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The Banjo App Is The New Vision Of Social Discovery

March 14th, 2013 by Rod

Banjo App

What is the Banjo App?

Banjo is not new but more than likely new to you.  It is a social discovery app that uses GPS data along with social network info to find nearby contacts/friends.  You might ask why would I want to use this?

banjo app location

How Does the Banjo App Work?

Banjo populates info from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, Google+, and LinkedIn and keep you updated with your contacts/friends.  It also provides a map view to locate any of your connections near and far, all in real-time.  Banjo even notifies you of any nearby friends.  The app seeks to replace your need to use the fore mentioned apps separately. Banjo is now 4 million users strong!

“Banjo is the fun way to explore what’s happening anywhere in the world right now.”

Banjo App - Friend
In time for the many live events, and friend meet-ups at SXSW, Banjo announced version 3.3 of their app. With this update, event location and content are synced to provide a more “real time” feed. Just because you’re not close to an event, it doesn’t mean that your feed won’t show it.  It shows real-time information from all the social networks at the same time.
In case you didn’t make it out to SXSW this year, you can follow Divas and Dorks Publisher Christen Rochon or any other friends to give you a social feel of what you missed.
The app is free and is available for both Android and iOS.  Check it out and let us know how you like it.

What Does Your Social Media Personality Say About You?

February 6th, 2013 by Christen



If you’re on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can probably group friends into categories based on their online behavior. There’s the vaguebooker (also known as the “sub-tweeter”). The humblebragger. The guy that won’t stop talking about politics. And the one who spoils every good scene on your favorite TV show (also known as the “spoiler”.)  So what does your social media personality say about you?

This social behavior study by MyLife, was conducted among 890 adults ages 18 and older and there’s a good chance you fit into one of these personas. In fact, if you’re a young parent, there’s a 88% chance you are posting pictures of your kids or talking about parenting at least once a month. Not to mention 25% of users are “vaguebooking” by posting intentionally vague updates which encourage people to react and inquire for more details.  (Still interested to see what your social media personality says about you?  Read more below…)

The infographic also has some interesting findings about searching behaviors on social media sites too. In fact, nearly 25% of men under the age of 35 admit to looking at a former girlfriend’s social media profile page once a month. Women do this less often (20%).   What’s your social networking persona?  Discover the truth within the infographic below…



Post via Images via iStockphotoCWLawrence and

Discover 5 Ways Social Media Can Actually Improve Your Relationships

February 1st, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff

Technology and social media have been said to ruin relationships, and as of late this theory has skyrocketed. We’re bold enough to say, however, that if technology is able to tear your relationship down to its foundation, it may not have been strong in the first place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Skype are not necessarily the enemy of monogamous relationships (they’re just the ones who bare the blunt of the blame.) Contrary to popular belief, they can actually help relationships – Don’t believe us?  Check out a few ways technology and social media can be used to keep a healthy relationship below.


Now we’re no relationship experts, however we have found some tips from our own experiences and seeing what works in other successful relationships. These tips are also taken from lessons learned from observing couples that allowed social media to affect their relationships negatively. It should also be noted that these tips are for those with the goal of monogamy!


Have fun.



If this is the person you may spend the rest of your life with, you should be able to have fun with them. Tell jokes and laugh a lot. Send them all the funny e-cards and quotes that remind you of your partner, even if it’s about their smelly feet! Use your smart phones as tools to have fun together. Challenge your boo in a game of Words with Friends, even if you are sitting right across the room from each other or miles apart.

Don’t just have date nights, enjoy every night.

Last week I read a blog from a writer who does not believe in date nights with her husband of 9 years. Going into the read I was thrown off by the title “I Don’t Believe in Date Night” but as I continued to read, it all made sense. Couples should enjoy all of their time together, even if they were just arguing with one another. Having a set date night could set the pattern that this will be the only time you both enjoy each other’s company. Use different ‘best of’ apps like Yelp, Happy Hours, and Places to find new and spontaneous outings for regular nights when you both have down time.

Keep your individuality, but limit social media usage.images

You can still be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. even when you’re in a relationship. Use it to send funny and sweet e-cards like mentioned above. Send them flirty messages as if you were just getting to know each other- you know, role play! However, you can’t be obsessed with social media as when you were single. Keep in mind that you now have to manage how much time you spend on social media. Also, don’t leave your friends behind. It’s actually healthy if your partner knows your friends and you all hang out together, they’ll feel more included. Furthermore, it’ll be no suspicions when friends post on your wall.


Communication is key, and with so much technology there is really no excuse! When you’re happy, sad, mad, excited let your partner know. Use your iPhone emojis or e-cards when you don’t have the words. A lot of times the other person doesn’t even know you’re feeling some kind of way, and they certainly should NOT find out through a post or status message. On the contrary, use your status posts to say how much you love them or how happy your boo makes you!


