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Knock Out Your Head Start On Healthy Living With Jabs Gym

December 1st, 2017 by Christen

The other day, I hesitantly walked inside of Jabs Gym for a post Thanksgiving kickboxing class. I walked in tired and unfocused.  One hour later, I walked out excited with more energy to spare! How Sway?! I never expected this day to be a day that I burned 1,021 calories, but that’s what happens when you work out at Jabs Gym, you leave weakness on the floor and walk out feeling EMPOWERED AND STRONG!  


jabs gym


I mean, who doesn’t want to feel accomplished and strong all the time?  I’ll admit, I fell off the fitness wagon as soon as the seasons changed, but now it’s time to get it right, get it tight (and get a 2-month running head start!)  With plenty of classes and two locations in Birmingham and Eastern Market, Jabs Gym makes it easy and undeniably fun to add hard core workouts to any busy schedule.


Jabs Celebrates 4 Years Of Dominating Detroit Fitness!


Now is the perfect time of year to recalibrate your fitness routine. I’m just a few weeks in and I’ve already begun noticing a difference thanks to regular workouts at Jabs Gym. Equipped with a full-sized boxing ring, ample personal training space, free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and more, it’s the perfect place to get fit, while having fun.


jabs gym boxing


Want to get a head start on your healthy lifestyle?  Join Jabs Gym and Under Armour for a FREE fitness bootcamp that’ll get you fired up and ready to go!  They’ll have complementary refreshments, live music, Under Armour & Jabs Gym membership discounts!  If you missed the first Jabs Gym x Under Armour fitness event, you don’t want to miss what’s next!


Saturday, December 2nd 2017


Under Armour – Detroit


Are you ready to transform your life for the better?  Get social with Jabs Gym on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today! Learn more about Jabs Gym and score a free workout session on me at

Jabs Gym x Under Armour – The Perfect Fitness Match!

November 10th, 2017 by Christen


Under Armour and Jabs Gym kicked off a partnership unlike anything Detroit has ever seen. Together, both superstar brands launched a series of events which includes cardio kickboxing fitness, live DJ; free give-a-ways, Under Armour/Jabs Gym discounts and more!


Jabs Gym Under Armour


Jabs gym is the premier fitness features group fitness classes and personal training for all fitness levels. Recently, Jabs Gym owner/Middleweight fighter Willie Fortune, (aka Fortune 500 (22-2), shared his vision for the Jabs Gym brand.
Jabs Gym Under Armour


“I make life champions before ring champions because we have a fight every day in our life,” said Fortune who has taken on the calling to prepare members for a fight in their life, where he mentally, physically and emotionally trains participants for any battle they are currently fighting outside of the gym.  “It is with great pleasure to partner with the Under Armour brand. Detroiters embody an underdog spirit, and that comes in both style and fitness. Like Under Armour, we both share an aesthetic for special design including murals by local artists depicting athletes like Muhammad Ali. We are eager to show our clients what the New Detroit has to offer.”


Jabs Gym Under Armour


During the electric fitness experience, guests learned the basics in boxing fundamentals from jabs to uppercut punches as well as participated in a vigorous abdominal workout.


jabs gym


Keep an eye out for the next level of fitness with style from Jabs Gym and Under Armour soon.  For more information on Jabs Gym and even get a taste of what score a free fitness class, visit



Jabs Gym Celebrates 4 Years Of Dominating Detroit Fitness!      

February 27th, 2017 by Christen


In celebration of it’s 4-Year Anniversary, Jabs Gym partied the best way they knew how – with a fitness party! Dozens of boxing enthusiasts and fitness newbies laced up their sneakers/boxing gloves and piled inside of Jabs Gym (Birmingham) for an intense sample of kickboxing and conditioning inside (and outside) the ring.


Jabs Gym Anniversary


Led by Jabs Gym co-owner and professional boxer Willie Fortune, fitness fans began the 90-minute experience with cardio-kickboxing basics plus the fundamentals behind classes like Circuit boxing and BOYO throughout the evening.  What’s BOYO – you ask?  BOYO is a group fitness class that combines elements of Boxing and Yoga specifically developed and exclusively taught at Jabs Gym.


Jabs Gym Bootcamp

Get A Jumpstart On New Year Fitness (That’ll Change Your Life!) With Jabs Gym


It didn’t take long before my girlfriends and I were wrapped and ready to go, punching and kicking our way to our summer body goals.  (It was hard work, but at least we looked cute in our fitness gear! LOL) The kickboxing classes are tons of fun and open to all fitness levels (it may take a few classes to memorize the combination punches and kicks, but it’s all worth it in the end.) If you’ve ever considered boxing – Jabs is it! And if you’ve ever wanted to experience a gym with friendly, knowledgeable staff filled with powerful classes – grab your gym bag make your way to Jabs Gym today!


Jabs Gym Bootcamp

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Established in 2013 as a state of the art intimate fitness and group training facility to make boxing training accessible to the everyday person, Jabs Gym has is the perfect gym to take your fitness goals to the next level.  Equipped with a full-sized boxing ring, ample personal training space, free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and more, it’s the perfect facility to get fit, while having fun.  If you’ve ever wanted to try a new fitness regimen learn more about Jabs Gym and sign up for your FREE fitness class today at


Jabs Gym Bootcamp




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