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Balancing Protection And Style With OtterBox Symmetry Cases [Review]

May 6th, 2014 by Christen With warmer weather finally here and Mother's Day fast approaching, it's easy to get into a floral and feminine state of mind when thinking of smartphone accessories.  But moms everywhere know about the work and family life balance, but did you know that OtterBox offers the balance of protecting your smartphone, while offering a variety of stylish designs that you'll love too?  One of the latest designs to come from the OtterBox Symmetry collection of cases is the OtterBox Symmetry in Dreamy Pink.  

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry

Style:  The OtterBox Symmetry case in Dreamy Pink, is a mixture of tonal colors that is a welcome design into an ever-growing world of smartphone accessories.  I've seen everything from plane jane cases to ostentatious glittery masses, and the mix of prints, colors and 3D-like optical illusion stands out among what’s considered fashionable smartphone accessories.  The subtle hues of plush pinks, lavenders and purple in geometric shapes displays total feminity, while the rubber grip and hard shell protects your device from nicks and scrapes, making it a great balancing act of style and protection.

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry

Protection:  The OtterBox Symmetry case in Dreamy Pink.  It includes an inner rubber case, surrounding the power button, volume buttons and charging ports while a hard shell exterior protects the rear of the phone.  The raised beveled edge protects your smartphone screen, making a two-layered combination of intuitive protection.   That's multiple layers of protection in one all-inclusive design!  Unlike the Commuter series, it does not offer multiple layers of cases that you have to assemble - and I think that's what keeps this OtterBox Symmetry line, light, wearable and accessible to change into a variety of symmetry styles with ease.


OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry   As one of the more stylish OtterBox cases that I’ve used, this case definitely gets an “A” for style. What more could you want from a smartphone accessory that showcases your personal style while protecting your beloved device! Discover more stylish options from OtterBox by visiting How would you like to win a stylish OtterBox Symmetry smartphone case of your own?   OtterBox is giving one lucky reader a stylish case from the Symmetry collection for your iPhone 5/5s, 5c or Samsung Galaxy S4.  All you have to do is enter below! [But hurry, giveaway ends Friday, May 16th!]    
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Stylish Smartphone Protection With OtterBox Commuter Cases

February 19th, 2014 by Christen Stylish smartphone protection isn't always easy to find.  Sometimes the style outweighs the protection elements, and let's face it, most of the time the really protective smartphone cases aren't very stylish at all.  Recently, I got the opportunity to try out the OtterBox Commuter series cases which offer just enough style and protection that any on the go woman (or man) could use.

OtterBox Commuter Cases

The Commuter series cases are one of the best cases I've put my hands on.  Not only are the cases protective, but once you entrust your smartphone within its grasp it's feels downright indestructible!

3D Commuter Series Western Flower


OtterBox Commuter 3D

Protection:  The Commuter series cases come with 2 layers of protection (actually it's three).  It includes an inner rubber case, a hard shell exterior AND an easy to install clear screen protector.  Smartphone ports need protection from crumbs, dust and everything else too and OtterBox keeps the debris out with easy to maneuver port covers. After placing my iPhone 5s in this case, I literally felt like I could toss the phone across the room and it wouldn't suffer a scratch, dent or one but of damage from impact. This case keeps your device so secure that it took longer to remove the protective case than it did to install it. (It was so secure that I was a little timid in maneuvering the removal for fear of damaging my device.) That's real protection. Style:  The 3D Commuter series western flower case in sea foam, is a feminine break away from the typical glitter, rhinestone and pretty in pink cases. The two tone of aqua teal hues, coupled with the 3D floral design was a welcome standout to what's considered as fashionable smartphone accessories. Overall:  As one of the most protective OtterBox Commuter cases that I've used, this case definitely gets an "A" for protection and "A" for style. What more could you want from a smartphone accessory that showcases your personal style while protecting your beloved device!        

Commuter Series Wallet


OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet

  Protection:  The Commuter series cases come with 2 layers of protection (actually it's three).  It includes an inner rubber case, a hard shell exterior AND an easy to install clear screen protector.  Smartphone ports need protection from crumbs, dust and everything else too and OtterBox keeps the debris out with easy to maneuver port covers. Style:  This case isn't the most stylish, but it is protective and quite practical. The OtterBox Wallet secret card tray houses 3-4 cards. (I used mine to keep my ID, bank card and Metro Card in my hands at all times, since you can rarely catch me without my smartphone in hand.) It's not as stylish as one would expect, which is why I added some flare with a mirrored protective screen cover. This practical smartphone case is now a wallet and a mirror. SCORE! Overall:  As one of the most protective OtterBox Commuter cases, this case wallet case is handy when going out without a bag or purse. It easily slides in and out of your pocket with ease. Now that I've added a mirrored protective case it's a welcomed update from a one dimensional practical accessory into three and that makes me a pretty happy gal!   What do you look for in stylish and or practical smartphone accessories? Which one of these OtterBox Cases do you like best? Share your opinion below.

