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Become The MVP Of Your Next Party With This Photo Sharing App

November 18th, 2015 by Christen

There’s nothing like hanging out with good friends or family and capturing those priceless moments that’ll last a lifetime.  If you’re anything like me, you’re always swiping through party or event photos to share online.  Whether it’s selfies, usies or group photos, most people are still stuck sharing photos the archaic, old-fashioned way via text or email.

But what if you could share high quality photos, quickly and without compromising your private contact information?  With FotoSwipe, you simply swipe the photo from one device to another to share seamlessly.



Imagine you are out with a group of friends at a party and you’ve taken a dozen photos of the evening. Your friends all want copies, but texting each of them twelve photos would take hours. Sometimes, I’m so engrossed in living in the moment that I forget to immediately share group photos.  With FotoSwipe, everyone in your group can get your photos in seconds!




FotoSwipe is a secure, photo sharing app that allows you to share photos or videos between iOS or Android smartphones or tablets by simply “swiping” using your finger from one device to the next.  Sharing is easy! Simply place the two phones next to each other and launch FotoSwipe on both. Select the photo/video you want to share and drag it from your screen to the receiver’s screen. The photo will be copied instantly.




FotoSwipe isn’t just the easiest way to instantly share photos and videos with people near you, it’s also a great way to transfer photos too.  In addition to sharing photos with friends, I use FotoSwipe to transfer photos between all my handheld devices including my iPad, Amazon Fire tablet and Samsung tablet.

Be the MVP of your next party or family event, download FotoSwipe on iTunes or Google Play today, it’s fast, simple, and free.

Plan And Prepare: 5 Emergency Apps You Need To Download Now!

November 13th, 2015 by Christen

If you’ve tuned into the news or have checked social media within the latest hour, Paris is under siege with six different locations almost simultaneously under deadly attacks. The national borders of Paris has been shut down & Paris is now under a state of emergency. Drenched in chaos and countless people paralyzed with fear, some people are turning to social media to share news of their safety and the latest reports of explosions and deadly shootings across Paris.


emergency apps


During this unprecedented attack, many are concerned for their friends and loved ones in Paris & have no way to account for their safety. This has me wondering how I would react if thrown in case of an emergency.  How would I connect with family and friends if cell phone, internet, or landline phones don’t work?  There are sites and apps that help you prepare, plan and stay informed for emergencies, discover them and create a safety plan for you and your family below. is a national site designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and terrorist disasters. This site was created and shares updates to encourage the public to increase the level of basic preparedness in case of untimely emergency.


Guardly: Users can instantaneously connect with friends and family in emergencies with Guardly. With a few taps, users can dial for help or send out an alert. Triggering an alert enables real-time location tracking.  Users can also capture and send photos to mobile contacts or authorities in non-threatening emergencies. On the app’s map, users can see which friends and family members are nearby. Another in-app defense lets students sound off a blaring siren to “deter would-be attackers” and “signal for help.” (Free on  iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry app with $1.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 one-year subscription. App comes with a few free features.)


Facebook Safety Check:  In times of disaster or crisis, people turn to Facebook to check on loved ones and get updates. The tool is activated after disaster and if you or your loved one in the affected area, you’ll receive a Facebook notification asking if you’re safe.  If you’re safe, you can select “I’m Safe” and a notification and News Feed story will be generated with your update. Your friends can also mark you as safe. If you have friends in the area of a natural disaster and the tool has been activated, you will receive a notification about those friends that have marked themselves as safe. Clicking on this notification will take you to the Safety Check bookmark that will show you a list of their updates. Free for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry



emergency apps


MyForce:  The subscription-based MyForce app puts an emergency alert system in your pocket. Tap to send a call for help when you sense danger. By hitting the app’s bright red button, you’ll trigger a discreet alarm. Once the alert is triggered, MyForce will start recording your call and pinpoint your present location. The monitoring operator who you connect with will determine it’s an emergency and call 911. Your emergency contacts will also be alerted.  Free iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry smartphone app (with monthly subscription).


Circle Of 6:  The Circle of 6 app is designed to help users out of dangerous situations. On the app, users should connect the phone numbers of up to six family members or friends. In dangerous situations, users can safely send a mass message for help. By pressing the car icon, users send out a text complete with current GPS location. Your safety network will get your message and can plan for pickup.  Users can also call 911 from within the app. Free iPhone and Android.


There’s no better time to think about preparing for safety and create a communication plan with your family and friends using the apps and website listed.  Share this article with friends and family today.  Do you have an emergency plan in place?  Share your thoughts below!

Move Over Cuffing Season, There’s A New Dating App In Town, Style Blogger Illustrations + More Apps To Download This Week!

September 25th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Looking for a few cool apps that’ll make your iPhone or Android more in tune with your lifestyle?  From a kinda new dating app to ensure a cuddle-worthy cuffing season to an app that’ll keep you looking chic in illustrations that’ll last a lifetime – we’ve got your favorite apps in our weekly round up below.  From the coolest messaging hack to your new favorite photo filter, check out this week’s can’t-miss apps.


