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Must Haves: Good Morning Gadgets!

July 27th, 2011 by Christen

This morning, (as I checked into yet another hotel…) I began to unload the usual suspect list of gadgets I use for blogging, business, productivity purposes – I stumbled upon two gadgets that I use everyday (sometimes twice a day) that I never quite considered as gadgets that I could NEVER live without…

1. The Crest Spinbrush (toothbrush)

As the second gadget that starts my day (my iPhone alarm is number 1) – who knew a toothbrush could be such a God send?Let’s face it people, a nice smile goes a long way and maintaining a nice bright smile is hard work! With the spinbrush, you get a fresh, clean mouth while having the ability to multitask simultaneously (thus cutting your morning prep time in half!) The dual spinning brushes along in addition to Arm & Hammer w/ peroxide toothpaste (for 2 full minutes OR singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song twice) is responsible for my flashy grin and it’s definitely the one gadget that I could never live without 😀







2. The Neutrogena Wave Sonic (power cleanser)

This is a fairly new gadget that I’ve been using since the recent stress of constant traveling has apparently reared it’s ugly head (in the form of a breakout). I’ve never been a real facial-beauty-product girl, luckily I haven’t fallen victim to acne issues and have been able to control breakouts with minimal effort. For the majority of my life I’ve juggled a good ole bar of Neutrogena or dollar store face soap along with a white towel & did the do daily. But this gadget does it (and does it well…) using a spinning exfoliating pad & a little water – it’s a great ‘deep cleaning’ mini-facial that lasts all day! (it’s clinically proven to clean up to 50x better than ordinary cleansing.)

What makes both of these gadgets my favorites? It cuts down my morning prep time, allows me to sleep in a little later and makes me feel like I have “Go Go Gadget” hands – What more could a gadget girl ask for? 😛


“Go Go Gadget Hands…”

What’s your favorite daily gadget that you can’t live without?



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