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Celebrate Black History Month: Say It Loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!

February 8th, 2013 by Lifestyle Staff Say It Loud 4SquareBadge black history month February is here, meaning Black History Month is officially underway!  Discover new and exciting ways to celebrate Black History Month with friends and family.  From earning the “Say It Loud!” badge from BET and Foursquare to historical sight-seeing tours and more below. -  

Black History Month In Apps

Be sure to prove your heritage by earning the “Say It Loud!” badge from BET and Foursquare. This badge celebrates historic locations that are important to Black history, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in DC and the Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History and Culture in Baltimore.   Black History in an Hour-screenshot black history month -   Even the busiest of people can learn about history. Try the apps, “Black History in an Hour” ($2.99) or “American Slavery in an Hour” ($2.99). Through a series of eBooks, readers can learn the basics of Black history in America from slavery to the civil rights movement and beyond. Events that occurred in Great Britain and South Africa are included. There's really no excuse!   For a new take on Black history, and the truth that comes of telling our own stories, Tumblr is the place to look. From the hilarious hyperbole on “Little Known Black History Facts,” about the most uncanny of our culture to the somber, “Black Vernacular,” a digital memorial of our deceased ancestors, and finally to a nice balance between the two, “Peak Blackness” which captures all that is amazing, fantastic and audacious about Black people. - -     byronhurtpic black history month   -

Black History Month In Movies

Another hot topic that always gets Black folks talking is food, soul food to be exact! Following up from his success with “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” documentarian Byron Hurt brings us “Soul Food Junkies.” Shown at the 10th Annual Men of Strength Club – Solutions Through Film Black History Month Film Festival, this film explores the historical beginnings of soul food, the health implications of over-consumption, and the changes coming about with the food justice movement. - -   - Also shown was “Hoodwinked”, a data-driven, statistical journey to answer the questions: Are there more Black men in jail or in college? And which is higher, the high school dropout or graduation rate for young Black men? Have a look for yourselves, the answers may just shock you! Proceeds from this youth-led event were donated to Apne Aap Women Worldwide for girls in India to go to schools, not brothels. -


With so many options to explore Black History Month, how will you research and celebrate your heritage?


Beauty Bit: Most Important Key to Maintaining Natural Hair…

December 15th, 2012 by Lifestyle Staff

Everyone in the natural hair community is very serious about their decision to leave the chemicals, and wear their hair in its natural state. I personally commend those who have made this transition! However, there are a few things that you must know in order to properly care for your natural hair (or any hair) to maintain it's truest texture.


In speaking with two authorities in the hair care industry (Spring Capers of “Springs Place”, Chicago IL-South Loop, & Kelly Jay of “Eula’s Hair Salon”, Chicago IL-Beverly), the common thread of the “how-to” conversation, as it relates to hair, is that you must visit a hair care professional in order to properly care for your tresses. Maintenance is very important. “Whether natural or processed, ends will split”, says Kelly Jay. She advises that you should see your hair care professional every 7-10 days, but that seeing one every 14 days is more common, as everyone’s budget is not the same. Spring says something similar. “The secret to great hair, no matter what type, style or texture, is an APPOINTMENT on a regular basis with a true professional.”


Also, naturalistas have to find the hair care products that work best with your particular hair texture.  Not all products work for every type of hair, so doing your own research, listening to and visiting with your hair care professional, plus “trial and error” will make for the best teacher.

            Whether your hair is processed or natural, your hair’s health will all depend on YOU. The woman with the AMAZINGLY beautiful tresses will potentially be the woman who frequently visits her stylist!   It’s not too late to get your hair in order; caring for your hair doesn't have to be a struggle! See your local hair care professional for your consultation and maintenance if it has been a while.               Have your own natural hair care tips or tricks that have helped you? Know a great natural hair stylist? Share below for the rest of the naturalistas... iPhone Cases and Accessories For The Rich

November 29th, 2012 by Tech Staff

What is this exactly?  It’s a new iPhone accessory that will be coming next year courtesy of of the Black Eyed Peas. The camera case above adds a new sensor, lens, and flash to the iPhone’s camera, increasing the phone’s sensor from 8 MP to 14 MP. The brand, called foto.sosho, will feature two styles – contemporary (black) and vintage (white with gold trim) – and will initially only be available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. iPhone 5 cases are in the works, and are slated to arrive sometime next year. In addition to improving the camera, the foto.sosho iPhone docks also set the iPhone up with a slide-out keyboard, if you’re into that kind of thing.  

  Those who buy in will also get an account, which is’s version of Instagram, providing photo editing options and a social network. How, exactly, differs from Instagram in any other way but name remains to be seen. The iPhone 4/4S cases scheduled to go on sale on December 6 with a steep asking price  – the C.4 will sell for £199, or about $319, while the V.4, incredibly, will have a £100 premium attached, putting its price at £299 ($479) despite apparently having the same hardware.   via

How To Prepare For The Ultimate Black Friday Shopping Experience On A Budget!

