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Home trends: High Tech Kitchens In High Demand

May 1st, 2015 by Tech Staff

The digital craze has affected virtually every aspect of life, but perhaps nowhere is it more useful than in the home. From keeping your property secure to saving water and energy, digital upgrades can give your house a modern edge that adds convenience, cuts costs and improves resale value.

high tech kitchen

Within the home, the kitchen showcases the digital trend more than any other room. Smart appliances simplify tasks for homeowners while adding sleek design to spaces. Homeowners can now control stoves via smartphone and microwaves have the ability to sense when food is warmed just right. Can’t remember if you’re out of milk? A smart refrigerator will tell you via text if you need to make a stop on the way home.

Even seemingly basic aspects of the kitchen are getting futuristic makeovers. No place is this more evident than with faucets. Evolving tremendously over the last decade, faucets today embrace a blend of style and function with high-tech features that impress guests and potential buyers while making your life easier on a daily basis.

In fact, if you’re looking for a manageable first step to transform your current kitchen into a high-tech powerhouse, the faucet is the perfect starting point. Here are some things to consider as you shop for a digital faucet:


1. Does the faucet help keep the kitchen healthier (or more hygienic)?
More than just access to water, look for digital faucets with features to help keep the kitchen more hygienic. For example, Did-U-Wave digital faucets from Danze Inc. have a 3-inch infrared sensor for motion-activated functionality – perfect when your hands are full or dirty. Just imagine not having to touch the faucet to wash your hands after handling raw meat or dirty dishes. Eliminating touch means eliminating the spread of germs.


2. Does the faucet help save water?
A sensor makes it easy to access water, but what if you forget to turn it off? Especially important for the busy home cook or household with kids, a faucet that shuts off automatically if movement is not sensed is an important feature. While some digital faucets stay on two or more minutes, 60 seconds is the time to fill an average pot, so watch for a faucet that runs more than is necessary. That way you won’t waste water when you or someone else is in a hurry or simply forgets, which not only helps the environment but also helps save money on utilities.


3. Do the high tech features make life easier?
A good digital faucet will help make kitchen activity easier so you can maximize your time and minimize stress. Unique features of digital faucets include LED task lighting at the tip of the spray head that provides spot lighting for easy sight no matter what you’re doing, and SnapBack Technology that ensures the head will comfortably snap into place after every use for a tidy kitchen with less effort.


4. Is the faucet stylish?
Much like jewelry accentuates an outfit, a faucet is a key focal point of the kitchen. Look for a stylish faucet with advanced features that marries fashion and function. Gooseneck designs in chrome or stainless steel are classic options that match a variety of kitchen aesthetics, so you can have timeless style alongside helpful benefits.

High-tech kitchens are here to stay in American homes. This growing trend adds value while making the heart of the home more useful. Are you looking to upgrade your home soon?  Check out plenty of digital faucets available from, and today.

Kitchen Technology: How Modern Parents Use Mobile Devices For Hassle-Free Meals

November 25th, 2014 by Tech Staff

Between managing careers, navigating the rigors of parenthood, handling the daily to-do list, and finding time to stay in touch with friends, it’s no wonder modern moms and dads are always on the lookout for simple solutions to make life a little less hectic. Luckily, the age of mobile technology brings ultra-convenient apps and Bluetooth-connected devices for everything from shopping to banking and, of course, cooking.  Discover the kitchen technology that you can put to good use this Thanksgiving below.

kitchen technology

Today, more people than ever before are diving into their smartphones and tablets fingertips-first to remove a bit of stress from their day-to-day routines, according to recent study from Flurry Analytics. Findings indicate that, in 2013, the use of apps for productive purposes such as managing finances and other family needs increased 149 percent compared to 2012. Only messaging programs and social networking apps saw a more significant jump.

Cooking is the focus of many apps that help people increase productivity. Any parent who has rushed home from work and raced against the clock to put dinner on the table will appreciate the unique ways in which mobile devices have made preparing nutritious meals for their loved ones a bit more simple.

