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Diva Days Of Christmas – Twelve Days Of Holiday Cheer Giveaway

December 2nd, 2013 by Christen

Did you spend all your Black Friday cash & Cyber Monday currency on yourself?  Did you “forget” to pick up gifts on your list for others?  Why not win (or re-gift) some amazing prizes with Diva Days of Christmas Holiday giveaway?

ddc fin fin

It’s that time of year again!  Time to spread a little holiday cheer to our loyal D&D readers with Diva Days of Christmas – Twelve Days of Giveaways!  Powered by Delta Airlines, Intel, Verizon Wireless and Acer – This year, Diva Days Of Christmas is BIGGER THAN EVER!  We’ll be revealing over $3,000 in amazing prizes that are up for grabs all week long!  Wondering what amazing prizes you’ll find this year?  All you have to do is log on and check back here daily for an updated list of prizes and your chance to enter and win!

Diva Days Of Christmas Holiday Cheer Giveaway

Day 1:  Delta Airlines roundtrip travel within the Continental US 

Day 2:  Belkin Netcam Wi-Fi HD Camera With Night Vision from Verizon Wireless

Day 3:  Droid Ultra by Motorola Smartphone from Verizon Wireless 

Day 4:  Motorola Droid Mini Smartphone from Verizon Wireless 

Day 5:  Lincoln Date Night 2-Day Ride and Drive Experience

Day 6:  Boy Meets Girl x Roman Luxe Python Ring

Day 7:  Acer Iconia W3 Intel Tablet

Day 8:  Mademoiselle Renee iPhone 5/5s and Femmes Mug Gift set

Day 9:  Matching Tempo Earphones & iSound Bluetooth Speaker

Day 10: Revlon Laser Brilliance Ceramic Ionic Infrared heat straightener

Day 11: Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Deluxe Season Color Collection

Day 12: NIQUEA.D Crystal Flower Post Earrings



a Rafflecopter giveaway
Prizes will be revealed beginning Tuesday, December 3rd  and ending Wednesday, December 18th.  Winners will be randomly selected and announced on Friday, December 20th.   Giveaway entries are limited on residents of the United States and Canada. Void where necessary.   GOOD LUCK!

Got an Apple iPhone 5 During the Holidays? (Read This First…)

December 26th, 2012 by Tech Staff

Got an Apple iPhone 5 During the Holidays?

Here are a few things to know to get you started.

iPhone 5If you were lucky enough to get the iPhone 5 for Christmas you are in for a treat.  With such power and beautiful design at your fingertips it’s know wonder this little gem is one of the best selling smart phones.  Although, we admire the iPhone 5 thin and light design, there is no shortage of performance and features it has to offer.  Here is a list of features you should know and understand to use the full value of the iPhone 5.










iCloud (What is it and how do I use it?)
icloudiCloud allows you to download any media you have and access it on any Apple device without synching.  For example, when you download a song or movie from iTunes, you can view it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac PC immediately.  Your media is saved on Apple’s cloud service so no need for worrying over using all the space on your iPhone 5.  You can save music, photos, video, books, documents, calendar, contacts, and email to the iCloud – and automatically synchs with your other Apple devices.



iSight Camera (What’s different?)



The iPhone 5 now features an option for panoramic view of photos you take.  “The new panorama feature lets you capture everything from a family reunion group photo to a jaw-dropping shot of the Grand Canyon. With one smooth motion you can shoot up to an impressive 240 degrees. The gyroscope, A6 chip, and Camera app work together to create one seamless, high-resolution panorama up to 28 megapixels.” (

The camera also feature enhanced HD video recording that also allows for still photo snaps as you record – a first for iPhones.































A separate vehicle GPS is no longer needed with Apple’s voice enhanced turn-by-turn Maps app.  With vector based image mapping the images are crisp with better response time.  It also features 3D, panoramic and street view.  With real-time traffic updates the GPS will reroute you to avoid traffic.



AirPlay (How can I view my photos and video on my T.V.?)


