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Would You Walk A Mile In Jay Z and Beyonce’s Shoes?

February 27th, 2013 by Christen

Would you walk a mile in Jay Z and Beyonce’s shoes?  Thanks to PMK, you and your boo can wear the lavish sneakers created by power couple soon.  PMK is a favorite brand of Jay Z and his A-list, superstar wife Beyonce.  Jay Z had a shoe designed for him last year- the Brooklyn Zoo – by the brand. His pair was as lavish as any sneaker could be, with an endless roll call of reptile skins and embellished textures for your feet.



jay z and beyonce's shoes


jay z and beyonce's shoes


jay z and beyonce's shoes

PMK said: ‘The Brooklyn Zoo 1’s cannot be tamed with an elaborate combination of elephant-print, ostrich, python, boa, crocodile, lizard, alligator, suede, and sting ray intricately cut to transform the Jordan 1 from a basketball sneaker into the world’s most daring and dapper sneaker concepts known to man.’

As Queen of the charts and one of the world’s most famous women, Beyonce’s taste in fashion was always going to be pretty lavish. But her new acquisition takes super-luxe fashion to a new level. The singer’s latest fashion folly is a pair of custom-made trainers, made for her by high end brand Perfectly Made Kicks using exotic animal skins. PMK handcrafted the sneakers for Beyonce to the singer’s exacting requirements using a mix of stingray, ostrich, calf’s fur, crocodile and anaconda skins.


jay z and beyonce's shoes


jay z and beyonce's shoes

Called The King-Bey, the shoes, which have been given Beyonce’s approval, are decorated with gold accents. The price is as yet undisclosed, but a regular pair sells in excess for $350+ so this embellished pair would obviously sell for a lot more.


Would you and your boo rock a pair of these kicks?  (Collectively they could cost you almost $1,000 to own both pair.)  For pricing and ordering information, visit




From Smizing To Sexting…There A New App For That!

November 17th, 2012 by Christen

On average, there are about 300 new apps, created and released every day!  There are apps to help you plan your day, meals and even step up your dating & relationship skills.  If supermodel/mogul Tyra Banks is known for one thing, it’s inventing “the smize,” or the act of smiling with your eyes. Now a pop culture staple, smizing is no longer an elite skill limited to America’s top models — Tyra has decided to share her smizing powers with us all with the “Smize Yourself!” app.


The “Smize Yourself!” app allows users to apply facial morphing technology to enhance the smizes in their own photos. Users receive training via Banks’ voice-over narration. After taking a photo within the app’s face outline, one swipe will adjust the emotion in the picture’s eyes from subtle to exaggerated.  Earlier this week, Tyra stopped by the Wendy Williams show to talk Top Model, Love and “smizing” and based on some of the photos we’ve seen, a good smize could go a long way.



From smizing to sexting, the Vibease has taken sexting to a truly technical level with the Vibease app.  Remember that time you really wanted to “get it on,” but your partner was thousands of miles away?  A startup called Vibease recently started taking pre-orders for a new long-distance vibrator operated by bluetooth technology. The full bundle includes the free Vibease app as well as what the company calls a “massager,” for about $70.


By connecting the vibrator through bluetooth, women’s partners are able to control the type of massage received through a series of functions on their smartphone.  The app also allows couples to chat, send pics or sext through a secure messaging service that requires a security pin for access.


Talk about apps meant for long distance relationships and just in case your mate is on a long business trip, the “smize” app and Vibease app can take you from first base to home plate with literally the press of a button.  What will they think of next?





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