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Create The Work/Life Balance You Want With The New BlackBerry Priv From AT&T

December 18th, 2015 by Christen


Disclosure: This promotional article and giveaway has been sponsored in the form of monetary or product compensation, however all opinions & experiences shared are my own.


Creating a work/life balance may sometimes feel like a never ending challenge that you’ll never achieve.  From putting in extra work hours answering late emails, to discovering new ways to make time for family dinners, holiday functions and more – lately I feel like I need the ultimate life hack just to accomplish it all! Luckily the good folks at AT&T thought I should try out the new BlackBerry Priv to get a leg up on work and life…and it’s made a huge difference in the way that I work, live and play!


BlackBerry Priv


As a small business owner, consultant, freelance writer and more, my hustle isn’t limited to 9-5 business hours and I need a super smartphone that can keep up with me.  The BlackBerry Priv boasts a colossal 22.5 hours of battery life, it’s equipped with an Android ecosystem with access to over 1 million apps and with BlackBerry Hub I can manage all my emails, texts, BBM messages, phone calls, social media, calendars and more in one place.  I’d love to say that I can do it all, but in reality, that’s just not true.  There are times I feel overwhelmed feel like in order to keep up with everything, I have to be connected at all times – then there are times, where I just have to grab some coffee, put on some trap music and HANDLE IT. When it comes maintaining my balance of making my work life work for me, my BlackBerry Priv helps me get it done.


BlackBerry Priv



My life, (like yours) is filled with highs, lows and lots and lots of multitasking.  From sharing personal moments with family on Facebook to snapping photos of my favorite style accessories on Instagram my BlackBerry Priv helps me navigate through life on and offline.  You may think the BlackBerry Priv is simply a business smartphone, but with an 18MP Fast Focus camera, 4K video and live filters, it’s a unlimited smartphone for all the social sharing you want.  Personally, I love oversharing candid confessions on Snapchat and even sharing live videos on Periscope can be considered one my beloved pastimes.   One of my favorite features is the SmartSlide BlackBerry keyboard, not only is it a familiar keyboard that BlackBerry users know and love, but it takes the user experience further with a responsive touch that helps me scroll web pages, flick to type and more.


BlackBerry Priv


When you love technology as much as I do, you come to terms with going against the grain and setting the trend. I’ve always been kind of a rebel when it comes to technology and I love the ability of standing out among the sea of smartphone users.  Since using the the BlackBerry Priv, I’ve gotten a few compliments and even questions about using the keyboard, BBM app and more.  From excellent visual quality to the reliable BlackBerry security and privacy that you know and love – if you haven’t taken a look at the new AT&T BlackBerry Priv for work and play, you should (you won’t regret it!)

For more information on the BlackBerry Priv and to discover how to create the work/life balance that you want visit

Apple Trade In Program Expanded To Android And Windows Phones

March 30th, 2015 by Tech Staff



Smartphone users now have yet another reason to take a second look at updating to the latest Apple device.  Apple has expanded its trade-in program to include Android phones, BlackBerrys and Windows Phone handsets.  That means, now using the Apple Trade in program, you can turn in any Android, Blackberry or Windows phones towards the purchase of an Apple product or Apple gift card.

Users will be able to trade in their phones from other platforms in Apple stores in the U.S., UK, Canada, France, Germany and Italy via its iPhone Reuse and Recycling Program, and receive a gift card to use at Apple stores.

Previously, Apple updated its website to include a step-by-step guide on how to ditch an Android device for an iPhone — and, most recently, CEO Tim Cook said during an earnings call that the company saw more Android users switch to iOS after the launches of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus than after the launches of the past three Apple devices. Apple does not appear to be offering the trade-in program online yet, but it’s being offered in stores.

The iPhone trade-in program launched in 2013 to encourage Apple fans to swap their old iPhones for store credit toward a newer one. Apple, which gives credit for the current value of the older device, requires users to purchase a new model on the same day as the trade.


Would you ever trade in your Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone to buy a new iPhone or Apple gift card? Share your thoughts below!


