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5 Last Minute Apps To Save Your Valentine’s Day Weekend

February 13th, 2015 by Tech Staff

It’s the day before Valentine’s day and guess what?  You still haven’t bought flowers, champagne or chocolates for the love of your life…lucky for you, there’s an app for that!  Discover five last minute apps that you need in your arsenal to save your Valentine’s Day weekend below! (Thank us later!)

Postmates: Calling all procrastinators: Meet your Valentine’s Day lifesaver, Postmates. Dubbed the “Uber of packages,” you name it, and it’s delivered in under an hour. Whether it’s flowers for your sweetie, a latte to brighten their day or dinner for two from your fave restaurant, you can take your pick from any restaurant or store in your city, whether they offer delivery or not. (iOS / Android)

Minibar: What’s a celebration without a little bubbly? Minibar is here to lift your spirits by delivering the goods: wine, liquor, beer, mixers and more. With a few taps on your phone and a brief 30-60 minute wait, Minibar will be at your door. It’s available in major cities across the U.S. and delivery is free. (iOS / Android)



Reserve: Things are about to get personal when it comes to dining out. Thanks to Reserve, you can reserve your table and pay your bill (tip included!) without ever pulling out your wallet. Why not reserve time with your main squeeze and not worry about the little things? (iOS / Android)

MeUndies: Step up your his-and-her underwear game this V-Day with a brand-new pair of undies delivered right to your door.

Mouth: Valentine’s Day Tasty Treats: Why make your lovebird’s heart flutter when you can make their mouth water with indie food and booze from Mouth? Get small-batch food and drinks, made by real people, delivered right to your door. With so many tasty gifts to choose from, we suggest you start with the Valentine’s Day XO Tasters and Love Potion #9.

Skintastic! This Wearable Turns Your Skin into a Touchscreen

January 13th, 2015 by Tech Staff



If you’ve ever been a fan of futuristic wearables in movies like Iron Man, where Robert Downey Jr. maneuvers a Google Glass-look-alike and makes a touchscreen appear out of thin air. Now there’s a company that is bringing that touchscreen even closer… skin close! This new wearable – Cicret, could have you saying good-bye to your smartphones for good.




All users have to do is slip on this bracelet to transform their skin into a working touchscreen. The revolutionary wearable projects a smartphone screen on the surface of your arm, along with eight long-range proximity sensors and an app. Each tap on your skin alerts a sensor, which then sends information back to the bracelet and then to your smartphone via Bluetooth. How crazy is that?



The bracelet comes in two sizes and 10 colors. Once clad in this wearable, you can do whatever the smartphone does — read emails, check the weather, play your favorite games and even answer your calls. The bracelet is completely waterproof, so you can respond to important emails or just read your latest e-book straight from your tub.




The developers are currently crowdsourcing their funding, and plan to release Cicret by next June. While Cicret only supports Android devices, with extra funding, they might get Apple users covered too. If you’d like to help support this crazy tech wearable, you can make a donation to the Cicret team.

What do you think of this new wearable bracelet? Would you wear it IRL? Tell us in the comments below!


Wish You Could Get That Text Back? There’s an App for That

January 12th, 2015 by Tech Staff

We’ve all been there. Staring down in horror at our phones at a text we did not mean to send but did anyway for reasons ranging from carelessness to extreme anger to intoxication. Or maybe a friend thought it was funny to prank us and sent the unsendable message as a joke.

Regardless of the reason for the faux pas, your worries are over because someone has finally created that app, the one that allows you to recall your messages, at least within a set time period, and either edit or delete them.


“We’ve all had that experience where we send a text message [that] made us look like complete idiots. We’ve all had that text message that we wish we could get back, and now we have the opportunity to do that with On Second Thought,” Maci Peterson, the co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought.

The app, called On Second Thought, which was launched on Dec. 23, is pretty easy to use. You download it from the app store, set it as your primary messaging app and start texting away. When you realize you’ve sent a text that makes you want to cringe, you either swipe left to recall and edit it or you swipe right to completely delete it.

