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Downloading This Money Saving App Could Score You $500 Before You Know It

October 7th, 2015 by Christen

Doesn’t it feel like summer vacation fun was just yesterday?  Retailers like Kmart are already baiting shoppers for holiday layaway and you know what’s next? Black Friday deals. Personally, I am a serious fan for Black Friday sales and disguised deals by big-boxed stores. But I’m just not ready to start my holiday savings plan just yet.  Thankfully, I’ve discovered the ultimate money saving app just in time for holiday shopping – Say hello to Digit!

holiday cash


Digit is a free online app that automates your savings in a way that you won’t realize you’re saving. Digit first links up to your bank account, reviews your payment history and predicts your income and cash flow. After Digit’s system understands how much you spend every day and how you try to manage your money, it calculates all your possible daily savings opportunities. Everyday, Digit takes out small amounts of money (anywhere from $5-$50) that you may not have realized you didn’t need or use. After Digit takes out the dough, it puts that cha-ching into your savings account.




The whole idea behind the Digit money saving app is that you’re saving little by little on the daily without feeling like you’re restricting your normal use of money. So you’re still buying your lunches, groceries and gas, but you’re saving too! Your savings stash goes into your personal FDIC-insured Digit account. Digit doesn’t store your password or go through your savings. The account is entirely yours with no minimums and no fees.
Digit always checks in with you and lets you know how much it’s been able to save for you via regular text messages. But if a particularly rainy day hits, just text the word “Withdraw” and your money will be in your pocket by the next business day. Sounds like we’re all going to need a bigger wallet.  Ready to get started? Download the Digit money saving app and instantly earn $5 when you share this money saving app with others HERE.  Just think, if you sign up today, you could save at least $500 (or more) just in time for Black Friday sales!
So what are you waiting for?  Download the Digit app and begin saving dough for next month’s Black Friday deals today!

Four Unexpected Big Ticket Bargains You Can Still Save On This Season

December 19th, 2014 by Lifestyle Staff

Big Ticket Bargains

Bargain hunting is practically a sport, especially during the holiday shopping season. Deloitte‘s 2014 annual holiday survey predicts the average American will drop nearly $1,300 this holiday season. With that level of spending in mind, planning to save real money elsewhere is crucial to managing a household’s bottom line.

Promotions such as standard Black Friday deals or free holiday shipping are nice but often don’t add up very quickly. Huge value can be found on big-ticket items since their need can be anticipated months ahead. Purchasing them seasonally or via year-end clearance sales can provide savvy consumers with hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings.  Here are a few examples of products that fall into each category:

Year-end closeouts

* Cars. With the next year’s models already on lots for a number of months, dealers are anxious to move cars from the previous year. Moreover, December is their last chance to improve year-end sales numbers – whether at the dealer or individual salesperson level.

* Flooring. The end of the year is a great time to buy new hardwood flooring. Suppliers and mills often assess their inventory at this time and clear out product lines before the end of the year. Stores such as Lumber Liquidators purchase these products at discounted rates and pass the options and savings directly to consumers, resulting in a great deal that can also increase the value of a home.

Seasonal purchases

* Gas grills and air conditioners. Stores may offer deep discounts on off-season products such as air conditioners and gas grills. This rule of thumb is particularly valuable for people who live in cold weather climates, where summer goods become especially obsolete during the long winter months.

* Furniture. The holiday season brings sales and promotions at many furniture stores on living and dining room items as people are preparing for holiday entertaining. In addition, outdoor furniture is generally at its best price due to it being out of season.

No matter a consumer’s methodology, a little planning goes a long way in finding bargains. There are very helpful websites – such as – that do a great job staying on top of deals both large and small. Online forums and traditional word of mouth can also assist in the hunt.

Find Gifts For The Entire Family At Best Buy (And Score A Sweet Discount Too!)

November 29th, 2013 by Christen

If you braved the early Black Friday crowds or took in all the shopping action from the comfort of your computer – one thing is for certain, you could find gifts for the entire family at Best Buy or Last week, we highlighted just a few of Best Buy’s Black Friday Deals and although many of them have come and gone, you can still find plenty of savings all December long (just in time for the holidays!)


Best Buy is the authority and destination for all your technology and appliance product gifting needs this holiday season. They feature more than 100 products that you can only find at Best Buy (Now that’s how you gift!) Technology is evolving quickly and becoming increasingly complex- Best Buy is here to help make it easy for your to choose the products and services that work best for you.

Phones and Tablets: At Best Buy you can see and try all of the phones, tablets, carriers, plans and accessories under one roof with industry-leading trade-in options.

Gaming: Best Buy is THE destination for gaming this holiday. Not only do they have the latest Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but the hottest game releases and everything else you need for a great gaming experience.

Computing: Best Buy features the best selection, advise, services and support in computing. They help set the market by working with the industry’s tech leaders to develop a highly specialized and innovative assortment of laptops, many of which are only available at Best Buy.

Mobile Accessories: Best Buy has one of the largest selections of accessories and wearables this holiday. Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, health & fitness gear and headphones will truly rule holiday.


So if you’re still looking to finish your holiday shopping, why not start at Best Buy? If you want to get a jumpstart on after-holiday fitness routine or simply stock up on toys for the kids, you can save 15% off Health & Fitness, Fisher Price and Mattel (click here for instant savings). If mobile accessories is more your thing, stock up on the latest headphones and portable speakers (excludes Beats, Bose and Sony) with this instant 10% off coupon?