Mobile technology makes magic in the kitchen

Planning and cooking family meals presents an ideal opportunity to pick up a smartphone or tablet and remove some stress from what can be a complicated part of each day. New for 2014, iDevices’ smart cooking thermometers – the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and Kitchen Thermometer mini– are two of the most innovative examples of cooking accessories in the ever-expanding mobile market.

Sure to become a staple in any cook’s kitchen toolkit, iDevices Kitchen Thermometers pair with the iDevices Connected app to allow users to monitor the temperature of food from up to 150 feet away through the use of Bluetooth wireless technology, removing the need to hover near the oven or grill to ensure poultry, meat and seafood always turns out tender and tasting great.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of these high-tech cooking accessories is that they take the guesswork out the important food safety practice of cooking foods to the recommended temperature, a simple step that not only ensures a safe meal, but also makes it easy to put delicious, never-dry poultry on the table time and time again.

Smart cooking thermometers make poultry perfection easy for busy cooks

When it comes to preparing poultry, many cooks may rely on the color or texture of their meat to determine if it’s cooked thoroughly enough to serve. Some may even choose to overcook poultry to ensure it’s completely done, a decision that can result in a dry, disappointing meal. However, iDevices Kitchen Thermometers make it simple to determine when poultry is fully cooked to the proper temperature.

Recently, iDevices took the convenience of its smart thermometers to a new level by partnering with Jennie-O, a brand on a mission to show the world how easy it is to eat well with the great taste of turkey, to make it easier than ever for busy cooks to prepare delicious turkey meals.

By selecting the “Turkey” preset in the free iDevices Connected app, users can overcome any worries they have about under- or over-cooking poultry simply by monitoring their iDevices Kitchen Thermometer via any iOS or Android compatible mobile device from wherever they may be in the home or yard. Once turkey is fully cooked to a safe 165 F, the app sends an alert letting the user know their poultry is ready to serve. The iDevices Connected app even comes complete with a variety of simple, yet creative JENNIE-O turkey recipes, giving busy parents a collection of great ideas sure to please even the pickiest eater.

With a world of groundbreaking smart mobile apps and accessories now available, the sky is the limit for busy parents with a penchant for trying exciting new lifestyle tools. Visit the iTunes app store or Google Play store to download the iDevices Connected app and explore all the great new cooking resources out there. The iDevices Kitchen Thermometers are available for purchase online at

Famed Fashion Designer Jason Wu Designs Everything…Except The Kitchen Sink…

November 8th, 2011 by Christen

From the runways to electronic store shelves, Jason Wu is one of the leading fashion designers that has gone beyond the helm of designing fashions worn by models – into creating model designs of cameras, electronics and now powder room, kitchen faucets and accessories alike.

Since faucet brand Brizo® established a relationship with fashion designer Jason Wu in 2006, architects and designers have anxiously anticipated a collaborative collection between the two luxury brands. After many years in the making, the two brands are delighted to introduce the Jason Wu for Brizo Collection, a stylish powder room suite that merges the signature styles of both brands in a line of products for the bathroom. The collection reinforces the position of the Brizo brand as fashion forward and innovative, and it marks the debut of Jason Wu into the world of interior design.

“As a designer I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the Brizo product team to translate my designs into a collection of products for the home. It was an exciting challenge combining my design aesthetic with the innovative technology of Brizo products,” said Wu.

“Much like fashion accessories help pull together an outfit, these added pieces complete the look of the home bathroom, allowing homeowners to infuse the collection’s style throughout the space to create one seamless, integrated design,” said Judd Lord, director of industrial design for Brizo products.

The complete collection will be available in showrooms in spring 2012, although pre-order reservations are available now through February 20, 2012 for a limited number of faucets and coordinating accessories. For additional information about the Jason Wu for Brizo collection, visit:

*LIVE* Get Domestic With BOSCH!

