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Discover Five Tech Savvy Travel Tips For The Ultimate Road Trip This Season (+ Visa Giftcard Giveaway!)

May 24th, 2016 by Christen It's the unofficial start of the summer and road trip season!  With most planning on driving more than 50 miles in search of summer fun we've got the tips you need to make your next road trip a great one!   From how to drive, travel apps and more - we've teamed up with Toyota & industry expert Jeff Fortson to help make holiday travel more fuel-efficient and fun! (Plus we're giving away Visa Giftcards to help fuel your holiday weekend travel!)   road trip giveaway 2     “Drivers can take simple steps to help them get the most gas mileage on their trips this Memorial Day weekend,” says Fortson, founder and editor of, a site dedicated to auto education and car-buying clinics. “Taking heed to these tips will not only lead to fuel savings but will help provide a little extra money once you arrive at your destination.”   Toyota and Fortson offer six fuel-efficiency tips designed to help protect your pocket at the pump before you start a memorable road trip with family and friends.  
  • Use the cruise control (and the optional radar-activated cruise control system) for holiday road trips. Both systems minimize sudden acceleration and de-acceleration. According to, speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can decrease gas mileage by 33 percent.
  • Be sure to check and properly inflate each tire, including the spare before you set out on a trip. Gas mileage can be improved if tires have adequate pressure. Some vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitor system which alerts you when it detects tire pressure is critically low. If the car isn’t equipped with this system, a tire gauge can be purchased at the local parts store and the service department can check the air pressure.

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  • Rent a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you are renting a car, you may want to consider a hybrid vehicle, such as Prius or Prius V.
  • Use the factory installed navigation system or a favorite app like Google Maps and Waze from your smartphone to make your drive safer. These navigation systems will alert drivers of traffic congestion and provide you with the shortest route to your destination.

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  • Always pack smart. Just like flying, you should only take necessary items for a road trip. Avoid using the roof rack, if possible, because it reduces the aerodynamics and decreases fuel efficiency.
  • Watch the A/C. It is recommended that you use the air conditioner when driving highway speeds. When driving in stop-and-go traffic, turn the air conditioner off and allow air to circulate through the vehicle.
  road trip giveaway   Are you getting ready for your next road trip?  What's inspiring your upcoming road trips this summer?  TWEET US! @DivasAndDorks and share your favorite road trip inspirations on Twitter using #ToyotaMemories for your chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card today!  

Holiday Travel: Get Ready, Packed, SKYPE!

December 20th, 2011 by Christen Getting ready for that uncomfortable flight tomorrow?  Christmas time is one of the heaviest travelled times of the year and with alot of travelers comes a lot of traveller delays.  While you waiting on your delayed flight, or just in case you arrive to the airport extra early with some time to spare, check out what Skype has for you. They don't call this the "giving time of the year" for nothing. Starting on December 21st thru the 27th, you'll be able to cling to an hour of costless internet access while you're waiting on your flight -- as long as you're in one of the 50+ airports included in the deal. Aside from being outside of the lounging areas capable of accepting the courtesy, Android users are being left out of the equation, as the present can only be used by those who own a Mac, PC or iOS device. Want to see if your traveling airport will have the Skyping gift for you?  Check out the map below...   source



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