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Create The Work/Life Balance You Want With The New BlackBerry Priv From AT&T

December 18th, 2015 by Christen


Disclosure: This promotional article and giveaway has been sponsored in the form of monetary or product compensation, however all opinions & experiences shared are my own.


Creating a work/life balance may sometimes feel like a never ending challenge that you’ll never achieve.  From putting in extra work hours answering late emails, to discovering new ways to make time for family dinners, holiday functions and more – lately I feel like I need the ultimate life hack just to accomplish it all! Luckily the good folks at AT&T thought I should try out the new BlackBerry Priv to get a leg up on work and life…and it’s made a huge difference in the way that I work, live and play!


BlackBerry Priv


As a small business owner, consultant, freelance writer and more, my hustle isn’t limited to 9-5 business hours and I need a super smartphone that can keep up with me.  The BlackBerry Priv boasts a colossal 22.5 hours of battery life, it’s equipped with an Android ecosystem with access to over 1 million apps and with BlackBerry Hub I can manage all my emails, texts, BBM messages, phone calls, social media, calendars and more in one place.  I’d love to say that I can do it all, but in reality, that’s just not true.  There are times I feel overwhelmed feel like in order to keep up with everything, I have to be connected at all times – then there are times, where I just have to grab some coffee, put on some trap music and HANDLE IT. When it comes maintaining my balance of making my work life work for me, my BlackBerry Priv helps me get it done.


BlackBerry Priv



My life, (like yours) is filled with highs, lows and lots and lots of multitasking.  From sharing personal moments with family on Facebook to snapping photos of my favorite style accessories on Instagram my BlackBerry Priv helps me navigate through life on and offline.  You may think the BlackBerry Priv is simply a business smartphone, but with an 18MP Fast Focus camera, 4K video and live filters, it’s a unlimited smartphone for all the social sharing you want.  Personally, I love oversharing candid confessions on Snapchat and even sharing live videos on Periscope can be considered one my beloved pastimes.   One of my favorite features is the SmartSlide BlackBerry keyboard, not only is it a familiar keyboard that BlackBerry users know and love, but it takes the user experience further with a responsive touch that helps me scroll web pages, flick to type and more.


BlackBerry Priv


When you love technology as much as I do, you come to terms with going against the grain and setting the trend. I’ve always been kind of a rebel when it comes to technology and I love the ability of standing out among the sea of smartphone users.  Since using the the BlackBerry Priv, I’ve gotten a few compliments and even questions about using the keyboard, BBM app and more.  From excellent visual quality to the reliable BlackBerry security and privacy that you know and love – if you haven’t taken a look at the new AT&T BlackBerry Priv for work and play, you should (you won’t regret it!)

For more information on the BlackBerry Priv and to discover how to create the work/life balance that you want visit



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