Case-Mate Introduces The First Of Blackberry Z10 Accessories

January 30th, 2013 by Christen Everyone’s abuzz about the innovative Blackberry Z10 device. Case-Mate has answered the call to launch statement-making Blackberry Z10 cases to protect this hot new mobile phone. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind case made from precious woods, a classic leather flip or a modern metal case, Case-Mate has got you covered. Check out a few of the Blackberry Z10 cases by Case-Mate below... BB-Z10-FB-post-1-1   Inspired by vintage automotive interiors, the Crafted Woods Collection is a marriage of sophisticated authentic natural materials and thoughtful attention to detail.   Crafted Zebrawood, $80:  Sustainably-harvested in Central Africa, the light-colored Zebrawood is patterned with a chaotic and wavy stripping that resembles a zebra’s distinctive stripes. The richly-veined coarse texture of the Zebrawood wood adds a natural feel to the case and highlights the beauty and strength of the wood’s interlocking grain. Refined Brushed Aluminum, $50: Sophistication is in the details. The Brushed Aluminum case excites with a blend of sleek, sporty look and top-notch protection. Available in Brushed Gunmetal with Black. Signature Flip, $50Uncover style with the Signature Flip. Fashioned from genuine leather, the tailored design has 360-degree front and back protection. An ultra-soft microfiber lines the inside for extra protection and polish. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the boardroom and beyond. 403x403_fb_bbz10   If you're looking for a more custom option for your Blackberry Z10 why not take a look at the new Olo or Make My Case   bbz10  
  • Tough Classic, $35: Built to withstand sudden drops and accidental falls, the Tough case is the epitome of protection. A snug, form fitting silicone wrap provides shock resistance, while the polycarbonate hard shell protects against impact. Available in Black. 
  • Barely There, $30: A sleek style shows off more of the BlackBerry with the minimal case design. Covering the back and corners, the hard shell design absorbs shocks and impacts. A soft-touch, matte finish adds a modern touch to the classic style. Available in Black and White.
MAKE MY CASEDesign your own custom case with images uploaded from your computer, Instagram or Facebook. Experiment with different layouts and background colors to create an unique case all for you!   Are you looking closer at the Blackberry Z10 and these custom casing options?  How do you feel about the new Blackberry Z10?    

Best Of CES 2013: Case Mate Crafts Perfection With Pearl Collection

January 24th, 2013 by Christen Always evolving a portfolio of classically-styled mobile accessories inspired by a thoughtful approach to elegant materials, detailed assembly, and finishing detail - Case Mate has done it again with their new Pearl Collection of accessories.  If you've ever desired an elegant accessory to accompany your style, nothing says classic elegance like pearls.

case mate pearl collection

Famed for its shimmering beauty, the Pearls Collection is crafted from genuine mother of pearl.  Individual pieces of this exotic pearl are thoughtfully selected and carefully laid into an artistic design pattern that enhances its pigmentation and luster. The additional finishing touch of slowly polished and brushed aluminum creates a stunning contrast and gives the Pearls Collection its chic, refined beauty.

case mate pearl collection

To ensure a dazzling luminosity, the Crafted Pearls Collection features genuine Mother of Pearl harvested from mollusks found in the Pacific South Seas and Hawaii. Individual pieces of the exotic pearl are thoughtfully selected and carefully laid into a unique artistic design pattern that enhances its pigmentation and luster.


Available for the iPhone 5 in gold, black and silver -- the Pearl Collection comes at an elegant price tag as well, retailing online for $150.  Who says the cost of beauty is too high?  Would you invest in a luxurious Pearl Collection accessory by Case Mate?  
Pearl Collection

The Pearl Collection by Case Mate

Introducing the Portenzo BookCase; Store Your Tablet Within a Book

December 19th, 2012 by Tech Staff Portenzo casesIntroducing the Portenzo BookCase, a case that stores your tablet within a book.   Portenzo uses the same materials used for making older books to give consumers a solid case.   
It looks a book you would find in a library that holds you
r tablet in tow.  Each case is customized & crafted in St. Louis using old world book binding along with high-quality
 materials like Maple wood for the book base.   The base exposes the Power button/volume rocker, audio jacks, charging port along with a canal that guides the audio from the speaker to you even though it is barely visible.
First and foremost is the case’s IntelliStand where you fold the cover back into a stand.  A built-in stand that’s sturdy and easy to use.   Adds an extra two ways to watch things on your tablet with a 15 & 45-degree angle arch.
The case also comes equipped with a SmartCover magnet to wake it up/put it to sleep and a cover that converts into a stand for viewing media at ease.   You also have the option to add personal embossing as well as an elastic strap for an official, hard cover journal look to it.
Portenzo's BookCases are completely customizable in colors, features, and pricing starts at $39.95 and can go as high as $74.80.   For those of you who owns other tablets, Portenzo makes cases for the iPad, PlayBook, Kindle Fire, and the iPhone 4/4S/5. iPhone Cases and Accessories For The Rich

November 29th, 2012 by Tech Staff

What is this exactly?  It’s a new iPhone accessory that will be coming next year courtesy of of the Black Eyed Peas. The camera case above adds a new sensor, lens, and flash to the iPhone’s camera, increasing the phone’s sensor from 8 MP to 14 MP. The brand, called foto.sosho, will feature two styles – contemporary (black) and vintage (white with gold trim) – and will initially only be available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. iPhone 5 cases are in the works, and are slated to arrive sometime next year. In addition to improving the camera, the foto.sosho iPhone docks also set the iPhone up with a slide-out keyboard, if you’re into that kind of thing.  