November 22nd, 2012 by Christen   Shopping for deals and steals post-Thanksgiving has become a custom for many families and shopaholics alike, with shoppers frequenting their favorite stores with stacks of ads and coupons clutched to their chests.   With the biggest holiday shopping sale moments away, like many Americans (your budget is limited...)  but being the savvy shopper you are, you refuse to wait to plan your shopping strategy and that's why you're here!  In addition to the latest Black Friday strategies and sale information, we've got that one tip that is sure to keep you out of long lines while getting the big savings on Black Friday below.  

Black Friday Sales

From free toys to cheap electronics, find some of your tops wish list gifts on  Looking for that 60" VIZO television for $688? Walmart's got it!  What about 50% off top toy brands and $30 of stocking stuffers for the kids for FREE? Toys R Us has you covered!   TIP #1  MAKE A PLAN: Once you identify what you want to buy, which stores have the best sales on Black Friday and what time they open, make a decision about when and where you want to shop first. This year, many stores such as Macy’s & Kohl’s will be opening as early as midnight, but depending on your mall, the next batch of stores may not be open until 4am-6am. Plan accordingly so you’re not waiting in the cold for the next four hours!   DEAL FOR A STEAL:  Looking for free money to add to your holiday spending?  H&M is offering the first 100 customers in line scratch off cards with values of up to $300 for store spending!  With sweaters & dresses just starting at $5 each, you can buy gifts for everyone, no matter if they've been naughty or nice this season!  Most free-standing H&M stores will open up tonight at midnight, you better get in line early!  (Check your local mall for correct Black Friday shopping hours.)   TIP #2 DON’T DRESS TO IMPRESS: Loose-fitting or comfy clothing (such as a jogging suit) and sneakers could possibly be the best Black Friday shopping outfit ever. Not only will you be spending a lot of time on your feet, but no one wants to wake up at 4am and get all gussied up. Do yourself a favor by keeping your outfit relaxed and nixing those heels!  

SKIP THE LINES:  Several stores (including Walmart) will let you put the Black Friday Sale items on Layaway today and get them out for the Black Friday price on Friday! If you want to avoid the lines and still get the deals, drop everything and shop now

    #TIP #3  THERE’S POWER IN NUMBERS: Go with a team and attack separate stores or sections of the same store. Distributing the list by items (electronics, fashions, etc.) is also a good plan. Designate a meeting place and time to check out so you can find one another amongst all the craziness. The faster you can shop, the sooner you’ll be nursing a hot chocolate back in bed!   LESS-QUANTITY ITEMS ARE NOT WORTH YOUR QUALITY TIME: Be wary of Black Friday deals with quantity limits. If a store only has 10 items at that price, go elsewhere. Time is money and you don’t want to miss out on Black Friday sales that are actually worth waiting for!   TIP #4 HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR SMARTPHONE: From following local stores via Twitter, double-checking ad sales via mobile internet or simply dialing a friend to lend a helping hand in carrying five flat-screen TVs home, smartphones are your BFF on Black Friday.  Make sure yours is fully charged…and use it wisely!   USE TIMING WISELY: By 8am, many of those door-busting earlybirds who have been shopping since 4am have left to go home and crawl back into bed. Meanwhile, the later shoppers are just getting dressed and making waffles, preparing to hit the malls at 10am. If you wait until 8am or so, you can find empty parking lots of stores where there are still plenty of deals to be found, but nearly no lines!   TIP #5 BRING A SNACK: Only amateurs stop at the food court on Black Friday. If you think the lines are bad in the stores, you won’t believe the crowds around McDonald’s come noon! Keep granola bars or pre-packaged snacks in your bag to fight off those mid-shopping munchies. You’ll stay satisfied and can eat a healthier meal at home!     What do you think of these Tips for Black Friday success? Have you ever gone shopping on Black Friday? Will you be going this year? Where are you off to?

This Season’s Holiday Shopping “Appvice” from Verizon Wireless

November 21st, 2012 by Christen There's no better time to challenge the power of your smartphone to make your life a little easier this season.  Black Friday chaos, Small Business Saturday shopping and Cyber Monday is right around the corner to kick off the holiday shopping season, and this year you have the power to control your entire shopping experience.  Verizon is here to help!  Tis the season to shop stress free this year and enjoy your holiday weekend with the help of these helpful apps, tips  and Verizon’s 4G LTE Network:  

Take Control of Your Commute with VZ Navigator

  • Map out where you want to go and what route you want to take. Use VZNavigator for turn-by-turn directions, your location, and live traffic conditions to avoid the crowds.  Use real-time, turn-by-turn spoken directions with street names and true-to-life images of highway and exit signs, many in 3D. Advanced navigation instructions include landmarks such as traffic lights and number of streets.  Discover millions of destinations and businesses that are constantly updated for accuracy, including the nearest ATMs and low gas prices. Search by name or category: restaurants, shopping, airports, museums and more.

  • If you’re interested in searching for deals by store, product categories, or most recent offers, download the TGI Black Friday App .  This app lets you view Black Friday ads from all major retail stores, create a personal shopping list, and compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  TGI Black Friday is currently the highest rated Black Friday app for the Apple iPhone in 2011. The free app allows you to search thousands of Black Friday deals for every major retail store. You can create a personal shopping list and use your iPhone to shop smarter and faster on Black Friday.