With AirPlay your video, games, and photos are wirelessly streamed to your T.V. (if you have Apple T.V.).  Whatever you do on your iPhone 5 will mirror on the television so everyone can view.











AirPrint (How can I print?)


Using an AirPrint-enabled printer you can wirelessly print whatever is on your iPhone 5.  Know worries about installing software, drivers, and cables for the iPhone 5 or printer – everything is wireless.








Wireless Technology (Will downloads be slow?)

Unlike the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 uses Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology which is the next generation of cellular networking.  You will get a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps, which mean your videos, music, apps, email, etc., will download faster.





The Processor (How fast is it?)

Two times faster than the previous iPhone4S model, the Apple A6 processor chip speed is 1.3Ghz which means the response time completing an email, using apps, downloading media will be lightning speed coupled with the LTE technology mentioned above.

The Battery (How long does the battery last?)

This smart phone packs a punch with so many features, functionality, and power and it demands a battery with excellent battery life.  The iPhones are known for keeping a charge for more than 8 hours with regular usage starting at 100% battery charge.  With the iPhone 5 you can get 10 hours of streaming video playback time.  That’s awesome.

The Connector (How will I charge my phone?)

The Lighting is what Apple is calling the new battery charger.  The new iPhone 5 is not compatible with the old 30-pin connector.

The iPhone 5 is a power and elegant mini-computer you can fit in your pocket, staying on the go taking care of business remotely and wirelessly.

Merry Christmas: Mama’s Christmas Miracle

December 25th, 2012 by Christen


Mama’s Christmas Miracle

© Kathy J Parenteau
Mama told me a story a long long time ago not like any that I’d ever heard,
all about a little girl mama used to know, how I remember every word.
Seems like a lifetime ago, though I remember it so well,
it was a Christmas eve I’ll never forget as far as I can tell.
We were sitting at the kitchen table, it was only my mother and me,
I was dreaming of Christmas morning and all the presents under the tree.
Dad wasn’t doing that well and money was scarce that year,
Mama found a way of telling me without me shedding one tear.
She told me a story of a little girl and a Christmas long ago,
who came from far away, a place where it rarely snowed.
Santa was just a dream to her, but she believed so much inside,
that Christmas was going to be special, so she knelt by her bed and she cried.
“Lord let Santa remember me if not just this one time, I promise I won’t ask for much, maybe a dolly I can call all mine.” 
She closed her prayer and thanked the Lord for all that she received,
she knew that Santa would really come if only she believed.
She wrote a letter to Santa unfamiliar to most girls and boys,
Though her list was long and full, on it there were no toys.
Only things we take for granted, like new shoes or underpants,
hair bows for her sisters and gloves to warm her brother’s hands. 
At the bottom of her list she asked if it not be to much, for a brand new baby doll she could hold and love and touch.
Then Christmas morning came and she looked beneath her tree,
Not a present to be found as far as she could see.
She didn’t give up hope as she heard a knocking sound,
When she opened up her door a great big box she found.
She called out to her mother and dad, brothers and sisters too,
She said “my prayers were answered, there’s something in here for all of you.”
Her daddy got brand new boots, her mother new underpants, her sisters got beautiful hair bows, her brothers warm gloves for their hands. 
Buried deep beneath the box was a brand new baby doll and a note that said Merry Christmas I love you one and all.
I’ll never forget that story because much to my surprise, 
I saw the true meaning of Christmas shining in my mother’s eyes.
For those of you who are wondering, as if you didn’t know,
The little girl in Mama’s story was my mother long ago.This poem is about a childhood memory I will never forget.

God bless all the mothers in this world and may all your Christmases be ones to remember.




How To: Christmas Eve DIY Holiday Nail Art Fun

December 24th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Tis the season to be jolly and express your Holiday spirit on your phalanges (Challenge the Phalange! I hope you said this for it to rhyme…) We searched the web far and wide, also known as google, for some of the best holiday, all holidays this season, DIY (do it yourself) nail art! Even if you have less than ten nails, which is common these days, these designs are sure to get you great compliments and set the perfect mood for holiday cheer:-) Feel free to emulate or get inspired to create your own.

