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5 Reasons Why The New HTC One M8 Should Replace Your iPhone 5S

April 4th, 2014 by Christen

After the well-recieved launch of the HTC One M8 last week, some of our readers have asked if I really think the HTC One M8 could replace my standard iPhone 5S.  After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that not only is the HTC One (M8) a better device than the iPhone 5S, but some of my favorite features of the new HTC One sync so well with my lifestyle that it tempts me to give up and replace my iPhone 5s altogether.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a list of five ways the new HTC One beats the iPhone 5s. Are they reason enough for you to make the switch from iOS to Android?

HTC One M8

TV Remote

The TV Remote feature is a godsend for a girl like me, I misplace my remote control all of the time – but I never misplace my phone.  Not only does the device act as a remote, but it also suggests new programs based on your television show preference and interests.  Your HTC One is able to power on your TV, change the settings, control the volume, and switch between channels.  The HTC One’s IR blaster even has exceptional range, so much so, it even worked when it wasn’t pointed directly at the TV or cable box.  The Sense TV software is extremely powerful. It provides detailed information on TV shows and movies, and gives you the ability to easily switch between them. The app provides complete TV schedules through the channel guide and includes built-in notifications to ensure that you never miss your favorite shows again.




If you’re an iPhone user that has more photo editing apps than any other apps on your photo – listen up!  One of my favorite things about the HTC One M8  is its Zoe camera mode. Tapping on the shutter button records continuous still photos and video simultaneously. This might not sound like too big of a deal, but it’s a godsend when trying to capture action shots on the go. The resulting photos and videos are automatically remixed into multimedia videos thanks to the phone’s Highlights feature. I’ve spent way too many hours of my life editing and sharing photos using various editing  and sharing tools. None of them are as easy and satisfying as uploading a Highlight to Facebook, tagging a few friends and calling it a day.  Zoe is like your magical editing genie in your HTC – no additional editing apps required.

HTC One M8


The HTC One features a 5″ display that delivers full 1080p resolution (1920 x1080 pixels). The HTC One’s display is an inch bigger than the iPhone 5s and is simply better suited for everything from reading news to watching movies. It’s not that the iPhone 5s’s display is bad, it’s just that it’s stuck somewhere between 2010 and 2012. Apple introduced the Retina Display back in 2010 with the iPhone 4, kept it the same in 2011 with the iPhone 4s and stretched it out a bit in 2012 with the iPhone 5. Nothing changed for the iPhone 5s display in 2013 and now we’re stuck in in 2014 with an iPhone 5s with a display that’s too small for getting the most out of our 4G LTE networks and more powerful apps.  (And even though the HTC One is slightly larger, I can still operate and maneuver the device with one hand without worrying about fumbling or dropping the phone.)

HTC One M8


The HTC One M8 has a pair of BoomSound speakers facing forward. They’re loud and produce stereo sound that’s far superior to the mono sound piped out of the iPhone 5s’s single speaker. It’s easier to hear movie dialogue on the HTC One than the iPhone 5s. Games and movies have way more depth to them on the HTC One than the iPhone 5s because sound is actually split into left and right channels, just like when listening through headphones.


HTC One M8

Isis Mobile Wallet / Google Wallet

The HTC One supports both Isis Mobile Wallet and Google Wallet payment solution. This means users can pay with their phones rather than credit cards at many retailers by simply tapping the HTC One when checking out. That might sound trivial to some, but it’s always nice to have alternative ways to pay.   [Tap, Pay and Go With Isis Mobile Wallet]



HTC Advantage

HTC believes in caring for your device, even after you’ve taken it home.  So much so, that if case you ever drop or damage your phone HTC offers a free one-time cracked screen replacement within the first 6 months. You also get 50GM of free online storage (that’s extra storage above and beyond taking advantage of the external memory slot.) and  a host of new software and updated features.  Discover all the added freebies at


Now of course your iPhone 5S still maintains the lead in accessory variety, app availability, music management and support – but when it comes down to pricing, this just might be a key factor that’ll change your mind.  The HTC One is already available from Verizon Wireless for just $199 with a contract. Which is $100 less than the 32GB iPhone 5s, and that’s just the beginning. Verizon’s already offering a free HTC One with the purchase of an HTC One, which drops the price down to $100 each. If HTC and its partners are offering these kinds of deals right off the bat, imagine what we’ll see in a few months. Verizon Wireless has a bit of a head start selling the HTC One (it’s available now in stores and online).  If you’re looking to buy the HTC One on other carriers, you’ll have to wait until next week – when it becomes available on over 230 carriers on April 10th.


The New HTC One M8 Arrives At Verizon Wireless Today

March 25th, 2014 by Christen

Say Hello to the new (redesigned and refreshed) HTC One M8!  Today, HTC launched the 2014 model of its flagship phone, called the HTC One M8 in NYC and around the world.



