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Top Home Entertainment Tech Gifts For The Entire Family

December 16th, 2014 by Tech Staff

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts are hot this holiday season, and with all the latest gadgets and upgraded electronic devices, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many wish lists include the best in smart devices. As you get your holiday shopping started, check out these great tech gift ideas that will have your friends and family members shouting for joy when they open presents from you.

tech gifts

* For your viewing pleasure – When it comes to switching from broadcast television to streaming services or having a big screen for the big game, new “smart TV” platforms from LG take the cake (and start as low as $700). With their intuitive interface, these smart TVs can quickly transition from menu to menu and between TV and streaming content from Netflix and hundreds of apps via their wireless Internet connection.

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* A smart home – There are hundreds of different services and devices that allow a homeowner to digitally control their home while they’re away. For example, you could gift your loved one with the ability to lock the doors, turn off the lights, check the thermometer or even visually see who’s ringing his doorbell – all while he’s sitting at the office, on vacation or running errands.

blu ray disc player

* Endless entertainment – From watching videos to streaming services, affordable new Blu-ray Disc players are a great gift to provide your loved ones with the ability to watch all their favorite movies and TV shows. Some players are 3D capable and come with smart TV and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, giving viewers access to limitless content for the ultimate TV-watching experience. You may want to get one for yourself as well since you’ll also want to be up to date on all the latest shows and movies.

* Wireless wonderland – Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, not to mention laptops, tablets and smartphones, all work with Wi-Fi these days, and the tech enthusiast on your list will appreciate a new wireless modem/router at home. New Energy Star-certified models save energy but don’t sacrifice performance, so streaming video to your smart TV while surfing the Internet on your laptop are a breeze.

LG theater system

* Surreal surround sound – Soundbars, speakers systems, receivers and amplifiers - there are many elements that go into creating the best surround sound experience. Hot this holiday season are all-in-one home theater systems, that offers powerful supplementary sound and streaming content like Netflix, in a slim package under the TV. If your gift recipient has a partial surround sound system already established, it’s easy to gift them with the missing elements so they can really enjoy their favorite songs and movies.

When your loved ones discover these technology goodies under the tree, you know your gift will be a hit – and used for a long time to come. So get your shopping done early and sit back and enjoy the rest of the season.  What family gifts are you looking forward to gifting this season?  Share your thoughts below!



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