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Discover How Much You REALLY Accomplished This Year!

December 29th, 2015 by Christen

During the recent holiday season, you and your friends are probably making new year’s resolutions, working on next year’s vision board and reminiscing on your 2015 accomplishments.  If you’re like most people, it’s probably hard to gauge your 2015 accomplishments when you’re always focused on your next project, accomplishment and steps necessary to make it happen.  And if you’re a lover of social media, chances are – you’ve have had the experience of comments on how you’ve advanced, yet you’re not feeling as accomplished as you think you should.

After catching up on some important reading, I realized that there are plenty of people trying to gauge their Guess what, believe it or not – you’re likely doing better than you give yourself credit for – so here are a few signs you’ve accomplished more than you think you have in this year alone:


proof you accomplished more


  1. Your day-to-day routine is a lot different.

If your life is measured by what you do with your days, then the best way to determine how far you’ve come is how much your routine has changed (or, at least, how differently you feel while doing it).  Have you found yourself working earlier or later in the day?  Do you keep a checklist of daily accomplishments?  You may have upgraded your daily routine and ultimately upgraded your yearly accomplishments.


  1. You learned how to respond to your life better than ever before.

The word “responsibility” breaks down to “able to respond,” if you think about it, and there’s a very important reason why we associate adulthood with it. The reality is that to live a happy and healthy and fulfilling life, you must be able to respond to it, and take action where need-be. It’s in our inaction that we suffer (even if “taking action” is just learning to let go!) In a truly successful year, you learned how to respond in ways you never had to before, and built your confidence and self-trust in seeing that you could, in fact, take care of yourself.


  1. You kept your circle so tight, you almost cut off yourself.

More than finding love or making friends, a more powerful measure of companionship is how many years you’ve been with those you already have. It is with each tallied year that you build lifelong relationships and truly develop a core team of people that have your best interest at heart.


  1. You ran into roadblocks. 

While it’s likely that the ways you think you “failed” this year stick out more drastically than the ways you hope you didn’t, the roadblocks you assume you ran into are just as important as the successes. They defined what you didn’t want so you’d know what you did. They showed you what doesn’t work for you so you can discover what does. Every “failure” inches you ever-closer to the life you really want to live.


  1. You had to learn to think differently. 

Whether how to calculate your income taxes for a freelance project, or how to stop feeling jealous, or how to love after loss, or why you take the political stance you do, you were challenged to change your inner narrative this year, and you did.


Are there things on your list you wish you could’ve accomplished before 2016?  Stop sulking and get started on them today.  The more you do today, makes you that much closer to accomplishing your goals tomorrow!

Having A Bad Day? Get Over It And Keep It Moving…Period #UByKotexStars

February 18th, 2014 by Christen

Disclosure:    This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review.  You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at and Do the Demo.

Being a woman can be tough, but being a woman and an entrepreneur can be brutal at times.  Beyonce said it best, “Who runs the world?  GIRLS!” but even girls need a little help and encouragement from time to time.  That’s why I was excited when the Kotex By U survival kit arrived on my doorstep.  The yummy and stylish Kotex By U survival kit was filled with a wide variety of Kotex products that’ll make any day a fierce day.  While unwrapping the luxe gift, I was reminded of my new year’s resolution to never let a bad day keep me down and no matter what, keep it moving, all year long.

kotex #ubykotexstars

Having A Bad Day? There’s nothing a few chocolates and a beautifully scented french candle can’t cure.


One of the best ways to get over a bad moment?  Remember the good stuff. When you’re in a foul mood, everything is bad. But the good things you appreciated yesterday, when you weren’t as annoyed, should be there – you just forgot them. Spend time considering at least one or two things that aren’t all bad (something you look forward to, a person you like, something nice that happened recently) and be thankful for that.


kotex #ubykotexstars

Sometimes a girl needs to pack up the essentials and go…

Too much noise taking away from your good day? Take some quiet time. To avoid doing or saying something you might regret, withdraw a little if you can. Walk during your lunch break, sit and work someplace quiet. Take a long bathroom break. Consider going home early, or taking the day off.  Everyone needs some quiet time to assess thoughts and create game plan to recover towards a better day.


kotex #ubykotexstars

Get out of your own way and get going towards a better day…


SMILE for 10 seconds and think of something that really makes you smile to get your mind of the problems.  Laughter is priceless. Find a funny video, e-mail five friends, asking for their best joke, watch little kids play and laugh!  Find something that makes you happy, taking a little time to laugh it off is a great way to get beyond a bad moment in your day.  Check out my video thanking Kotex for the amazing survival kit and reminding me to enjoy the little things and keep it moving, below.