  Those who buy in will also get an account, which is’s version of Instagram, providing photo editing options and a social network. How, exactly, differs from Instagram in any other way but name remains to be seen. The iPhone 4/4S cases scheduled to go on sale on December 6 with a steep asking price  – the C.4 will sell for £199, or about $319, while the V.4, incredibly, will have a £100 premium attached, putting its price at £299 ($479) despite apparently having the same hardware.   via

Common & Fergie Rocks New York Fashion Week With Case-Mate

September 13th, 2012 by Tech Staff
Common rocks the crowd at Best Buy Theatre in New York City
Wednesday night, Case-Mate redefined mobile fashion during New York Fashion Week at ShowCase - hosted by Fergie and Quddus, with a live performance by Common featuring beats by DJ Mia Moretti. During the official launch of Case-Mate’s “Right Case. Right Occasion.” global marketing campaign guests enjoyed music, fashion and glamour, along with riveting previews of Czar, the SS ’13 collection from Bravo’s “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” contestant Cesar Galindo and styles from other up-and-coming designers.
Fergie greets the crowd at Best Buy Theatre in New York City
Fergie and Common rocked it out as the hosts, while Common killed his performance, which included a freestyle session. Mia Moretti spun a great DJ set while Case-Mate’s hottest mobile cases were paired with looks from Cesar Galindo’s Spring 2013 CZAR collection.  Not only were guests treated with an awesome concert, but many also walked away with a giftbag filled with goodies including Case-Mate iPhone cases, a travel valet and more!  Check out a few red carpet & event pics below!

Common  arrives at ShowCase in New York City 

 Fergie  arrives at ShowCase in New York City

 Designer Cesar Galindo  arrives at ShowCase in New York City

A model highlights extraterrestrial style during the ShowCase event... 

Common surprises a superfan with a personal on stage performance & kiss...

  credit: Zimbio

Is It A Handbag OR A Smartphone Case? It’s Both!

July 16th, 2012 by Tech Staff The latest smartphone accessory that has the gals of swooning is the newest release by Cliche.  With the appearance of a mini handbag and the protection of a quality phone case, this accessory is a win-win for the tech-fashionista.   This case is made with silicon for complete protection for your iPhone. This handbag iPhone case allows you to have a full access to all the ports, buttons and camera with the case on. This case could be another mini handbag you would carry around to style yourself. With several designs and colors available, you can collect them all and coordinate your tech style all summer long!

Looking to pick up a smartphone case of your own?  Check out the store today or drop us a line at

iPhoneographers Rejoice! This Stylish Case IS For You!

May 1st, 2012 by Tech Staff There are a lot of skins, cases and accessories for the iPhone.  It doesn’t matter if you want it for your first generation iPhone or if it is to geekify your iPhone 4s.  There are cases for pretty much any model you can think of, even for the iPod.  But for photographers, the number of accessories has been sparse. Designer UN Design put together a fund raising project on the popular Kickstarter site hoping to fund the awesome looking iPhone case meant solely for dedicated and professional iPhone photographers.  The case comes in several different materials and colors, and there is even an aluminum one in the works. [portfolio_slideshow] Although the designs aren't available yet, if you contribute to the UN Design Kickstarter campaign, you can probably score one before anyone else!

Can’t Afford A MacBook Pro? Convert Your iPad To A Mini MacBook Pro Instead!

April 10th, 2012 by Christen With my recent Facebook & Twitter rants about my MacBook trackpad on the fritz, an over heating battery and boredom of my 5 year old MacBook - I thought I've run out of options & will need to fork over a ton of cash for a MacBook Pro.  That is until, the NoteBookCase for iPad 2 was recently brought to my attention. NoteBookCase for iPad 2 a new case that converts an iPad into a mini laptop. The case features a Lithium-polymer auxiliary battery in the body to extend intervals between charges, a full size bluetooth-enabled keyboard, USB portand mini USB port.

Available on Japanese retailer Rakuten and Amazon for approximately $75, the description specifies that the case is not compatible with the new iPad, but I think with the minimal size difference of the iPad 3 might mean it’s compatible, too. Who knows, I may not need a new MacBook Pro afterall.... yeah, right - who am I kidding! LOL   Would you substitute your tablet for a fully functioning laptop computer? Why?  Let us know below...



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