Willow: Fall is here, cuffing season is in the air and this particular pairing app has been causing quite a stir. Willow wants to be Tinder for people who are over Tinder (isn’t everyone over Tinder?) by making the experience more about your personality than a handful of pictures. You create a profile and then ask up to three questions for others to answer. Qs are tagged so you can find and answer other Qs that might lead you to the love of your life. Or you’ll just have fun answering Qs like an old fwded email quiz… Free on iOS


Willow 2.0 from Willow on Vimeo.


Darkroom: Another buzzy download to tap its way into the App Store this week just might be vying for iPhone photo filter favorite VSCO cam’s top spot. Darkroom is a photo editing app for iOS that opens up your entire camera roll (no import necessary) to edit in a Photoshop lite-like suite where you can DIY your own filters and strike the perfect tones for your pics with their handy Curves tool. Sharing photos on white backgrounds directly to Instagram is an NBD little bonus that could help streamline the photo apps on your phone. Free on iOS + $2.99 add-on for “Curves”



Metamorphabet: From dating apps to kiddy apps, we’re really going full circle for today’s What’s App-ening. This educational app is just about the coolest way to teach your little ones the ABCs — we’re actually considering just like, taking a quick afternoon to brush up on ours. Here, letters transform into different words that help explain and explore the alphabet with dazzling illustrations – $3.99 on iOS


Chic Sketch: Confession — NYFW wasn’t quite the big deal this month, since it’s become more influenced by street style influencers than ever before, this is the perfect #OOTD-obsessed bloggers everywhere. It lets you upload pics and submits them to be sketched by a fashion illustrator. How insanely awesome is that?! Free on Android and iOS

ScreenPop: You know those friends who never open the diligently doodled-on Snapchats that you send them in a timely manner? This app is not only the ultimate hack for making sure they see them, but it’s also a genius workaround for messaging friends on and from each other’s lock screens. How. Cool. You can snap a photo while your phone is locked and send it to your friends so it’s the first thing they see when they pull their Droid out of their purse or pocket. They can “Like,” respond or send a nonsensical doodle your way. We can’t totally wrap our heads around what an app like this looks like if your phone is stolen, but maybe further incentive to pair this DL with one of those self-destructing apps. Free on Android
Now that you’ve gotten a fill of the latest apps to download, which apps are you most excited about adding to your collection this week?  Share your thoughts below!

Discover The Five Best Apps To Celebrate Your Holiday Weekend With Friends

September 3rd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Summer has barely settled in and we’re already celebrating its’ untimely end.  There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate your summer with full vigor and use a few handy apps to help you make the most of your holiday weekend.  Check out the best new (and not so new) apps that’ll help you ring in the end of summer holiday fun below!




five best apps



FLIO: Traveling this holiday weekend?  Long layovers have met their dream app in the form of this sneaky download that annihilates the need to sign into WiFi in airports, skipping right to the step of a free connection. They also throw in the added bonus of info about the city you’re in and even discounts for food and duty-free goodies.  Free on iOS



Dot: This sweet little addition to your smartphone is a whole new way to answer the question, “where are you?” and an even better way to answer “where have you been?” The app lets you plot points of interest on a map — anything from your secret picnic spot to your top bagel place to your the city street art that gives you the feels to your favorite place to get caught in the rain with piña coladas. Make your dots a series to inspire a stranger’s walking tour or to show your friends visiting from out of town all the underground, just-for-you hotspots. Free on iOS

five best apps

Anti Mosquito

Anti Mosquito – Sonic Repeller: Just in case you have a plan for a picnic or outdoor camping fun, this app could be a lifesaver.  No, this app doesn’t emit a spritz of Deet every few minutes, it claims to keep lady mosquitos (the ones hungry for humans) at bay with a buzzing sonic repeller. The Today show tested it out and, whoa, it did not work (watch the gross video here). Reviews are split in the App Store, so we wouldn’t recommend going into the great outdoors with just this. Free for iOS


YPlan: You know that friend that you don’t hang out with all the time, but when it’s time to party, you’re like, “Yo, girl, wuz up?” This is that app. But even better. It’s a going out gateway that wants to hook you up in the moment so you have a good tonight, every night. Open it up and it offers ideas and a two-tap purchase system for events nearby, happening that night. A couple coworkers and I used it to nab tickets to an after hours science museum event this week, and right this second, I could go get a flight of beer and apps (the other kind of apps) for only $19 at a brewery in my ‘hood. Free for Android and iOS



five best apps



Companion: “Text me when you get home” is a common sign off among friends after a night out, even if you regularly fall asleep before you send that dancing girl emoji/had so much fun tonight, girl assurance. In its second version but buzzy in the last couple weeks thanks to back to school, Companion is a simple app that wants to make sure you never walk home alone again by signaling to selected contacts that you’re okay. Plug in your destination, pick your people and the app will ask you if you’re okay along the way. If you don’t respond your “Companion” gets a heads up. If you need more than best friend backup, there’s also a direct line to the police. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend walking around with your smartphone out if you already feel unsafe, this is at least a much better option than Spotify.  Free on Android and iOS


What new apps are you looking forward to taking advantage of this weekend?  Share your favorite holiday apps in the comments section below!



