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Microsoft Users Can Score Free Upgrades To Windows 10 (Find Out How)

January 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Microsoft will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 — the next version of its operating system — first for Windows 8.1 users and then for Windows 7 users, the company announced this week.

In the first year the software is available, the company will upgrade any devices running Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free, according to Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president of operating systems. The free upgrade will also apply to Windows 7 devices and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

windows 10


The free upgrade is only available for the first year. Microsoft has yet to announce the software’s price for the upgrade after that one-year window.

“We think of Windows as a service,” Myerson said during Microsoft’s Windows 10 unveiling event in Redmond, Wash. “Now developers can target every single Windows device.”

The move is likely designed to convince consumers that Windows is worth the effort. Windows 10 is an attempt to wipe the slate clean after missteps with Windows 8, including a new start menu that attracted complaints from PC users, who sorely missed the traditional menu.

More than half of all desktops in the world still run Windows 7. Almost 20 percent still run Windows XP, a 14-year-old operating system. Windows 8.1 has yet to reach 10 percent.

Hardware companies have increasingly been giving away software upgrades to keep their users tied to their ecosystems. Apple, for example, has made both its Mac OS and iOS free, as well as many of its productivity and photo management tools.

Are you looking forward to the new upgrade?  Will upgrading to a trial version Windows 10 entice you to buy the full priced-version after all?  Share your thoughts below.


Smartphone Gifts for Everyone on Your List (GIVEAWAY) #BigGiftGuide

December 5th, 2014 by Christen

It’s no secret that smartphones are the hottest gifts on top of everyone’s wish list this year!  Whether its the iPhone 6/6 Plus, Motorola Turbo or Samsung Note 4, there are plenty of options to fulfill the smartphone mobile needs of moms, dads, grandparents and teens everywhere.  If you’re not quite sure on which smartphone gifts are right for the person on your list, I’ve round up a few of my holiday picks of smartphone gifts for everyone on your list – plus a cool holiday giveaway just for you below.



iphone6 1

iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus jumped in sales during the Back Friday and Cyber Monday shopping sale days – and it’s one of the top smartphone gifts many lists this year.  Both are the latest in smartphone offerings from Apple and with upgrades like the new A8 chip delivers more power, even while driving a larger display. Other Features include: Wi-Fi hotspot, iMessage, SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion Battery, Talktime: Up to 14 Hours (3G), Standby: Up to 250 Hours (3G). [Must Read: 6 Things To Know About The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus]



Droid Turbo

Droid Motorola Turbo


The Droid Motorola Turbo from Verizon is made to keep going all day and night. It comes with a Turbo Charger—get up to eight hours of battery life in just 15 minutes. Enjoy up to 48-hour battery life. It even offers convenient built-in wireless charging. The 21-megapixel rear-facing camera launches with a simple flick of your wrist, helping you capture the action as it happens. Record video at 4K—creating a cinema-like experience—and play it back at the same quality. The dual LED flash offers more light for better color and softer shadows in your images. ($199.99 / 2-yr contract)




Samsung Note 4


The Samsung Note 4 has a wide-angle, 3.7MP front-facing camera so you can capture crisper selfies with all of your friends and more of your background. And when you want to photograph anything else, the Galaxy Note 4 comes equipped with a 16MP rear camera with built-in Optical Image Stabilization. So, even when you zoom in, the details in your photo remain in focus.  It’s a great device for busy moms, dads and even tech savvy grandparents this season!



Sony Xperia Z3v

Sony Xperia Z3v


The Sony Xperia Z3v from Verizon is the smartphone that does more and goes further – whether further is a run in the rain or a dive in the pool. With the highest waterproof rating*, you can find your way in a downpour, take pictures underwater, or just wipe off your phone after an unexpected spill. Years of Sony camera expertise have been brought to Xperia Z3v, a premium phone with Cyber-shot and Handycam technologies. So you can capture moments in any light, shoot steady videos on the move, and take crisp pictures even under water. ($199.99/2-yr contract)





