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Need WiFi? The Library Lets You Check Out A Hotspot (Like A Book) For Free

December 12th, 2014 by Tech Staff

library hotspot

Long gone are the days of library books and trolling the aisles of your local library for research and entertainment.  Around the country, the old institution is still going strong, but the New York Public Library is standing out by adapting to the changing times and offering a new service; the ability to check out WiFi. According to the Wall Street Journal, beginning later this month, New York City residents will be able to check out wireless Internet hubs at no charge from their local library. Over 10,000 WiFi units will be made available in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn public libraries, thanks in part to a $1 million donation from Google.

Besides growing demand for such services and the need to stay relevant in our digital age, the initiative is part of New York’s most recent attempt to provide everyone in the five boroughs with WiFi. A related project includes turning about 6,000 of NYC’s payphones into WiFi hotspots as well.  For the almost 2.5 million city inhabitants who don’t have Internet at home, this initiative could be a huge boon to those who need access for work, online learning programs or job hunting.  A chance to check our email wherever we go and help out less advantaged folks? This is a program we can totally get behind.


What do you think?  Would you utilize a service like this at your local library?  Share your thoughts below!

7 Things You DON’T Know About The Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 25th, 2014 by Christen

The Internet is always changing.  There are major strides and trends happening right under your nose that are likely to make an impact in the way we live online within the next few years. No matter if you’re about that startup life or want to identify the next emerging tech to become an early adopter.  If you’ve ever been curious about where the Internet is heading or how to get ahead of the curve, this infographic is for you – Seven Shocking Stats & Trends about the Internet.



Which of these interesting online facts shocked you the most?  With the world wide web changing daily, are you more likely to research the latest internet news to stay ahead of the curve or just keep up with everyone else?

Gogo, Monster & More At Engadget + Gdgt NYC (Video)

July 12th, 2013 by Christen

Gogo, Engadget + Gdgt LIVE in NYC



Last month, I got the chance to hang out during the Engadget + Gdgt Live event in NYC.  During the event, I got the chance to check out Gogo’s amazing ultra lounge, Instaprints & spin the win for some amazing prizes.  I  joined hundreds of tech and gaming fans for Engadget + Gdgt LIVE in NYC for up close & personal tech fun. Engadget + Gdgt Live is the only nation-wide tech event series that connects thousands of real people with the top brands in technology. During the event, held in SoHo we kicked it in mobile lounges packed with the latest tech from from Samsung, Monster, Gogo and more!  Check out my entire experience on their blog and the event experience featuring an interview with Monster Ambassador Tyson Beckford below: Youtube Video Interviewing Tyson Beckford below via YouTube. 

Check out the complete recap on Gogo’s blog at Gogo, Engadget + Gdgt LIVE in NYC.

About:  Gogo® is fast becoming everyone’s favorite part of flying. By allowing travelers to get online, in air, Gogo keeps them connected to life. Using exclusive network and services, passengers with laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can get online on all domestic AirTran Airways and Virgin America flights and on select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways flights – as well as on thousands of business aircraft – bringing the total to more than 6,000 Gogo equipped aircraft to date.

Back on the ground, with 400+ employees in Itasca, IL and Broomfield, CO are working to continually redefine flying as a productive, socially connected, and all-around more satisfying experience. Connect with us at, on Facebook at on Twitter at

Yahoo Buys Tumblr For $1.1 Billion

May 20th, 2013 by Christen


Not since Facebook purchased Instagram last year has a social media startup sold for major dough. The aging online portal Yahoo is set to buy the hugely popular blogging platform Tumblr for an estimated $1.1 Billion cash-deal. Tumblr founder David Karp, (former Bronx high school drop out – turned billionaire) will stay on for at least four more years during the acquisition.


Still think social media & blogging is just a hobby?

Are you using Tumblr? We are! Follow DivasAndDorks on Tumblr for more geek chic news, updates and virtual randomness…

Via Wall Street Journal

Guess Which Of Our Favorite Viral Videos Made The Best Of 2012 List…

December 26th, 2012 by Christen



This was the year of the viral sensations, from YouTube singing stars, hilarious videos and international phenomenons like PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video (making almost $8 MIL off his sensation – this was definitely a great year for him!)  Check out the web’s top picks of memorable & viral videos of this year, after all – you’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse, Christmas and now begins the countdown to 2013 (so why not relive this year’s best videos online?)



Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat!