Why Blackberry Is Going Bust…Or Broke…Or Bye-Bye…

August 13th, 2013 by Christen

Trashed Blackberry phones sit in a bucket during the NBC Today Show in New York


Can we give Blackberry a round of applause, followed by a moment of silence for an unprecedented effort for revival.  Shares in the Canadian maker of BlackBerry smartphones peaked in August of 2007, at two hundred and thirty-six dollars.  Six years later, BlackBerry’s stock is worth just over ten dollars a share, and on Monday it announced that it has formed a “special committee” to explore ways to sell the company or form a joint venture with another business, among other options.  So why exactly, after a failed revival IS Blackberry looking to sell or into other options, it’s simple.  Here’s three reasons why Blackberry is going bust, broke or Bye-Bye.


1.  Blackberry never viewed Apple as a “real” competitor until it was too late.

In 2007, the “consumerization” of business technology was already underway, and Blackberry missed the boat.  When BlackBerry users returned home and pulled off their ties, they picked up iPhones, which were a lot more fun to use. Soon, they wanted to use iPhones at work. At the same time, companies realized that workers would be happier and more productive buying the device of their choice, and the companies eventually spared the expense of providing their employees with phones, thus saving company dollars.

2.  Low production costs for competitors in Asia took a bite out of Blackberry’s business.

When your competition produces comparable products at a cheaper price, you’re going to lose sales.  Unfortunately for Blackberry – no one predicted the boom in demand for iOs and Android devices, thus leaving Blackberry with a slim chance to regain it’s stake in smartphone glory.


3.  Blackberry waited too long to launch the Q10 & Z10 devices, leaving consumers too little, too late.

I’ll admit, the Blackberry Q10 and Z10 have unique qualities that make them great devices (WATCH:  Verizon Wireless Blackberry Q10 – Hands on review) – however, both devices would have made a much better impact if launched in 2007 – while Blackberry still had a strong competing chance.  In its most recent quarter, BlackBerry shipped only 6.8 million smartphones—that’s a fifth of what Apple sold during the same period.

So will we see the Blackberry Q10 or Z10 on clearance shelves at your favorite carrier soon?  Who knows, this could just be a bump in the road for the once towering giant – or it could be the end of the road for good… (*cues up Boyz-II-Men*).



Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 – Hands On Video #VZWBuzz

June 17th, 2013 by Christen

Reunited and it feels so good…If you love the confidence of using a QWERTY keyboard on an updated BlackBerry device, meet the new Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10.

verizon wireless blackberry q10

 verizon wireless blackberry q10

Last week, I got the chance to check out the new Blackberry Q10 from Verizon Wireless at the Grand Central store in NYC.  If you remember the days of old where typing a text or email didn’t require eye-contact with your smartphone keypad, then you were among the many welcoming the new BlackBerry Q10 with open arms.  BlackBerry has revived the QWERTY keyboard, re-imagined the power of the BlackBerry Hub plus added immediate productivity with instant action features – unlike anything ever seen on a smartphone before.

verizon wireless blackberry q10

Similar to the BlackBerry® Z10 smartphone, the BlackBerry Q10 runs on the BlackBerry® 10 platform and includes a suite of features including smart keyboard software that understands and adapts to a user’s typing style. It creates personalized word suggestions and contextual auto corrections while a user types. Conversations can seamlessly move along without having to waste time fixing typos.  (Don’t believe me?   Then keep reading…)

 verizon wireless blackberry q10


Check out our HANDS ON video below and sneek peek of the BlackBerry Q10 from Verizon Wireless below…


The Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Q10 is now available for purchase online and in stores for $199.99 with a new two year customer agreement.

Disclosure:  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.

Alicia Keys, Blackberry Creative Director Still Using An iPhone

February 12th, 2013 by Christen


Alicia Keys’ Blackberry use (or lack thereof) could land her in a world of trouble. Discover why this “Girl On Fire” could find herself in an unemployment line soon below…

alicia keys blackberry

Alicia Keys and Blackberry could be heading for trouble, all because of Twitter…


This girl could get Fiiiiiiiiiii-YAHed! New BlackBerry creative director Alicia Keys may not have been the best choice for the role, since she can’t stop tweeting from her iPhone.  On Monday, less than two weeks after Blackberry announced that the singer would be joining the company during the BlackBerry 10 launch event, she tweeted a Drake lyric from her iPhone instead of from a BlackBerry device, the tech blog Pocket-lint pointed out.


alicia keys blackberry

Alicia Keys tweet…. not from Blackberry


Eight hours later, likely realizing her betrayal of Blackberry, Keys deleted the offending tweet and wrote, “What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I’ve been hacked… I like @Drake but that wasn’t my tweet :-(”  


(Nice recovery Alicia….NOT!)


