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Shop, Share And Earn Cash With The COSIGN App

October 27th, 2014 by Christen

cosignHave you ever shared your favorite shopping find online, and the next thing you know, it’s become your friends newest purchase?  If you love shopping and sharing your favorite brands on social media, why not get paid for it!  With the new mobile app,  COSIGN you can share and tag your stylish picks, when someone buys it from your share – you’ll get paid!

The COSIGN app brings discovery and commerce together – turning photos into interactive, shoppable pictures. The first social media tool that allows members to share and profit from their recommendations. Now, the where did you get that? question is answered seamlessly.  As your photos spread across the web, the ‘what is that and where can I buy it’ information travels with them.

So what makes COSIGN different from the hundreds of commerce apps of today?  Many apps like Lyst and Reward Style limit sharing to notable influencers, bloggers, etc and add cumbersome links, emails or additional shopping steps in order for you to complete your purchase – but Cosign empowers users and makes it easy to shop directly from their photos on social networks.  Cosign doesn’t exclude either,  anyone can share their favorite stylish picks! From girl next door to celebrities anyone can earn revenue from purchases influenced by their social media.



Want to discover how you can cosign the next great advancement in mobile e-commerce?  Check out Cosign on Kickstarter before the official launch next month and get your preview on the game-changing app today.





COSIGN is the first mobile app of its kind that allows users to “tag” items within content they upload to social networking sites. If their followers purchase the items, they receive a monetary reward. COSIGN transforms images and videos into interactive and viral storefronts by tagging additional information such as location and cost of products and brands. For more information, visit support their Kickstarter Campaign here.




Elle Magazine Has What Your Facebook Friends “LIKE”

April 18th, 2012 by Tech Staff

Elle has launched a shoppable trend guide on Facebook in the latest of several ecommerce initiatives within the magazine industry.

The guide, embedded as a tab on Elle‘s Facebook page, invites shoppers to navigate across six editorially chosen spring trends, including floral, nautical and ladylike.

Users can click “love,” “want, “own” or “buy!” on each product page. By default, all interactions with the app are shared automatically on their Facebook Timeline — so even if users don’t make a purchase, they can inadvertently draw curious friends in to interact with the app. Users can also click to buy each product on the retailer’s website.


This makes it easy for users to interact, and allows Elle to turn those interactions into marketing promotions, as every action is shared with a user’s friends.

Kevin O’Malley, chief revenue officer and publisher at Elle, said that the app is less about pushing sales and more about leveraging recommendations among friends.


So you can’t do much shopping within the app, but your “LIKES” could influence potential sales & promotions in Elle magazine?  (*Goes to eBay Fashion app to get my shopping fix…*)  We’ll see how this plays out and if your friends “LIKE” what they see on the Elle Facebook page


Have you checked out Elle’s Facebook page yet?  What do you think?



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