by your side.   streaming rings   So what really makes these rings work?  Of course they don’t simply rely on your willpower alone.  They actually sync with the streaming service itself, making it so that the couples show of choice can only be watched when both rings are in the same vicinity.  Working with most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and more – with the streaming commitment rings, there’s no way around catching up on your favorite shows without your partner around.  
  Personally, I think if bae gives you a streaming commitment ring before you score that engagement ring, you have more important things to worry about!  But I guess any ring is better than no ring, right?  Find out when you can purchase your set of streaming commitment rings on the company’s website here.   Who’s on your stream team?  Have you ever been violated by a Netflix cheater? Share and tag your favorite binge-watching buddies on Twitter and Facebook!

Love To Binge Watch? This Mobile Carrier Is Letting You Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free!

November 11th, 2015 by Christen How would you like to binge watch your favorite shows from Netflix, HBO Go and more - anytime, any place? With Binge ON, T-Mobile unleashes your favorite binge-worthy shows without ever burning up customers’ high-speed data.   Binge On   If you're a T-Mobile customer, you can now watch your favorite shows without watching your data or searching for WiFi.  With Binge On, video now streams free for viewers and subscribers of Crackle, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, Movieplex, NBC Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Sling Box, SHOWTIME, STARZ, T-Mobile TV, Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, VUDU—with more streaming services on the way—without ever touching their 4G LTE data on Simple Choice plans with extra data.   T-Mobile is also including Verizon’s Go90 and AT&T’s DirecTV streaming services in Binge On.
“With Binge On, no one pays—not the customers, not the video streaming services—and everyone wins,”T-Mobile President and CEO, John Legere
  With mobile video now the #1 way Americans use smartphone data, it's nice to see a carrier making a way for customers to enjoy entertainment easier and less expensive.  Customers are using nearly two-and-a-half times more of their wireless data for mobile video in the last two years. But that’s nothing compared to where we’re headed. According to forecasts, mobile video usage is poised to surge more than 400% by 2020. Binge On and the new Simple Choice plan will be available starting Sunday, November 15. Existing T-Mobilecustomers will get Binge On starting Thursday, November 19. For more information on Binge On, see

InstaHacks: No More Accidental Liking, Netflix And Chill Button + Get Paid To Travel

September 30th, 2015 by Tech Staff instahacks   Ever found yourself snooping on an old flame's Instagram page, only to make the mistake and double-tap a picture from 129 weeks ago?  Oh rookie, there's an app to make sure you never make that lurking and liking mistake again.  What about stepping up your cuffing season strategy with little help from tech?  Just in time for Fall, there's a new prototype that'll create the perfect Netflix and chill setting for anyone. Not quite ready for hibernation, Netflix is looking for you!  Grammasters is back. If you want to get paid to travel and take pictures of amazing film and TV locations, discover how to work with Netflix and more InstaHacks below!    

Bye Bye Lurking Mistakes

Instasnoop  is an app that allows you to check out anyone’s profile (as long as it’s public) and snoop to your heart’s content by disabling likes, tagging and commenting. You don’t need to be afraid of accidentally double-tapping on a photo and liking it — whew. No more embarrassing encounters with your frenemy from college. iphone_6_instasnoop Also, Instasnoop has the added capability of being able to ZOOM IN to a photo, so you can check out exactly who that girl is in the back who looks like your old neighbor from childhood. All you need is an Instagram account that you’ve authorized Instasnoop to access. Plus! If you have people you check on the reg — maybe your work crush or your brother’s new gf — you can add them to a SnoopList that you can easily access with the tap of an icon. (free on iOS)    

“Netflix and chill” button

Remember the first time you heard the phrase “Netflix and Chill”? There’s now an official “Netflix and chill” button that you can hack together to bring your binge watching/couch potato activities to the next level. Not currently available for purchase, this maker-made button is an all-in-one: it can turn on your smart TV, open up the Netflix app, dim your Phillips Hue lights, silence your phone, order you food, etc all with the push of one button. Yes. It is very DIYable (head to The Switch website for instructions). netflix switch      


Netflix Grammasters

Want to get paid to travel and take pictures of amazing film and TV locations?! Duh, you do! Netflix also has a super cool program for Instagrammers called Grammasters. Netflix is on the hunt for three accomplished Instagrammers – or what it calls “Grammasters” – to explore the US (and other locations throughout the American continent, possibly) while taking “beautiful pictures for Netflix Instagram channels.” All travel arrangements will be taken care of by Netflix, with the job involving shooting content at “iconic film and television locations.” You might even find yourself on the sets of Netflix originals or other “awesome shows and films.”  So, how to apply. First, you’ll have to join the thousands of others and become a follower of Netflix’s Instagram account.follow-netflix After that, then you'll have to add the hashtag #Grammasters to your best three Instagram shots so the judges can see if your work is likely to be worth the $4,000 paycheck. Unknown

 Good Luck!

        These are just a few of the latest trending InstaHacks going on, what are some of your favs?  Let us know in the comment section below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram too @DivasandDorks     via

Want To Netflix And Chill? There’s A (Dating) App For That!

