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Cash for Clothes: Discover Yet Another Reason to Love H&M…

January 8th, 2013 by Fashion Staff


As if we needed another reason to love Swedish fashion retailer, H&M. From sleek budget friendly fashions to monster collaborations with leading designers, now H&M is going to help us be ultra fashionable after cleaning out our closets for 2013.  We all have items in our closet that would be better off in the trash bin don’t we? Wouldn’t it be great to take those old clothes and recycle them for cold hard cash?  Ok, not real cash… but H&M dollars are just as good! Starting this February, 2700 H&M stores in 48 markets will be launching a “Global Clothes Collecting” eco-friendly sustainability initiative. There’s no better time to take those bags of old clothes and make a donation to your local H&M store. H&M will be the first fashion company to roll out clothes collecting in selected stores worldwide. Through the global initiative H&M’s customers can save natural resources and contribute to reduced environmental impact by avoiding textile waste. Any pieces of clothing, from any brand and in any condition are accepted. In return, the customer will receive a voucher for each bag brought.  

H&M meets I:Collect

recycleH&M and I:Collect have collaboratively launched this program which will allow you to bring in old clothes in ANY condition into participating stores in exchange for a voucher for NEW H&M clothes. Based on their condition the articles will either be repurposed into new textile items or converted into a source of energy.

This program not only allows H&M to continue to be a leader in textile sustainability, but it also allows you the customer to participate in their global effort and be rewarded! Talk about a triple winfor you, H&M and our environment.

      h&mceo   “Our sustainability efforts are rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn out or defective garments with H&M, “ Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M.         Learn more about H&M’s sustainability efforts throughout the years by clicking here or watching the video with Helena Helmersson, Head of Sustainability below.
H&M Leads the way in Sustainable Efforts for Earth Day from 3BL Media on Vimeo.  

How To Organize Your Closet Clean Up For 2013 In Three Easy Steps

January 3rd, 2013 by Fashion Staff Is organizing your home space atop of your new year resolutions list?  Discover how you can quickly organize your closet for the new year in three easy steps.  A new year is upon us and we all know what this time of year brings…. Resolutions, reflections, new goals, etc. but how about giving yourself a new closet for the new year? Yes you heard right, a NEW closet.   George Carlin once said… “A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it” well of course it is if you don’t have it organized and only use your storage as a place to hide all your “stuff” you don’t ever use.  Don’t start the new year with a closet that’s crammed with “out of sight out of mind” items. The new year is the perfect time to go and open that door. You can’t hide from your closets forever, it’s just the two of you, face to face. organizing closet Here’s how you can clear the clutter, revive your space and even create some new outfit combinations in the process! Go on.. Open the door!

1.       Pour yourself a glass of wine.


2.      Go through every single hanger, box, and drawer…

    • Take out anything you haven’t worn in a year or more!
    • Take out anything that still has a tag! (unless you just purchased it)
    • Take out anything that will fit if only you lose 10 more pounds!
    • Take out anything damaged or falling apart!
    • BONUS: Take out anything that’s currently out of season
What should be left is the mere 20% of items you wear 80% of the time!

hangers organize closet

Now that there is more out of your closets than in, here’s what to do with it!
    • Items you haven’t worn in a year, still have tags, or don’t fit divide them into a donate pile and a consignment pile! If you’re not going to wear it might as well give it or sell it to someone else who will! Bag them up and put them by your front door!
    • Items that are worn out beyond recognition, THROW THEM AWAY!
    • Items that are damaged, put them in a different bag and take them to you favorite seamstress or tailor for repair.
  Try on everything left in your closet! If it doesn’t fit, DO NOT PASS GO! please return to step 3!    

hangers closet oganizing



    • Sort your clothing by type, dress shirts, pants , skirts and dresses. I’m pretty anal so I even organize by sleeve length and color, and all my hangers MUST face the same way!
  Take a break and head to IKEA or The Container Store!
  • They have organizational tools or every shape and size, Ikea is more cost friendly, The Container Store is pricier! Pick up:
    • clear boxes in various sizes,
    • space bags,
    • bins, baskets
    • under the bed boxes
  • Organize your shoes in labeled shoeboxes you picked up stacked or just on the floor if you have a walk in closet.
  • Put out of season clothes into containers inside (if you have room) or outside the closet under the bed.
The Fun Part! Let’s Go Shopping! Where are the gaps in your wardrobe? And what do you have too much of? Set a modest budget and fill in your wardrobe with some classic essentials if you don’t have them already. I know for a fact I have way too many open toe shoes, I need a pair of pumps or two ; )     You Did It!!!! Sit back, relax, finish that glass of wine and enjoy all the new outfit combinations you’ll discover now that your closet is all neat and tidy!   What are your closet clean up goals for 2013?  Tell us below...    

