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Show Face At The INGLOT Artist Lounge Grand Opening In NYC!

December 18th, 2012 by Christen Are you in NYC looking for the place to show your face?  INGLOT Cosmetics is proud to announce the grand opening of their 6,000 square foot, INGLOT Artist Lounge located at their Chelsea Market flagship store on Wednesday, December 19, 2012.  


  INGLOT’s Artist Lounge radiates beauty inspiration from every corner and offers pro-members an array of services not found under any other roof.  Makeup artists will find themselves immersed in astudio that is sure to become their next beauty haven. The opportunities are endless here for INGLOT pro-members!  Artists can book one of the many spaces during business hours and gain access to the entire INGLOT range of products.  Hold your wedding trials, business meetings, and photo shoots here!  The best news is, these services are offered to pro-members free of charge for a limited time! In addition to the space, make use of the wide screen television for presentations, complete state of the art sound system, catering facilities for any refreshments you may bring, and all the INGLOT products you could ever want.  So why not meet new clients, entertain old ones, attend a class or even host your own?  

Photo Studio 1

The New York INGLOT Artist Lounge, the one-stop support shop for all industry professionals.  The perfect complimentary space for business lunches, makeup trials, promotional events, parties, photo shoots, research projects and more.”  Mr. Wojtek Inglot, Creator and Founder of INGLOT Cosmetics   But that’s not all!  Beginning in January, and each month throughout 2013, INGLOT’s Artist Lounge will be full of workshops and inspiration!  Top makeup artists in the industry will be on-site to train and educate other pro-members in their craft.  Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!  The “Artist Lounge” is located on the fifth floor at Chelsea Market, 75 9th Avenue (between 15th and 16th Street), New York, NY 10011.  For more information on how to become a pro-member, please visit

Become The Holiday Party Guest That Everyone Wants With @DuaneReade

December 5th, 2012 by Christen   As the holiday party invitations pour in, so does your ideas about giftgiving for your gracious host. (That is, unless you're a total moocher...LOL) While gift giving can easily become an unexpected toll on your wallet, nabbing the perfect gift on the go at your local Duane Reade will have you wallet happy and healthy this holiday season. Wondering about what sort of thoughtful, unique and relatively cost-effectiive gifts you can find at Duane Reade, don't worry - we've got a few of our favorite finds spotted in this month's Happy and Healthy magazine.     Holiday gifts for your host doesn't have to be expensive, just think of a few of the nice 'Thank You' gifts you've received throughout your lifetime, some of these gifts are not only inexpensive and easy to find...but they're also on sale at Duane Reade this week! If you're not hip to the Happy & Healthy magazine yet, you can check it out online or easily pick one up once you step inside of any Duane Reade location...

Walk right into you neighborhood Duane Reade and grab a Happy & Healthy magazine filled with savings for your wallet!


  For the foodies on your list, tasty holiday arrangements of mixed nuts or decadent chocolates make the perfect gift! And if they're your favorites (like these Delish salted cashews or kettle popcorn holiday sets), it makes it a lot easier to play hostess assistant by opening the gift and offering it to guests at the party on site! Not into bringing in the snacks, what about this nifty 12-cup coffee maker by Living Solutions? At only $29.99 - it's a great gift to leave a lasting impression on any java junkie on your list.  

  Just in case your hostess is a beauty junkie, the Look Boutique has practically every beauty product under the sun from glosses to perfumes, you can find everything you need (and even things you didn't know you need all inside of Duane Reade.

Aisles and aisles of products to satisfy any beauty on your gift list!


The Look Boutique even has favorite fragrances (available well after the department store closes...)

There are even a few host appropriate or (co-worker appropriate) gifts like these gloves or house slippers that'll make a great gift (in a hurry...)