On Second Thought is Peterson’s brainchild, its creation, and the creation of the company itself, triggered by the young entrepreneur’s winning first place in a start-up-pitch competition in March 2014 at the South by Southwest festival in Texas. To Peterson, that vote of confidence was the validation she needed to start the long process of pulling together a team and getting started.

On second thought

As far as future plans for the app, Peterson hopes to have the iOS, or Apple’s operating system, version out by the end of the year. The current Android version is so far performing quite well, Peterson says. Peterson notes that as of the first full week in January, the company has had about 100 new users every day, with an 82 percent retention rate.

A new feature that she has planned is the “curfew,” which would essentially allow you to set a time for all messages from your phone to be stopped (hint, hint for those intending to have a particularly rowdy night out on the town) until the next morning, when you can glance back over them with “fresh” eyes, as it were.

Currently the app is free to download in the Play store and provides you with a set number of recalls (about 17 or so, Peterson says) for free. Unlimited recalls for the rest of the month cost $1.99, while a yearly subscription is $9.99.


Get Money: 11 Apps That Can Make You Quick Cash For The Holidays

November 7th, 2014 by Christen
apps that pay you

The holidays are in full swing and if you’re making a list and checking it twice then you know you’re gonna need some major cash to fulfill your holiday gift list this year. What if I told you that your smartphone holds the key to you making a few more coins this season? Supplemental income is always welcome, right? I’ve listed a few of my favorite money making apps to help you make a few extra dollars for the holidays.  
It’s one way to earn money for your work through technology, which is constantly giving us new, innovative ways to earn extra cash. I’m always interested in all sorts of apps that help people make money, and wanted to share a few that I found that could help your wallet out today.  Discover 11 apps that pay you – just in time for your quick holiday cash fix below.

11 Apps That Pay You – Just In Time For The Holidays

Cosign – The COSIGN app brings discovery and commerce together – turning photos into interactive, shoppable pictures. The first social media tool that allows members to share and profit from their recommendations. Now, the where did you get that? question is answered seamlessly.  As your photos spread across the web, the ‘what is that and where can I buy it’ information travels with them.
i-Say Mobile With i-Say Mobile, you can get paid to take surveys and earn either money or gift cards.


Field Agent Field Agent pays you to complete simple, easy tasks. It sometimes requires driving, so you need to make sure you’re not spending more on gas than you’re making.
InboxDollars With InboxDollars you get paid to do things like search the web and take surveys, and can cash out every time you accumulate $30.
Bookscouter Bookscouter helps you sell your used books for the best price, and usually you’re given prepaid shipping so there’s no cost.
Gigwalk Gigwalk allows you to do contract work for businesses near you.
EasyShift Similar to Gigwalk, EasyShift puts you in contact with people who need work done, and you get paid.
Fiverr Fiverr gets its name from the fact that every gig you complete pays $5.
Rewardable With Rewardable, you can sign up for relatively simple tasks and be rewarded monetarily for them.
iPoll With iPoll you complete surveys, give feedback, and conduct market research for money.
Receipt Hog Receipt Hog simple requires you to upload your receipts when you shop. It’s run by a marketing company that pays you for contributing to their research.
Now that you have a quick list of apps that can help you make some cash this holiday season, which of these apps are you looking to download first?  

Transform Yourself Into An Animated Emoji Using The Bitmoji App

November 4th, 2014 by Christen

Love emojis? Of course, we all do!  Now you can take that love a step further and transform yourself into an animated emoji with the new Bitmoji app!  From the people who brought you Bitstrips (the personalized comic strip app), comes Bitmoji. An app for — you guessed it — personalized emojis.



Your personal Bitmoji can take form in all different moods, expressions and comic scenes depending on what’s right for the conversation. I have already tested out the Bitmoji app and harassed my friends in our group text.  It definitely is a comical alternative to any emoji you can find available today.

Don’t have time to re-create your Bitstrip masterpiece?  Don’t worry!  Log in with Facebook and your previously created avatar is already there waiting for you!




Check out just how easy it is to upgrade your messaging experience with the Bitmoji app below.