Did you say “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”? Even if snow doesn’t fall this year, you can guarantee a white christmas with featured snowflakes tutorial! take a look!


Not to offend anyone but where my jews at?! Representing for the Hanukkah Holiday featured this bloggers creative celebration titled “Hanukkah Nails”. Using silver striping paint, accented with white and black paint on top of a royal blue this is a sure way to express your holiday cheer.

Habari Ghani!  Whats the news! Does anyone celebrate Kwanzaa?! Surprisingly there were few designs for this National African American holiday, ironic enough the one found featured on Bee Polished blog was designed on an Euro-American hand, but no judgement! This just leaves alot to the imagination! You can just grab you a red, black and green polish and paint accordingly or give this candle design topped on a gold paint a try!


Elegant and soft, this nail look was featured on’s top 6 holiday nail looks. We love this idea for both nightlife and professional events. Did someone mention the New Year’s eve celebration?! Check out this great look!


screenshot diy nails

Nothing gives creative nail art better than bedazzled jewels and stones. Try this bubble nail look featured by Truly Madly Beauty blog.  Notice the beautiful discrete glitter base that accents the jewels. Nail Glue is a great adhesive for your extras and don’t forget to seal with a clear top coat!

So challenge the phalange (you should definitely had read this to rhyme by now!)

Merry Chirstmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah Happy New Years and Happy You!

Have some nail art suggestions of your own? Share and comment below!

General Motors Wants To Grant Your Holiday Wish During Diva Days Of Christmas!

December 13th, 2012 by Christen



It’s one of our biggest giveaways for the season and we’re beyond excited for our loyal readers!


Just in time for the holidays, Divas And Dorks has partnered with GM Northeast to grant one loyal reader the ultimate holiday wish by giving away $500 in cash and a General Motors (Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, etc.) car/truck for a week. Need to travel for the holidays? Need some wheels to get to a charity event? Maybe you just need some extra cash to buy gifts for others or a gift for yourself. Whatever it may be, We’re here to help you!  GM is ready to bring holiday cheer to our friends in the northeast, so any wish goes!


How Would You Like To WIN $500 & A GM Car/Truck For The Week?




Entering is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3….


1.  To enter, you must submit your holiday tweet wish via Twitter using #GMNER and #DivaDaysChristmas.   For example “My holiday wish is to drive my holiday gifts to my parents in DC! #GMNER #DivaDaysChristmas”. Add photos or video to your tweets to make them stand out!


2.  You must post the link to your holiday tweet wish the comment section below…. now until December 14th 2012.

3.  Visit and post the link to your holiday tweet wish the comment section below….now until December 14th 2012.

We’ll be selecting ONE winner from the comments sections and announcing our winner on Monday, December 17th!  If you’re in the mood for winning, don’t forget to enter to win more in our Diva Days of Christmas here.



Contest Rules: In order to qualify, you must live in the Northeast area. You can NOT be a relative of Divas And Dorks, LLC contributing writers, editors, publishers or anyone that works for General Motors or MSL.  Good Luck!!!


Where’s My Cash Flow? Five Smart Saving Solutions During the Holidays!

December 12th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Feel like you’re completely breaking the bank with all of your holiday shopping? Is your Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday shopping starting to catch up with you, yet there are STILL gifts and/or travel costs left? Here are five simple saving solutions to consider while shopping for the remainder of this holiday season.

Whenever you break bills and receive loose change, put aside the coins. 
The amount of money that you will be able to amass this way is indescribable. Watch just how quickly you will fill up your money jar(s)! To make it more fun, save each coin denomination in individual jars.

Whenever you break larger bills, force yourself to save ALL $1 bills.
With this particular method, it might surprise you just how much money you will have even after a week. Allot yourself a designated amount of cash for shopping, and once your larger bills have been broken from your shopping excursion, count up your singles and save!