Sure, maybe Keys was actually hacked, but why would a hacker just post a song lyric? A Blackberry spokesperson told CNBC that “Alicia Keys no longer has an iPhone.”  Before being hired by BlackBerry, Keys made a habit of tweeting from her iPhone. She will still need another phone to post to Instagram, as she likes to do, since BlackBerry 10 still lacks an Instagram app. Someone definitely needs to be policing Alicia Keys’ Blackberry use (almost making it mandatory to over-share her love for the device.)  Do I smell an Alicia Keys Blackberry commercial soon?


THIS GIRL…… can’t catch a break!

alicia keys blackberry

What do you think?  Was Alicia Keys’ Blackberry really hacked?  Should Blackberry be concerned with Alicia Keys’ indiscretions?  Have you bought a Blackberry because of Alicia Keys yet?




The New #Blackberry10 – Predictions, Specs And Live Blog

January 30th, 2013 by Christen



I must admit, when I heard the rumors of this (make or break) Blackberry 10 device – I was super skeptical. With a Apple, Samsung (and even Windows) dominating the market share of devices, it seems like everyone has a neglected Blackberry device inside of a desk drawer somewhere (heck, it was reported at one point that even the US Government was ready to abandon Blackberry and migrate over to Team iPhone.)


We’ve already discovered a few specs prior to today’s live event (which will begin shortly….) this is what we know so far…

Display: 4.2? with a 1280 x 768 resolution

Memory: 2 GB of RAM

Storage: 16 GB of Internal Storage

Cameras: 2 Megapixel front-facing camera (can record 720p video) / 8 megapixel rear-facing camera with 5X digital zoom

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC

Battery: 1800 mAh Battery (for more of our discovered spec rumors CLICK HERE.)


But what are we REALLY excited about? A little birdie told me about Rim’s new in photo editing feature that will blow the competition away! (Let’s just say that you’ll no longer have to worry about taking a blurry camera phone picture ever again. Blackberry 10 will allow you to select “by frame” the photo that looks best.) The Personal / Work user setting is another feature we’re excited about, not to mention the super fast predictive text.


Let’s see what the folks at Blackberry has to say….stay tuned for the LIVE EVENT below…




What do you think about the new Blackberry 10? Is it all hype or is it the next generation of what a smartphone should be? Share your thoughts below…




blackberry 10 hub

blackberry 10 keyboard

blackberry 10

blackberry 10 screen sharing

blackberry 10 photo editing

blackberry 10 story maker

blackberry 10

Is This What We Should Expect From Blackberry (RIM) on January 30th?

January 17th, 2013 by Analie

BB-Secret-900-75 [tech radar]We all love leaks and rumors. But this seems to be a lot more!

According to some documentation that TechRadar got their hands on; we have an idea what to expect from Blackberry.  So what do we know so far? Here are some specs:





Display: 4.2″ with a 1280 x 768 resolution

Memory: 2 GB of RAM

Storage: 16 GB of Internal Storage

Cameras: 2 Megapixel front-facing camera (can record 720p video) / 8 megapixel rear-facing camera with 5X digital zoom

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC

Battery: 1800 mAh Battery


Is this the type of Blackberry you’ve been waiting for?  The announcement has been made, the rumors have been flying and now all we can do is wait for the big reveal on January 30th.


BB10-Homescreen-01-580-75 - Credit TechRadar


According to the documents there will be four versions of the L series for the various networks. Most of them will support 4G LTE. Blackberry is rumored to be coming out with both a touch screen device and one with a QWERTY keyboard.

Many of those who had a brief hands-on with Blackberry 10 were impressed with the new user interface. They called it responsive and innovative. They say it brings the best from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone capabilities. I can’t wait to experience Blackberry Hub (where all of your notifications come together from email, messages, and social networks).I always thought Blackberry was great with communication apps.


Are you excited about this news?  Will you go back to Blackberry after living in an Android and iOS world?