Bitmoji upgrades your messaging needs from texting, Facebook Messenger and more. There’s even a custom keyboard you can set up for iOS 8.  The iOS app comes bundled with a convenient custom keyboard that you can use directly in apps like iMessage and WhatsApp while you’re typing!  On Android there’s an included a shortcut in all of your favorite chat apps, making it a breeze to quickly share Bitmoji with friends.

The app is now available on iOS and Android, and it’s free, so we expect everyone to go and make themselves emoji famous.

Are you downloading the animation + emoji app on your smartphone?  Share your thoughts below.




Recover From Text Message Mishaps With The SAVE MY ASS Mobile App

October 30th, 2014 by Tech Staff

In a world where technology and multi-tasking is the norm, we’ve all been there. As soon as you hit “send” you realize that snarky text about your boss, was sent to your boss, or that “selfie” you sent to your significant other mistakenly went to your mother-in-law. After the initial shock, you text a friend for advice and quickly work to undo the damage.

That is exactly what happened to SAVE MY ASS (SMA) friends and co-creators Gillian Burke and Wendy Hall. Gillian rapid-fired off a text to Wendy complaining about a guy she was dating and realized she sent the text to him by mistake. After Wendy helped her draft a response, Gillian exclaimed “There should be an app for this! I’m not the only one that doesn’t know how to text!”

save my ass app

With a quick swipe on your mobile, SMA is a consumer app featuring thousands of witty, pre-written texts, a “talk dirty to me” category and even a first-of-its-kind “alibi” feature. Whether you send a text intended for someone to the wrong person; you’re dating and not sure how to initiate flirting or banter; you’re in a relationship and want to spice things up; or you receive a text from someone and truly don’t know how to respond, SMA was created to help you.


Features include:

  • 18 witty categories featuring over 1500 texts that can be sent as is or personalized by the user.
  • Want to spice things up? The “talk dirty to me” category includes clever banter from romantic to sexy.
  • Need an alibi? Log in, choose the “alibi” feature, write a text to cover your tracks and choose a friend from your contact list as your “alibi.” Hit “send” and the text will be sent simultaneously to the recipient and your “alibi” ensuring your whereabouts are “confirmed.”
  • Share/Trending. Users are encouraged to share outrageous, hilarious texts received and sent to be voted on each week. The most popular submissions will be found in the  “trending” category ensuring content is constantly changing and updating.


save my ass app


“Our goal is to help adults communicate more effectively when texting,” said Wendy Hall co-creator of SAVE MY ASS, “Gillian and I were both divorced, in our 30s and found ourselves in new world of digital dating. We didn’t know what to say or how to communicate.” Added Gillian, “We developed the app to have universal appeal for anyone who communicates by texting and simply needs help knowing what to say in a fun and clever way.”

Downlad the SAVE MY ASS app for free in the Apple app store. A one-time in app purchase allows users to upgrade to include the “alibi” feature, the “talk dirty to me” category or both, priced from $4.99 – $7.99. (A version for Android is coming soon.)


Could you use app like this to get you out of a texting mishap?  What was the last text you’ve sent and wish you could’ve deleted before sending?  Share you text mishap experiences below.



Meet LOLy: A New Fashion-Forward Emoji App For Fashionistas Everywhere

October 7th, 2014 by Christen

Not all emojis are created equal.  There are times when you need the right emoji used during a text or email thread to fully express yourself at any given moment. With so many emoji apps emerging onto the scene, it’s pretty clear that the classic emoji just aren’t cutting it anymore. There’s one for hipsters, Seinfeld fans, GoT lovers and even taco eaters. And now, there’s one for fashionistas.


LOLy was created by an all-woman design team headed by Splendora founder Gina Pell. To come up with this chic, unique, fabulously frivolous set, the team surveyed hundreds of women about their most-texted phrases. Since it’s not integrated into Apple’s iOS as of yet, this fun, fashion-forward, FREE app allows you to copy and paste unique graphics into your texts. LOLy is for every girl (or guy) that wants to send their BFF a pair of Loubs and a Chanel tweed jacket once in a while.


Just when you thought you’ve seen everything when it comes to newly released emoji sets, LOLy comes along and fulfills all your Chanel-and-Louboutin-filled dreams. This new app will cure sooo many emoji-related frustrations, like why does the “getting your nails done” emoji only come in pink?! Or why the heck isn’t there a tequila shot emoji?!