Thanks Kotex for the amazing survival kit filled with superior products and making it just a little bit easier to be a girl.

Disclosure:    This is a sponsored post for U by Kotex, who provided me products to review.  You can get a free sample from U by Kotex too at and Do the Demo.



Get Lean In Time For Summer With Lean1 Performance Shake

April 1st, 2013 by Christen



It’s time to say goodbye to wintertime layers and say hello to that all unforgiving bikini.  Now that your neighborhood gym has died down from the new year’s resolutions rush, many of you may find yourselves “going hard” on an elliptical or succumbing to one of many televised weight-loss programs.

As a girl who loves to eat, there’s not a more discouraging phrase to my ears than these six words “Abs are made in the kitchen!”  As true as that may be, simply eating carrots, celery or any other form of rabbit food is not going to be the only thing on my menu anytime soon – thanks to Lean1.



When I was first approached to try out the meal replacement shake, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical (remember, I like to eat a lot of food, a lot of the time).  I arrived to the midtown Duane Reade with coupon in hand in search of a product splattered with unbelievable before and after weight loss photos.  You can imagine my surprise when I discovered a minimally designed Lean1 canister filled with supplement information and facts instead.

It delivers high-octane fuel that boosts energy levels at all times of the day with 20-30 grams of premium protein, 14 organic fruits and vegetables, 5 grams of fiber and heart healthy phytosterols in every serving.  Try getting all that nutrition in one day, never mind one meal!

lean1 logo

After incorporating the shake into my daily regime of meals, it actually became a snack that I looked forward to.  Lean1 helps you to lose weight quickly without ever feeling hungry. It combines the powerful nutrients you need to lose body fat and tone muscles in the convenience of a healthy meal replacement shake.  I take advantage of having a shake for breakfast.  It’s quick and easy to make (three scoops and mix with water) – plus I can mix it and drink it on the go.

Trying out the Lean1 healthy performance shake in vanilla and being thrilled with filling results, I’m ready to take on more flavors like chocolate, banana cream, strawberry, cookies n cream and more!  I know I’m still early in my journey to becoming svelte and fit but Lean1 is my secret weapon that I’m sure will help me get there in no time.

Want to discover your favorite Lean1 flavor?  Check out my Lean1 shopping experience at Duane Reade.  For more information on Lean1 visit them online and connect with them immediately on Twitter, Facebook or download your $5 off coupon today.

“I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® , Duane Reade and Nutrition53.  #DRLean1 #cbias #SocialFabric”

Get Unplugged And Enjoy Life This Weekend…

March 22nd, 2013 by Christen

Digital Sisterhood Unplugged

Whether you believe it or not, Spring is here and wonderful things are blooming all around us.  Why not take a moment to take in all that Spring has to offer by unplugging for the weekend?  Join as we participate in the “Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends” hosted by Digital Sisterhood. During a series of weekends throughout the year we’ll take our eyes off our computers and “up-to-the-minute” social media updates and set our sights on enjoying the life around us.

Digital Sisterhood Unplugged



Digital Sisterhood Unplugged


Did You Know:  There’s a National Day of Unplugging, designed to help hyper-connected people of all backgrounds to embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest.


This Spring, Digital Sisterhood Network’s Leadership, Lifestyle, and Living Well Initiative has been inspired by Spelman College’s Wellness Revolution to relaunch the Digital Sisterhood Unplugged Weekends Initiative (#DSUnplugged) to encourage women to slow down and take a break from their digital lives and electronic devices once a month. The break could be 30 minutes, an hour, a half-day, a full day, or an entire weekend. It’s up to each woman to choose and commit to a timeframe that  works best for her. If you’d like to join our 2013 #DSUnplugged Weekends, check out the schedule and use the #DSUnplugged hashtag to share your plans, comments, and questions on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

Digital Sisterhood Unplugged



When was the last time you snuggled into a good book or enjoyed a relaxing spa day? There’s no time like the present and there’s no better time than the first weekend of Spring – so let’s get out and enjoy the weekend.