The holidays is a great time of year, do yourself a favor and enjoy stress free holiday shopping and discover gifts for the entire family at Best Buy.




Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Shecky’s: Helpful Holiday Shopping Apps

December 2nd, 2011 by Christen

It’s that time of the year again and only the strong will survive! In case you haven’t crossed everything off your list during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, don’t fret—we have our top picks of smart phone apps that will make this season’s shopping experience a breeze! Looking for ways to organize your holiday gift lists? Trying to find the right gift at the right price? Check out suggestions via

Can you imagine standing in the checkout line about to make a purchase, only to find out that your item is cheaper at another store? RedLaser (free!) has you covered! RedLaser is great for finding items online and in nearby stores (if you prefer to shop local businesses). You can easily check prices on any and every item from electronics to designer fashion. It also includes cool features like gift lists and a history that will record all the items you’ve already looked up—this way you can go back and find things later on!

Looking for more great apps…check out our post directly here —-> Helpful Holiday Shopping Apps

Cyber Monday Deals and Steals…

November 28th, 2011 by Tech Staff

Are your fingers cramping up yet?  As the ceremonial kick-off of the holiday online shopping season Cyber Monday sales are in full swing online from Verizon, Amazon and more!  If you haven’t racked up on your deal yet there’s no need to worry.  Cyber Monday is almost over but there’s still time to catch up on some great deals online.  Don’t believe us?  Check out some of these deals spotted by

Looking for cellphones?

  • Best Buy has a fair amount of phone deals like a free HTC Titan 4G on AT&T with contract renewal.
  • Through midnight (Cyber Monday), for just one single penny, AT&T will sell you its Motorola Atrix, Samsung Infuse, BlackBerry 9810, HTC Inspire or LG Thrill! Of course, you’ll also need to renew or sign-in to a two-year contract to reap the savings.
  • Verizon will give you its Droid Incredible 2 for ”free” or sell you a LG Revolution and Pantech Breakout for $50 with a two-year contract, through Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon has pretty nice deal for those on Sprint seeking a 4G Android device, who also don’t mind extending their contract. For just one penny you can snag a Google Nexus S 4G through Cyber Monday. Better yet, your activation fee will be waived!

Gadgets & Techcessories

  • Phillips is currently offering 30 percent off all orders of $100 or more with free shipping with code “BF2011SALE” through Cyber Monday. Of course, there is a catch — “TVs, DVD and Blu-ray Players, and Home Theater systems” are excluded. Hey, you can still snag a Norelco for trimming those nose hairs, though!
  • Microsoft is currently offering 25 percent off accessories on its webstore with code “SAVE25.” Take note though, this deal ends on the 28th.
  • Zagg — you know, the company behind InvisibleShield — is currently sporting a 50% off sale for many items on its website!
  • Makerbot has a duo of tempting deals through Cyber Monday for anyone who’s been wanting to get into 3D printing. You can snag an assembled Thing-O-Matic printer for $1,999 (normally $2,500) using code “TRYPTOPHAN” or pay $999 (normally about $1,200) and assemble it yourself with code “TURKEYSTUFFER”
  • iFixit has goodies including its iPhone 4S Transparent Rear Glass Panel on sale for 30 bucks (normally over $50) through Cyber Monday. You’ll also be able to snag replacement batterys for the iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 for 5 bucks off the regular price! Check out the site for even more discounts.

Want more? Check out other more deals and steals online here.

Keep Your Holiday Shopping Free From Cyber Thieves!

November 22nd, 2011 by Christen

The holiday season is a hacker’s winter wonderland – with up to 152 million shoppers expected to shop online and in stores on Black Friday, and another 75.9 millionexpected to take part in Cyber Monday, it’s no wonder cybercriminal activity spikes this time of year.  Have you thought about how you’ll arm yourself against thieves that want to steal your credit card information?  Protect yourself and learn how Trend Micro can help you have a safe and happy holiday season by checking out the Online Shopping Made Easy Guide.





Macy’s & JC Penny Gets Digital For The Holidays…

November 15th, 2011 by Fashion Staff

This year, your favorite department stores are getting a digital makeover including QR codes and augmented reality apps into your holiday shopping experience. Ready or not, Tis the Season for Digital.

If ever there was a cool use for QR codes (not just practical), this might just be it. JCPenney’s new “Who’s Your Santa” campaign has a QR code extension for 2011, where everyone who buys a gift for Xmas will receive a unique QR code Gift Tag or “Santa Tag” as they are calling them…

That QR code allows the gift giver to scan and record a personalised voice message for the recipient… Once they are done, just stick the QR code Santa Tag on the present and you’re done! It’s actually a pretty innovative way to utilise QR codes, particurally in such a personalised way, and for me, this is a super smart experiment for JCPenney.


With Macy’s the latest brand to release an AR app for the festive season. This time, it’s a Christmas Card App, where you can turn up at any of the Macy’s “Believe Stations” to post your kid’s letters to Santa, only this year, if you’ve got the app on iOS or Android, the little ones will be in for a nice surprise, with Virginia and her friends to life… Check it out here.The app lets you choose your favourite characters, take photos and then customise virtual cards… I quite like the functionality, it’s empowering the kids to do something a little more engaging once they’ve had the AR experience, and makes perfectly shareable content on the fly!





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