What will it take for Blackberry to win you back?




BlackBerry 10 Is Coming: But Don’t Call It A Comeback Yet…

December 27th, 2012 by Tech Staff


Remember when everyone had a BlackBerry and BBM was the way to communicate? Back in the height of BlackBerry’s popularity, RIM’s BlackBerry devices were everywhere and reigned as the king of smartphones and emails until Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone back in 2007. That began the nail in their coffin and the devices and OS remained the same and the company failed to innovate.


BB10 coming

Now with a new CEO pushing a completely redesigned BlackBerry brand ( hardware & software), BlackBerry wants their spot back.   The Canada company took their gesture-based BlackBerry 10 OS and used it as a base for navigating throughout the new platform.  And don’t worry, unlike Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 will launch with a wide-variety of apps at launch.

The new UI RIM is using is called BlackBerry Flow where everything just flows with each other and in real time.  To take your BB 10 device out of sleep mode, you simply just swipe from the bottom of the screen up a la PlayBook.  You also have Active Frames on your homescreen that may resemble Live Tiles but work in a similar fashion.  With BlackBerry Peek, a sleek new way to view your notifications while still staying productive in whatever app you are using.  You just swipe up once you receive a notification and if you want to view more, you swipe to the left to view the message in its entirety.  BlackBerry was already one of the first platforms to use the unified inbox idea but has gone and made it look impressive with BlackBerry Hub.
BB10 Z10 The Hub allows you to manage all of your conversations via BBM, email, Facebook, Twitter, texts, or LinkedIn into one central communications hub.The BlackBerry platform has been stale for a bit as many users have flocked elsewhere, myself included.  Maybe because BlackBerry was my first real smartphone experience and even though I have an iPhone 5, I still miss the QWERTY keyboard perfection and the best push email on Earth.  Consumers and analysts will be skeptics as RIM still has to prove it can provide a decent app ecosystem as that’s what its all about these days as Windows Phone is suffering from the same issue.  RIM announced some popular apps making its way to BB 10 like along with a strong carrier support.
BlackBerry is hosting a global event on January 30th unveiling the finished product and announce availability for their new devices.
Are you ready for the new BlackBerry device or has that ship already sailed?

When The Fat Lady Sings: The Pentagon Considers Apple, Android over Blackberry

November 1st, 2012 by Christen


In case you didn’t think the mobile takeover was real, the U.S. Government is considering leaving it’s archaic standard of RIM and Blackberry devices and opting for Apple or Android instead.  In a quest for a larger, mature app ecosystems – The U.S. Government has officially announced that they’re accepting applications for new service providers that can manage keeping their defense secrets – A SECRET.

TechCrunch reports The U.S. Government will now be looking into solutions for provisioning iOS and Android devices in addition to those featuring RIM’s BlackBerry OS, according to a new report from Reuters. That means RIM will no longer have the exclusive contract for smartphone devices at the U.S. Defense Department, though it will remain another option.

A posting for the Defense Information Systems Agency is looking for companies to submit applications detailing how they can provide software to monitor and enforce strict security measures required for sensitive defense-related operations. The potential size of any arrangement with the Defense Department is huge: it could span 8 million devices all told. But the DOD doesn’t mean RIM is left out in the cold; in fact, BlackBerry’s Mobile Fusion cross-platform mobile device management solution is among the software solutions that could theoretically meet the needs of the DOD.

RIM said that it will be offering Fusion as a potential solution for consideration, in an interview with Reuters. And while other organizations like U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have announced they’ll switch entirely to iPhone, BlackBerry still probably won’t kicked out of the Pentagon altogether, at least in the immediate future, so while this is a blow, it isn’t a knock-out punch quite yet.

What do you think?  Could you be seeing our Commander in Chief President Obama on #TeamApple or #TeamAndroid soon?   Which device do you think he prefers?

Bling, BLING! The Most Expensive Celebrity Tech Toys EVER!

June 8th, 2012 by Christen

Bling, BLING!  In a world where celebs are notorious for outrageous fashions & ostenagious jewelry, it’s only right for celebrities to carry their blingalicous fashions over to their tech toys too!  Can you guess the celeb with the most expensive gadget on the planet? Think lots of diamonds & solid gold…




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