What are your plans this weekend and how do you plan to unplug, unwind and enjoy?

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Black Designers in Fashion

March 22nd, 2013 by Tiffany

Long before fashion was a “thing” in the African American community slaves were making garments for their owners. As many obtained their freedom, metropolises became the place to obtain cutting-edge designs from talented African American clothing designers. Many may not know it, but New Orleans was actually the fashion mecca for Black businesses to design, make and sell their clothing long before New York was an option. In honor of National Women’s History Month we honor the Black women of the fashion world from both then and now that have broken molds and opened doors for the designers and trends of today.



black designers fashion

black designers fashion 

 Elizabeth Keckly

black designers fashion


Supporting herself and her family through her dressmaking and design skills, Keckly bought her freedom and moved to Washington D.C. She was famous for the inaugural gown she designed for Mary Todd Lincoln, wife to then president Abraham Lincoln. This dress can be viewed today at the Smithsonian Institute in D.C. The wives of Robert E. Lee, Stephen Douglas, and Jefferson Davis were also clients of Elizabeth Keckly. A respected independent business woman, she also worked towards the abolition of slavery through her well-connected white clients.

Zelda Wynn Valdes

black designers fashion




Zelda Wynn Valdes opened her own shop on Broadway in New York in 1948. She was known for her sexy hip-hugging styles and numbered among her clientele many of the notable black women of that era including Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Marian Anderson, Ella Fitzgerald and Gladys Knight. Little known to many, her work even caught the eye of Hugh Hefner, who commissioned her  to design the original and most popularly known costumes for the Playboy bunnies. She also helped found the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Designers, an organization of black designers.

Ann Lowe

black designers fashion


Born in Alabama in 1899, Ann Lowe was privileged to move to New York at the age of 16. She attended design school and eventually opened a shop on Madison Avenue. Her clients included members of the Vanderbilt, Roosevelt, and Rockefeller families. She made more than 1,000 dresses per year for clients and sold her designs in Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus and I. Magnin. In 1953, Lowe designed the dresses for the mother of the bride and the bridal dress for the wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy, one of the most photographed events in history. It was unfortunate, however, that Lowe did not receive the credit she deserved for these famous gowns.












black designers fashion

The infamous gown worn by Miss Kennedy.





Tracy Reese

black designers fashion


Tracy Reese designs are noted for their femininity and retro-influenced style; the textiles themselves make use of bright colors, elaborate graphic patterns, and a playful use of bohemian touches. With a namesake label and variety—ranging from home and shoes to nail polish and hosiery—the brand has captured great commercial success and recognition across many categories. Clothing and home fashions by Tracy Reese’s design lines are carried by retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Modcloth, and Nordstrom. Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama her designs have received national attention recently.




Monif Clarke

black designers fashion


Awarded “Best Plus Size Fashion Designer” by Full Figure Fashion Week, “Best Plus Size Clothing Store” by City Search, “Best Store For Plus Size Evening Wear” by Time Out New York and featured in the October issue of Essence Magazine’s “Leaders Of The New School”, Monif C was conceived in 2005 by mother/daughter team Elaine and Monif Clarke to reaffirm every woman’s desire for an inspired life filled with luxury and unadulterated sexy appeal. A love of color, prints, and vintage details sprung from summers spent in Barbados visiting her family.

Today as a plus size woman, Monif understands the need for a new perspective in the plus size market. Monif C. has been featured on Fox Business, NBC’s Today Show, ABC News, Barbara Walters’ the View, The Washington Post, Latina, Crain’s New York Business, Essence, Glamour, TLC’s What Not to Wear, Seventeen Magazine, Ebony, Jet and many more. The Monif C. collection is quintessentially the wardrobe for the young, contemporary, sexy plus size woman.