Even though most are fairly fabulous, this emoji set also includes other things that us fashion folk seem to chat about (and Instagram) a lot. Like cake, pho and margaritas. Because who doesn’t text about food nonstop?
Are you going to use LOLy? Let us know your favorite new emoji in the comments below!


The TRUTH About Facebook’s New Messenger App (Hint: It Won’t Do Anything You Don’t Want It To)

August 13th, 2014 by Christen

Facebook wants to force you to adopt it’s standalone mobile app and it’s efforts has privacy-concerned users upset and up in arms! Recently reports have surfaced and gone viral bashing the social network recently because it claims the app gives Facebook “direct control over your mobile device” and allows Facebook to call phone numbers without a users’ intervention and send text messages without confirmation, but IT’S NOT TRUE.

Guess what? Facebook Messenger isn’t any more invasive than Facebook’s main app — or other similar applications.  The fear actually stem from a message that greets owners of Android devices when they install the app. It explains that the app requires permission access to the device’s camera, microphone, list of contacts and other information.  Want to know the truth about Facebook’s new messenger app?  Discover what it can and can’t do below.




truth about Facebook's new messenger app





Here’s THE TRUTH about what Facebook’s mobile messaging app does and doesn’t do.

TRUE OR FALSE:  The Messenger app is new.

(FALSE) Facebook’s Messenger app has been around since 2011. In April, it started requiring that users in Europe download and install the app if they wish to send messages to Facebook friends. Two weeks ago, the company said it would expand the requirement to other parts of the world. Facebook says it’s forcing users to make the switch because a standalone app offers more features. For example, the app is faster, it offers a selfie cam, stickers and can be used to reach people on your contact list who are not Facebook users.


TRUE OR FALSE:  You have to use the Messenger app if you want to send messages to your Facebook friends.

(FALSE)  While it’s required to download if you are using Facebook’s mobile app on the iPhone or Android smartphones, you can avoid it if use the Facebook messenger service on your desktop or laptop, iPad or even the mobile Facebook website.




truth about Facebook's new messenger app




TRUE OF FALSE:  The Facebook Messenger app’s terms of service are different from —and more intrusive than— Facebook’s own official terms.

(FALSE)  Facebook’s terms of service are the same for all its mobile apps, including the main Facebook app. You can read it here. What’s upsetting people is the list of “permissions” they see when they download and install the app on an Android phone. It’s a long list with 10 items, each of which states that the app needs access to features on your phone including contacts, calendar, location data and Wi-Fi information. Sure, that’s a lot of personal data. But it’s the same data most messaging apps have access to. On the iPhone, users don’t get the list of permissions when they install the app, but when they use it, permissions pop up individually. You can view the app’s list of permissions HERE  (Click “view details” under Permissions.)


TRUE OR FALSE:  Facebook’s Messenger app will use your phone’s microphone to record you.

(FALSE)  The app needs permission to use your phone’s microphone and camera. But it requires that access because the microphone is needed for voice calling, a service that the standalone app offers that the Facebook app doesn’t, and sending sound with videos. Same with the camera, it needs access if you want to send your friends pictures.


TRUE OF FALSE:  Facebook will direct the app to send SMS, or text, messages without your permission.

(FALSE)  One of the permissions does say that Facebook can edit, receive, read and send SMS messages. But the company says the reason it wants to send and receive SMS messages is so that if you add a phone number to your Messenger account, you can confirm by a confirmation code that Facebook sends via text message.


Now that you know the truth about Facebook’s new messenger app are you still nervous about installing the “new” app now?  Have you made the switch to the upgraded Facebook Messenger app yet?

Five Photo Editing Apps To Download For Flawless Selfies

July 31st, 2014 by Christen

How the heck are her Instagram selfies flawless – all the dang time?


