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Three Holiday Tech Gifts That Can Help Your Kids In The Classroom

December 18th, 2014 by Tech Staff

tech gifts for kids

Toys and games are sure to be on kids’ gift lists this holiday season. Many parents will hope to mix in something practical with all the fun, aiming to give a gift that can help children of any age do their best in school. With technology in common use in classrooms across the country, many parents will shop for laptops, notebooks or other devices that can help facilitate learning.

58% of students use a laptop, notebook or Chromebook for school at lest 2X per week.  

71% of Elementary school students

67% of middle school students

56% of high school students 

Would like to use mobile devices in the classroom more than they do now....

(via 2014 Pearson Student Mobile Device Survey)

With the wide range of learning tasks students tackle daily, it’s important for parents to choose devices with maximum flexibility. Windows is the most commonly used operating system in the workplace and a vast library of educational materials are Windows compatible, so it makes sense for children to learn on Windows 8-enabled devices with Intel inside. Three types of devices stand out for parents looking for computing flexibility:

HP ProBook


Smaller, lighter and more economical than full-sized laptops, today’s notebooks still pack a great deal of computing power in their compact frames. Products like the HP ProBook Notebook PC allow students to perform basic word-processing tasks, access online learning tools, and share notes and assignments with peers and teachers. Durable yet lightweight, their typical small size allows them to fit easily into backpacks and be used in classroom settings without taking up too much space.

Dell Venue


With their versatile touchscreen interface, tablets inspire creativity and facilitate collaboration among students and educators. Teachers who use tablets in class are able to personalize lessons to appeal to the learning styles and interests of multiple students, rather than approaching a lesson as one size fits all. For younger students who have not yet mastered a keyboard, touchscreen tablets provide an easy way to accomplish tasks. Styles like the Dell Venue 11 can also feature handwriting recognition, making note-taking fast and easy for older students and helping younger pupils practice handwriting skills.


2 in 1s

For older students who do more typing, 2 in 1 devices like the Lenovo Yoga or Asus Transformer provide the convenience of a notebook and the flexibility of a tablet. These devices are lightweight with a touchscreen interface, like a tablet, but can be also used like a traditional laptop through a detachable, flippable or rotating keyboard. Having both functionalities within one device facilitates creativity, note-taking and collaboration.

Not sure which of these device types might best suit your student’s needs? Consult with your child’s teacher. In many classrooms across the country, teachers are already using technology in their lessons. Your child’s teacher may be able to advise you on what type of device would best mesh with what he or she is already using in the classroom.

What sort of educational gifts are you looking to buy the kids in your life this season?  Do you  believe that educational tech gifts make the best gifts for kids or are traditional gifts more up your alley?  Share your thoughts below.

4 Reasons To Upgrade To The New OS X Yosemite For Your Mac

October 17th, 2014 by Tech Staff yosemite So you’ve just downloaded Yosemite, (or you're still pondering if a lengthy download is worth it) - Apple’s latest update to the Mac platform. There’s a lot that’s familiar, but a number of features still look, feel, and function differently.  Depending on how much of an avid user you are, the new features could really be a game changer. There's quite a lot to take in with the new update, but don't worry - I've narrowed down the best 7 Yosemite features that will change the way you use your Mac.  

1.  Spotlight Search

Whether you’re looking for a file, a fact, or a place to eat, Spotlight is a robust and useful tool for your needs.  Press the command-spacebar shortcut, or tap the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of your Mac’s display, and you summon Spotlight, Apple’s system-wide search tool. In Yosemite, Spotlight goes beyond the file system though, tapping into Maps, Wikipedia, Mail, and your web history to cull answers to your search queries. Type in a restaurant name, and it pulls up the establishment’s information and ratings from Yelp, a map of its location, and any calendar events that have or will take place there. Type in a band name, and you get options to check out their albums on iTunes, music files on your computer, their Wikipedia page, and more. It’s often quicker and more informative than opening up the browser and doing a Google search.  

