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Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams New #EBROJI App Will Make You Fall In Love With Twitter & Group Chats Again

January 21st, 2016 by Christen Ebroji HTGAWM   It's #TGIT and while I'm still repressing the agonizing patience for new Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder episodes - this new EBROJI app from Grey's Anatomy star Jesse Williams just completely restored faith in my Thursday! Ebroji is the newest curated GIF keyboard designed specifically to enhance the way we already communicate. It’s straight comedy for your keyboard! Ebroji Gifs are carefully categorized for your every response. We text all day every day, so why pretend a simple emoji can express who you are? There's nothing like the satisfying sight of your text/email threads going off when you're hitting your people back immediately with that perfect GIF over and over again!   EBROJI   Who doesn't love accumulating shady gifs to share online or via text at the perfect moment?  (I'm curating my favorites from Ebroji and texting my girlfriends as I type...)  What makes Ebroji stand out from other gif keyboards or sites you've seen before is the vast assortment of hilarious people of color - plus you can upload your own gifs too!  From a baby faced Drake to a feisty Eartha Kitt - and all the Beyonce, Oprah and even Jessie Williams gifs in between, this keyboard will make you fall back in love with those annoying group chats and Twitter again.  (No it's not a keyboard for us, by us - its much bigger than that.)   EBROJI
  Ebroji takes and inspires that engagement by kicking open the boundaries of visual communication all together! No more foraging the inter-wilderness for gifs like a lonesome hoarder. Kick back, relax and keep cracking jokes with your homies because Ebroji meets you exactly where you live, in your damn keyboard! From the latest digi-cultural sensations to the deepest (and most random) gifs, Ebroji sorts and supplies them at your fingertips. - Jessie Williams / Co-Founder Ebroji
  Ebroji     Still sending boring responses?  Step your game up with EBROJI - available for FREE on iTunes today! For more information visit   EBROJI  

Friday Funnies: Texts From Hillary Clinton

April 6th, 2012 by Tech Staff

For those moments when you need a little comedic pick me up... ENJOY!







For more of HIllary Clinton's text messaging madness visit



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