Laura Smalls

black designers fashion


First lady Michelle Obama has made Laura Smalls somewhat of an overnight sensation. In spite of the overnight spike in her brand due to the national attention, Smalls is not new to the fashion industry. In 1976 she graduated from the Parsons School of Design, promptly sold a small spring collection to Bloomingdale’s and Henri Bendel — and then nothing. In the season that followed, Bloomingdale’s opted not to buy her subsequent collection, and a new buyer had replaced her contract at Bendel’s. “I couldn’t even get an appointment,” Smalls told the Huffington Post. Ironically enough, the year we celebrated our first Black president was the same year she began sketching again, and it didn’t take long for first lady Michelle Obama to discover her and add Smalls to the list of American designers she frequently wears.




The history of fashion industry is full of important contributions from creative, talented Black female clothing designers. Black women have certainly made a most worthy contribution to the growth of the fashion industry and to the elegance of women’s wardrobes dating back to slavery and further back to ancient Africa. Given the history of fashion design for Black women our presence in today’s fashion industry is considerably low. However, we can change this by ensuring that Black female and male fashion designers receive our support as did Zelda Wynn Valdes from black stars such as Josephine Baker, and like FLOTUS Michelle Obama does with Tracy Reese, Laura Smalls and others.

black designers  fashion

black designers fashion

black designers fashion

Vanessa Williams, Cicely Tyson on the Broadway Play The Trip to Bountiful

March 14th, 2013 by Simone

The Trip to Bountiful, originally released in 1953 as a teleplay on NBC, has now been revived featuring an all Black cast. This April The Trip to Bountiful will be taking a trip to Broadway, starring Emmy winner Cicely Tyson, Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. (“Jerry Maguire,” “Red Tails”), Emmy Award nominee Vanessa Williams (“Ugly Betty,” “Desperate Housewives”), and Tony Award nominee Condola Rashad (Lifetime’s “Steel Magnolias,” Broadway’s Stick Fly).

Trip to Bountiful

This amazing story is about Carrie (Cicely Tyson) who lives in a cramped apartment with her son and daughter-in-law and wants to make one last trip home to Bountiful, Texas. Carrie’s son (Cuba Gooding Jr.) doesn’t think his elderly mother is strong enough to make the trip and her daughter-in-law (Vanessa Williams) doesn’t care for her very much, often making her feel like an imposition. However, her motive for not supporting the trip is based on the issue that she is surviving off of Carrie’s pension check. When Carrie escapes to make the trip home it sets an adventure in motion that has its serious and comedic moments, leaving you with a different prospective of the concept “home”.


The cast of The Trip to Bountiful with Director Michael Wilson and  Horton Foote's Daughter Hallie Foote

The cast of The Trip to Bountiful with Director Michael Wilson and Horton Foote’s Daughter Hallie Foote

All of the stars including director Michael Wilson and Hallie Foote, the daughter of the playwright as well as executor of his estate, gathered at Sardi’s Restaurant in New York City to talk to the press face to face about the production. We got some face time with the divas of the show including Cicely Tyson, Vanessa Williams and Condola Rashad as they shared their favorite moments and talked about their roles in the play!

Up first, the youngest member of the cast but not the least talented by far, Condola Rashad. In The Trip to Bountiful, Rashad plays the part of Thelma, better known as the “girl on the bus”. Rashad’s character meets Carrie as she is on her journey home- two women of contrasting ages going on two separate journeys. However, in the time that they sit next to each other on the bus they form a brief yet remarkable bond. That bond seems to continue even off stage when Rashad and Tyson are not in character.


Condola Rashad

Condola Rashad


“Cicely reinforces everything I have grown to know [about acting]. As long as you are honest and in the moment it will work,” says Rashad. When looking at the way that her character interacts with Tyson’s she doesn’t think she differs from her character in real life. “My character treated her as an adult. When I was a teenager and I would volunteer at nursing homes, I was respectful of people of a certain age not only just because of their age but in the way that allows them to have their freedom and decide what they want to do. My character doesn’t limit Carrie, she respects her journey.”


Cicely Tyson has not been on a Broadway stage since 1983 in her role for The Corn is Green, yet the iconic actress is the recipient of countless awards and is a living legend in her field. Sitting across from Tyson, her demeanor was calm and collected. You could feel the warmth of her spirit but there was also an air of regality that surrounded her.