 2.  Record Your iDevice Screen

For sharing tips, or other useful productivity moments, you can record your iOS device’s screen as a video file in Yosemite.  Plug your iOS device into your Yosemite-running Mac via its Lightning cable, open QuickTime, then go to File > New Movie Recording. Select your iDevice from the dropdown menu next to the record button, and hit record. Now you can easily record what’s happening on your iOS device screen using your Mac. To stop recording, just hit the record button again. This capability could be useful for capturing some epic game moves, for showing a friend or family member how to adjust a setting on their device, or for documenting a glitch that’s plaguing your machine.    

3.  Handoff

yosemite   Handoff lets you pick up where you left off when you switch devices, in a variety of apps.  With iOS 8 and Yosemite, you can easily stop what you’re doing, be it browsing in Safari, writing a text, or an email, and pick back up right where you left off on another Apple device. If you start surfing in Safari on your iPhone, for example, when you hop on your Mac, an extra Safari icon will tack onto the edge of your dock with a small iPhone symbol in its corner. Tap it, and you’re taken to the exact page you were reading on your mobile. Conversely, this works from Mac to iOS, too, with an icon showing in the bottom left of the device’s screen. Third party apps will begin integrating this soon, making it even more useful.  

4.  Your Mac Is Now Also a Phone

You can send and receive SMS, MMS, and iMessages from your Mac, as well as phone calls, if you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone.  Beginning with OS X Mountain Lion, we’ve been able to send iMessages back and forth with other iOS users whether on an iOS device or a Mac, while FaceTime (introduced in 2010) lets us make video calls on either platform. With Yosemite, you can send and receive SMS messages from friends on your Mac, as well as make phone calls. As long as both your Mac and iPhone are on the same WiFi network, calls will get forwarded to your Mac, so you can answer them there if it’s more convenient. And if you don’t have time to chat, you can send an iMessage or SMS.  

BONUS:  iMessages

Silence chatty group threads, and share your screen, with Apple’s new Messages app.  Messages in Yosemite gains one of the features that also makes it great in iOS 8: the ability to bow out of super chatty group threads. You can mute a thread temporarily, or you can leave a conversation altogether. Messages on the desktop also gives you the ability to screenshare with the person you’re chatting with, if you want to share something cool on your desktop, or help troubleshoot a relative’s tech issues.  

Have you downloaded the new OS Yosemite for your iMac or Macbook device?  What are you waiting for, download and take advantage of the new features today!   

#2013CES Technology Hangover Show LIVE From Las Vegas

January 7th, 2013 by Christen

#2013ces ces las vegas

  If you're a fan of Divas And Dorks, by now you've seen a fair share of #2013CES travel tweets and deets. (If you're new to Divas And Dorks and wondering what CES is... click here.) While many bloggers have updated articles with "How To" posts about CES - I thought there's no better way for readers to experience CES than through the eyes of a diva who's conquered Vegas plenty of times on her own. Grab those sunglasses and Advil - cause this year, I'll be vlogging daily on The Technology Hangover Show LIVE from Las Vegas. With 3,000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 expected attendees during four days starting Jan. 8, the show will be a primordial soup of controlled chaos. And at 1.9 million square feet of convention floor space that equals the area of 32 football fields, this year's CES will be the largest in its 47-year history. From touchdown to wheels up, and very little sleep in between. If you're looking for the insider's guide to CES 2013 - you've found it.  Looking for the latest news and coverage from consumer giants like Samsung, Sony, Monster and more - it's here!  Want to discover how nerds really get down after the conference floor closes and the dance floor opens, you definitely found the right spot!  This daily series will feature a few of my favorite technology gals, celebrities and will definitely dispel the myth that What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas...   Want to learn more? Check out The #2013 Technology Hangover Show teaser below and get ready for a wild ride....VEGAS STYLE BABY!!!!  
    Want to keep up with round the clock CES news you can use? Subscribe to our updates via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.    

