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Top Five Apple iPhone 5 Predictions, Keynote & Live Blog

September 12th, 2012 by Christen Well, after a year - what we've referred to as the iPhone 5 will finally be unveiled today!  What has been as elusive as a unicorn, this redesigned iPhone 5 will finally be solidified as Apple's sixth generation mobile device filled with faster speeds, better connectivity & a host of bells/whistles that will undoubtedly make it the best selling Apple device yet.  So what should you expect to see unveiled later today?

Here are our Top five predictions in a nutshell:

5.  The name?  No trickery here.  Last year, what was thought to be the iPhone 5 was actually introduced to us as the iPhone 4S but this time?  It's definitely the iPhone 5 (as eluded via the Apple press event invitation (pictured above).   4.  Taller.  Thinner.  Lighter.  (NYFW models aren't the only ones with a height & weight requirement...) It's been long rumored that the size of the iPhone 5 screen will be larger/taller than the current iPhone screens. Many suspect it will be about 4 inches diagonally compared to the existing 3.5-inch display. Meanwhile, according to The Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 5 will tout a thinner screen, which would allow the device to be lighter in weight than ever before.   3.   More apps at your fingertips.  A consequence of the larger screen — which is rumored to have 640 x 1,136 resolution — it's expected that we will see five full rows of apps.   2.  New connector?  Rumors indicate that Apple will be switching its 30-pin dock connector for one with only 9 pins. This would make existing speakers and chargers useless when used with the new device. However, it's likely that Apple will introduce an adapter that will convert it back to its original 30 pins.   1.  Super Small Sim Card.  According to 9 to 5 Mac, the SIM card slot may be a lot smaller. This could mean Apple is switching to newer, nano-SIM card, which is even smaller than the current micro-SIM in the iPhone 4S.
These are just a few of the unveiled ideas that'll come later today.  We're expecting iPad/Sprint news, redesigned iPod details as well as a September 21st release date for the new iPhone 5.  What do you think will be unveiled later today?  Check back with us throughout the day as we update this post & live blog the Apple unveilings one-by-one later today.  


1:01PM - The Apple event has begun with Tim Cook discussing Apple retail locations, upgrades, etc... 380 stores in 12 countries, 13 coming on Friday with the first Swedish store. 83 million visitors in the last quarter, April - June.  Mac news:  "We've had a very busy summer for the Mac. We launched Mountain Lion in July. Mountain Lion is the ninth major release of the best OS on the planet."  Seven million Mountain Lion upgrades have been sold!  Our notebooks now rank #1 in the US in Market share in the last three months.  iPad news:  Last quarter, 17 million iPads were sold April - June. That's another new record.  "We sold more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line."  Pad is 91% of all tablet web traffic! Tim says "I don't know what these other tablets are doing! They must be in warehouses or store shelves or maybe in peoples' bottom drawer."   Let’s talk pricing first…$199 16G…$299 32G & $399 64 G! You can pre-order September 14th.  Apple senior vice president Phil Shiller took the stage to introduce the iPhone 5. “It’s an absolute jewel,” Shiller said. For the most part, the iPhone 5 looks like previous models, but taller and thinner. The phone has a 4-inch 1,136 x 640 pixel display, 4G LTE connectivity, A6 chip, weights 112 grams – 18 percent thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. It’s available in white (silver) & black (slate). The larger display allows for widescreen display. Apps designed for the previous operating system will not be stretch, but will have black borders. One of the biggest updates is to the camera and iSight. The camera now has an 8 megapixel sensor, 3,264 x 2,448 pixel resolution with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture, is 25 percent smaller and can take panoramic photos. The video camera captures 1080p HD quality. Front-facing camera features 720p support, backside illuminated sensor, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.  The iPhone 5 will also get a new dock connector called Lightening, which is 80 percent smaller, have an adaptive interface, improved durability and is reversible. Apple will also release an adaptor to make the transition.  Let’s talk battery life. The iPhone 5 exceeds the battery life of the 4S at 8 hours of 3G talk time, 8 hours of LTE or 3G browsing, or 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 225 hours of standby time.  To make room for its latest iPhone, Apple announced new prices for the rest of the line — and it appears the iPhone 3GS isn’t part of the mix. Cupertino followed asimilar strategy to what it used last year, with the 16GB iPhone 4S dropping to $99 with a two-year contract, and the 8GB iPhone 4 now available for free when subsidized by a mobile carrier. It’s an improved value over last year’s price drop, however, whether both of the two low-cost models were stuck at 8GB of storage.  PRICING: $199 16G | $299 32G | $399 64G PRE-ORDER Sept. 14th, Shipping Sept. 21 OLD STUFF iPhone 4 FREE iPhone 4S 16G $99 iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, new iPad, iPad 2, and 4th gen get iOS 6 on September 19th.

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4s: Compare & Choose Who Looks Best!

August 31st, 2012 by Tech Staff

  A batch of new photos of a device said to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone have shown up on French site, and they look quite convincing. The photos show the “iPhone 5? compared with the elder sibling the iPhone 4.