HTC Desire Eye


The HTC Desire Eye from AT&T with its 13-megapixel front-facing camera, the HTC Desire Eye is the ultimate selfie machine. But it’s also an excellent Android smartphone for the not-so-selfie-savvy too. The ultimate entertainment device, the excellent 5.2-inch, full HD LCD and front-facing speakers make the Desire Eye a perfect smartphone for consuming media on the go. ($149.99/2-yr contract)  


[Must Read: Discover Why The HTC RE Camera Will Be On The Top Of Everyone’s Wish List]



Lumia 1520 Green

Microsoft Lumia 1520

Meet the Lumia 1520, the phone with an extra-large, six-inch, 1080p full HD display with excellent outdoor readability. Its redesigned start screen lets you make the most of the extra space, and its 20-megapixel PureView camera and Nokia Storyteller app tell you your stories the way they’re meant to be told. ($99/2-yr contract)

Microsoft Lumia Giveaway
Microsoft #LumiaCheer Holiday Prize Pack 
Lumia 1520 (red, green or white)
Lumia 1520 cover (red, green or white)
Microsoft zip-up hoodie
Microsoft water bottle
Wireless charging pad
$20 Microsoft Store giftcard



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a Rafflecopter giveaway


In addition to making great smartphone gifts for others, these gifts would make great personal gifts for yourself too!  Are you looking for more smartphone gift ideas this season?  Check back daily as we’ll be sprinkling in some unbelievable holiday prizes for you to keep (or giveaway) this season (Hint:  Remember Diva Days Of Christmas prizes of yesteryear?  We’re upping the ante and will be bringing you bigger and better prizes unlike anything we’ve ever done before!  You won’t want to miss out!)  All December long, make sure you check back daily for your chance to win!



Who’s been naughty or nice on your Christmas list?  Need help finding the perfect gift this season?  Tweet us “Hey @DivasandDorks I need your help finding the perfect gift! #BigGiftGuide”  for personalized help finding the right gift this year! 




Could This Miracle Smart Bra Help You Lose Weight?

December 4th, 2013 by Christen

 Miracle Smart Bra


Ladies, how many of you would you wear a bra that could potentially help you lose weight?  I’m not talking about concealing or shifting weight, I’m talking about monitor-your-eating-and-losing-the-pounds – weight loss.  According to Microsoft, they’re developing a new “smart bra” for women that could help stop emotional binge eating.


So how does It work?  The ‘smart bra’ is fitted with sensors that monitor real-time bio-signals such as heart rate and respiration, which are key emotional signs Microsoft has identified prior to an emotional binge, and will intervene.

 Miracle Smart Bra


Feeling stressed out?  Just before you make that midnight run to McDonalds, the smart bra will pick up your stress-induced bio-signals and immediately send a signal via Bluetooth to your smartphone, alerting you that eating that double cheeseburger at 1am could be stress-related eating that you should avoid.


Now I’m all for a technology-advanced quick fix for weight loss, but I’m not sure if a text to my phone will stop me from indulging in a stress-related snack.  What about you? Would you wear a bra that monitored your eating habits, in hopes of losing weight?  Weigh in below…




What’s The @Microsoft Surface Really About? Here’s The Breakdown…

January 22nd, 2013 by Tech Staff

What is the Microsoft Surface?

Haven’t you heard?  Microsoft has launched its first tablet – Surface is what they call it and just like other tablets on the market it comes in a few flavors – Surface Windows RT and Surface Windows 8 Pro.

Surface RT


The Surface Windows RT was launched October 2012, and the Surface Windows 8 Pro will launch near the end of January 2013.  Yes, these two tablets are identical in its sleek styling, durability, detachable keyboard, kickstand, front facing camera and social media and networking features.  The sales and reviews for the RT version were not that great due to the omission of one key component buyers where looking for – Microsoft Office.   Windows RT sold just 1 million tablets since its release in October.  In comparison, the iPad sold 3 million tablets its first 3 days on the market.  However, the high-end Windows 8 version as garnered much praised and it’s not even available yet.  Why?  Let’s compare the two.