HTC One M8 in Gold (Sprint) – Available exclusively at Best Buy.

The new One has a similar design to last year’s model, but it also features a number of upgrades. The screen size increases to 5 inches from 4.7, and the new model has a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor running Android 4.4 “KitKat” along with 2GB of RAM. Storage can be 16 or 32GB.  The One still sports a metal exterior, but HTC refined the design so the edges are metal as well. As a result, the sides of the phone have softer curves.  

“We didn’t want to do something incremental, We actually wanted to take a big leap forward. We wanted to make it super-awesome to hold in your hand.” – Scott Croyle, HTC’s senior vice president of design

A big upgrade is the new Duo Camera. On the back of the HTC One M8 are two cameras, one of which can capture depth information. That allows the user to perform some software tricks after taking a photo, including a refocus effect that can blur parts of the image in a manner similar to the Lytro camera.

The Duo Camera relies on HTC’s “UltraPIxel” concept, which eschews a high megapixel count for larger pixels on the sensor that can capture more light. The result is a 4.1-megapixel camera that takes excellent photos. The front-facing camera has been upgraded as well, to 5 megapixels.


HTC One M8 in Silver

HTC One M8 in Silver


The display resolution remains full HD (1,920 x 1,080), and the screen responds to gestures even when dormant. Sliding a finger up the screen will unlock the phone, and sliding to right will launch the phone into one of its trademark features: BlinkFeed.

BlinkFeed, which debuted on last year’s HTC One, combines several sources — from social networks to news sites to upcoming calendar events — into a single ever-scrolling feed on the home screen. With the M8, BlinkFeed is getting both more content, including feeds from Foursquare and Fitbit, but also an SDK so developers can design apps that can send data into the feed.




HTC One M8 in Silver


The new HTC One is on sale NOW in over 100+ countries and 230+ carriers, and it’s available in silver, gun metal and gold finishes. HTC is also selling a gray case for $49.99 with a perforated front that interacts with the screen, displaying basic information like the time and alerts even while closed. While not all carriers has the HTC One M8 available today, Verizon Wireless does!  You can get your hands on the new HTC One M8 via your local Verizon Wireless store or

Win An Exclusive 24kt Gold HTC One

November 25th, 2013 by Christen

Gold HTC One

The HTC One has claimed the crown of “Most Beautiful Smartphone” and now HTC wants to know what “beautiful” means to you! Maybe it’s a photo of your smiling children, your entire family around the table for Thanksgiving, or a serene day at the beach.

Starting TODAY, November 25th, HTC will be prominently featured in Times Square with a digital billboard that will bring beautiful photos taken by visitors to Times Square and people across the U.S. to life in a big way. In addition to the thrill of having their images splashed across Times Square, submitted photos may also be eligible for a chance to win an HTC One each week, and two lucky winners will receive a special edition 24-carat gold plated HTC One valued at more than $2,500. For more information on how to enter, visit Gold HTC One

Gold HTC One
The critically acclaimed HTC One is the must-have smartphone this holiday season. A stunning all-metal design, UltraPixel camera and the best sound on a smartphone makes this one hot phone packed with high-tech features. Capture moments in a new way with HTC Zoe, which gives the ability to shoot high-res photos that come to life in three-second snippets. Automatically create integrated highlight films set to music with professionally designed effects to show off your favorite memories to friends and family. Enjoy the best audio experience of any mobile phone with the first front-facing stereo speakers with a dedicated amplifier. This phone can even work as your TV remote! The HTC One is available at Sprint and AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Gold HTC One

#HeresToChange: Sprint, Robert Downey Jr., And One Sexy HTC Smartphone

August 15th, 2013 by Christen

HTC is doing something new these days.  Earlier this week, HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, unveiled the Change brand platform, a long-term strategy that celebrates HTC’s disruptive impact on the ever-changing mobile industry over its 17-year history.

The Change brand message that HTC inspires innovation by standing for “anything you want it to”. Featuring Robert Downey Jr. the new ads will explore imaginative HTC word associations and possible HTC acronyms including Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran and Hipster Troll Carwash.  HTC wants you to know that it can be “anything you want it to” and the comical commercial below hopes to get consumers talking…


HTC one Glamour Red HTC One Of Sprint

If you’re not talking about Robert Downey Jr., maybe the new HTC One in red will get you to talking.  Sprint customers looking for a handset with panache may be happy to learn that the network is offering the “glamor red” version of the HTC One as a carrier exclusive. Launching tomorrow, August 16th, the device is available at $199 on a two-year deal or with an eligible upgrade.

With HTC’s new partnership with Robert Downey Jr, could an all out Iron Man edition be in the works? We’ll see…


From Divas to Dads – Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Dad on the Go!