When asked what she did to prepare for the role Tyson shared her approach to playing this character. “I went to Texas because I wanted to know what was it about this place that this woman needed to go back to. You cannot project anything about anybody unless you know their culture. You have to smell, feel, taste and breathe in order for you to honestly project that character. My method has always been to go where that person stems from.”

Tyson also speaks to the lesson about the way we treat and view our elders, which flows through the undercurrent of every interaction in this production. “One of the things that touches me about this character is that she is an elder and today there is such little respect for the elderly. They are tossed aside and put in a home and disregarded by family members and/ or close friends. I want the audience to leave with a greater appreciation of what we have to offer.” In essence, this is a role that Tyson always wanted to play. In an admiration for the movie adaption of the teleplay, Tyson told her agent immediately “to get me my Trip to Bountiful.” She was referring to one last great role which turned out to be none other than a role in this production. When talking about the kismet way in which she was led to this role Tyson jokingly says, “Be careful what you ask for, because you will get it.”  


Williams Tyson and Rashad

Vanessa Williams Cicely Tyson and Condola Rashad


Vanessa Williams‘ most recent stint was on the show 666 Park Avenue, which was unfortunately short lived. Not long after, however, she found out that she was not going to continue the run on the small screen after she’d gotten the call that she will be getting a chance to show off her skills yet again on the big stage. Her character Jessie Mae makes no effort to hide her annoyance with her mother-in-law Carrie, thus there is a constant conflict between them. As Williams puts it “Mother Watts relishes the past. Jessie May loves the city. She couldn’t care less about the past. The past is too painful. Jessie may is forward in terms of her process and her intention. Mother Watts is always going back. Jessie Mae thinks that acknowledging the past is morbid. Mother Watts thinks that not acknowledging the past is unfeeling. Who’s right who’s wrong?”


Williams Gooding and Tyson

Vanessa Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cicely Tyson


When asked about what it was like to work with Tyson, Williams referenced a time when she was just a child watching Tyson playing Jane Pittman on television “Now we get to share a stage,” she says. “I’m living my dream.” Of course it can be surreal to work with someone you look up to. Williams adds, “I kind of have an out of body experience when I’m arguing with Cicely Tyson while we’re character.”  Because we are proud to be divas, I couldn’t help but ask Williams how she felt about the extravagant diva qualities of her character. Her reply was that in comparison to the other characters she has played including Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty, she sees Jessie Mae as more of a wannabe.  “Wilhelmina was a Diva. Jessie Mae aspires to be a diva. She is always reading her movie magazines and trying to do the hairstyles she sees in them.” In response to being often cast as the in the roles of the headstrong diva, Williams says, “The characters may not always be likable but they are interesting.” 



From talking one on one with each of these women, you could feel the strong connection each of them had to the overall meaning of the story in The Trip to Bountiful. From the passion they each had in the telling of the story it is clear that they will bring the same exuberance to each of their roles on the stage. This is a play that holds relevance to anyone regardless of background or age and is definitely a must-see!


Previews for The Trip to Bountiful begin on March 30 and will officially open April 23, running for a 14- week engagement at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, located at 124 W. 43rd St. Tickets range from $37  to $142 and are currently available on



Are Gadgets Keeping You Up? 4 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

March 14th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

Are you guilty of it? Nestling with your phone as you get cozy in bed? You’ve probably been found with your eyes closed, phone still in hand as if you were scrolling down your Twitter timeline, until you drifted off into dreamland. Although we are all guilty of it at one point or another, the question that comes up once you’ve entered dreamland is whether or not your sleep is meeting your needs? Sleeping with our smartphones, tablets, and laptops is not healthy. All of this can be detrimental to our sleep patterns. Here are some important stats from multiple studies, and compiled by Online Psychology Degree.


Who doesn’t want to be well rested every morning? A good night’s rest is great because it allows us to feel like we can conquer the day and are less likely to have to drag ourselves out of the bed. Getting sleep of bad quality doesn’t just affect our desire to go about our day, but also creeps into other aspects of our life. When not well rested, folks are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel, at work desks, and later in life are more likely to have a heart attack. Take these tips and decrease your risks.