  Check out my full shopping experience here. To find the closest Duane Reade, check out their store locator. Need additional personalized help? Follow @duanereade #DReade on twitter or visit the hashtag #DRHappyandHealthy anytime to see what the other Duane Reade VIPs find. You can also follow along on Facebook and the Duane Reade Youtube Channel. I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. All opinions are entirely my own. #CBias #SocialFabric  

Brighten up your Dreary Winter Wardrobe with Pops of Color

December 5th, 2012 by Fashion Staff As temperatures begin to drop and sunlight gets shorter, color choices also take a nose dive. Summer/Spring bright yellows and happy pinks turn into dreary blacks and somber grays. In the more northern cities like New York and Chicago, people are less concerned with “making statements” and more concerned with keeping warm.  Winter has effectively dampened spirits. Fortunately, it does not have to stay that way. A number of colorful pieces can be easier incorporated into dull hues to provide “pops” of colors that will brighten any gloomy days. Read on for  ways to incorporate pops of color to brighten your outfit and your mood.   Winter Coats One of the easiest ways to add the color is to get a colorful coat. Designers like Milly Alexis are keen to the idea as well have made coats, like the one Leona Lewis is rocking, that will brighten any outfit immediately. Moncler also has a number of down coat that are meant to pop as well!

    Bold Shoes The ways to incorporate shoes to add pops of color are endless. Funky rainboots, bright pinks pumps, red ankle booties, bright oxfords…the options are endless. In an all-black outfit, shoes always add the perfect punch of color.

      Bright Color Pants Don’t be afraid to pop out your summer skinnies with a blazer. Those bright pants are the perfect way to add a splash of color without over doing it. They also double in keeping those legs warm!




Scarves When in doubt, grab a scarf! They can be knotted, tied, or wore loosely around the neck. A vibrant scarf can be both practical in keeping you warm, and stylish in setting off your look.

  Accessories Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! Your sunnies, nail polish, gloves all can serve as more settle ways to add pops of colors. A fresh mani and loud gloves, you can’t go wrong.

So don’t get stuck in the dull hues. Pack tons of color in your winter wardrobe and enjoy.  Summer will be back before you know it!  

Sparkle and Shine: How To “Nail” Your Holiday Ensemble

December 4th, 2012 by Fashion Staff After searching for the right dress or outfit, pairing it up with the perfect pumps and adorning yourself with all the right accessories, you might be wondering what else you can do to make your holiday ensemble stand out. All year long we’ve seen trend after trend for nail designs, shapes and colors. These suggestions can easily add that extra pop of color or that little bit of bling you might be interested in adding to your already fabulous look.

All that Glitters is Gold…in this case

Lovers of all things that shimmer and shine are sure to love the new “Man with the Golden Gun” top coat recently released by OPI as a part of their 007 Skyfall collection. As if you won’t feel luxe enough after dropping $30 on this holiday must-have, the polish itself actually contains 18-carat gold leaf flakes and comes in an adorable, glimmering gold bottle. It can be worn alone or atop and of the fabulous colors already in your collection.  

Magnetic Attractions

If you’re tired of the typical “solid color and done” routine that many of us use in order to get our nails painted and dried in time, Sally Hansen has a product that can give you 3-D nail art in just a few seconds. Who says that lump of coal has to stay in your stocking this year? With colors like “Graphite Gravity” you can rock it on your nails. The polish is easy to apply and comes with a built-in magnet.    

Glam and Glitz

Many of us have been in love with glitter since the days of My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite and Essie hasn’t let us down with their latest winter trend collection. With colors like “Leading Lady” and “Beyond Cozy”, a couple of coats matched with the right bracelet or cocktail ring are sure to be a hit. In fact, Essie has even paired up with and is now offering an online service that helps you create the perfect combination for your nail color and your cuffs.     Let your nails be the finishing touch to the awesome look you’ve created for your holiday celebration!

How to Make Your Holiday Photography Fabulous This Season!