June 12th, 2013 by Analie

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Smartphones and Tablets

HTC One Android Smartphone

HTC One Live Experience Tour - HTC One Google Android Smartphone - Divas and Dorks - TechnologyWe’ve yet to hear of anyone being disappointed with this phone. HTC latest smartphone the HTC One can help dear dad control his entertainment system without switching devices. We’re sure that he will definitely appreciate that!

With cameras that take beautiful bright pics and booming speakers, the HTC One is a win this Father’s Day. The crisp screen and beautiful aluminum uni-body design will make dad grateful to you this Father’s Day. Available on almost all major US carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint)

Read more about the HTC One HERE.

Price: $199.99+






Father's Day Gift Guide - Samsung Galaxy S 4- Display

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android Smartphone

If HTC doesn’t rock dad’s world, you have an alternative; the Samsung Galaxy S 4. With interesting features like Air Gestures and Smart Scroll, Dad will have new ways to interact with his smartphone. Not to mention the 13 megapixel camera and it’s many functions, Dad will be taking pictures all day and sharing them easily! Available on almost all major US carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint)

Price: $249.99







Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tablet 

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Depending on dad’s travel time and taste, he may or may not like 10 inch tablets. Either way, we have something for every dad out there! With Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, dad gets a great screen size without giving up portability. Weighing less than a pound the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is your dad’s new travel buddy. The stylus is stylish again and will help dad multi-taskCheck out some specs below:

  • Display: 8-inch, 1280×800, 189 ppi, touch + pen digitizer
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Storage: 16GB, microSD up to 64GB
  • Cameras: Front- 1.3MP, Back- 5MP
  • OS: Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Battery: 4,600 mAh

If he thinks 8 inches is too small, don’t fret! There’s a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and now it’s better than ever. It has 4lG LTE connectivity with Verizon Wireless service. Dad will have service whether in the house or out with Verizon’s reliable 4G LTE network. Work and play become fun with multiscreens and easy document editing. The Galaxy Note 10.1 with Verizon LTE service is a great option

Price: $499.99+





BlackBerry Z10 AT&T - Review - Analie - divas (2)

BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 Smartphones

BlackBerry is on their way to a comeback. Don’t sleep on them If you remember dad enjoying the days of BBM and if you see that he would like to come back. Give him a dose of BlackBerry 2013. We’re talking touch screens, video chatting, intuitive keyboards and more. With the new BlackBerry 10 OS, dad will have a ton of things to do on his new phone. Z10 Available for AT&T and Verizon Wireless. Q10 available on T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

You can check out Divas and Dorks review for the BlackBerry Z10 HERE.

Price: $199.99+





Father’s Day Gift Guide – For His Listening Pleasure

With his new smartphone and/or tablet, dad may want to enjoy music on a personal level.

Monster Inspirations Headphones

Monster Inspiration Headphones - Analie Cruz - @YummyANA -  Fit on Tyson BeckfordIf he’s into style and bold old-school look, the Monster Inspiration Headphones might be the fit for him.

With strong bass, sturdy fit and interchangeable headbands, the Monster Inspirations are a great combination of young style and bass heavy sound. For more details check out the Divas review of the Monster Inspiration HERE









Father's Day Gift Guide - Christen Rochon Ferrari Cavallino T350 Black Audio Headphones

Ferrari Cavallino T350 Black Audio Headphones

For those dad’s who are into sports cars and love the Ferrari logo, the T350 over the ear headphones, will give your sports car fanatic dad luxurious look and sound over his ears.

Check out what we thought of the Ferrari T350 headphones HERE.







Bowers & Wilkins - Bowers and Wilkins - P3 - Headphones - AC - Divas (10)

Bower’s and Wilkins P3 Headphones

For the Father who enjoys the sophisticated headphones, the P3 on-ear headphones by Bowers and Wilkins are super lightweight and compact.

Not sacrificing quality and sleek style, the P3’s offer a less intrusive and more business friendly look. The case helps for traveling and great protection










Bose QuietComfort® 20 Headphones

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Bose QuietComfort 20 headphonesThese are the first noise-canceling headphones from Bose. A brand that we’ve have grown to trust to deliver quality sound and hardware, we’re sure that dad will enjoy listening to music with the Bose QuietComfort® 20.







Beats Pill by Beats by Dre

Father's Day Gift Guide - Beats Pill by Beats by Dre


Don’t let the size fool you. The Beats Pill is just what the doctor ordered for a Father’s Day gift! Dad can get his groove on anywhere with this speaker. He can change tracks from his phone. He can even stay professional and make conference calls with the Pill’s mic and Bluetooth capabilities!

PRICE: $199.95

Beats Pill by Beats by Dre




Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile SpeakerSony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker

This tiny ball is a great addition to the home office / home gym or anywhere. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the Sony Wireless Speaker can bring entertainment to dad anywhere at any time. At the affordable price, you can afford one for each corner. Dad can readjust the sound to his liking! Connect through Bluetooth, NFC, and even through auxiliary cable. Of course it works like a speakerphone also! You can get it in either black or white.

