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Taking Relaxation To The Next Level With A Little Spa DIY And The Venta Airwasher

September 27th, 2016 by Christen
Disclaimer:  The following post is in partnership with Venta Airwasher and  I have received the following product for editorial review.  While the Venta Airwasher was provided for review, all opinions shared below are my own.
    I’m not sure if it’s the countless hours on the road or the million miles I’ve racked up in the skies – all I know is that when I come home, I’m ready to relax, relate and release into a catatonic state of sweet, sweet rest.  Skip the aromatherapy candles, I've found the ultimate routine to take relaxation to the next level and it all starts with the Venta Airwasher!   Venta Airwasher aromatheraphy   Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to find and install the Venta Airwasher in my home and the benefits have been amazing!  The Venta Airwasher is the only humidifier and air purifier in one that uses the power of water to gently and powerfully rid my home of dust, dirt, odors and allergens.  Even with the numerous health benefits of cleaner and fresher air, the Venta Airwasher has aromatic accessories that literally transform my home bedroom into a relaxing spa-like experience.   Using a combination of aromatherapy, the Venta Airwasher infuses calming scents throughout my home that helps me relax and accomplish much needed rest.  With several fragrances to choose from, I find myself using my Venta Airwasher throughout the day and night.  After long and grueling trips on the road, the moment I walk inside my home, I activate my Venta Airwasher aromatherapy session by adding a few drops of relaxing or vanilla fragrance oil, start a warm bath and my favorite relaxation soundtrack.  (Sometimes you just need to create a soothing experience that stimulates your senses.)  

Venta Airwasher aromatherapy

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  Need a pick me up? Simply use included scents like Eucalyptus, Cinnamon or Citrus to invigorate sluggish mornings and get you in place for an amazing day.  With the Venta Airwasher, and a few DIY spa ideas, you can transform your home into a spa sanctuary and create spa-like experiences for less money that you think!   Venta Airwasher aromatheraphy   Personally, I use the Venta Airwasher to supercharge my sleep therapy routine.  Add a moisturizing night mask, some aromatherapy and get ready for the most amazing sleep ever!  The Venta Airwasher has become Europe’s number one humidifier and purifier in one and it’s trusted by thousands of doctors who have bought them for their homes and practices.  If you’re serious about fighting allergens and reclaiming cleaner and healthier air for you and your family, consider adding the Venta Airwasher to your home for a fresh air, fresh start today.   Venta Airwasher aromatherapy   Discover more details on how a Venta Airwashwer can help you live your best life with cleaner, fresher air at

Create A #Periscope Studio With Items You Already Own #DIY

July 27th, 2015 by Christen Chances are, if you're a fan of all things trending in the world of social media, you're already a few steps ahead of the game and are using Periscope, Meerkat and SnapChat with reckless abandon. If you're looking to create your own mobile Periscope studio, I've found a way that'll help you do just that and chances are, you'll be able to create your portable studio with items you already own.   periscope    

What you'll need:

1 smartphone

1 headphones w/ mic OR mobile lavaliere

1 Selfie stick

1 tripod

    periscope1 Create The New Tripod If you have selfie stick (by now, we should all have one, right?) simply unscrew the smartphone bracket (or clamp) from the selfie stick.  Once detached, you will notice your tripod has the same bolt available to secure the bracket onto.  (Note: The selfie stick bracket can fit most tripods of any size. I chose to attach it to the desktop tripod for illustration purposes.)   periscope   Create Your Audio Source Using your smartphone earbuds, you can simply input them and use the microphone to record audio.  If you want to be a little fancier, invest in a smartphone lavaliere with attachment clamp and you'll have professional sound and a periscope video you'll love.   periscope  

Follow @DivasandDorks on Meerkat, SnapChat and Periscope for behind the scenes goodness on the go!

Are you a huge fan of MeerKat, SnapChat or Periscope?  Do you have any audio/video hacks that you'd love to share?  Leave your comments in the section below!

