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Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible In 5 Steps (Infographic)

April 9th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

 Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible Are you looking to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters?  Maybe you're looking for a new challenge or even your very first job out of college.  If you're looking to stand out online, we have five useful tips to make your professional profile irresistible to hiring managers on LinkedIn below.  

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible


1. Keywords in your profile

Search engine optimization is a key element of your LinkedIn profile. Add specific keywords aligned with you skills to help highlight potential items employers might be searching for like 'social media manager' or 'website designer.' Also, scatter the important keywords organically throughout your profile. (Refrain from using any adventurous overused terms like ninja, guru, maverick or superhero - as recruiters might not want to take you away from your crime fighting duties!)    

2. What do you want to be seen as?

What's your personal brand about? Are you an expert in social media marketing? Or a freelance writer? Make sure your headline and personal tag accurately depict who you are, as well as aligning your personal brand across your profile and resume.     5-LinkedIn-Tips-Infographic-685x699    

3. Tell us your story

Everyone loves a good story, what's yours? How did you get where you are today? Find a way to explain that concisely in a way that makes you look interesting and motivated. Do you have a plan for where you want to get to?    

4. Use a professional profile photo

First impressions matter and your cover photo sends a strong message about who you are. Make sure you have a professional looking photo to compliment your profile. Avoid any casual circumstance pictures from a party, wedding or any other group shots for that matter. And the worst thing you can do is have no cover photo at all which screams you don't care about your profile and professional appearance. And unless you really are a ninja or an actor that portrays some kind of super-hero, avoid any cosplay!  

5. Use your personal profile link

While on your LinkedIn profile page, have you ever noticed the web address or URL has some strange characters and looks funny? For example my funny looking LinkedIn URL is: Rookies make the mistake of sharing that weird URL, where instead, make sure to use your unique LinkedIn URL when sharing your profile, which includes your name. Everyone has a unique LinkedIn profile link, look for it under your profile photo like this: Using this personal LinkedIn page helps strengthen your personal brand with prospective employers and shows you have some sense of what you're doing online! What else are you doing to spiffy up your LinkedIn profile? Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible Source: social@Ogilvy Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

Be Like Barack: Get Focused, Dig in and Reinvest in Your Career!

December 19th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff version.indd

Even the President had to reapply for his job this year, indicating the perfect timing for us all to take stock of our desires for a better career moving forward. (Congratulations to President Barack Obama TIME Magazine's 2012 Person Of The Year) Most working Americans spend roughly the same amount of time working each day as they do sleeping—even more than that if you're an individual that holds down two jobs or pursues your passion on the side. With such a significant portion of our time spent on the daily grind, it is important to find satisfaction in the work we do. Listed below are a few things to consider that will help you move forward in your career and enjoy the satisfaction you deserve.


1. Make a list of the personal, financial, social and educational benefits your job offers you.

contemporary-home-office This list may be long or short; it could be practical (i.e.: pays my bills) or futuristic (i.e.: teaching me how to run my own business). Either way, there are daily benefits of earning a living—articulate those aspects and start being appreciative. Karma works on a positive tip too! It is always beneficial to remind yourself your work benefits other than just the monetary ones.


2. Reorganize and spruce up your work space.

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it makes sense that our environment contributes to our attitude. Here are Five Spring Cleaning Tips to Invigorate Your Workspace. Find small ways to brighten your work space and make it a place that you enjoy. Find more ideas on how to organize your home office from cupcakes to cashmere. Make it feel a little less like work, and more like you.


3. Not working at your passion? No problem. There’s still time left.

Just ask Dara Torres—at 45 she’s the oldest swimmer to have competed at the Olympics five times over (that’s a span of 24 years). Or think Iyanla Vanzant—inspirational speaker, author, and life coach. After taking a break from television for almost a decade, she’s made a strong comeback on OWN with the show, Iyanla: Fix My Life. Never give up on your passion. You may have to revise the steps you take to accomplish your dreams, but they can come true!