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Do you love photography or just enjoy taking pictures, but feel like pricey cameras are keeping professional-looking photos out of reach? Here are 3 key tips sure to make your holiday photos look top-notch without investing in expensive equipment.   1.       Forget the Flash Ever wonder why throwaway camera pictures have off-kilter coloring? Flash is your culprit! Unless you’re shooting in the dark, forget it even exists.  Keep your camera steady and try to shoot in early morning or early evening light to get the best natural shadows and highlights from your environment.  Additionally, if your camera allows it, adjust shutter speed (a.k.a. ISO) to control the amount of light you’re letting in (higher ISO = more light = best for darker environments).

  2.       Learn The Rule of Thirds NEVER put your subject in the center of the frame.  Instead, picture your camera view as being divided into three sections, and keep your subject in either the left-hand or right-hand third. Also, remember the “halo” rule: make sure to leave space above and around the subject’s head so that they don’t look crammed into the shot.   3.       Know Your Angles America’s Next Top Model contestants aren’t the only ones who need to understand angles.  An otherwise-boring shot can be instantly spruced up by changing your perspective.               Want to make your subject look more important and/or taller? Shoot from below. On the flipside, shooting from above can also make a subject look smaller, but slimmer, so a higher perspective might be the answer to soothing subjects with any worries, while also being fabulously spontaneous.         Do you have a unique photo tip to share? Let us know what you do to spruce up your special holiday photos.       

To Delete or Not to Delete: The Plight Of Social Network Deserters

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Everyone has THAT friend who lives on the Internet. They post every detail of their life on Facebook and on Twitter. They post tons of pictures daily on Instagram of outfits and meals consumed. (if you don't have that friend, you need to take a look in the mirror, because that friend could be you...)  The digital world is their oyster until one day... it's not. One person disagrees with one of their statuses, someone makes a joke about a picture they've posted, or their mentions on Twitter are bombarded with combative comments replying to something they tweeted.  Then their love for social media has turned to hatred and they're faced with the dilemma to delete or not delete - possibly deserting the social media network altogether.   The Internet is no longer a friendly place.  Users find themselves in the middle of a war they can't contain because of that pesky share button and retweet option that makes one post viral in seconds. As a result they begin the process of packing their digital baggage filled with over used hashtags and untagged photos and wave farewell to their online profiles.

  People delete their accounts everyday for various reasons. The ones who leave because of drama they most likely created, I like to call them "social network deserters". There are two types of social network deserters, the one who takes immediate action after an embarrassing or angering exchange or the one who drags it out hoping someone acknowledges their decision to leave it all behind.

The ones who drag it out spend the next few hours and sometimes days, posting that they are “done” with social networks, some even urge all of their "real friends" to request their number to stay in touch. Celebrities tend to fall into the swift action category. Most likely their PR person pulled the plug. Case in point, the most recent celebrity deserter who had a less than stellar night of communicating on a public forum:  Chris Brown. Regardless of which type of deserter they are, one thing they both have in common is that they always come back.  When they do it's not without fan fare. The average Joe posts an "I'm back" statement and waits for the likes or retweets to roll in. The media outlets unofficially handle the announcements for the celebrities. History, however, never fails to repeat itself and you know what they say about idle hands, especially hands that have access to smart phones. When they do return it’s only a matter of time before another incident reminds them of why they hate allowing friends and strangers into their personal lives. Until then there are enough social network super users who are willing to fight the good fight and provide just as much drama for those who like to watch to stay entertained.   Are you one of these social network deserters or super users?  Do you think celebrities should fend for themselves via social media or just quit the game entirely? Sound off below...    

Shopping Happy & Healthy At @DuaneReade This Holiday Season!

November 27th, 2012 by Christen There's nothing better than stopping by your local Duane Reade store for a quick pick me up of things on and off your holiday gift list. Typically, I realize that I'm in need of random items like tights, nail polish or even bath tissue as I'm preparing to walk out the door - so of course I was thrilled to find out that now Duane Reade offers "Items of the Week" at great sale prices - for girls like me that typically shop on the go!  