  • Worried about your favorite team rather than a shopping deal?  Don’t! With the Verizon NFL Mobile you get 24/7 access to everything NFL.  Check out scores, latest news, and highlights.

  • Ready for Small Business Saturday?  Make sure you stay fueled so your shopping experience is a marathon not a sprint.  Small Business Saturday, is Saturday, November 24th!  Support local business and download the Yelp app so you know where to get the closest cup of joe or sandwich to keep you going.  Find and read reviews about great local businesses near you.  Looking for a burrito joint open now? An Irish pub nearby? A gas station you can drive to before your tank hits empty? Yelp for Android is here to help. Use us to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax and play then read reviews from an active community of locals in the know.
  • Cyber Monday is important and on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network you’ll be able to search and shop faster.  With the app you can use that power to compare prices, read reviews, and buy all the latest gear and gadgets. Browse, search & buy millions of products right from your Android device.  The Amazon Mobile App allows Android users to browse and “Shop by Department”, quickly search, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, access Gold Box Deals, and make purchases on

Black Friday Alert: If You’re Looking For Apple’s Black Friday Deals, Look No Further…

November 19th, 2012 by Tech Staff   What’s under Apple’s tree this season? Could it be the gift of savings? Apple hasn’t announced any deals for Black Friday (yet), but in this season of giving, we can only assume that Apple plans to offer huge savings for Black Friday. If 2011 is any indication as to 2012 savings, we’re in for a treat and it’s safe to write our list for what we want. Last year Apple offered respectable discounted items for the one-day shopping event including iPad savings and savings on the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac devices. We’re checking our list twice and on our list this season, we’re asking the big red man (ahem, Apple) for: iPad specials:  In 2011, the iPad 2 was only a few months old when Black Friday rolled around, and customers enjoyed about a $50 savings. We expect the same level of savings for iPad 3 and older model iPads this year. If you haven’t bought an iPad yet because of the hefty price tag, we suggest waiting until Apple officially announces its specials. Because they will…at least we hope. Apple reduced prices on Mac last year so we predict savings on Mac products as well.


Discounts on Accessories: We expect Apple to reduce prices on accessories. Some stores offer free Apple accessories with your purchase of an iPad so be on the lookout for these savings. There’s nothing better than getting something free especially when it’s from Apple. Shorter Lines and Less in-store Crowds: Wildly popular is Black Friday so expect to see a lot of consumers. We hope that Apple is well stocked and equipped to handle the influx of customers. How about express lines and customer service oriented sales people to direct the traffic? We don’t want our turkey & stuffing to get cold. Participating Stores: While Apple is the go-to spot for all things Apple, other retailers like Best Buy will have possible savings on Apple products. Best Buy has its own surge of customers on Black Friday, but it’s a healthy alternative to buying your iPad directly from an Apple store. You can even buy your Apple product online and skip the long lines and overcrowding. However, in store sales seem to be the most lucrative and cost-effective. You may be wondering about iPhones. Last year there were no iPhone savings, but you never know. These are just our predictions. Apple may have some surprises up its sleeves.

Tell us about your Black Friday experience. Do you plan on going this year? What tech pieces are you looking to get your hands on?

Wild Shoe Wednesday: Charlotte Olympia Hits the Stage at Black Girls Rock

October 17th, 2012 by Fashion Staff The taping of BET's Black Girls Rock took place in New York City this past weekend and if you follow Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose on Instagram then you might have seen a few behind the scene pictures as she prepped to style clinets for the award show and  previewed the haute shoes that ended up on a certain black girl that rocks haute soles.  Can you guess which R&B superstar rocked these heels on stage?   It's none other than singer-songwriter Alicia Keys, who's caught gracing the stage in a pair of six inch Charlotte Olympia Zena Booties.  The almond toe ankle bootie are suede and calfskin with a leather lining and sole. The signature spider web logo in gold is placed on the sole as well. Lets not forget the best detail on the shoe, the crisscross gold leather brocade inspired detailing, which is a must have trend for fall.   It doesn't matter if you want to evening charm to a day time look or upgrading your shoe collection for your night life these bootie will for sure get the job done. To build an outfit around the gold brocade front pair these shoes with Fall's hottest color, Oxblood. The expose foot paired with the almond toe is great when you want to step out in style on those chillier autumn nights, because whats worst then having frost bitten toes. For the divas who wants to be the "girl on fire", as June Ambrose Says then look no futher, these heels are for you.   Ladies what are your thoughts on these shoes, are you feeling them like stylist June Ambrose? Would these shoes make you feel like a girl on fire or would your rather set these on fire? Let us know below!   Images Courtesy of June Ambrose Instagram &

The Diamond Crocodile STRIKES Again…

October 18th, 2010 by Christen With the crisp autumn air comes a new desire to switch up the hairstyle, nail color, boots & bag!  Nothing else screams REFRESHING as this black diamond Hermes Birkin bag...and matching BlackBerry 9700!  Glamour doesn't have to be flashy - it can be classy, CLASSY as a crocodile!



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