September 21st, 2015 by Tech Staff Football, trips to the local apple orchard and the cool crisp seasonal air of change can only mean one thing, move over summer time fun, "Netflix and Chill" season is here.   netflix and chill   One way to make sure your meet-cutes happen in the most casual of ways is simply by turning on a show on Netflix and… well, chilling. That’s where Netfling, a Tinder-like app centered around Netflix viewing habits fills a much-needed empty space in the dating pool game.  

At the moment Netfling, is only a concept (nope, you can’t DL it on your phone yet) created by advertising agency SuperHeroes Amsterdam but that’s only because Netflix hasn’t opened its API (come on, Netflix!). But (fingers crossed) once it does the Tinder-like service would allow you to match with other streaming lovers that share similar entertainment taste as you do through efficient swiping action. Yep, you can finally find someone else that’s into The X-Files and wants to curl up on the couch and watch the sci-fi series with you.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the progress of this dating app because, really, aren’t we all just looking for the perfect couch companion at the end of the day?

Would you use Netfling as a dating app option? Let us know in the comments.



Netflix & MGA Develops New STEM Show & Toy Line For Girls

August 7th, 2015 by Tech Staff

If you grew up a fan of shows like Inspector Gadget or Clarissa Explains It All - there's a new wave of entertainment made specially for girls and stem! Check out the gadget wielding, social media savvy girls from Project Mc² below!

Project Mc2

"The Project Mc² brand was developed in order to inspire girls that it's cool to be smart, leverage the growing trend of STEM,"Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment

The company behind Little Tikes and the Bratz Dolls have taken a new approach to STEM, launching a line of Project Mc² dolls. Each doll comes with a working experiment kit, so kids can play and feel inspired to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math.  The line, named Project Mc², released today at Walmart, Toys 'R' Us, Amazon, Kmart and more stores nationwide. In addition to the release of the dolls, a Netflix Original series also titled Project Mc² has premiered today. The show focuses on four girls inspired by the dolls who are recruited to join a top-secret spy organization.  
  Each doll is matched with one of four experiment kits, to create working volcanos, lava lights, glow stick necklaces or blueprint skateboards, respectively. Customers can build and rebuildall of these projects using household ingredients. In response to a growing demand to get girls interested in STEM, MGA released dolls that could act as smart, empowered role models.   Project M2   Project Mc²   Project Mc²   Are you as excited as we are?  We can't wait to share this show with all the future STEM women in tech we know!  

Cutting the Cord: Are You Ready?

June 5th, 2013 by Nicole

Cutting the Cord:  Are You Ready?

Cutting the Cord - Divas and DorksWhat we mean by cutting the cord, we mean your cable service!  Is this unthinkable for you?  From those floor models, to big boxes, to flat screens – televisions have come a long way - a VERY long way.  Oh well, there could be time for another upgrade if the millennials (18 year olds - 33 year olds) have anything to say about it.  Most people between the ages of 18 – 33 are moving to laptops, tablets, and smart phones when viewing television content and digital content providers know this.  They are tech-savvy and use their technology more resourcefully.        
“early six in 10 Millennials watch at least one hour of television every day. The real shift is HOW they consume television. A 2013 eMarketer study found that 106 million Americans, or one in three Americans, watched TV online. That number is expected to grow to 145 million in the next four years and the trend is led by those ages 18-34. In 2010 a survey of college freshman found 87 percent said they prefer watching TV and movies online rather than subscribing to a cable or satellite dish service. Some television networks realize this shift and are evolving to better engage them.”  

Cutting the Cord: Why Go to Streaming Services?

  Cutting the Cord - Divas and Dorks 1Cutting the Cord - Divas and Dorks Amazon Prime   They want their information fast and now.  More TV viewers are subscribing to streaming video services such as Amazon Prime Instant, Netflix, Aereo, and Hulu Plus. They are paying a significantly lower fee than the surging cable prices and have the option of watching content anytime, anyplace and from multiple devices.  Each year subscriptions to these online streaming services grow.  Certainly cable companies still have better options for viewers such as easier to use technology, and they can offer more content because of license agreements and restrictions, but I’m sure in the near future that will change.  Oddly enough, cable subscription fees have increased.  
The challenge for marketers today is to create content they want to view, but equally important is to make it viewable in the right places and to make it interactive.  
  How much of an effect do you think the price of cable service has for the shift to online viewing? Do you think you could ever completely cut off your cable service? 

Check Out Fanhattan, Our App of the Week

April 26th, 2013 by Nicole Fanhattan App logo Divas and Dorks - Analie Cruz   Do you have an account with Netflix, Amazon On Demand, Hulu, iTunes, and HBO Go to view your favorite premium channels on your iPhone or iPad?  You access the web or app to access Netflix to watch a TV show and then access HBO Go to watch Game of Thrones.  It’s a pain to remember all those user accounts, passwords, and accessing individual app services to view your favorite shows.  Who can keep track!  Well, your life just got easier.  Fanhattan may have solved our problem.  Access all your video content in one location through Fanhattan.  I’m already in love!   “The company launched its app for the iPad and iPhone in 2011, giving users the ability to search simultaneously through the libraries of a steadily expanding roster of sources of movies and TV shows. That's far more convenient than browsing through Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and the like sequentially, trying to figure out which one has which content, in what format and at what price.”  