Time to shop! But not without checking out Happy & Healthy first!

First stop, the aisle of choice...Haircare!  Don't you just hate it when you run out your favorite beauty product - just when you need it the most?  That's why you should stock up right before holiday soiree season begins...  

Styling products? Check!

  It's a given that the candy aisle is my kryptonite - but since I'm trying to keep conscious of holiday calories, dried fruit and water will be my candy and beverage of choice this season (baby steps...LOL)

Snacks for on the go? (The candy aisle gets me every time!) But at least I can get some points using my Balance Rewards card.


Can't forget this...YIKES!

Definitely looking for a new holiday shade for this week...

Brrr... It's definitely time to cover up these legs...


I just ran into these cute travel tags! Only at Duane Reade!


What I'm here for! A girl is in need for a few new lipstick shades...

  Now I'm off with the perfect shade of lipsticks and nail polish, I'm all set to checkout!  One thing that I love about Duane Reade is their friendly staff always make it easy to check out and get the discounts you deserve, with your  Balance Rewards card.  Even if I misplace my card or don't have it with me, as long as I can remember my telephone number they can pull up my account and apply my discount with no problem!  Gotta love customer service!  

Time to check out! A girl's gotta go before I buy up the entire store!

  Check out my full shopping experience here.  To find the closest Duane Reade, check out their store locator. Need additional personalized help? Follow @duanereade #DReade on twitter or visit the hashtag #DRHappyandHealthy anytime to see what the other Duane Reade VIPs find. You can also follow along on Facebook and the Duane Reade Youtube Channel. “I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. All opinions are entirely my own. #CBias #SocialFabric

Beyoncé Documentary to Premiere Exclusively on HBO

November 27th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff February 2013 seems to be the month Beyoncé will be coming back into the performance realm. She is the headlining performer during the Super Bowl halftime show on February 3rd, and now will be the focus of an intimate feature-length HBO documentary film later that month. Michael Lombardo, HBO President of Programming, announced it in a statement.  Directed by the Beyoncé herself, the film is “a fusion of video that provides raw, unprecedented access to the private entertainment icon and high-voltage performances.” Beyoncé is world-renowned for her music but as a person, not many know her. The film will change this. “Along with electrifying footage of Beyoncé onstage, this unique special looks beyond the glamour to reveal a vibrant, vulnerable, unforgettable woman,” said Lombardo.   From a November 26th press release from HBO:
The film is a multi-faceted portrait of the 16-time Grammy Award-winning singer, businesswoman, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother, showing off the extraordinary gifts that have made her a global phenomenon, and stripping away the veneer of stardom. It includes extensive first-person footage, some of it shot by Beyoncé on her laptop, in which she reflects on the realities of celebrity, the refuge she finds onstage and the transcendent joy of becoming a mother last year.
  The film sheds light on her childhood in Houston, with home movies revealing the close bond she built with her family and charts the challenges Beyoncé felt when she decided to manage her career and build her own company, Parkwood Entertainment. It also captures the intense physical and emotional demands she goes through in the studio, preparing for live performances, running a business and her family life, including her return to the spotlight after the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012. Beyoncé also serves as the film’s executive producer. “HBO has a history of pushing every boundary with class and authenticity,” said Beyoncé in a statement. “Some of my favorite shows are on HBO, so I am excited that my film will be part of its bold programming. This film was so personal to me, it had to have the right home.”     With her pervious documentary releases, including her “I Am World Tour” in 2010 and “Year of 4” in 2011, following the release of her album 4, we’ve gotten pieces of Beyoncé as a person but who doesn’t want more? No trailers have been released but I am looking forward to seeing another look into Beyoncé’s life. The film is scheduled to debut on February 16th, 2013.  