Starting Price $499 Surface Windows RT $899 Surface Windows 8 Pro
Operating Systems Runs Windows RT – best for mobile computing with tablets. Runs Windows 8, uses Windows desktop applications and integrates with enterprise infrastructure.
Stylus Pen n/a Standard with Stylus Pen
CPU Quad-core NVDIA Tegra 3 2GB RAM Intel Core i5 Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4GB RAM
Cloud Computing SkyDrive, Xbox Music SkyDrive, Xbox Music
Productivity Microsoft Office Home, Student 2013 RT Preview (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote), joy of Xbox Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, SharePoint Designer, PowerPoint and more.
Connections/Slots Full size USB port, microSD card slot, HD video out port Full size USB port, microSD card slot, HD video out port
Weight 1.5lbs 2.0lbs
Battery 31.5W 42W
Storage 32gb, 64gb 64gb, 128gb
Screen 10.6in, 1366 x 768 10.6in, 1920 x 1080
Interoperability Can download software and apps from the Windows Store Can download software and apps from the Windows Store and add software that are not Windows based.






The big differences between these two tablets is the storage space, the size and screen quality, the powerful CPU, and full Microsoft Office applications installed on the Surface Windows 8 Pro.  Also, the added benefit of adding non-Microsoft products is a plus.  Tell a diva – which would you buy?






We checked out the Surface and other Microsoft goodies a while back, check out our Microsoft Times Square visit below…

Take On The Holidays With These @Microsoft Holiday Gifts (Video)

December 10th, 2012 by Christen


Last week, I got the opportunity to check out the new Microsoft speciality store in the intersection of the world – Times Square! Check out a few of this holiday’s top gift picks and more below…



Unleash Your Inner Creative From The Comfort Of Your Seat With Fresh Paint

November 16th, 2012 by Christen


Ever wonder why social games like Words with Friends or Draw Something have become a huge hit with people of all ages?  It’s because people enjoy expressing themselves creatively! No matter if it’s via words, music, dancing, painting or more – unleashing a person’s creativity is huge and if it’s socially or among friends then it’s even better.  If you’ve not yet had the chance to try Fresh Paint, the new painting app for Windows 8, it’s available for free in the Windows Store and has over a 4 star rating (out of 5). In short though, it’s a revolutionary paint application that has a level of realism that has to be seen to be believed. I blogged about it back in August but having played with it more, and seen my daughter fall in love with it, I wanted to know some more about the magic behind the application.


Fresh Paint is about tapping into and expressing your creativity. Whether it’s through our online posts, blogs like this one, photos, doodles and sketches, or something else, we all have an inner creative. The Fresh Paint team was curious though about just how many people felt like they were missing a creative outlet, a way to express their ideas, inspirations and thoughts. So we commissioned a global survey designed to find out how many people are looking for ways to express their creativity. The research shows that a large number of people are looking for creative outlets in their lives. The majority of people surveyed wish they had a creative outlet. In the U.S. alone, 87% of people surveyed said they wish they had a creative outlet.


Fresh Paint infographic – An infographic by the team at Fresh Paint infographic


Have you unleashed your inner creative recently?  How do you de-stress using the power of your creativity?  Share below! 




Could The Microsoft Surface Be On Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ List This Year?

November 2nd, 2012 by Tech Staff

Amidst a nasty rumor that Apple declined to gift Oprah Winfery’s audience iPads during one of her last appearances years ago on The Oprah Winfrey show.  A new tablet has made it’s way to the famed “Oprah’s Favorite Things” gift guide this year – the Microsoft Surface.

“It feels like a Mercedes-Benz to me, people!” gushes Oprah in the December issue of O, on newsstands Nov. 6. Her “Favorite Things 2012? list was released online Thursday.

“The full-size keyboard built right into the cover makes work easy, the very smart kickstand makes watching a movie or Skyping a friend a delight, the less than a pound-and-a-half weight makes a great alternative to a laptop,” she adds.



This is a HUGE endorsement for the Microsoft brand, and it’s sure to affect upcoming holiday sales for the Surface.  Are you interested in the Surface now that it’s made Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list?