May 12th, 2011 by Christen

Reporting *LIVE* from the Bosh Kitchen Re-Engineered Retreat in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona – this Diva is ready to get Domestic!  Upon last night’s arrival, the team at Bosch provided excellent accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa including a wonderful welcome reception complete with Hors’ devours and drinks…

…in preparation for today, BOSCH even supplied us with ‘Engineer In Training’ lab coats! #GeekGirlCouture

So what’s going on today that requires a lab coat, you ask?  We’re flame-throwing our way through sizzling interactive experiments using the latest in advance kitchen appliance technology!  Check back often for all the up-to-the-minute details/photos ‘LIVE’ from the BOSCH Kitchen Re-Engineered Retreat!

10:14am – We’re making pancakes! Pancakes using a heat-controlled AUTO COOK induction glass cook top. Perfect pancakes every time.

10:30am – Just cooked asparagus, salmon & chocolate chip cookies in the same convection oven AT THE SAME TIME! (the cookies taste like cookies and not like salmon…) all cooked in 15 minutes!

11:10am – We’re getting ICE COLD BABY! with these ultra-cool refrigeration units. Keeping fruits fresh LONGER means this Diva can save money on groceries & spend the money saved on some new shoes!

With a 125 year tradition of social commitment and environmental protection, BOSCH has made a memorable impact on this diva from cooking to cleaning and everything in between!  Making cooking easy for everyday girls on the go, Bosch makes it easy to make the perfect pancakes, vegetables and even steaks with the push of the button, the AUTO CHEF button, that is…


Top 10 Things I Learned During BOSCH’s Kitchen Re-Engineered Event

10.  With the BOSCH True Confection Oven, you can cook Salmon, Asparagus AND Chocolate Chip Cookies SIMULTANEOUSLY in 15 minutes (…and it tastes GREAT!)

9.  Handwashing a load of dishes uses 43 Gallons of water, while the Bosch dishwasher uses only 2!

8.  Using a dishwasher?  DO NOT PRE-RINSE THE DISHES!  Dishwashing detergent with enzymes relies on the leftover food particles to power a full clean dish.

7.  Chef Brad and I both love Bosch appliances and the Apple iPad 2!

6.  I’ve learned how to “zest” a lemon….#NICE

5.  Induction cook tops heat the pan AND NOT the cook top surface! #safeforkids  (PLUS! Induction cooking is 30% more efficient than traditional cooking!)

4.  The Bosch appliances have the quickest self cleaning ovens EVER!

3.  Most of you Divas out there use your washer & dryer more than any other appliance (including cooktop ovens and dishwashers..)

2.  I can fit 8 big towels in the ultra-efficient Bosch Axxis washer! (Perfect for my laundry-over-loadin-self!)

1.  Pairing red lipstick with a labcoat, red pumps & sexy specs is HAWT!


All in all, I have to say that I never really considered the importance of household appliances like dishwashers, refrigeration, washer/dryers or cooktop stoves until this experience.  Without going into “Green” Overload – it really is beneficial to consider how your usage could impact the world (with energy waste) and more importantly – how it’ll affect your wallet.  So if you’re in the market, definitely check out Bosch Appliances online and even on Twitter @BoschAppliances.

Shouts out to the amazing Bosch team as well as some of the amazing bloggers that I met during this experience!

Becoming A Domestic Diva w/ BOSCH

April 14th, 2011 by Christen


Well ladies, with the seasons, come change and at some point you have to grow and evolve.  For the entire month of April, I’ve been focused on improving my skills…of the domestic kind.  Cooking daily, trying different recipes & cleaning like my name was “Mr. Belvedere” has been the name of the game (and I’ve been doing fairly-well as an NYC-girl coming out of retirement.)  Bosch home appliances has seen my plight and invited me to join them in Scottsdale, Arizona for a complete hands-on experience with Bosch appliances, from cooking and refrigeration to dishwashers and laundry.

As a busy businesswoman, entrepreneur, jet-setting sister, over the years I have let my skills run down the drain and have replaced it with cleaning ladies & carryout.  Now it’s time for me to step it back up!  I’m looking forward to the experience and how Bosch home appliances could possibly make my life easier.





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