I know I can’t be the only person that has pondered the wonder that is “flawless selfies” that while scrolling through an Instagram timeline.  By now, we all know that Instagram, Facebook & Twitter is nothing more than our own curated form of reality. Which is probably why you find Madeface, Bitstrips and photos of your friends online that look nothing like your friends online. One of the biggest trends in app development are apps that bring the power of airbrushing & photoshop to your fingers tips. Wondering what top photo editing apps the latest filtered-photos are courtesy of?  Check out which top photo editing apps are changing the faces of online photos everywhere below:
ArcSoft photo editing app

1.  Perfect365 – Perfect365, a free photo editing app that lets people instantly smooth skin, excise zits, highlight eyes and even resize noses before sending their image out on the Internet. (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)


2. ModiFace Photo EditorModiFace Photo Editor features a cosmetics/makeup simulation, as well as skin and facial enhancement effects. Other great features include blemish removal, color contacts, facial/body slimming, and even warping. To finalize your photo, you can add a filter, frame, and text, and instantly share your polished result with your friends and family!  (Available for iPhone)


3.  Pixtr – Pixtr is the get pix fixed quick app. Get professionally edited photos at the touch of a button. No editing skills required. No more pictures gone to waste. In no time at all.  (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)


Flawless selfies Christen Rochon

The Visage Lab app removed under-eye wrinkles, brightened skin & provided an au natural glow IN ONE CLICK!


4. Visage LabThe Visage Lab photo editing app applies the touch of a plastic surgeon in an instant.  Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically! (Available for iPhone / Android (coming soon))

Facetune photo editing app



5.  FaceTune – Facetune provides easy, powerful tools previously reserved for the pros, to make every photo look perfect.  (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)




With all of these photo enhancing apps who would dare post a photo using #nofilter ever again?


Do you have any of these apps in your smartphone arsenal? Which of these apps would you download and use most?



Downloads: Top 5 Games To Kill Time At Work

July 22nd, 2014 by Christen

Let’s face it!  Everyone loves playing games on their smartphone or tablet to pass the wading time throughout the day.  Whether you admit it or not, you’ve definitely got a few bandwagon games on your smartphone that you probably don’t even play anymore.  Why not jump on the newest and most downloaded games of the week to peak your interest in gaming agin.  Discover the top 5 free games to kill time at work available this week for your Apple or Android device below.


Guess The Emoji game


5.  Guess The Emoji

With the buzz of new Emojis coming soon, isn’t time you brushed up on your emoji knowledge before things really get out of hand?  Guess The Emoji will actually entertain you for hours.  The kid friendly and family friendly game tests your logic to solve simple emoji puzzles.

FREE:  Available on iTunes and Google Play store




dont touch the spikes4.  Don’t Touch The Spikes

Talk about a game that’s pretty straight forward.  Basically you maneuver and fly a bird with the intention to make it to safety without flying into spike walls and traps.  Could this be the next Angry Bird? I’m not so sure, but it is generating a buzz in gaming so you’ll just have to play and see.

FREE:  Available on iTunes and Google Play store


3.  Timberman

Feeling a little nostalgic and in search for an old school arcade style game to soothe the in-office tension?  Then Timberman is for you!  Its a fairly simply game.  Become a Tiberman, chop wood and avoid the branches.  As you get further along in the game you’ll have to compete with variable environments and 10 Timbermen to unlock, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but you’ll have fun competing for top leaderboard status anyhow.

FREE:  Available on iTunes and Google Play store

jenga games to kill time at work2.  Jenga

The official Jenga game can now be played in the palm of your hands from anywhere!  (Can you imagine trying to set up dozens of wooden blocks on the subway?  Not happening!)  With Jenga on your smartphone, you can take the tower building experience anywhere!  Just don’t yell out JENGA too loud, you’re killing time in the office, not at family game night.

FREE:  Available on iTunes and Google Play store

kardashian games to kill time at work

1.  Kim Kardashian:  Hollywood

If you love all things Kardashian, then this game is totally for you!  You can you create your own star-like celebrity status on a red carpet adventure starring Kim Kardashian.  You can even date and dump celebrities at the best parties and hottest clubs.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to marry Kanye West in the game.  Sounds like fun right?

FREE:  Available on iTunes and Google Play store

Have you downloaded any of these games yet?  Would you actually play the Kardashian game?  Would you download any of these games to kill time at work?  Share your thoughts below.



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