The Microsoft Surface Could Be The Tablet That Dominates Them All…

October 25th, 2012 by Christen

After a morning filled with Windows 8 news, views and reviews from Pier 57 in New York City – we’re surprisingly astonished at how impressed we are by the new Microsoft Surface tablet.  With a full review coming soon, we wanted to give you a taste of the new Microsoft & how it’s stepped up it’s “coolness” factor with the new lively commercial ad for the Surface tablet below…

WARNING: This video may contain pop-locking schoolgirls inappropriately dancing to a dubstep beat… (You’ve been warned.)


Have you heard the latest buzz about Windows 8 or the Surface? Are you interested in upgrading or waiting it out for reviews first?

Now You Can Stream Over 30 Million Songs With XBox Music Live

October 15th, 2012 by Christen

Your Microsoft XBox is becoming more of a complete entertainment console that your originally thought.  Long gone are the days of your Xbox just being a gaming system.  Now it’s a complete entertainment system for every member of the family!  Xbox Music will launch later this month with hopes of making a dent in the digital music industry.


Microsoft will roll out the new music streaming service to many customers on Tuesday as part of an update to the Xbox gaming console, and then the company will release it as a built-in feature on Windows 8 PCs and tablets starting on Oct. 26.

Xbox Live was first announced at an event in June of this year. The service will let users stream more than 30 million tracks worldwide across Microsoft’s ecosystem of Windows 8 mobile devices and PCs, as well as the Xbox. Think of it as Microsoft’s in-house version of Spotify.

Customers will have the option to stream music for free (with ads) or else pay $9.99 a month for an unlimited streaming subscription. Microsoft will also let customers purchase songs through Xbox Music for $0.99, which will operate similarly to Apple’s and Amazon’s music stores. What’s more, Microsoft plans to roll out a feature that will let users scan and match tracks they already have in their music collections and make these available for streaming from the cloud, just like with iTunes Match.

For Microsoft, Xbox Music represents a kind of do-over in the music market. The service will replace the Zune Marketplace, Microsoft’s online store for music and other entertainment offerings. Microsoft discontinued the Zune last year after the music player failed to compete against the iPod.

With Xbox Music, Microsoft appears to be acknowledging just how important it is to have a viable music service for mobile devices — like the soon-to-launch Surface tablet – in order to compete against similar offerings from Amazon and Apple.



If you currently own an Xbox, would you consider subscribing to Xbox Music unlimited subscription?  Depending on your sounds system, it could eliminate ever having to buy another CD or MP3 again… What do you think? Sound off below…


Social Girls Night Out – Gaming & Social Media Event Debuts in Atlanta!

September 26th, 2012 by Tiffany hosted our first ever ‘Social Girls Night Out’ – Gaming and Social Media Etiquette event Monday in Atlanta, GA. Microsoft of Atlanta sponsored the ‘Social Girls Night Out’ kick off as a part of their ongoing community outreach initiatives.


For this event we partnered with Microsoft and Windows specifically to reach an audience that has a growing thirst and necessity for technology at an earlier age than any other generation. Girls from ages 10 to 18 showed up to test new phones & gadgets, play girl powered games, and learn about internet safety and social media responsibility & etiquette. It was a fun filled night of education and entertainment just for girls!


Microsoft techs demonstrated the versatility of Xbox Kinect while giving important tips on how to be safe and protect your privacy on the newest gadgets, games and social media sites.  The ‘Bing It On’ challenge tested the accuracy and differences of a Google search versus a Bing search.  Cloud 9 Cupcakes came to share mini red velvet cupcakes with gamers & guests.  DJ Zen kept the store filled with a great mix of music perfect for gaming & having fun (Special thank you to her for contributing to such an awesome environment for young women!)  And of course, an assortment of prizes were awarded to lucky drawing winners.  Congrats to Jessica & Candace our Radar 4G and Titan II prize pack winners!


If you missed out on our Atlanta event – don’t worry! Social Girls is coming to a city near you. Next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by D.C., Detroit, New York and more city announcements to come. Knowledge is contagious and we are excited to spread it & create an environment where girls are able to be themselves, discuss social media / cyberbullying and just hang out and have fun! Keep checking for upcoming Social Girls events and locations. Thank you again to our sponsors Microsoft and Windows for their support and dedication!

If you missed Social Girls ATL – here’s a peek at what you missed:




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