Mobile Internet Schools – Solar Powered By Samsung

November 2nd, 2012 by Tech Staff If we didn't have another reason to be excited about Samsung for it's amazing products, how about the fact that they're doing something great for communities all across the world... particularly Africa.     Samsung’s Solar-Powered Internet Schools Initiative brings mobile classrooms filled with gadgets to rural towns like Phomolong, home to about 5,000 to 10,000 people. By outfitting a mobile shipping container with desks, a 50-inch electronic board, Internet-enabled solar-powered notebooks, Samsung Galaxy tablet computers and Wi-Fi cameras, children can receive a technology-rich education without traveling far.  
  “I have this motivation in me. It’s this need to just grow up and become something better in life and help others to become a success so that in South Africa, or in the whole continent of Africa, we can have a better life,” a Phomolong Secondary School student named Lefa told us in a video by the Samsung Corporate Social Responsibility team. For her, the computer lab presents an opportunity to “learn all the things” she’s ever wanted to learn.  (read more)    

Need An Upgrade?

July 13th, 2011 by Christen

Everyone enjoys an unexpected upgrade. Be it a surprise bump up to first class on an already oversold flight or even a little reminder from your cellphone provider awarding you the shiniest new smartphone for free! What if there was technology that could vastly upgrade your life? From the lifestyle of your parents, friends and children to the ever-evolving chic ways of being green.

20110713-032135.jpg I'm currently blogging LIVE from the nerd mecca of the world - Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) along with several amazing bloggers for Intel's "Upgrade Your Life" Experience. Now more than ever, we need technology that not only increases our efficiency but also upgrades our everyday lives. Today, Intel shares nuggets of wisdom on several topics including, sustainability (Green is the New Black), a history lesson on technology & even gives more insight into the lives of the Divas that run the world of Intel. Have questions about Intel? Tweet Us... Questions about getting the most out of technology in your life? Tweet Us... Check back momentarily for live updates & tweets #intelupgrade

20110713-083356.jpg 8:35am - We just arrived to Intel HQ....(bum, bum, bum, bummm)

20110713-091852.jpg 9:12am - GREEN is the new ?Ms. Suzanne Fallender Wow! A lot of people are investing in green technologies & they're "one-upping" each other... "I drives a Prius..." "I installed in-home solar panels..." "I am a Vegan..." DID YOU KNOW? Intel is the largest voluntary purchaser of GREEN power in the US. Intel has installed solar powered panels in many of their campuses. How can you get a little greener today? 1. Volunteer your unused computer processing power with the click of an app! Check out the Progress through Processors program on Facebook ( 2. Try integrating greener practices in your daily activities...What if your fashion choices could help save the planet? IT CAN! T-shirt charges your phone by absorbing ambient sound...

20110713-094842.jpg 10:06am - An Archaeology of the Present: Cars, Mobile Technologies & Messiness (with Ms. Alex Zafiroglu)

20110713-111239.jpg Did you know, that your lifestyle in your vehicle (junk included) tells Intel researchers alot about you and how to develop new technologies in the future? We're chatting all about it on Twitter...

20110713-112015.jpg If we searched your car, what would we find? 11:09 - Upgrade Your Life: (or that of your parents, your childrens…) by Dr. Eric Dishman

20110713-113134.jpg Dr. Eric Dishman shares how Global aging will eventually affect ALL of us family caregivers (via Skype presentation)... "Alzheimer's alone could bankrupt medicare in 10 years. Tech could be part of the solution to help." (via @HighTechDad) Intel uses simple technologies like "caller ID on steroids" which connects to the home phone & identifies the caller via a tv screen as well as a recap of the last convo held with the at work for you & your family. LEARN MORE: 1:52pm - Living Lab for Aging in Place Technologies (in the lab learning about realtime technology within the home that will monitor the habitual practices including using walkers, actively consuming meds & more!) Can you imagine being able to monitor your child's behavior in school with a click of a button? The technology is on the way!

20110713-015823.jpg 2:00pm - Lego & Intel teams up to teach children about robotics and more!

20110713-021647.jpg 2:23pm - DID YOU KNOW: Intel can upgrade your life at home! Learning how Intel can help you manage your energy usage at home and accumulate a lower energy bill!

20110713-022950.jpg 3:06pm - Intel Education Service Corps w/ Dr. Joya Chatterjee Intel invests a lot in the education arena throughout the world! From teaching teachers how to use computers to educating children on Internet etiquette and everything in between.

20110713-031246.jpg (Disclosure: Intel provided travel + expenses for participation in the 'Upgrade Your Life' event.)



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