PRICE: $69.95

Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speaker




Father's Day Gift Guide - Zagg Sparq Wall Charger

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Accessories and Fashion

Backup Power From Zagg : Don’t let Dad run out of juice on his gadgets. Make sure he keeps this Zagg Sparq Wall Charger & 3100mAh Back Up Battery around for those long days of fun on his gadgets. It can power  smartphones and tablets 4x faster than a standard USB charger!

Zagg Sparq Wall Charger & Back Up Battery

PRICE: $42.00




Telstar MP50 Mini Projector

Father's Day Gift Guide - Telstar MP50 Mini ProjectorLet dad show off how portable he can be with the Telstar MP50 Mini Projector. This itty bitty projector fits in the palm of your hand. Watch up to 2 hours of content anywhere with this extremely portable projector. The Telstar MP50 projects up to a 70″ 16:9 image 9 feet from the wall or a 50″ image at 6 feet from the wall. The 85 ANSI Lumen LED Pico Projectors is powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology with up to 1080p resolution. Small in size but not in power!


Telstar MP50 Mini Projector

PRICE: $299.00



From Divas to Dads – Father’s Day Gift Guide – For the Dad on the Go! WD My Passport Ultra - Western Digital - Analie

WD – My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drives

Where can dad store all those movies and photos while he’s not showing them off on his mini projector? With the WD (Western Digital) My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drive, dad can easily tote around up to 1 TB of data. Fast and easy transferring with USB 3.0  and four different color choices to choose from, this is great for the dad that saves every single picture and video.

WD – My Passport Ultra Portable Storage Drives

PRICE: $129.99





Charge Anywhere With myCharge Amp

myCharge AMP  6000 :If Dad needs to charge multiple devices, the myCharge Amp is a great gift. It can charge up to 2 devices at once. The compact design makes it easy to bring along. You can charge nearly any device through the USB ports. A great add-on to the list of dad’s gadgets!

 Father's Day Gift Guide - myCharge Amps


Geekwear: If dad is an audiophile, these headphone cufflinks are cute accessories that you will enjoy giving and dad will definitely enjoy receiving.

Headphone Cufflinks


If headphones aren’t dad’s thing, try the USB port cufflinks. The geeky dad will enjoy these great accessories!

USB Port Cufflinks


Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Headphones Cufflinks  Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Silver USB Ports Cuff links


PRICE: $69


G Shock Limited Edition Watches

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks G-Shock Watch

A lot of technology goes into the G-shock 30th anniversary watches.  Casio partnered with leading independent footwear brand, SUPRA, to design their own signature timepiece and Vaider Lite high top. The G-Shock GA200SPR-1A is black with beautiful red accents to match the sneaker.


Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - G-Shock Watch GA113B-1A


Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - G-Shock Limited Edition Watch With Supra Sneaker

The innovative GA113B-1A comes in black with blue accents, metal band keeper and gold IP case back engraved with G-Shock’s 30th Anniversary logo, which was created by world-renowned graphic artist, Eric Haze, making these watches a G-Shock collectors’ dream. Black resin band analog and digital watch with black/blue face.

PRICE: $160





Case-Mate Rosewood iPhone and BlackBerry Z10 Cases

Give the special father, grandfather, brother this Rosewood case from Case-Mate to give their iPhone and/or BlackBerry Z10. This collection of cases from Case-Mate have a masculine flare. It’s about time someone paid attention to these men! This sophisticated case gives your phone a nice new shape and look. Case-Mate Rosewood Case

If Rosewood doesn’t suit them, you can go with Case-Mate’s brushed aluminum case has a nice sleek, casual “masculine” look. Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum / Gun Metal Case. Looks great with the everyday denim outfit!

Case-Mate has a great selection of cases for all types of phone. They have cases for the BlackBerry Z10 (Yes the BlackBerry!), iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S III. You gotta love Case-mate’s wide range of cases for ALL devices.

If dad likes the simple finish, the Case-Mate signature flip is a classy design. It protects the screen while giving dad sophisticated look. The Case-Mate Signature Flip case  offers the protection and classy look dads love!

PRICE: $50

Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Case-Mate Rosewood Case  Father's Day Gift Guide - Divas and Dorks - Case-Mate Brushed Aluminum Case


The HTC Design Tour Is Taking On The World… One City At A Time…

June 10th, 2013 by Christen

 HTC Design Tour Crew

What happens when you mix a bevy of international journalists from all walks of life with the most innovative designers in New York City?  The HTC Design Tour 2013.   Already a staple in such cities as Hong Kong and Milan and now HTC has combined the unique experience of Art & Design and paired it with the technology of the HTC One.

HTC, a leader in mobile innovation and design, announced New York as the latest city to join their series of Global Design Tours, a free Android app available on Google Play.  The HTC Global Design application offers recommendations on design hotspots around the world and was developed in collaboration with Wallpaper* magazine. The New York content on the app was created to celebrate the 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Festival (ICFF), North America’s platform for global design, and explores favorite pop-up exhibitors that were shown at the fair last month.