DIY: Create A Smartphone Tripod From Office Supplies You Already Own

May 1st, 2015 by Tech Staff With more and more selfie sticks becoming banned by the day, sometimes all you need is a steady surface to make your next smartphone photo great! Unsteady hands are the enemy of good smartphone photos, but you probably have what you need to fix them in the back of your desk drawer. In the video below, The Shortcut offers an easy DIY makeshift smartphone “tripod.” - Check it out!  
Didn't think creating a DIY smartphone tripod would be that easy huh?  Now, go forth and create the photos you deserve!  Want more tech DIY ideas?  Let us know what you want to discover below!

TGI-DIY: Make Your Own Leather Smart Phone Case

March 13th, 2015 by Tech Staff The warmer weather is here and just like you, I'm inspired to change up my style a little bit here and there.  My phone has been going through a number of makeovers recently. The latest in the phone makeover is this leather cover. This DIY leather smart phone case is easy, quick and inexpensive to make. In fact they're a steal compared to the price of the ones in the Apple store.   Leather Smartphone Case   I've chosen a white faux leather. Partially because I had some off cuts that needed using up but mostly because a love a white accessory cover. You can make these in any colour you like. Actually, make them in all the colours imaginable!   Leather Smartphone Case    


Clear Acrylic Phone Case Faux leather E6000 Glue Craft knife

  DIY Leather Smart phone Case     Cut out a piece of leather that will comfortably cover the outside of your phone case with excess material to spare just to be on the safe side. Spread the adhesive over the outside of the case and press down onto the back of the leather piece.   DIY Leather Smart phone Case   Use clips to hold the leather in place while the glue dries around the edges of the case. Put an excess strip of fabric in between the clip and the outer leather to stop any pesky dents forming. Once the glue is dry (it doesn't take long) take off the clips and cut off the extra fabric from the the camera peep hole and from around the outside as well.   DIY Leather Smart phone Case   Clip tiny triangles out of the corners and glue down flat. Cut less than you think you'll need to and keep snipping until both sides sit flat. Make sure all the glue is dry before slipping it onto the phone. You'll want to be able to take it off again!   DIY Leather Smart phone Case   DIY Leather Smart phone Case   via

Create Your Own DIY Marble Case For iPhone Or Any Smartphone

January 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff DIY Marble case   If you love unique smartphone cases that protect your coveted devices stylishly, but object to paying upwards to $50 and $100 for mere plastic - I've found the DIY project for you to try out this weekend!  While pursuing, I found DIY blogger Aimee Santos of Swellmayde, and discovered a pretty cool DIY Marble case tutorial that'll cost you just a few dollars and could make a great personalized gift for others too.  I plan on trying out variations of this smartphone case DIY project this weekend ...and so should you! Check out the step by step instructions below:   DIY Marble case  


- marble print contact paper

- craft knife

- metal ruler with cork back

- pen

- clear cell phone case


1. Place your cell phone case on top of the backside of the contact paper. Trace around it.

  DIY Marble case   2. Cut out the cell phone shape using your craft knife. Use the metal ruler for the straight edges. Be sure to find a metal ruler with a cork back to be safe (the ruler should not slide around as you are slicing).    DIY Marble case   3. Peel off the backing of the contact paper. Then, carefully place the sticky side of the cut contact paper onto the cell phone case. Press well to prevent air bubbles.    DIY Marble case     4.  That's it!  You now have a creative and stylish smartphone case that doesn't cost you a ton of cash!   DIY Marble case     Are you inspired by this stylish DIY project?  Would you like to see more on  Share your thoughts below!     Via eBay

Social Media How To: How To Choose (Create) a Hashtag (#)

August 27th, 2013 by Analie Believe it or not I still have many friends that don't know how to use twitter, so they stay off the social network. They are missing out on great things such as quick updates, twitter chats and communicating with awesome people you'd never meet otherwise. How do you get such great connections? As some of you twitter addicts know, it's through the use of hashtags. Hashtags categorize your tweets. It helps people, companies, brands with the same interest find your tweets. Hashtags became so popular that Facebook has recently implemented them. This is what Twitter says about hashtags and their use:

What is a Hashtag (#)?