1. Try sleeping with your phone, tablet, or other device on your dresser or nightstand instead of in bed with you. It will be less likely for sleepers to be woken up by texts and emails if their phone is further away from their beds.

2. Unplug from all devices an hour before sleeping.  This allows people to live a bit without their devices attached to them.

3. Pick an unwind routine that works for you. If you live with people, use this time to have undistracted conversations. Or, you know that book you’ve been saying you’d read? Use this time to turn some pages in it. Maybe you could even prepare your lunch for the next day, or do some yoga.

Reading In Bed

4. Avoid caffeine within three hours of intended bedtime. That way, you won’t be wired and needing to get work done on any of your many devices. reported on how celebrities find the time and get their rest. Check it out here!

Do you think your phone, tablet, or computer has an effect on your sleep? Have any tips to add to the list? 

Five Artists On The Rise To Add To Your Digital Playlist

March 1st, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

There’s nothing better than something new and new music is always “music to my ears”. (A phrase coined to describe news that is pleasing.) Music, too, should be pleasing to the ears in the same way that good news is when someone uses that phrase. If you feel the radio waves are not delivering the best right now, like we do, here are some up-and-coming artists whose music will definitely bring fresh sounds of pleasure to your ears. Here are five artists on the rise to add to your digital playlist, now!


1.    B.J. the Chicago Kid

 bj-the-chicago-kid five artists

B.J. the Chicago Kid has been in the music industry for a while but has always been in the background as a back-up and songwriter. Finally the South Side Chicago-bred guy is now at the forefront. Signed to Motown shortly after being featured on some Kendrick Lamar records and releasing his debut album Pineapple Now-Laters, B.J. the Chicago Kid seems to have a promising future. Download Pineapple Now-Laters and other tunes from B.J. the Chicago Kid on iTunes orAmazon.


2.   Marian Mereba

Marian-Mereba five artists

Marian Mereba is an Ethiopian-American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has been honing her artistry in Atlanta, GA.  She’s gained a diverse fan-base from her fresh sound and intimate presentation. With production assistance from Berklee College of Music graduate John Key and Wondaland Arts Society‘s young prodigy Roman GianArthur, Marian has created a one-of-a-kind sound with the Room for Living EP. This is the first release from the independent artist, and was recorded entirely in her living room! These are the type of albums that will resonate with music lovers across the world. Download it on her Bandcamp!


3.   Joey Bada$$

joey-badass five artists

Joey Bada$$ is young and talented. Born in 1995 and raised in Brooklyn, New York the rapper has been described as “nice.” He is an independent artist and producer who is also a member of the hip hop collection Pro.Era. With the release of his mix-tape 1999, released in June of 2012, Joey Bada$$ received a lot of recognition and offers from record labels. He is still independent but with all he has his hands in we can expect to see much happen in 2013. Download 1999 on DatPiff.


4.   Ab-Soul

ab-soul five artists

Top Dawg Entertainment signee Ab-Soul is just that; Soulful in the way he delivers lines. From Carson, California he is ¼ of the Black Hippy movement. You’ve probably heard Ab-Soul, who calls Kendrick Lamar one of his inspirations, on Kendrick’s Section.80.  Download Long Term and Long Term 2 on DatPiff. Download Control System on iTunes.


5.   Jhené Aiko

jheneaiko five artists

This Los Angeles based artist has been seen opening for Nas and Solange for some time now. She considers herself a writer, a singer, and a student of life. Aiko was signed by a record label at the age of 12, but is coming into her own and garnering support in her early twenties. Her Facebook page reads, “sailing soul(s) is my first of many offerings to any and everyone who will listen and pay attention.” Download her offering on her official website.


Have you been playing any of these artist in your ear buds? Who are some new artists you have been listening to lately?

Verizon’s Day To Connect, Inspire And Heal Summit With Melanie Fiona

February 25th, 2013 by Christen
Melanie Fiona Verizon

Melanie Fiona performs at Connect, Inspire & Heal Summit


Last week, hundreds of leaders from domestic violence prevention organizations came together for Verizon’s Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit in NYC.  A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal, hosted by Verizon and leading national organizations, sparked a national conversation about domestic violence prevention and awareness and to drive solutions to this critical issue and featured tons of information and entertainment.