HTC Design Tour

The HTC One is such a great device, you couldn’t catch me without it in my hands.


The New York locations featured on the app were selected by Wallpaper’s New York editor Pei-Ru Keh, One & Co (HTC) Principal Irinia Kozlovskaya and British-born/New York-based fashion designer Andrew Wren. The locations offer uncommon experiences at the city’s most unusual design locations – from building your own cookie at Peels to seeing “the city that never sleeps” from a new vantage point at Four Freedom Park.


Four Freedoms Park


To create a multi-sensory experience, location information on the app is complemented by specially selected music tracks. Music helps remind you of a time and place, so this is a great way to be reminded of these special destinations every time one of these songs is heard.  Check out more on our experiences throughout NYC at Mociun (Brooklyn), American Design Club, Wanted Design and for more information about the HTC One and HTC One coming to Verizon.

Thanks HTC for inviting me for an exciting time throughout NYC!!


Verizon Announces HTC One is Coming!

June 4th, 2013 by Analie

Verizon is rarely the first carrier to carry a flagship phone. When the HTC One was announced back in February, we learned that it was the first flagship phone from the manufacturer that would be carried across all major carriers –except Verizon. Verizon Wireless customers would have to resort to the HTC Droid DNA (which isn’t a bad phone at all). But many were feeling left out. There were rumors of HTC’s next phone on Verizon being called the HTC DNA +. Those rumors are finally put to rest now!


Verizon Wireless - The HTC One is Coming - Divas and Dorks -  [Credit: Slashgear]


Verizon Announces HTC One is Coming!

Today Verizon Wireless announced through their twitter page (@VZWNews) that the popular HTC One would indeed be coming to carrier. There is no news of pricing and exact release date except that it’s later this summer. Needless to say that Verizon Wireless customers were ecstatic to hear the news. I personally hope it has red accents. That would be a cool look!


We have reviewed the HTC One here at Divas and Dorks. You can check out what we thought about the phone HERE: HTC One Review

Verizon Wireless - The HTC One is Coming - Divas and Dorks

Here are the specs of the HTC One on other carriers. You can expect something similar to this:

HTC One Review – Specs

HTC One official

Display: 4.7 inch / 1,920 x 1,080 resolution

Processor / RAM: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 Ghz Processor / 2 GB RAM

Memory: 32 GB – No SD expansion slot

Cameras: 4 “UltraPixel” rear facing camera / 2.1 megapixel wide-angle lens front facing camera

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi a/b/g/n / NFC / GPS /

Battery: 2,300mAh Li-Polymer (non-removable) battery


We’ll keep you updated on pricing and availability of the HTC One as Verizon let’s us know! Stay posted.


Are you going to wait for Verizon to get the HTC One? Were you planning on getting another smartphone until you heard this news? 

HTC One Review (Sprint) – Does this Phone Meet Divas Standards?

May 22nd, 2013 by Analie

The New HTC One

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the HTC One android smartphone by now. We of course had to review the latest handset from HTC to see what the craze was all about. We had a hands on with it back at the launch in February, where we gave you our initial impressions.

After spending a couple of weeks with it, what did we think? Is this really the phone to bring HTC back in the spotlight and put them up against other leading android handsets? Let’s do this HTC One review Divas and Dorks style!

HTC One Review – Looks

One of the first things that you notice is the shiny body of the HTC One. it’s been a while since we’ve seen an aluminum silver Android phone. It will catch your eye from a distance (hopefully it will prompt you to go over and check it out). When you pick it up you will be glad to know that your eyes didn’t deceive you, the HTC One is as nice to hold as it is to look at. It has a sturdy, luxurious feel to it. It gives you a feeling of security in your investment, like it’s worth the money.

If you’re not a fan of the silver model, it also comes in black and silver. As you know I am a fan of cases, due to my clumsiness and butter fingers, but this might make me go on the lookout for a clear case. It’s just that stunning.

When looking at it, you notice that the screen is rather large even though the device itself isn’t. It has a very slim profile. You can use it with one hand most of the time.

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Body Design Tech - Front   HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Body Design Tech - Rear - Back

You will also notice speaker grilles above AND below the screen. It adds to the design flair, but also function (more on that later). It has an LED notification light on the left side of the top grille. On the right side of the top grille is the wide angle lens 2.1 megapixel front facing camera. Above the bottom the speaker grille, there are only two buttons. From left to right is the back button and the home button, separated by the HTC logo. It took me a while to get used to the HTC One’s two button layout, you might find yourself searching for the missing menu button.

