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Watch Out Etsy Fans, Amazon Handmade Is Now The Most Addicting Shopping Experience Online

October 9th, 2015 by Christen What if Etsy, Homegoods and Amazon had a baby?  In case you didn't have enough choices for amazing personalized gifts and accessories, you can now add a new outlet of shopping greatness just ready to fuel your shopaholic tendencies.  There once was a time where you had to choose between finding  unique gift from Etsy but waiting forever for shipping or finding a nice gift elsewhere online that offered lightening fast shipping.  Now Amazon Handmade wants to combine shopping for personalized products with the best shipping found online and it's going to be the death of shopaholics' wallets everywhere!   amazon handmade   Amazon launched the new addition to their site earlier this week. The new Amazon Handmade shopping place  includes 80,000 items from about 5,000 sellers in 60 countries. Amazon Handmade already has some of the most amazing products located within six categories: home, jewelry, artwork, stationery + party supplies, kitchen + dining and baby.  Just like on Etsy, you’ll be able to find those quirky homemade goodies on the site in addition to the super artisanal goods.   Amazon Handmade shopping   Etsy brings in about $2 billion a year in sales and is by no means a small business, but when compared to Amazon’s $75 billion dollar business it could spell DOOM for the Etsy brand. But when it comes down to Amazon’s global presence, it could mean a whole lot more traffic for budding makers and artisans everywhere. Whether you’re looking for that perfect charm for your charm bracelet, custom party invitations, or a new piece of furniture, Handmade is making it easier to shop online products from hand-picked artisans.  

Chances are, you'll be Netflixing and chilling or Amazon splurging tonight - why not get a head start on your holiday shopping and check out Amazon Handmade


Keep Your Cords Organized With The Cord Tacos

March 19th, 2013 by Rod

cord tacos - Options

That time of the year is coming up. Spring cleaning, we attempt to get rid of the unnecessary and organize what we keep. In a world where the majority of us are running around non-stop, it's hard not to have your bags full of clutter.  No matter what your occupation is, you would be more productive being more organized right? Especially when it comes to earbuds, phone/tablet charging cables, etc we could use a little management.  The Cord tacos are here to help. with the number of gadgets increasing in a household, we many more cords and cables to deal with.

Cord Tacos

What are Cord Tacos?

Crafted from 100% premium leather that holds itself together with a metal button, the Cord Tacos will keep your cables in line and prevent them from getting out of control.  You have the choice of Black or Tan colors, these Tacos are safe to keep bundled in your bag, pocket, office drawer, car or where ever you see fit.
Not only are these good for cleaning up clutter, it prevents them from getting messed up. How many of you are tired of putting on your headphones and finding out that one side is not working? That is the worst!
Cord Tacos Closed
The Cord Tacos are made by LA-based company called This Is Ground and have a shop on Etsy.   There they sell a 5-pack (2 large & 3 small) of them for only $25.   Hit the link below to grab yours.



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