Beat The Holiday Pudge With These Five Fat-busting Apps Today

November 27th, 2012 by Tech Staff   Family time, awesome gifts and warm gloves aren’t the only thing that the holidays bring on! We’re eating for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years and everything else in between but how do we combat the winter weight gain that comes along with it?  Sure we all want to go to the gym EVERYDAY, but will that really happen in reality? Doubt it!  That's why we've found the next best thing!  Harness the power of your fingertips with fat-busting apps that'll get you on the right path & a head start towards healthier living well before January.  We’ve wrangled up five of the best apps to help you battle the holiday bulge starting today!        

 - Workout Trainer:

One of my personal favs, the Workout Trainer app lets you select from thousands of free workout programs and save your favorites for easy access. Customize your own workouts, and each exercise comes with photo/video tutorial (just in case you don’t know what Burpees, Spider Pushups or Seal Jacks are). You can even schedule your workouts and get reminders sent to your phone.          


Yes there’s an app for that! One of the most intense workout dvd’s is now gracing iphones everywhere. You can try the Ab Ripper X program for free and receive a discount on ordering the dvd set via the app. Anyone that’s ever tried P90X knows how intense their exercises are, so if this can’t keep you from gaining this holiday season nothing will!



This one is a little less customizable than Workout Trainer but perfect for those who just want to get started! Target workouts to your lower body, upper body, core and yoga programs, or select Anything Goes to do a little of everything.  Download on your ipad and listen along to workouts       How are you fighting the ‘holiday 15’ this season!?  

Accessorize Your Life With XSRE (#XSREgirl Casting Call Event)

November 27th, 2012 by Christen


  This past weekend (also known as one of the biggest shopping weekends in the country) - I was invited to check out one of the largest accessory superstores in the tri-state area. XSRE (aka Accessory) is one of many colossal accessory superstores in the New York / New Jersey area that caters to a true fashionista. The moment I arrived to the Paramus, NJ location my face lit up with excitement as I feast my eyes upon the XSRE accessory super store taking up over 20,000 square feet with more fashion goodies than I could've ever imagined.  


  As soon as you walk through the entrance the first thing you'll notice is that each section of the store is divided by styles, trends and this season's hautest colors. From trendy aisles of oxblood, seductive lace infused looks, areas of whimsical bohemian styles and even an oasis of rocker chic ensembles - XSRE doesn't just have accessories, they also have aisles of apparel, shoes, smartphone accessories and more.  










    After combing each aisle and countless trips to the dressing room, I was able to score a couple of accessories and get stylish for the XSREgirl casting call of the day!
Wearing a peek-a-boo maxi dress coupled with a brown leather jacket, riding boots and a leopard print hat - I was ready to have some photogenic fun! Check out some of the fun I had during my shoot below and find out how you can enter the XSRE Girl casting call at the XSRE nearest you!
XSRE is holding a casting call to find the next fresh face to join the XSRE girls! XSRE will have a stylist and professional photographer in the store taking photos of anyone who wants to try out. One girl (per store) will be named an XSRE girl & will be awarded a 6-month modeling contract and a monthly $100 giftcard to XSRE. Every girl will have a chance to win a giftcard by encouraging their friends to “like” the photo of them on the XSRE Facebook page during a 1 week period after the photos posted: $500 giftcard for the most likes; $250 giftcard for 2nd place; and $100 giftcard for 3rd place. Check out XSRE below for the casting call dates and locations near you.
With most apparel and accessories reasonably priced under $50 - it doesn't take a lot of cash to cash in on some stylish steals.  Don't believe me, check out a few of my favorite pieces hauled away from XSRE.  Here's a sneak peak at just some of my scores from XSRE including my titanium & gold arm candy, faux leather skinnies & studded / silver knuckles iPhone cases!  With all the fab finds found at XSRE, it's no secret that his store is sure to see more of me very, very soon.
For more photos from my XSRE shopping experience, check out the gallery below!
*Disclosure* This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Blogger Connection. XSRE has provided this site with sponsorship, however all opinions are 100% own of



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