Force yourself to write down, in a small notebook, EVERYTHING that you spend (not bill money) that has nothing to do with holiday shopping.
Write down everythingincluding that beverage from your favorite store. If any of your purchases have nothing to do with holiday gifts or bills, write it down. THIS is where a lot of your cash goes without notice.


As the old saying goes, “Brown Bag It”.
Enough said! You save tons of money by preparing your lunch at home, rather than by spending it daily in the cafe at work or at local restaurants. Make an honest attempt to brown bag it four days out of your five-day work week. Then maybe treat yourself once a week at your favorite eatery for your efforts.



Put someone else (SOMEONE THAT YOU TRUST AND SOMEONE GOOD W FINANCES) in charge of your savings.
If you’re deciding that you want to save $50 per paycheck, but you know you will dip into it, give it to someone that you absolutely trust not to spend your money. Think of it as a “bill” that you pay, but towards your savings.

Speaking from experience these definitely work with practice and consistency! Some disciplined individuals have even carried these fun saving methods beyond the holidays. Now enjoy not only your shopping, but your saving!
Share more of your fun money saving techniques below…

What To Get The Fashionista On Your Gift List This Christmas

December 11th, 2012 by Fashion Staff

My friends and family always tell me “I’m difficult to shop for.” But you know what I don’t blame them for feeling this way. I’m picky when it comes to fashion and my personal style. The color, stitch or heel height will completely turn me off from any item. Be that as it may, I’m a firm believer in making a list for birthdays and Christmas. That way your pretty much guaranteed to get something you truly want. However there are some rules I have about how to structure your list.
1. Always include items in a wide price range from $20-$500! You want to make sure that you have items that fit anyones budget.

2. You must have at least 5 items on your list. Depending on how many people you are giving your list too will determine how many items are on your list. I suggest 5 items are every 3 people.
3. Lastly, distribute your list at least 30 days prior to the holiday or event. You always want to give your family and friends not only time to get the gift but time to possibly save/budget for the gift as well.
Now that you know the rules, lets get to the TEA!
5. Ciate Nail Polish: $15
These are perfect for Spring/Summer 2013! Pastels are definitely going to be a trend next year. As a matter of fact pastel skinnies are popping up everywhere!
Its neon pink messenger back is quite divine. This could even be an amazing sweet sixteen birthday gift for the mini fashionista in your life. The leather is like butter and the gold hardware just sparkles.
I adore candles but these Diptyque Candles are like nothing you’ve experienced from oil, wax and fire. Sold in large and minis these sensory delights are the perfect gift for new moms, the office style maven or any habitual candle collector.
Any fashion girl will love pretty much anything Marc Jacobs, therefore this is a no brainer. His latest fragrance is warm, charming and a bit floral. Even the bottle is chic!
This LBD (little black dress) is super cute. The embellishments are great because they aren’t over the top. So you can where this to the boardroom  (with a blazer) or brunch. Fashion girls get to have more fun at work anyway so this is definitely office approved! Also I love this dress because you can wear it year-round, which almost makes this a wardrobe staple. She will either love it or hate it, but I’m thinking love it!
Want more suggestions for what to get your fashionista for the holidays? Comment below or tweet us @divasanddorks.
Happy Shopping!

Three Elements To Consider When Looking For The Perfect Holiday Gift

December 6th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

The holidays are here, Black Friday is over, and people are still struggling to find the perfect holiday gifts for their loved ones. Gift-giving can be a difficult task, especially when you want to impress and make your loved ones feel special. So what makes a gift THE perfect gift? Consider these 3 elements to ensure that your loved ones are beyond satisfied and appreciative of your efforts.



Element of SURPRISE 

During the holiday season it is expected to receive gifts, but the great thing about the holiday is the mere fact that it’s a season! Other than the day of the holiday, a person can never be sure exactly when they’ll receive their gift. So have fun with this factor. You can surprise them with something they didn’t expect, the day and time of arrival, -or my favorite: the place. Switch things up. Send flowers to the office early, leave the gift in the trunk, the refrigerator, underneath their pillow or in their shower, this is where the element of surprise works completely in your favor!

