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Google and Cartoon Network’s “Power Puff Girls” Empowers Black Girls Code

June 20th, 2016 by Tech Staff





Cartoon Network and co-host Google welcomed Made with Code, Mayor of East Point Jannquell Peters and Black Girls Code at Turner in Atlanta for a special event launching GIF: The Powerpuff Girls. The event and coding activity are part of the collaboration between the companies with a mission of combining their entertainment and tech expertise to bring the power of creative coding to kids in every community, at every income level and in every demographic group.




Must Read: This New Website Will Turn You Into A Beloved “Powerpuff Girl”


The event’s special guests, forty five teenage girls from Black Girls Code, were greeted by female executives from Cartoon Network and Google, including Christina Miller, president and general manager for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang; Katie Krentz, Senior Director, Comedy Animation Development, Cartoon Network; Lilyn Hester, Public Affairs Manager for Google; Google Engineer Monica Renneke; and Mayor Peters. Each woman reaffirmed the importance of coding as an essential language to fulfill your goals and dreams, and encouraged the girls to continue to explore their creativity through coding.




“This day is exactly why we at Cartoon Network committed ourselves to encouraging kids to explore coding and the intersection of creativity and technology,” said Christina Miller, President and General Manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang, during the event. “We know how important this is, and that is why we want to be part of the community who helps all kids learn the language of coding to build their futures – and frankly – all of our futures.”

10 New Google Upgrades To Simplify Your Life Starting Today

May 29th, 2015 by Tech Staff

There’s some big changes coming to Google and they’re ready to make huge impact in the way you live, work and play! Every day there’s something new happening in the world of tech and today it just happened to be a big one. Google big. Google I/O, the two-day dev conference is where Google announces their latest products for developers to play with and work on before they’re all in the hands of the public.

Check out 10 of the most promising products and upgrade your Google life today!



Google Photos App: This revamped Google Photos app will now come with room for an unlimited amount of photos and videos for free, tools for organizing all those memories in a timeline or the ability to group them by locations or people. Available today, Apple’s Photos better be a little scared. DL it for your Android and iOS devices asap.



Google Now: Google’s version of Siri is about to get a smarter and more whole-phone incorporation with “Now on Tap.” The virtual assistant will now be able to work with a variety of your phone’s apps to find pertinent info relating to your life and its events. For example, if you’ve got an email from a friend asking you to go to a concert, the phone will pull up the band or musician’s info and the venue’s deets all with one single click so you can make a fast, informed decision.





Inbox for Everyone: After a long invite-only period for the so-much-more-than-just-an-email app, the company announced today it’s finally available for everyone! Now! Hurry, go DL it for Android and iOS!



The Family Store: Now the Google Play Store has a section devoted to all the tech-saavy kids in our lives without having to worry about them stumbling on something they shouldn’t. Select the age range you want their little eyes seeing and let them DL ’til they drop (just not their device).




HBO Now: For all you Android purists that considered switching allegiance for the broadcasting service, no need to anymore as it was announced today the standalone streamer will be coming to Android devices. There’s just one hold up, no set date yet. UGH!


Google Cardboard: Now there’s a new version of this virtual reality simulator that conveniently fits all those bigger phones that debuted throughout the past year. Even, iOS users can easily get in on the DIY VR action via the previously Android only Cardboard app. The fun isn’t only for adults either as the Expeditions app allows teachers to lead their students on virtual reality field trips.


Google Maps: The biggest news is you’ll be able to run features like search and navigation offline. No more worrying about spotty connection!




Google + GoPro = Google Jump: This 360-degree, 16-camera array will be a part of the tech giant’s new Jump virtual reality ecosystem. The GoPro rig will make it easier for YouTubers to create VR content than ever before.


More freedom to store photos, access emails, view and create entertainment is just the beginning.  Which of these Google updates are you excited to check out and enjoy first? Share your thoughts below!



Need WiFi? The Library Lets You Check Out A Hotspot (Like A Book) For Free

December 12th, 2014 by Tech Staff

library hotspot

Long gone are the days of library books and trolling the aisles of your local library for research and entertainment.  Around the country, the old institution is still going strong, but the New York Public Library is standing out by adapting to the changing times and offering a new service; the ability to check out WiFi. According to the Wall Street Journal, beginning later this month, New York City residents will be able to check out wireless Internet hubs at no charge from their local library. Over 10,000 WiFi units will be made available in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn public libraries, thanks in part to a $1 million donation from Google.