Why We’ll Remember
The Catchphrase. “I said ‘Oh Lore Jeezizizafar!’ Then I ran out, I ain’t grab no shoes or nuthinjeeziz – I ran for my life! And then the smoke got me I got brawn kite us…..ain’t nobody got time for dat!”



Krispy Kreme – The Baddest

Why We’ll Remember
The snot. Krispy Kreme’s nose was the only thing running faster than his southern twanged lyrics. Don’t be fooled by glazzy face though. His real name is Tyler Cassidy and he graduated #1 from high school with a GPA of 3.95. Yes, he graduated high school.




GloZell – The Cinnamon Challenge

Why We’ll Remember
The hair. Shaking abruptly in a cloud of cinnamon. Cinnamon that was sprayed from GloZell’s face after realizing cinnamon is really, really hard to swallow. Is it staged? Probably, but who cares. It’s super funny!





Psy – Gangnam Style


Why We’ll Remember
The dance. The week this went viral, it was played in clubs across the US and everyone knew the dance. You’ll just have to take our word for it. Also, can we not talk about Gangnam Style ever again please?




Hot Cheetos & Takis


Why We’ll Remember
The hook. Someone in an office somewhere passed out from how adorable this was and needed to be kept on an intravenous diet of depression until their emotions stabilized. They only eat Hot Cheetos for lunch now.




Buttermilk The Goat


Why We’ll Remember
The leap. We like cute animal videos. That’s an Internet fact. This isn’t the cutest though. What made it go viral was Buttermilk’s aggressive leap off her sibling. The thrust was so powerful, it knocked Midnight (we assume that’s her name) off her feet.



Al Roker’s Face Breaks

Why We’ll Remember
The stare. No one knew what happened. We imagine the producers and director screaming into headsets trying to make sense of it all. The cameraman got confused, zooming in slowly as if to say, “should we just cut Al Broker out of the shot?”





Why You Asking All Them Questions

Why We’ll Remember
The hook. And the beat. And the faces. And the choreography. And just the whole thing in general. “Askin’ all them questions. Askin’ all them questions. Why you askin’ all them questions? Makin’ statements – assumin’.”





Frozen Pool Dive Fail


Why We’ll Remember
The snapback. Like, when his back snapped. Shouldn’t we have tested to see the water? Now your knees are shattered Gustav. Not only that, but you’re in negative 0 degree weather in a Speedo. Let’s evaluate our decisions from now on.





Oh My Dayum

Why We’ll Remember
The review. The original was hilarious by itself. Then this remix came out and it was just all up hill from there. Just remember, you bite the fry and the fry bites back. dayum Dayum DAYUM!

@Twitter -VS- @Instagram… And How To Succeed With Photo Social Sharing No Matter What

December 12th, 2012 by Christen


Now that the latest move in the social media gauntlet has been revealed – Instagram has disabled Twitter’s ability to properly display your images in Twitter’s feed, WHAT’S NEXT NOW? It’s very clear that the battle between social media giants, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon and you can more than likely expect more “integration errors” in the coming months.  This could easily become a social media nightmare for those who rely on using these outlets on a daily (sometimes even hourly) basis.  But, you don’t have to let the social media squabbling affect your ability to be great!  Discover these tips, that’ll keep your Twitter-gram game tight no matter what!



Q:  With all these new sharing changes, how in the world do I keep up with easy social sharing?

A:  Master the use of each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) SEPARATELY! 

The New Twitter:  Twitter has unveiled their very own photo filters that users can access after updating the app on their mobiles. Thanks to their photo filter partner Aviary, there are 8 available filters along with cropping tools and auto-enhancing features for Twitter users.  Learn how quickly you can enhance your photos without leaving your Twitter app below…




The Face of Facebook:  Use Facebook to share your fantastically-filtered photos. To do this, you can manually upload Instagrams to your Timeline or automatically sync up your Instagram account to your Facebook so all your Instagram activity will show up on your Timeline and News Feed.

Become A Facebook Fan!


Instagram is IN:  As one of the newest and fastest growing photo-sharing platforms to date, the buzz and excitement is still growing strong with Instagram.  Use it to your advantage by promoting your online Instagram page and growing your photo followers manually.  If pictures are worth a thousand words, there’s no way that Facebook and Twitter can compete with what you have to photogenically say!

Check us out on

It’s clear that these social media giants, won’t be playing nice in the sandbox anytime soon.  For now, it’s best that you learn to utilize their best features separately and that way, no matter what improvements or changes happen next – YOU STILL WIN!