The new model is longer than both and substantially thinner than the iPhone 4. There’s no way of knowing for sure if the photos are real, but the physical characteristics of the “iPhone 5? in the photos fall in line with most of the rumors we’ve heard about the device — larger screen, thinner profile and a smaller dock connector. Though nothing has been officially confirmed yet, Apple is expected to unveil the next-gen iPhone on September 12, with September 21 being a likely availability date. Are you looking forward to the next Apple iPhone 5 release? via

BEWARE! This New App Is Your Cheating Boyfriend’s Dream!

March 26th, 2012 by Christen Ladies, I'm sorry I had to be the one to warn you BUT... The app that single-handedly will make cheating a breeze is here...and there's nothing you can do about it. A survey of 1000 women several years ago found out that, Three-quarters of the 1,000 women surveyed admitted they've looked through the call log of their boyfriend's cellphone. Now just imagine how that number has increased within the past few years...  Everybody has secrets.  Secret plans, secret emails, but what if a person could keep text messages via their iPhone secret for good?  That's right, no easy-to-guess 4-digit iPhone pass-code could do what this app is capable of - and you may want to get familiar with it before everyone learns about it.

A new iPhone app, Black SMS - (protected text), attempts to keep private SMS conversations undercover, by covering them in a black cloud until you’re ready to read them.  The Black SMS app sends what appears to be blacked-out messages using Apple’s iMessage. When you receive a black SMS you then copy the message from your Messages folder, and then paste it into the Black SMS app to reveal what it actually says.  Even if someone gets ahold of your phone and figures out the Black SMS message app, he or she still will need to know the password in order to read the secret texts.

Take a glance at what the secret texts would look like upon receipt in your iMessage box below...

This is how your text arrive, you then copy & paste them into the Black SMS app to see what they say... #sneakySneaky

    Depending on how secretive you really are, this app could either be a god-send or a total waste of time.  Considering that you can't read your sms messages immediately, and that you actually have to go a step further with opening a password protected Black SMS app, I'm interested to see how many prying eyes fall prey to this relationship killer.  

Check out the video below to see how it actually works...

  So now that you know the app is available, what do you think?  If you caught your boyfriend, husband or significant other with the Black SMS app on their phone what would you do?  You better start thinking about it now, before it's too late.

Blackberry Users: Get With Apple/Android or Get Lost!

August 31st, 2011 by Christen     Google and Apple continue to dominate the  smartphone market, while RIM and Microsoft continue to slowly diminish. According to new data from comScore, 82.2 million people in the U.S. owned a smartphone as of July 2011, a full 10% increase from April 2011. Google is the market leader with 41.8% market share (up from 36.4% in April), while Apple is number 2 with 27% market share (up from 26%). News you can use: RIM’s BlackBerry was the big loser, as its piece of the smartphone market dropped from 25.7% to 21.7% in just three months. comScore also reports that 234 million Americans 13 and older use some type of mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or not. Among the entire smartphone market, Samsung is the leader with a 25.5% share of U.S. mobile subscribers. While Apple is forth with 9.5% of the total market, an increase of 1.2% since April. RIM rounds out the top five at 7.6%. Among these 234 million mobile Americans, more of them are using their phones for a variety of tasks. A full 70% of U.S. mobile subscribers are texting, up 1.2% from April. About 40% use their phones for web browsing (up 2%) and 40.6% have used a downloaded app (up 2.8%). Social networking (30.1%), playing mobile games (27.8%) and listening to music (20.3%) are all up as well. If you're still using a Blackberry for anything other than work-related emails (shame on you...) WHY?   source

Could TEXTING Extend Your Life?

June 1st, 2011 by Christen Let me take you back to six months ago... As I sat in my New York radio station office, an email pops up on the screen...and it's from my boss.  He's asking me a question about my follow up on one of the station's clients (actually, it's a trick question - in which any response could be disected & possibly be considered the wrong answer.)  I quickly reply via email instead of walking 5 steps into his office, and immediately after pressing 'send' I instantaneously receive a reply.  We exchanged almost 10 emails within 4 minutes until my boss abruptly called me into his office.  I shut the door behind me as he began to lecture me on the value of human communication and explains that I should've come into his office to discuss the issue instead of emailing back and forth.  My response?  Hey, I'm a texter, an emailer...I shun human communication via voice and enjoy the clicks of a keyboard rather than the cracks of an unclear voice. (No, I didn't really say that aloud, although I wanted to, and that's not entirely true, BUT I do believe that at times, non-verbal communication is far more valuable than verbal communication...and according to the World Health Organization a little less conversation & a little more key-tapping could help save your life!   According to USA Today, A branch of the World Health Organization announced Tuesday that cellphones are "possible carcinogens" — a statement that was met with skepticism from many American cancer experts.  The statement came from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which convened 31 international experts in Lyon, France, this past week to sort through data on cellphone safety. In its statement, the IARC noted a possible connection between cellphones and two type of brain tumors — gliomas and acoustic neuromas. The group says there's not enough evidence to link cellphones to other cancers. Some people have worried about cellphones because they emit radio waves, a form of non-ionizing, low-frequency radiation.  Most human studies have shown no link between cellphones and brain tumors, A few studies have found that cellphone users are more likely to develop gliomas or acoustic neuromans, but only after frequent or longterm use. So does this mean that those like me, who enjoy texting rather than talking could outlive the "Chatty-Cathy's" of the world?  POSSIBLY!  Just ask me again June 1st 2081 --- don't call me though....send me a text 😉



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