Verizon's Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit

Verizon’s Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit with Twitter


Verizon's Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit

Verizon discussing HopeLine mobile donations program which benefits domestic violence awareness


Verizon's Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit attendees

Verizon’s A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit attendees


Hosted by Grammy Award-winning artist Donald Lawrence the Verizon’s Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit featured panels and discussions with Daniel S. Mead (Verizon Wireless President/CEO), Christi Paul (New Anchor CNN/HLN), William Gay of the Pittsburgh Steelers and an inspiring performance by R&B Grammy Award-winning artist Melanie Fiona.  


Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona performs


Melanie Fiona performs

Melanie Fiona performs “Give It To Me Right”



Melanie Fiona performs “Change The Record”


Performing songs like “Give It To Me Right”, “Fool For You” and “Wrong Side Of A Love Song” Melanie Fiona inspired the audience and shared her message of change and healing.


A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal undoubtedly sparked a national conversation about domestic violence and to drive solutions to this societal issue affecting millions. Conversations ranged from engaging men and boys as part of the solution to working with youth to prevent teen dating violence. For more information on the A Day to Connect, Inspire and Heal Summit visit



Be Like Barack: Get Focused, Dig in and Reinvest in Your Career!

December 19th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff version.indd

Even the President had to reapply for his job this year, indicating the perfect timing for us all to take stock of our desires for a better career moving forward. (Congratulations to President Barack Obama TIME Magazine’s 2012 Person Of The Year) Most working Americans spend roughly the same amount of time working each day as they do sleeping—even more than that if you’re an individual that holds down two jobs or pursues your passion on the side. With such a significant portion of our time spent on the daily grind, it is important to find satisfaction in the work we do. Listed below are a few things to consider that will help you move forward in your career and enjoy the satisfaction you deserve.


1. Make a list of the personal, financial, social and educational benefits your job offers you.


This list may be long or short; it could be practical (i.e.: pays my bills) or futuristic (i.e.: teaching me how to run my own business). Either way, there are daily benefits of earning a living—articulate those aspects and start being appreciative. Karma works on a positive tip too! It is always beneficial to remind yourself your work benefits other than just the monetary ones.


2. Reorganize and spruce up your work space.

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it makes sense that our environment contributes to our attitude. Here are Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Invigorate Your Workspace. Find small ways to brighten your work space and make it a place that you enjoy. Find more ideas on how to organize your home office from cupcakes to cashmere. Make it feel a little less like work, and more like you.


3. Not working at your passion? No problem. There’s still time left.

Just ask Dara Torres—at 45 she’s the oldest swimmer to have competed at the Olympics five times over (that’s a span of 24 years). Or think Iyanla Vanzant—inspirational speaker, author, and life coach. After taking a break from television for almost a decade, she’s made a strong comeback on OWN with the show, Iyanla: Fix My Life. Never give up on your passion. You may have to revise the steps you take to accomplish your dreams, but they can come true!


4. Find a mentor that can help you realize your full potential.

Mentorships can be formal or organic in the way they are developed. To avoid conflicts of interest, seek mentors that work within your field, but not at the same company. There are several specific programs that can aid you in finding one. Make sure to then ask your mentor if they have the time and commitment to serve in that specific capacity. Mentors can help with career development, networking, professional grooming and building of specialized skill sets. Remember to give back and mentor someone else once you have moved up!


5. Create a vision board to help plan for your next career move.

brighter future vision board

A vision board can focus your aspirations and uses the laws of attraction to help you get there. Do you want to change careers? Is there a specific company you want to work for? Do you imagine working in a particular environment? Is there a target income you’d like to make?

Creating a vision board is simple, fun and easy to do. Some have even started to use Pinterest as their virtual vision board. Whichever kind you use, make sure to place it where you will see it everyday so that it will be embedded in your mind and ready to come to life!

 So remember: Prioritize, reorganize, and put one foot in front of the other. While you have the time and opportunity, take advantage of the people and technologies available to you that will not only advance your career, but also leave you feeling more satisfied.


Inspire someone else while being inspired. Tell us how you have reinvested in your career in the past or plan to do so in 2013, or share the links to your online vision boards below…



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