Besides growing demand for such services and the need to stay relevant in our digital age, the initiative is part of New York’s most recent attempt to provide everyone in the five boroughs with WiFi. A related project includes turning about 6,000 of NYC’s payphones into WiFi hotspots as well.  For the almost 2.5 million city inhabitants who don’t have Internet at home, this initiative could be a huge boon to those who need access for work, online learning programs or job hunting.  A chance to check our email wherever we go and help out less advantaged folks? This is a program we can totally get behind.


What do you think?  Would you utilize a service like this at your local library?  Share your thoughts below!

5 Ways Google Wants To Enhance Your Home, Car And Your Entire Life

June 27th, 2014 by Christen

Technology is supposed to make life easier, right?  But if you prefer different brands of tech for different aspects of your life, then it can become more cumbersome than helpful at times.  (Have you tried uploading music from iTunes to your Android device lately?) Unless you’ve completely adopted a full Apple eco-system (Apple TV, Macbook, iPad and iPhone) and have every device in your collection, you’ve never fully experienced an enhanced tech experience, until now.  



Google unveiled new smart products for your wrist, living room, and car and even a totally revamped look for the Android operating system.  Discover 5 ways Google wants to enhance your home, car and your entire life experience below.




5.  A New Google LOOK On Your Phone

Android 5.0 is known as “L” at the moment and is described as the “biggest release to date” of the operating system.  It’s defined by bold colors, fun animations, and a “flat” design aesthetic. Looks like Android is finally catching up to iOS in terms of design. Like iOS, Android L has a bright color scheme. The interface seems to disappear into the content with transparent layers.


4.  Google For Your Car

Google is bringing its Android operating system to cars with Android Auto because “people don’t want to check their phones at the door” when they get in their car. Auto is designed to use the voice-command-based Google Now to keep distracted driving at a minimum while acknowledging the reality of how modern drivers use gadgets in cars.

It’s a redesigned look at the Android OS that puts the emphasis on the three main functions that drivers commonly focus on while driving: navigation, communication, and audio.



3.  Google in Your Office

If you still use Microsoft Office, Google is tempting you to switch to its own editor suite of Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slides, which has new standalone apps for each. There’s now also offline support so you can create, edit, and view files even without an Internet connection no matter what device you’re on. For those still loyal to Microsoft’s software, you can edit and save Office files like Word documents while in Google Docs.




2.  Google on Your Wrist

Two new smartwatches, powered by Android Wear, are now available for preorder — theSamsung Gear Live ($200) and LG G Watch ($229) — and shipping July 7.  A demo during the keynote highlighted the ways apps will be used on the watches. Pinterest Places will inform you if you’re near a business you’ve pinned. The food delivery serviceEat24 will let users pay and offer an estimated time of arrival from their watch.

Google At Home TV

1.  Google At Home (TV)

Google has tried to apply its technology to television before with lackluster results. With the new Android TV announced this week, the Android smartphone experience moves to the living room. Google Search will, of course, play a big role in how Android on TVs works as you search for shows, movies, and even games through Google Play.

The Android TV platform is open now for developers to create new apps for the at-home entertainment experience. Sony and Sharp already have plans to release televisions that will run on Android, and Google expects set-top boxes to also roll out with Android TV built in.


Fromt the moment you wake up and grab your smartphone in the morning to the last TV show you watch at night, Google wants to be apart of the entire experience.  Would you invest in a Google ecosystem of products based on their new look and line up?  Share your thoughts below. 

Which Tech Brands Tops The List As Most Valuable In The World

May 29th, 2014 by Christen



Last year, Google overtook Apple as the number one most valuable brand after holding the top post for three consecutive years. Check out the latest infographic below that gives a quick review on the top 10 brands in 2014 by BrandZ (the same source used by Forbes).  Google Glass, Internet of Things, Google Maps and Google Music All Access are some of the exciting goings-on announced at the last I/O conference, which made a huge impact on Google topping the list. Sure, Apple had its own releases last year, iPhone 5S and 5c, but the smartphone arena is getting a little boring and consumers demand bigger and better products to make an impact.

Apple and Google aren’t the only tech brands topping the list as most valuable in the world.  Discover which brands are making bank (and which brands surprisingly didn’t make the cut) in the infographic below.

What Are The Most Valuable Brands of 2014? Apple’s Perfection vs. Google’s Crowdsourcing



Could Google Ads Soon Force Ads In Home To Thermostats, Refrigerators and More?