Imagine how special they’ll feel when they stumble upon this. A conversation can fix everything! If you’re both near a computer have a quick Skype chat to work it all out, rather than texting- which can cause confusion of emotions. Most importantly, talk about what you’re both comfortable sharing on social media sites in regards to your relationship and exes, that way you’re in complete agreement and there will be no surprises.


Encourage your partner to be great.

This world can be tough. Having someone to encourage you throughout the day is an amazing feeling. Use Twitter or Facebook to give share some encouraging quotes with your lover. Support all the things they share as well. Don’t just be a “yes man” but actually give feedback. Help them be a better them.


So to be clear, social media itself isn’t to blame for the demise of what was supposed to be happily ever after. Instead, it’s an avenue by which threats can develop if you fail to communicate about them, and one that can heighten problems that already exist. Time to stop blaming social media and use it to your relationship’s advantage! It is possible!


What other ways do you use social media to help your relationship? Tell us below…

Getting On The Vine: Twitter’s New Video Sharing Service IS The New Instagram?

January 25th, 2013 by Christen


Twitter made a huge announcement on Thursday — releasing an app that lets you share 6-second video clips. The new mobile service is called Vine, and it allows users to create and share looping gif-like videos.

“Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity,” the company said in an official blog post. “Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.”

Currently iOS-only, the stop-motion videos can include as many scenes as you can fit in. Video stops and starts when you press on your device’s screen. Your finished product can then be shared just on Vine, or with friends on Twitter or — in theory — Facebook. (Well, that is, until A few moments after Vine’s launch Facebook blocked the service from being able to access your friends lists. *H8TRS*)



I’m wondering how will this affect YouTube views and subscriber services in the future? In the meantime, we’ve created our Vine account and can’t wait to use during the upcoming New York Fashion Week shows. We’ll definitely be bringing clips like this soon:






Vine is available as a separate app, free for download on iPhone and iPod touch devices via the Apple App Store. It’s exclusively on mobile for now. To download the app, click here.




Could Vine become the new Instagram?

Will you be downloading the new Vine app?





What Social Media Trends Are Taking Off in 2013?

December 20th, 2012 by Tech Staff


(Source: TwinEngineSocial media image via Shutterstock.)

Here is what some experts predict:


Social Search – “Search based on social signals.  Facebook will change the search game –

They know what people want because they have been collecting data around comments, likes and engagement.” (Stephen Murphy of Get Busy Media)

Contextualizing of Experiences – “Facebook´s latest updates to the open graph will create a ripple effect, allowing companies to create social apps that tap into users’ social real-time actions and engage them in new behaviors.  Expect to see real-time contextualizing of experiences, offers and content that go beyond the simple ‘like’ button. For B2B brands, LinkedIn will enable new and more meaningful ways of social engagement.”  (Jonas Klit Nielsen)

“The rise of the Online Recommendation Culture – Moms’ rapid embrace of social media translates into blogs, Facebook, and Twitter becoming the new ‘picket fence,’ where Moms connect with one another to make friends, hear trusted recommendations, and gain first-person perspective.”  (Stacy DeBroff of Mom Central Consulting)

Mobile is the way of the future to how we communicate across multiple channels to multiple people.  To keep us interested there must be cutting edge, sophisticated social/mobile experiences and engagement that will keep us stimulated as well as incentives to keep increasing our usage of social media.

Skyrocket Your Fitness Goals This Winter: Join the #MADFree #30for30 Movement

December 3rd, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

As the weather turns to cloudy skies and blistery-cold days, staying in shape and maintaining an exercise routine becomes a challenge for many of us. Image Activist Michaela Angela Davis began the #MadFree #30for30 Movement to show Black women that #FitIsFly and to keep us motivated to exercise through the New Year. This online event started December 1, 2012 with the tagline: “30 minutes can make such a difference in our lifestyle and productivity!” Facebook group members pledge to be active for at least 30 minutes per day in an effort to be happier and healthier in 2013.



Approximately 360 members have joined the group. Posts range from sharing ideas about healthy snacks, tips on DVDs, apps and unique workout routines (e.g., hula hooping with weights, dancing in a musical, plank variations), and simply sharing in the progress of building a movement where Black women stay fit and healthy. The trending topic has also spread to Instagram and Twitter, encouraging women daily.



Diva Tip: For inspiration and a frequent reminder of your pledge – for the month of December, change the lock screen on your phone or tablet to a picture of your desired body image or to a graphic of exercise tips such the Say No! to Hibernation Winter Body Workout (below) from Fit Betty. As you go about your day, you’ll frequently be reminded to set aside 30 minutes for movement, exercise and healthy eating.



Need more than that to catch the #FitIsFly bug? Watch the official #MadFree trailer here:

Feel the passion pouring from Davis through the screen, then join the movement and share your progress!

Already joined the movement? Have more winter workout tips? Share below…

Idris Elba Stans Get Ready For Some Luther Lovin!