The hashtag (#) has become one of the most valuable assets in any modern marketing campaign. The brands that create the most effective ones and employ them well reap the benefits on Twitter. Those who haven’t invested the time and thought carefully about their hashtag(s) and how they are going to be used get predictable results.
Twitter has come up with an infographic that will help you in choosing a hashtag. It's a bit illegible, but if you zoom in and take a look, it breaks it down pretty well.

So What are the Basic Steps in Creating and Using a Hashtag:

- They should be memorable and representative to your brand. This helps your audience easily remember them. - DO NOT USE spaces or punctuation in the hashtag. #Divas and Dorks (only "Divas" will be hashtagged) - Do capitalize the first letter in each word to help ease the reading of your hashtag: #DivasAndDorks is easier to read than #divasanddorks - They should be reusable. It makes the conversation last longer and redirect similar conversations back to you and your audience - Try not to include more than two hashtags in a single tweet. - Hashtags (#) are no longer for twitter use only. You can use them on other social networks such as Instagram, Vine, Google+, and Facebook

Check out the infographic and let us know what you think. For fun once in a while or to branch out, click on or search for a hashtag you've used just to see what others are up to.

Twitter Teaches You How To choose Hashtag Infographic

How To: Christmas Eve DIY Holiday Nail Art Fun

December 24th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff Tis the season to be jolly and express your Holiday spirit on your phalanges (Challenge the Phalange! I hope you said this for it to rhyme...) We searched the web far and wide, also known as google, for some of the best holiday, all holidays this season, DIY (do it yourself) nail art! Even if you have less than ten nails, which is common these days, these designs are sure to get you great compliments and set the perfect mood for holiday cheer:-) Feel free to emulate or get inspired to create your own. Did you say “I'm dreaming of a white Christmas”? Even if snow doesn’t fall this year, you can guarantee a white christmas with featured snowflakes tutorial! take a look!   Not to offend anyone but where my jews at?! Representing for the Hanukkah Holiday featured this bloggers creative celebration titled “Hanukkah Nails”. Using silver striping paint, accented with white and black paint on top of a royal blue this is a sure way to express your holiday cheer. Habari Ghani!  Whats the news! Does anyone celebrate Kwanzaa?! Surprisingly there were few designs for this National African American holiday, ironic enough the one found featured on Bee Polished blog was designed on an Euro-American hand, but no judgement! This just leaves alot to the imagination! You can just grab you a red, black and green polish and paint accordingly or give this candle design topped on a gold paint a try!   Elegant and soft, this nail look was featured on’s top 6 holiday nail looks. We love this idea for both nightlife and professional events. Did someone mention the New Year’s eve celebration?! Check out this great look!   screenshot diy nails Nothing gives creative nail art better than bedazzled jewels and stones. Try this bubble nail look featured by Truly Madly Beauty blog.  Notice the beautiful discrete glitter base that accents the jewels. Nail Glue is a great adhesive for your extras and don’t forget to seal with a clear top coat!

So challenge the phalange (you should definitely had read this to rhyme by now!)

Merry Chirstmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah Happy New Years and Happy You! Have some nail art suggestions of your own? Share and comment below!

D-I-Y: How To Make A Holiday Dress

December 15th, 2010 by Christen From sparkle and shine to lace, ruffles and bows, holiday dresses this year are about as girly as they get.  If you can't find the holiday frock you crave, sewing is the easiest way to get the dress of your shares more on the details of measuring, selecting the pattern and more! Just remember "ACCESSORIES MAKE THE OUTFIT" that's my mantra and I'm sticking to it 🙂



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