May 21st, 2014 by Tech Staff



How intrusive are ads these days?  Targeted ads have popped up in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds as well as inside mobile apps and more. So I guess by now, we shouldn’t really be surprised that Google has explored the possibilities of beaming those advertising bits to some rather unique places. In a letter to the Securities and Exchange commission concerning mobile revenue disclosure, the folks in Mountain View said flashing ads and services on “refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches” is quite plausible.




This isn’t a huge leap as many items on that list are powered by Android to some degree, and Google nabbing up Nest back in January locks down the remainder. Audi, Honda and other auto makers have ported the mobile OS into vehicles, Android Wear is set to sort smartwatches and we’ve being seeing smart friges and ovens at CES for years now. And of course, Google Glass. So when you’re AC craps out in the heat summer, perhaps that learning thermostat will show you the best local HVAC contractor in the near future.


Sound Off:  Is there any place sacred from Google Ads?  Would you allow Google Ads inside of your home or car?





Google Glass Available To New Users Everywhere Today

April 15th, 2014 by Christen

Google glass available

Calling all geeks!  On April 15th at 9am EDT, you’ll have a limited time chance to join the Google Glass Explorer Program.

Google Glass is not commercially available yet; it’s been available only to Google Glass Explorers — in other words, only through a very limited beta-testing program.

Now, Google is opening up the program and folks in the U.S. will be able to get the Glass for $1500 + tax. Google has apologized to everyone else, saying it’s “just not ready yet to bring Glass to other countries.”  The price is steep, but at least Google will throw in frames or a shade of your choice.

To get the Glass, you need to be 18 years old, and you need to be a U.S. resident with a U.S. shipping address. Then, click here today, April 15, at 9am ET. Be fast, as the number of spots available is limited. 


google glass


And, if you’re wondering what Glass is good for, well, you can browse the web with it, you can create stop motion videos with it, take sneaky photos and more.  Or you can just be a regular human and leave the Glasshole antics to everyone else.  #sorrynotsorry

I’m personally not a fan of Google Glass.  There’s nothing technically fashionable and the one-eye look creeps me out.  Plus, I believe that too much multitasking or over-dosing on technology ruins enjoying the world you live in (and doesn’t enhance it.)  That’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?  Would you shell out $1500 to purchase Google Glass for yourself?



Google Nexus 5 Android Phone by LG – Carriers and Availability

October 31st, 2013 by Analie

In case you haven’t heard, Google has finally announced the
Nexus 5 Android smartphone. Android fans everywhere have been
clamoring for its release lately. We recently posted up what the
rumors suggested the Nexus 5 specs would be. Thankfully Google made
this announcement and it’s indeed a Happy Halloween. So here is the
latest new on the Nexus 5.
Google Nexus 5 Android Smartphone by LG Multiple Views

Some ordered the
Nexus 5 from the Google Play Store (Check it out HERE)
So which carriers are getting the device? So far we have word from
the carriers that offer unlimited data, Sprint and T-Mobile. Check
out their offers and availability below:

T-Mobile Offering the Nexus 5 Soon

doesn’t have any official date yet. Right now they are quoted as
saying: “T-Mobile to Offer the Google Nexus 5 in Time for the
Holidays”. I hope that means sometime in late November, probably
around Black Friday. You can see their “sign-up” form below. You
can stay updated by going to this website here: T-Mobile Nexus 5 Android Smartphone by LG
Availability Update Sign Up

Google Nexus 5 Android Smartphone by LG T-Mobile Updates

You can check
out T-Mobiles Mobile Plans HERE

Sprint is also offering the Nexus 5

Sprint is a little more official with their availability and
release dates. Sprint plans on launching the Nexus 5 on Friday
November 8th, just a little more than a week away. But you can
pre-order them beginning tomorrow, Friday, November 1st. You can
get the Nexus 5 on Sprint for $149.99 (16GB version) after a $50
mail-in rebate via reward card1 with a new line or eligible upgrade
and two-year service agreement or $18.75 per month with Sprint One
Up (excluding taxes). Nexus 5 by LG will be available in all sales
channels, including Sprint Stores, Web Sales and Telesales
(1-800-SPRINT1). Customers can pre-order the device beginning
Friday, Nov. 1, by visiting

So don’t forget
to go HERE
tomorrow and pre-order your Sprint Nexus 5 smartphone.