How Does Fanhattan Work?

Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (1) Fanhattan has a cross-service search engine that can find and discover content from all your video services.  It also has user reviews, friend recommendations, and a daily magazine.  You can create a "Watch List" to track your favorite movies and shows – and the service will inform you when new videos on your Watch List become available.      

Check Out Fanhattan, Our App of the Week

Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (1)

  “The Fanhattan web experience will also add a new way of saving content for later". According to Fanhattan CEO Gilles Bian Rosa, iOS users typically use Fanhattan to find content that they want to watch instantly. But web browsers (pun intended) sometimes are looking for stuff to watch later. As a result, Fanhattan provides users with the ability to Watch Now or — wait for it — Watch Later.   Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (4)   The "Watch Now" function shows users where they can instantly tune in to a piece of content. And you can probably figure out what "Watch Later" is for. If a title isn’t on any streaming services yet, or if it’s still in theaters, Fanhattan will let users add it to a Watch List and be notified when it becomes available. Users can even create, curate, and multiple lists for different genres of content, and share them with others.     Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (2) "In addition to providing users with title, cast, and crew information, Fanhattan will also have entertainment news, celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, and reviews — giving users a more complete look into the content they’re interested in viewing. Users who are logged in through Facebook will also be able to share what they’re watching and see what their friends are viewing as well.” (       Specifications: ·         Free ·         Available on the web, iPhone, and iPad   Download the Fanhattan App HERE

Own A Smart TV? These Are The Must Have Apps That You Can’t Be Without…

July 19th, 2012 by Christen

If you own a Smart TV, chance are - you're not getting the most out of your entertainment.  "Younger adults desire a more social TV viewing experience," says Manny Flores, Senior Vice President at Harris Interactive.  "With the proliferation of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, younger adults are not only more tech savvy, but are accustomed to being able to share their online experiences with their friends and family. So why not add TV viewing to the list of online experiences to share?"

Smart TV manufacturers are hoping that the popularity of apps with smartphone and tablet users makes its way to the living room.  Manufacturers and retailers are selling more and more televisions preloaded with Internet-connected functionality, frequently referred to as Smart TVs. This provides an environment where consumers can use apps to do anything from surfing the Internet using a fully functional web browser, to streaming their favorite movies, TV shows and music right on their TV sets. Streaming video apps are the most popular apps for both Smart TV owners and consumers who don't yet have a Smart TV. Three of the top five "must have" apps are Netflix, YouTubeand Amazon Instant Video.  Social media giant Facebook and online radio leader Pandora round out the top five.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,634 U.S. adults (ages 18 and over) surveyed online between May 7 and May 15, 2012 by Harris Interactive. Younger adults (those 18-35) chose YouTube (Owners 57%) as their top "must have" app over the more traditional experience offered by Netflix (Owners 54%) and Amazon Instant Video (Owners 38%). "As the TV becomes a more overall entertainment device, it is only a matter of time before we see the mainstream use of additional content apps, such as Facebook, being used on the TV," added Flores. "Yet, manufacturers and retailers evidently have to do a much better job of educating their consumers on what a Smart TV is and the benefits of a Smart TV experience. Increased familiarity appears to be the key to driving purchase consideration. Also, manufacturers need to hope that familiarity with smartphone and tablet apps translates into greater interest and adoption for apps that can be used on a bigger screen in the living room." Are you a smart TV user?  Which apps do you currently own?

Fashionable Little Secret…

June 3rd, 2011 by Christen Have you heard about the newest craze  sweeping the fashionista-nation?  It's been held as the Netflix of fashion and even garnered over $15million in investor capital for recent expansion. Who has time to Rip the Runway, when you can RENT THE RUNWAY! Rent the Runway’s mission, according to Jennifer Hymanand Jenny Fleiss, is to bring the Carrie Bradshaw clothing experience to budget conscious fashionistas and turn them in to loyal customers of designer brands. Rent the Runway is a membership-only designer rental company where women can rent dresses and accessories from over 100 designers and brands including Herve LegerDiane von FurstenbergProenza Schouler and Badgley Mischka.  Dress rentals start at $50 for 4 days and $10 for accessories.            

  How does it work you ask? Rent the Runway lets you access your dream wardrobe for all of life's special occasions at 90% off retail prices.  Choose current season fashion from over 95 designers for your black tie gala, wedding, date, holiday or night on the town. Simply visit Rent The Runway online and sign up!  Once on the homepage, you enter the date of your next event, your size and the zip code where you want the dress shipped.  You immediately get to browse through the available dresses by price, style, occasion or even body type (they even have on-call stylists available via 1-800-509-0842). You even get a duplicate dress absolutely free (in an additional size) to cover and fitting issues!  GENIUS!        



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