HTC One Review – Specs

HTC One official

Display: 4.7 inch / 1,920 x 1,080 resolution

Processor / RAM: Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 Ghz Processor / 2 GB RAM

Memory: 32 GB – No SD expansion slot

Cameras: 4 “UltraPixel” rear facing camera / 2.1 megapixel wide-angle lens front facing camera

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi a/b/g/n / NFC / GPS /

Battery: 2,300mAh Li-Polymer (non-removable) battery

As you can see from the specifications list, the HTC One is beautiful on the inside also. They didn’t skimp on the internals, promising you great interaction and performance on paper. Some Android users might not like the lack of expandable memory. Nope, there is no Micro SD expansion slot.

HTC One Review- Explaining the UltraPixel Camera

Another spec that might stick out is the 4 “UltraPixel” camera. First you might think, what’s an UltraPixel? And why is the number so low? Why 4? Well like I explained back at the initial launch, the UltraPixel isn’t necessarily different than megapixel. It’s just a word that HTC is using.

It’s not megapixel. It’s not pixel count, but pixel size. Bigger pixels let in more light. It’s pure science.” – Scott Croyle HTC Vice President of Design

With less megapixels in the camera, the pixel size is bigger. The UltraPixels take up more space on the sensor, and they also allow more light into the picture. HTC says that this allows for brighter, crispier pictures. Another good thing is that since it’s a low megapixel count, the picture files are smaller. That helps since you don’t have expandable memory.

Find out more about the HTC UltraPixel HERE

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Screenshots - Camera Options - UltraPixel  HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Camera Live Filters - UltraPixel

HTC One – Camera

Well now that you understand why they decided to go with the 4 megapixel excuse me I mean UltraPixel camera, I’ll get more into it. It’s very rare that I print out pictures from my smartphone gallery. That being said, taking pics and uploading to my fave social networks (right now it’s Instagram and Mobli), the HTC One camera is more than fine!

In normal to medium lighting the camera takes great pictures. My fave feature is that the front facing camera is wide-angled and 2.1 megapixels. You might recall that I was upset that the HTC One X+ didn’t have a wide-angled front facing camera when the HTC 8X windows phone did. I am constantly out exploring New York, and taking selfies with a front facing camera is easy, but with the wide-angled lens, you get a great shot of yourself with the background you want. Pictures of 3 or 4 people come out really nice as well. It’s not too close in your face. The front facing camera even has live filters for fun. Sometimes, in low lighting the pictures had a red tint to them.

I am not a professional photographer, and I barely find myself having to zoom in for get large prints of  a photo. The four UltraPixel camera is not a breaker for me.

The HTC One Experience

Using the HTC One was just great. It’s been while since I could use a phone comfortably with one hand. I mean, a phone with such a large screen.

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Body Design Tech - Body

When Using the HTC One you will have to deal with HTC Sense. We’re now up to sense  5.0. Yeah it’s been that long! I think HTC has done a great job at cutting down the unnecessary crap on their Android skin. The biggest feature that you’ll notice from Sense 5.0 is HTC Blinkfeed. It’s HTC’s way of bringing you all of your content without you “looking” or “searching” for it. Its right on one of your desktop pages. It will remind you of windows live tiles but with shortcomings.

I understand what HTC is trying to do here. They are trying to minimize searching and opening apps. Unlock your HTC One and BAM there’s all the info you’re looking for! I can’t get used to HTC BlinkFeed. It’s just not for me. I think it may be that I have too many sources or the setup is slightly limited. It’s okay, but I wouldn’t say it’s great. They should incorporate the ability to see SMS from certain contacts, may your favorites list or a specific group. You can’t remove BlinkFeed completely but you can make another page your home page, or just quickly swipe away from the BlinkFeed. It has grown on me a little, but I could do without it.

I like how clean the UI looks on the HTC One. It makes you want to keep it that way. It might be a bit too clean. The notification pull-down bar doesn’t have quick settings bar (to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, etc). But you do have the option to add a quick settings widget to one of your pages.

Changing between apps and pages is quick. I never experienced lag time. I don’t mobile game like crazy on the phone, but graphics and animations were on point.

HTC One BoomSound

Well you know I had to talk about it! Everyone kept talking about the dual speakers (at the top and bottom of the front) on the HTC One. BoomSound is exactly what it is. You get great sound when listening to music with very little to no distortion! I personally don’t ever listen to music out loud on my phone. I use speakers or headphones 99% of the time. But wow, in comparison to other phone speakers, HTC BoomSound blows them away. I just hope people don’t become rude and start blasting music everywhere. It’s loud enough that you will hear it.

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Body Design Tech - Top Speaker Grille - BoomSound HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Body Design Tech - Speaker Grille - BoomSound

HTC One – Calls and Service

I am currently reviewing the HTC One on the Sprint network. One of the many benefits that Sprint offers is that their plans include unlimited data usage, without throttling when reaching certain points at an affordable price.

Unfortunately New York doesn’t have access to Sprint’s 4G LTE network. It’s obvious that they are working on it, since it picks up the 4G LTE signal in certain parts of the city. But since it’s not fully on the 4G LTE service isn’t steady.