Google Nexus 5 Android Smartphone by LG Slanted View

You can check out Sprint’s Mobile Plans HERE
“Sleek, powerful new LG tri-band capable device featuring
Android 4.4 will allow users to take advantage of Sprint Spark
technology for improved 4G LTE speed and capacity.”




In case you forgot the Nexus 5 Specs, check them out below

Google Nexus 5
by LG Specifications

Display: 4.95? 1920 × 1080 display
(445 ppi)

Processor: 2.3GHz Qualcomm
Snapdragon™ 800 processor | GPU Adreno 330, 450MHz

Cameras: 8 Megapixel rear-facing
camera with Optical Image Stabilization / 1.3 megapixel
front-facing camera

Storage: 16GB /

OS: Android Kit Kat 4.4 (first
device to officially carry the OS)

Battery: 2,300 mAH with Wireless
Charging built-in

Not So Fast Google, Yahoo Is NOW #1!

August 22nd, 2013 by Christen

Not so fast Google, Yahoo is Now #1.  For the first time since 2011, Yahoo has actually regained it’s position as lead vs Google.  The Huffington Post reports that comScore, an independent web analytics company, released a report indicating that Yahoo’s slew of websites — everything from Flickr to Yahoo Finance — actually got more web traffic than Google. In aggregate, 197 million people visited Yahoo’s sites in the month of July. Gmail, Google’s search engine and rest of Google’s sites received 192 million unique visitors during that same period.

I’m just as surprised, now thinking that maybe I should’ve kept that yahoo email address after all.  However, many people aren’t that surprised.  Noting improved websites, market positioning and more as reasons for it’s recent jump to first place.


Recently, when people have any paid attention to Yahoo at all, they’ve really just been talking about its headline-grabbing CEO, Marissa Mayer. (Sexed up and smart: Women debate Marissa Mayer’s Vogue photo)  But her year-long tenure has gained her more than just fawning personal profiles: Yahoo is actually getting a ton of Internet traffic.  Looking back at comScore data from the past year, you can see that Google was barely edging out Yahoo for the best part of 2013. Though it’s perceived as a backwater, Yahoo has been getting a ton of traffic for a long time. Marketing Land,the blog that first pointed out the data, reports that Yahoo previously beat Google in May 2011 and March 2008 — both before Mayer came on as chief executive.



Could this be an ever-growing trend for Yahoo or will Google regain its position next month?  Who’s your choice are you still a die-hard Yahoo fan or does Google give you what you need on the world wide web?


Topshop Teams Up With Google For London Fashion Week

February 13th, 2013 by Tech Staff

UK high street clothing staple Topshop has teamed up with Google+ for this season’s London Fashion Week.  According to The Next Web, the theme for the fashion outlet this time around is to re-imagine the future of the fashion show. While the online activity of  the Topshop Google London Fashion Week collaboration will be engaging, the actual event will be taking place at The Tanks at the Tate Modern in London, England.


Topshop and Google London Fashion Week

Those who are not able to snag tickets for the catwalk can naturally tune in online. Not only will the runway be on show, but model profiles, the work of makeup artists, designer fittings and celebrity arrivals will be accessible.

The Topshop Google London Fashion Week collaboration makes fashion accessible to anyone with an internet connection.  Topshop has already been setting up for its show on Google+ with content around the making of the event complete with model diaries and product design. Fans of the stream can also try for tickets to see the event and on February 17, exclusive content will be posted along with material onYouTube.



Interestingly this year Topshop Google London Fashion Week collaboration is also adding ‘Model Cam’. It’s pretty much as it sounds. The model diaries provide a narrative of the ‘Road to the runway’ and followers can read up on the experiences of Cara Delevigne, Jourdan Dunn, Rosie Tapner and Ashleigh Good who will be updating their activities from first fittings to the bright lights of the catwalk.

Topshop and Google London Fashion Week

Topshop Google London Fashion Week (Oxford Circus)

A Google+ photo booth has been installed where users can try on outfits and create a moving image on a catwalk which will be uploaded in an interactive digital shop window and appear on the company’s Google+ page.  It’s only at Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford street for now, but hopefully the Google+ booth will make it’s way to American locations soon.  Until then, enjoy London Fashion Week from the comfort of your laptop  or online with live streaming on soon.


Are you looking forward to more fashion being accessible via technology?  What brand are you looking forward to connecting with in a unique way online soon?





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