Have you tried out the new photo filters on Twitter?  Are you still a die-hard Facebook fan?  What would make you leave any of these social platforms for good.  Share below…



HuffPost OWN: Oprah Partners With

November 5th, 2012 by Tech Staff

Two of the most powerful women in media — Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington — are joining forces.

The two on Thursday launched “HuffPost OWN,” a new section on the Huffington Post website that will feature material from the Oprah Winfrey Network and The new online destination will focus on lifestyle advice and personal inspiration.

Winfrey said she was “delighted to join the conversation” at the Huffington Post. In a blog post, Huffington said Winfrey is “made for the Internet,” given her qualities of engagement and authenticity.

There are now nearly six dozen niche sections on the Huffington Post.




Mobile Internet Schools – Solar Powered By Samsung

November 2nd, 2012 by Tech Staff

If we didn’t have another reason to be excited about Samsung for it’s amazing products, how about the fact that they’re doing something great for communities all across the world… particularly Africa.



Samsung’s Solar-Powered Internet Schools Initiative brings mobile classrooms filled with gadgets to rural towns like Phomolong, home to about 5,000 to 10,000 people. By outfitting a mobile shipping container with desks, a 50-inch electronic board, Internet-enabled solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy tablet computers and Wi-Fi cameras, children can receive a technology-rich education without traveling far.



“I have this motivation in me. It’s this need to just grow up and become something better in life and help others to become a success so that in South Africa, or in the whole continent of Africa, we can have a better life,” a Phomolong Secondary School student named Lefa told us in a video by the Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility team.

For her, the computer lab presents an opportunity to “learn all the things” she’s ever wanted to learn.  (read more)



Social Girls Night Out – Gaming & Social Media Event Debuts in Atlanta!

September 26th, 2012 by Tiffany hosted our first ever ‘Social Girls Night Out’ – Gaming and Social Media Etiquette event Monday in Atlanta, GA. Microsoft of Atlanta sponsored the ‘Social Girls Night Out’ kick off as a part of their ongoing community outreach initiatives.


For this event we partnered with Microsoft and Windows specifically to reach an audience that has a growing thirst and necessity for technology at an earlier age than any other generation. Girls from ages 10 to 18 showed up to test new phones & gadgets, play girl powered games, and learn about internet safety and social media responsibility & etiquette. It was a fun filled night of education and entertainment just for girls!


Microsoft techs demonstrated the versatility of Xbox Kinect while giving important tips on how to be safe and protect your privacy on the newest gadgets, games and social media sites.  The ‘Bing It On’ challenge tested the accuracy and differences of a Google search versus a Bing search.  Cloud 9 Cupcakes came to share mini red velvet cupcakes with gamers & guests.  DJ Zen kept the store filled with a great mix of music perfect for gaming & having fun (Special thank you to her for contributing to such an awesome environment for young women!)  And of course, an assortment of prizes were awarded to lucky drawing winners.  Congrats to Jessica & Candace our Radar 4G and Titan II prize pack winners!


If you missed out on our Atlanta event – don’t worry! Social Girls is coming to a city near you. Next stop is Charlotte, North Carolina, followed by D.C., Detroit, New York and more city announcements to come. Knowledge is contagious and we are excited to spread it & create an environment where girls are able to be themselves, discuss social media / cyberbullying and just hang out and have fun! Keep checking for upcoming Social Girls events and locations. Thank you again to our sponsors Microsoft and Windows for their support and dedication!

If you missed Social Girls ATL – here’s a peek at what you missed:


Sometimes, Rappers And The Internet Don’t Mix…Just Ask DMX

September 25th, 2012 by Tech Staff

“Computer words are funny. What the f–k is a ‘Google’?”


Sometimes, rappers and the internet just don’t mix…just ask DMX!  The opinionated rapper spoke with Power 105.1 – The Breakfast Club and discussed everything under the sun, however when it came to talking about technology and the internet…that’s when things really got funny.

We now live in a day-and-age where everyone and their mother (literally) has a computer. Most homes have multiple desktops, laptops, or notebooks and even kids know how to operate a system. DMX, however, took a trip to New York’s Power 105.1 radio station recently and admitted that he not only hates computers, but he’s never even used google.

Watch how confused he gets when he tried to Google himself on a laptop without a mouse and gets frustrated when the arrow pointer turns into a hand when he scrolls over an icon.




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