Keeping that in mind, I got good speeds most of the time while in midtown Manhattan, the west village of Manhattan, nearly all of Queens. When the 4G LTE was steady, the speeds were great. It has made me more anxious for Sprint to officially finish working on their LTE signal and turn it on in New York!

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Sprint Nextel

You can check how Sprint coverage is in your area by clicking HERE: Sprint Coverage Map

You can check Sprint pricing for the HTC One by clicking HERE: Shop Sprint HTC One

You can check Sprint pricing for the HTC One by clicking HERE: Shop Sprint Unlimited Data Plans

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Switch to Sprint and Save 100

HTC One Battery Life

You might have noticed on the spec list, that the battery is not removable. I think its the same thing to carry an extra battery as it is to carry a portable battery pack. The battery life on the HTC One isn’t the best at battery life. I expected more from some reason. Unplugging at 8 AM, I had to plug back in at 4 PM (the latest), and 2 PM the earliest. Some days are better than others. I guess all the power with the screen with my social media addiction is a recipe for trouble and dead phones.

HTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Screenshots - HomepageHTC One Review - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - contacts design

HTC One As the One Phone You Own

So do I recommend the HTC One for your next upgrade? I’ll tell you that I have not always been a fan of HTC Sense. I love my microSD cards, so that might be the only deal-breaker for me. But I can’t say anything else, HTC did great in bringing together great hardware with minimal skin over Android.

But when most people use their smartphone cameras as a replacement for their point-and-shoot, HTC took a big risk in putting in a 4 megapixel camera. For those who are uninformed or willing to do the research, it might be a turnoff / deal-breaker for them. I’ve taken some great pics with the HTC One. I was pleasantly surprised.I am used to the menu button from Android, it’s one of their trademarks. It took me a while to learn to do without it. Some may not appreciate the learning curve.

If you’re okay with the following, I recommend the HTC One:
a person that doesn’t like to put cases on their phone, you might want to rock with the HTC One.
If you’re okay with not being able to add more memory
If you’re okay with a non-removable battery
If you’re okay with pictures that are mostly suitable for social media sharing and emailing
If you enjoy listening to music from your smartphones’ speakers.

Please share with us some pics you have taken, or your thoughts on the HTC One hardware, BoomSound speakers and 4 UltraPixel camera! We’d love to hear what you think! What did you find when doing your HTC One review?

Samsung Experience Shops To Open Before Release of Flagship Phone

April 9th, 2013 by Analie

In the last couple of years Samsung has really made a name for themselves in the mobile industry. Implementing a lot of features that mobile users were craving, Samsung came through and delivered, exceeding consumers’ expectations. As we know Samsung always has something up their sleeve. With gadgets across all tech categories (smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and accessories), it might be difficult for consumers to make decisions and be informed about Samsung Products.

Samsung decided to ensure a better retail experience for their consumers by installing shops in Best Buy stores in the US. This will be known as Samsung Experience Shops.

Samsung Experience Shops - Best Buy - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - YummyAna - Technology

What are Samsung Experience Shops?

Samsung Experience Shops will be installed in over 1,400 Best Buy stores. You can have full hands-on experience with their tablets, smartphones, smart (connected) cameras and accessories for all these devices in the shop. Just like apple stores, you have a better feel of how the products work. You can also see if getting a Samsung eco system going is beneficial and how certain features work across multiple devices.

Certain Best Busy stores will go a step further by offering Samsung Smart Service. Samsung Smart Service includes dedicated Samsung Experience Consultants. These consultants are specially trained with the Samsung Mobile products. Some Best Buy employees (blue shirt associates) will be specially trained also.


Samsung Experience Shops - Samsung Galaxy - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Analie Cruz - YummyAna

With the Smart Service, consumers have access to assistance with products, full on product demonstrations, warranty assistance and product activation  You will be able to activate smartphones without leaving the area. Some of the larger Experience Shops will have a “Samsung Connected Solutions” area where consumers can see how the eco-system works. They are trying to answer all questions with visuals and experience.

When asked why Samsung didn’t pursue standalone branded retail stores of its own, Dunagan was prepared for the question. “We felt that this partnership was the quickest way to address consumer needs,” she said. Needless to say, not even Samsung could have 1,400 independent shops built and operating inside of six months. [Source]

 Samsung Experience Shops - Best Buy - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Technology - Table

Will Samsung Experience Shops Convince Consumers?

With all their mobile products grouped in a special area, and with the right answers, consumers will have a somewhat “Apple store” like experience. If Samsung can offer up the same customer service that Apple is known for, the Experience Shops will be successful. Some shops are even getting the Samsung Galaxy S4 before the official launch date. Giving consumers a step ahead in the game is always a good strategy.

