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Top Blogueras and LATISM – Divas and Dorks Joins the Movement

September 23rd, 2013 by Analie

I’m not sure if you heard yet, but Top Blogueras kicked off yesterday! As you know I don’t do personal blogger posts as the Divas and Dorks Tech Editor. But I am super excited

So what is Top Blogueras, and LATISM?

LATISM (Latino[a]s in Tech Innovation & Social Media):

LATISM actively engages in digital communities to ensure that online discourse more accurately reflects the rich diversity of thought, heritage and culture in our changing society.

Our mission is to empower the Latino community in the areas of Education, Health, Technology and Business through the use of tech innovation and social media. 

LATISM researches and analyzes Latino use of online social networks to inform decision-making by businesses, nonprofits, policymakers and others seeking to reach or mobilize Latinos.

#LATISM #LATISM13 #divasanddorks - banner - Analie

For the second year, LATISM has chosen a group of influential bloggers to come together and represent the voices of social impact in the Latin community. As a Latina tech editor, I was chosen to be part of the Top Blogueras group.

Blogueras is the Spanish or should I say Spanglish term for female blogger. As a newbie on the block I was so shocked and excited to be picked. Having to hold the secret was super hard as a Latina who’s addicted to social media. Divas and Dorks Publisher Christen Rochon, allowed me to represent Divas and Dorks for the Latin community (Thank you Christen!). As a Top Bloguera, I get to attend the LATISM conference taking place at the end of the week.

#LATISM #TopBlogueras #LATISM13 - Waldorf Astoria

It is especially a great opportunity for me because as a Latina in Tech, I rarely get to meet other Latin female bloggers. I don’t frequent the same events they do, (as most do fashion and mom blogs) and I hope to create a strong bond and learn from the veterans in this field.

One of the great things that we were allowed to do as a Top Bloguera was take a tour of the United Nations. I haven’t been to the UN since I went years ago on a trip. It was a wonderful experience that takes you back to the fight other countries are dealing with. We tend to forget and put it on the back burner once we’ve overcome our struggle and movement.

Disclosure: We have been encouraged by LATISM and the Top Bloguera Community to share our immigration story. In many ways it ties in with my obsession with Tech. Here’s how my immigration story gave me interest in technology and later on social media.

#LATISM - Top Blogueras #TopBlogueras - United Nations


#LATISM – Top Bloguera Analie Cruz – My Immigration Story Helped Me Get Into Tech

My family was based in the Dominican Republic. We were never supposed to be in New York. But once my parents divorced my mother moved to New York in search of a better life. As the youngest of 3 siblings I did the transition along with mother last. I stayed in the Dominican Republic with my dad as my mom, brother, and sister moved. The transition was hard for me. Technology isn’t what it is today, communication was little if at all. Long distance call charges were no joke and video chat, well, what was that?

Luckily I have wonderful parents that in spite of their differences, only spoke great of one another. If it wasn’t for the distance, I wouldn’t  know they were divorced. I struggled wit the distance and change. Moving to the US was both good and bad. I was used to my dad, but happy to be reunited with my mother and siblings.

I went a while without being able to go back to the Dominican Republic and my father couldn’t visit much. When he did, he encouraged us to adapt to this new culture and new ideas. Technology was new and innovative. Without much work I picked it up quickly. I helped others understand tech. As technology got better, I tested beta services and mastered the use of internet and other software to connect with distant family members.

By publishing on sites such as Divas and Dorks, I hope to show that you can be a female, be fabulous, and still be into “nerdy” things. (Although I don’t think there are nerdy things anymore. Being nerdy is the “in” thing now.) Whether it’s information technology, building apps, or teaching others tech and social media; you don’t have to give up your femininity. You can be versatile and great at many things.

Latism - #Latism13 - Divas and Dorks


Divas and Dorks and LATISM

Divas and Dorks is a great example of the various interests a woman has and how she can nurture them all. One day it’s New York Fashion Week and the next day it’s CES. As women,we have the power to embrace these interests and grow with empowerment.

I hope to gain knowledge to bring you better posts, more in-depth reviews and become an overall better representation of a blogger, a member of the Divas and Dorks community,  and do-it-all type of woman.

Are you into tech? How did you get into your hobby? You can follow the LATISM 2013 conference by following the hashtag #LATISM13 on Twitter and Instagram. 



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