Element of KNOWLEDGE 

Nothing says the perfect gift better than something given from what you know about that particular person. Find out what’s the person’s favorite color, candy, author, collectors item, product, sports team, hobby, etc. The list is limitless. With tons of social networks all you have to do is click on a profile and investigate (also known as accessible stalking- but acceptable in this case), and fulfill their desire with something they already love.

Element of NEED

Did you notice a rip on your loved one’s winter coat? Have you heard them complain about something they don’t have? Or have you thought they might need something that you know they’d never buy for themselves? What better opportunity to give to someone when they are in need!? Whether your loved one uses the gift or sells it on eBay for something better, your efforts won’t go unnoticed because, after all, the thought is really what matters most.

The perfect holiday gift should never feel like a chore. Using these elements, keep it simple and appreciate the act of giving during the holidays. Happy gift-giving and happy holidays!

In Love With Tech? What’s Your Gadget Attraction?

December 4th, 2012 by Tech Staff

You may or may not not be the “techy type”, however you probably have several girlfriends who are. Had it not been for my own gadget girlfriends, I wouldn’t have the slightest interest in the latest and greatest technology. I decided to go on a search of my own, just to see what could possibly peak my interest for my or my gadget girlfriends’ Christmas lists.  Here are a few things that I found worth sharing.

How much FUN is this toaster?! While getting your morning coffee/tea ready, you no longer have to wonder if your bread is on the proper setting or browning to your likening. From almost any angle in your kitchen, you will be able to see your toast’s transformation. No more burned toast and breakfast just became even more exciting!


You really don’t have to be into gadgets much to enjoy this timepiece. Perfect for your bedside, and the perfect size for stocking stuffing!


If you still have the iPhone 4/4s, don’t fret, many of us still do!  This cell phone case is a must-have accessory that will leave you feeling like you just upgraded phones. The case resembles a small journal and provides excellent protection from elements and the occasions that your phone slides from your hand (Even if you never lose a grip on your iPhone, like myself, this case is swanky!)


Here’s the perfect mouse for those of us on the go more than we are home, known as the Arc Mouse. After realizing how much this would simplify life on the go, I had to share this with you! The entire mouse takes the shape of your leg, preventing it from sliding to the floor and makes for a no-hassle, easily-mobile work space.



You don’t have to be a “gadget guru” to enjoy these latest technologies. They are perfect for a self-upgrade, or for stocking stuffers  for the crew. Whatever your gadget attraction, there is truly something for everyone!


Tell us some of the latest gadgets that you found and/or favor below… and stay tuned for more gadget updates from the team!


Pull Off Holiday Fab Looks Straight From Celebrity Red Carpets…

November 26th, 2012 by Fashion Staff
The red carpet during this year’s Soul Train Music Awards was filled with great holiday outfit inspirations. One standout fashion diva was R&B soul superstar Estelle. Her simple yet classic look of metallic and sparkle could easily be worn to an office party or cocktail party.  Learn the DO’s and DON’T’s on how to snag this dazzling look below.


Pull Out All The Stops. Holiday gatherings may be some of the last partying you will do before the New Year. Go out with a bang and really have fun with your looks. And what better way to do this than by wearing sequins, metallic, or both?!


Become a Fashion Victim. There still are a few tricks to the trade. When wearing attention-grabbing fashion, it is best to find a healthy balance. If you plan on wearing a sequin dress, opt for simple accessories and shoes.


Know What Works. If you know you packed on a bit more “holiday cheer” than you planned on during Thanksgiving, wear flattering yet chic pieces for Christmas. A dazzling blazer paired with a high waist pair of jeans or leggings are great ways to battle the bulge without looking frumpy.
DRESS: Alice and Olivia $595, CLUTCH: RED Valentino $395, RING: Max & Chloe $125, SHOE: Jimmy Choo $995, BLAZER: Surface to Air $348
 Are you ready for this season’s holiday soirees?  Which trends are you most excited to rock this holiday season?
Have you entered Diva Days Of Christmas Holiday Giveaway yet? What are you waiting for?



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