The Five Must Have Fashion Items You Need In Your Closet NOW!

August 16th, 2012 by Fashion Staff Former Rachel Zoe styling assistant Brad Goreski is more than a stylist, reality TV star and author.  He's also a guru as to what everyday women need in their everyday closets, EVERYDAY.  When Brad isn't talking beauty with Marc Jacobs, he's dressing celebs like Jessica Alba and filming his hilarious show It's a Brad Brad World. Busy as he is, Brad still found time to write his book Born to be Brad, filled with fun stories, fab style tips, and some amazing photos of him from fashion eras past.   Brad Goreski's Top 5 Staples Women Can't Live Without   1. Great t-shirts: "The neckline is up to you. Some people love a deep V. (I don't.) But every girl should have black, gray, and white at the ready."   2. Functional bras and seamless underwear: "A mix of functional and fashionable underwear, including seamless bras. When it comes to underwear, there's nothing worse than a visible panty line. Sometimes it seems like nobody knows that seamless underwear exists. But Calvin Klein makes them. Commando makes them. Hanky Panky makes them. You don't need a drawer full; a few pairs will suffice."   3. Flats: "Whether they're Lanvin or $19.99 flats from Target, a good pair of flats is a must."   4. The classic white button-up shirt: "Or two white shirts, really: one oversize, one tailored. The oversize one is for that eighties Brook Shields look, which is really modern with denim. It's also great over a bathing suit. You can belt it. You can really do anything with a white shirt. But there's definitely a place for a tailored white shirt with a navy blazer, white jeans, and a ballet flat. And that place is on the Upper East Side."   5. The right day bag: "Whether it's a canvas tote or Givenchy, a day bag you love is essential. It doesn't have to be a fashion It bag of the season, either. Grace Coddington from Vogue carries an L.L. Bean tote with her name embroidered on it. No matter what your flavor is, no matter what your style is, you should have a bag that you're happy to carry around every day." --Excerpt from Born to be Brad, $17, (via)   Do you have all of Brad's staples? What else do you think every woman should own?

Top Color Trends For Your Fall Wardrobe

September 2nd, 2011 by Christen It's official!  September is here and soon after, leaves will be changing colors and the weather's air will become crisper and cooler.  Why not get a jump on fashion's top color trends and prepare yourself for the most fashionable time of the year? If you're looking for a little fashion inspiration...look no further.  We have the top color trends that you need in your closet here. Plum—The lush tones of these purples in your closet embellishes any outfit with distinction, grace and class.  Plum eggplant, grape...whatever your edible of choice, a rich purple feels fine for fall.

L'Wren Scott spring '11; Acne spring '11; J.Crew spring '11; Michael Kors spring '11; all images via

Champagne—The only pain that's allowed in fashion is Champagne.  You'll see plenty of glittering nude gowns and trousers this season, but our favorite champagne looks included gleaming silk skirts and gauzy separates.

Alexander Wang spring '11; Marc Jacobs spring '11; Derek Lamb spring '11; Michael Kors spring '11; all images via

Yves Klein Blue—The perfect shade of blue.  The French artist's favorite color made appearance after appearance on fall runways. This super-saturated blue is a sumptuous option for after-hour outfit ensembles.

Peter Som spring '11; Cushnie et Ochs spring '11; L'Wren Scott spring '11; Lela Rose spring '11; all images via

Fire-Engine Red—It's already made red carpet appearances this season (see Beyonce's Baby bump pics) as seen in this season's fashion runway looks - red was bright and cheerful, unlike last season's oxblood trend. We love a simple silhouette that tempers the fiery hue.

Karen Walker spring '11; Rodarte spring '11; Max Azria spring '11; Prabal Gurung spring '11; all images via

Felt GrayYou can't go wrong with grays.  Nubby, textured heather-grays with a luxe, felted finish feel classic and timeless and will be a great closet accessory color for years to come.
Max Mara spring '11; Rag & Bone spring '11; Michael Kors spring '11; Peter Som spring '11; all images via
  Looking for more color options and trends for the season?  Check them out here!

The Closet Confessions of Kimora Lee!

January 28th, 2011 by Christen

She's a model, mom and mogul (and my personal sHERO).  Kimora Lee Simmons shows us how raising a family, being a wife and creating businesses - fabulously really is, weekly on her show Life in the Fab Lane on Style.  I have always been a huge fan of KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons) and Bluefly has teamed up with Kimora for some very special Closet Confessions straight from her own "satellite" closet!

Watch Kimora's Closet Confessional Below....

::: UPDATE :::

For my "Life in the Fab Lane" fans, check out this preview (Kimora says Good Bye to Baby Phat)



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