HTC who said they will be more vocal with their marketing (their slogan before said “Quietly Brilliant”) will have to do a lot to compete with the funding  Samsung puts behind their marketing.


Do you think these Samsung Experience Shops will be effective? Is Samsung oversaturating the market with their presence?

T-Mobile’s Simple Choice – Is It Really All Unlimited Everything?

March 28th, 2013 by Analie

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - iPhone 5Did you also hear that T-Mobile is no longer requiring 2 year contracts for service for a high-end smartphone? What is this simple choice they’re offering consumers? Did you hear about T-Mobile and Metro PCS merging? Don’t get confused, this does not mean that they are a prepaid service carrier. Let’s breakdown what T-Mobile recently announced and what that means for future service.

If you caught the event, you might have seen President and CEO of T-Mobile John Legere  go on and on about how wireless carriers screw over their customers. He tried to explain the complexity of contracts and what they mean. He even went on to say unless you’re part of the industry, you just won’t get how it works. So instead he decided to officially announce T-Mobile’s new way of providing service and how that is going to work. They called it T-Mobile Unleashed. And what they were unleashing was their new “Simple Choice” service (includes monthly plans and device purchases).

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - Canceling Membership

What Does T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Mean?

What T-Mobile is doing with Simple Choice is killing their contract requirements. One of the major points of the event was the emphasis that even though they were no longer requiring contracts, the carrier did not go prepaid. You have a choice in which device you get, how you pay it off, what plan you choose, and how long you stay with T-Mobile. Is that simple enough in your book?

How Does T-Mobile Simple Choice Work?

Simple Choice Plan: Individual Line – Unlimited Talk + Text + Web

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - No Contract T-Mobile - Simple Choice - Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile has always been very generous with their plans in my book. Yes, I know they didn’t really have any flagship devices and they don’t offer 4G LTE. But their pricing was a steal compared to other carriers. Now with Simple Choice Plans, you get unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited surf, and the (downloadable) data varies on your pricing point.

  1. $50 Simple Choice Plan: Besides the unlimited talk, unlimited text, unlimited surf, you get 500 MB of high speed data. Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (SMH) and Tethering are no extra charge. But if you pass the 500 MB limit, you’re brought down to 2G speed (edge).
  2. $60 Simple Choice Plan: You get everything the $50 plan offers plus 2 GB more of data for a total of 2.5 GB of data. This plan also includes After the 2.5 GB you’re going back down to 2G
  3. $70 Simple Choice Plan: With this plan you get unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data. However you do not have the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot / tethering feature at no charge. You can tether for up to 500 MB. You can pay extra for more SMH coverage.

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - $60 Plan

Simple Choice Plan: Family Line – Unlimited Talk + Text + Web

If you’d like to transfer over multiple lines to T-Mobile, it will be anywhere from $10 – $50 more per line.

  • If you’re adding a line with 500 mb of data, it’s $10 more.
  • If you’re adding a line with 2 GB of data, it’s $30 more.
  • If you’re adding a line with unlimited data, it’s $50 more.

How are those numbers adding up for you?

Purchasing a Device To Use With Your Simple Choice Plan(s):

You have a few choices when it comes to the phone you use with T-Mobile. You can put a down payment for a phone (if your credit qualifies), and pay it off within 24 months in monthly installments from $10 and up. If your credit doesn’t qualify, you have to pay for the device in full upfront. You can also bring your device to be connected with T-Mobile service.

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - BlackBerry Z10

For Example: If you’d like to get the new BlackBerry Z10, you can put $99 down and pay the rest off in monthly installments of $18/month. So if you had the $60 simple choice plan, and $18 payment for your BlackBerry Z10; your monthly total would be $78. Once you finish paying off the phone in total, you will just be charged your monthly service charge of $60. When it comes to paying off your phone, you can pay it off as fast as you’d like.

Is T-Mobile’s Simple Choice UnCarrier Plans A Suitable Choice For You?

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - iPhone 5 Coming April 12th

T-Mobile is focusing on those consumers who hate contracts but don’t want to sacrifice the choice of getting high-end smartphones. Simple Choice is also for those who want 4G LTE coverage. There is currently 4G LTE coverage in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and Washington DC. If you’d like to check coverage in your area, you can check HERE. With the BlackBerry Z10 available, the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming in Q2, the HTC One hopefully next month and the finally the Apple iPhone 5 available for the carrier, T-Mobile is giving the consumer a real option. You can stop the service whenever you please without termination fees. There is rarely smartphone exclusivity with a carrier anymore. You have to see how much you data you use and see if it’s worth going over.

Are you intrigued by the Simple Choice offered by T-Mobile? Do you think their 4G LTE will provide great speeds once it goes nationwide? What will stop you from going to T-Mobile? What features are appealing? 

T-Mobile - Simple Choice - HTC One - 4G LTE - Speed Test

T-Mobile – Simple Choice – HTC One – 4G LTE – Speed Test



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