4. Find a mentor that can help you realize your full potential.

Mentorships can be formal or organic in the way they are developed. To avoid conflicts of interest, seek mentors that work within your field, but not at the same company. There are several specific programs that can aid you in finding one. Make sure to then ask your mentor if they have the time and commitment to serve in that specific capacity. Mentors can help with career development, networking, professional grooming and building of specialized skill sets. Remember to give back and mentor someone else once you have moved up!


5. Create a vision board to help plan for your next career move.

brighter future vision board

A vision board can focus your aspirations and uses the laws of attraction to help you get there. Do you want to change careers? Is there a specific company you want to work for? Do you imagine working in a particular environment? Is there a target income you’d like to make? Creating a vision board is simple, fun and easy to do. Some have even started to use Pinterest as their virtual vision board. Whichever kind you use, make sure to place it where you will see it everyday so that it will be embedded in your mind and ready to come to life!

 So remember: Prioritize, reorganize, and put one foot in front of the other. While you have the time and opportunity, take advantage of the people and technologies available to you that will not only advance your career, but also leave you feeling more satisfied.


Inspire someone else while being inspired. Tell us how you have reinvested in your career in the past or plan to do so in 2013, or share the links to your online vision boards below...

THE RULES: How To Avoid Getting Fired By Twitter & Facebook!

March 26th, 2012 by Christen For years it's been gaining more and more attention - employees getting fired for foul use of social media networks such as Twitter & Facebook.  Can you imagine being - Ashley Payne, the teacher who was fired, because of a photo of her on Facebook with friends holding a glass of wine?  Getting fired because of shady dealings on social media is more real than ever before.  If you've ever wondered what you can or can't do online that'll keep your name clear on the "misuse of social media" wall - don't worry, we have you fairly covered.  Here "THE RULES"  better known as a list of things you should do (or not do) in online venues like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and More... RULE #10 - Don’t disclose personal information that you are not comfortable having out there. Birthdates are a crucial piece of information used to identify people that might be better left out of your profile. RULE #9 - Steer clear of accessing Facebook/Twitter on your work computer during office hours unless you have permission to do so. How about, don’t use it at work unless you know it will get you paid. Commission sales people are less likely to get in trouble over this than someone working in the accounting department. RULE #8 - Monitor your information. Google your name often, set up alerts and let people know what your expectations are for personal information. Let your close friends know where you stand so there are fewer issues. This is especially important for the photo junkies who like posting potentially embarrassing photos that may have you in one or more of them. RULE #7 - Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable posting or discussing in the lunchroom at work. Some people got busted for posting photographs of things that went on at parties. DEFINITELY A NO-NO! RULE #6 - Remove shady comments posted by others that can possibly get you into trouble. You have control over what people post on your page or what you retweet.  Edit them directly or ask whoever posted them to remove them. RULE #5 - Raise your privacy settings. Be mindful that these settings only prevent the average user from digging out the information. Assume there is a chance that the information can still leak out. RULE #4 - Do not EVER admit to anything even remotely resembling a crime. Cops and prosecutors know how to use Facebook as well as anyone. (Dumbest Social Media Criminals anyone?) You’ll have a hard time undoing such an admission, even if done as a joke. If your boss doesn’t really like you, Facebook might become a good place to turn to find dirt that can be used to get rid of you. RULE #3 - Be considerate of others when you are posting things. If your friend just started a new job as a Whitehouse intern, don’t start posting stuff that won’t make it past the watchdogs. RULE #2 - Don’t discuss confidential stuff online. If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution. Don’t be afraid to ask someone before going ahead and posting something. RULE #1 - Be careful if you mix your personal and business online. People often make the mistake of carelessly mixing personal and business contacts. Be somewhat more conservative with your business than your personal contacts to minimize this source of potential problems. If you like your job and don’t want to get trumped out of it, be careful how you use Facebook or one or the many tools like it. Use these above suggestions and your profile will become positively enhanced. Many employers, including the CIA, are turning to these tools as part of their recruiting arsenal. If you use them well, you might be hearing “You’re Hired.” - use them poorly & Donald Trump won't be the only boss coining that famous phrase - "YOU'RE FIRED."  



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