November 30th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Last week fans here in America and across the pond were ecstatic to see this image on Facebook of hot British actor, Idris Elba, on set for the first day of shooting season 3 of the intense crime-drama and psychological thriller, Luther.


Since season 2 concluded in summer 2011, hundreds of thousands of fans have eagerly awaited the return of DCI John Luther, “a man in ruins, but with a heart the size of the moon. Bloodied and battered, but somehow still standing. And still doing what he can,” says series creator Neill Cross. After the vicious murder of his wife, Luther has become just as self-destructive as he is loving towards those he cares about.


At last season’s ending, Luther was sinking into dark depths to solve serial murders (remember the masked “folklore-ish” murderer and the “roll the dice” copycat killer?), while protecting a young Jenny Jones from sleeping prostitution and pornography after her father’s imprisonment (and subsequent suicide) at the hands of Luther himself.



Season 3 trailer promises “four perfectly dark, chillingly formed episodes” but leaves the question of whether the murderous child genius and seductress, Alice, will return to the show. Join together and cross your fingers for some steamy, flirtatious exchanges between Luther and Alice! Will they take their complex, wayward “relationship” to the next level?



As fans awaited Luther’s return, Idris has kept us entranced between filming the Nelson Mandela biopic, Long Walk to Freedom in South Africa (with Skyfall Bond Girl Naomie Harris!), appearing in British GQ, interviewing superstar Lucy Lui, spinning as DJ Driis, putting out house music under his alter ego 7 Wallace, and co-directing/starring in the recently released Mumford and Sons video, “Lover of the Light.” Elba’s dark and sexy looks, Renaissance-man swag, and award-winning acting stay winning for team #IdrisElba and #Luther.

What are your favorite Idris Elba films/appearances? What are you hoping to see in season 3 of Luther? Tell us below…

To Delete or Not to Delete: The Plight Of Social Network Deserters

November 29th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Everyone has THAT friend who lives on the Internet. They post every detail of their life on Facebook and on Twitter. They post tons of pictures daily on Instagram of outfits and meals consumed. (if you don’t have that friend, you need to take a look in the mirror, because that friend could be you…)  The digital world is their oyster until one day… it’s not. One person disagrees with one of their statuses, someone makes a joke about a picture they’ve posted, or their mentions on Twitter are bombarded with combative comments replying to something they tweeted.  Then their love for social media has turned to hatred and they’re faced with the dilemma to delete or not delete – possibly deserting the social media network altogether.


The Internet is no longer a friendly place.  Users find themselves in the middle of a war they can’t contain because of that pesky share button and retweet option that makes one post viral in seconds. As a result they begin the process of packing their digital baggage filled with over used hashtags and untagged photos and wave farewell to their online profiles.


People delete their accounts everyday for various reasons. The ones who leave because of drama they most likely created, I like to call them “social network deserters”. There are two types of social network deserters, the one who takes immediate action after an embarrassing or angering exchange or the one who drags it out hoping someone acknowledges their decision to leave it all behind.

The ones who drag it out spend the next few hours and sometimes days, posting that they are “done” with social networks, some even urge all of their “real friends” to request their number to stay in touch. Celebrities tend to fall into the swift action category. Most likely their PR person pulled the plug. Case in point, the most recent celebrity deserter who had a less than stellar night of communicating on a public forum:  Chris Brown.

Regardless of which type of deserter they are, one thing they both have in common is that they always come back.  When they do it’s not without fan fare. The average Joe posts an “I’m back” statement and waits for the likes or retweets to roll in. The media outlets unofficially handle the announcements for the celebrities.

History, however, never fails to repeat itself and you know what they say about idle hands, especially hands that have access to smart phones. When they do return it’s only a matter of time before another incident reminds them of why they hate allowing friends and strangers into their personal lives.

Until then there are enough social network super users who are willing to fight the good fight and provide just as much drama for those who like to watch to stay entertained.


Are you one of these social network deserters or super users?  Do you think celebrities should fend for themselves via social media or just quit the game entirely? Sound off below…



Social Media’s G.O.A.T? The Photo That Continues To Shatter Social Media Records…

November 8th, 2012 by Christen


According to Forbes and

In late September, Media Bistro’s All Twitter blog tabulated the most popular tweets of all time – as gauged by retweets. The winner was Justin Bieber, who as of this writing had 223,376 retweets for this tweet.  President Obama shattered that record with this tweet upon the media calling Ohio for him.  After winning his second term as U.S. President, Barack Obama shared the same photo on his Facebook page that quickly became the most Liked photo ever on the social network. The picture shows the president embracing his wife Michelle with the caption: Four more years.

The image had become the most Liked photo in Facebook history: With more than 4 million likes, this Barack Obama photo is the most-liked Facebook photo of all time.


That’s yet another victory for Obama’s social-media savvy campaign team, who dominated Romney in most social media metrics.  This tweet has only skyrocketed in popularity since this victory. As of today, Obama’s tweet now has 789,780 retweets.



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