[Back To School] The Best Apps For Students, Classmates & Parents To Keep In Touch!

August 17th, 2015 by Tech Staff

First day of school! For most parents, teachers and students this phase means a lot of different things for different people.  For you lucky kids who have just gotten your orientation packets, get ready for one exciting ride! You’re probably teeming with ideas on how to decorate your dorm room and researching which reminder apps you need to download to stay on top of schoolwork, and you’re likely going to be dealing with a little bit of homesickness.

Sure, there’s FaceTime, which is super handy and all, but it’s not a universal app. With smartphones and all that jazz, there are plenty of apps that will keep college kids connected to family, classmates connected with each other and parents connected with kids!



Couple: This one is for you high school sweethearts heading off to different schools. Couple pairs you with your S.O. and allows you to send each other doodles, notes and photos, and even stores important dates like your anniversary and birthdays. Their most aww-inducing feature is called the Thumbkiss. You or your partner will initiate a Thumbkiss session and when the other joins, you place your thumb on the screen. When your S.O. puts his/her thumb in the same place, the phone will vibrate and flash. Thumbkiss FTW.  Free on iOS and Android


WeChat: This app is huge in China and the Middle East. You can make voice and video calls straight from the app. And it has a social feed that lets you post and keep track of what your contacts are doing (or lets mom keep track of you). WeChat also has a Discover feature that allows you to chat with other users around the world. It’s sort of like a ’90s chat room, but we are diggin’ it. Free on iOS and Android


WhatsApp: This app made some major headlines when it was bought out by Facebook for a whopping 22 billion dollars. It’s like the OG of messaging apps, with voice calling that first gained popularity in Asia. In the same vein as BBM, it allows you to see when your message was delivered and when someone has read it. So you’d better respond to mom; she knows you got her message. Free for the first year on iOS and Android ($1/year after that)


Skype: If you don’t know (Skype), now you know. Skype was first released in 2003 — when you freshmen were merely toddlers — and has evolved greatly since. One of the earliest VoIP apps for private users, Skype now includes video calls, call forwarding (so you can have Skype calls directed to your phone) and Skype Out, which allows you to call handsets and landlines for a low rate. Free on iOS and Android


GroupMe: This is the perfect app for those of you who have a tight-knit extended family. GroupMe was made for group chats rather than one-on-one messaging (though it has that option too). Send friends and family photos, videos and GroupMe’s unique set of emojis. Of course, if that chatting is disrupting your studying, you can mute or (sad face) leave the group. Free on iOS and Android




With a few of these best apps for students, there’s no reason not to keep in touch this school year!  

Have you downloaded any of these apps yet?  Did we miss out on any new apps?  Which one are your favs? Sound off in the comments section below!



The New Christian Louboutin Photo Editing App Isn’t Just For Shoe Selfies #Louboutinize

August 11th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Christian Louboutin is getting his hands into everything these days! From shoes to nail polishes and now apps?

After the French shoe designer revealed he was branching out into lipstick last week, the heel provider is making it clear it’s expanding in more ways than just beauty. Introducing Louboutinize, the most fashionable photo sharing app.

screen322x572-1 Christian Louboutin App

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Louboutinize (free on iOS) is a photo editing app that aims to give your social sharing a fashionable step up on the competition. Described as a verb to help you “impart the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin,” Louboutinize is a filter app that will make all your BFFs jealous of your shoe game or flawless selfie snaps. At the moment there are only three filters on the app, including the signature red overlay “Rouge,” and “Crystallize,” which will give people a major reason to double tap that snap c/o a sparkle/crystallized effect — with plans of adding more on a monthly/bimonthly basis.


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screen322x572-3 Christian Louboutin App

MUST READ: Move Over Ruby Woo, (An Affordable) Louboutin Lipstick Is Coming To Town


Once you choose the filter that’s best for you, share it to your fave social media channels with #Louboutinize for a chance to be included in Louboutin’s weekly roundup of the best app snaps.  What do you think of the new designer Christian Louboutin app?  Are you ready to give it a spin?  Let us know in the comments section below!


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#Periscope Now Lets You Mute Those Annoying Oversharers

July 28th, 2015 by Christen

If you’re new to Periscope you’ve probably noticed that there are some great Periscope users that share great content, and then there are some users that overshare way too much for your liking. Twitter added a much-needed feature to its Periscope live-streaming app: The ability to cut back on notifications from those who stream way too much.




Included in an iOS app update on Monday, the company rolled out a mute button that prevents users from receiving a push notification when certain users they follow go live.  You may want to get a notification when your favorite band or celebrity live streams something, but the feature lets you quiet alerts from power users you don’t want to hear from multiple times a day.

The feature can be accessed on each person’s Periscope profile page. By tapping the small bell icon next to the “Following” feature, you’ll be able to mute notifications for that user. Their broadcast updates will still appear in your feed via the app, but it’ll prevent those live moments from interrupting dinner with a push notification.

The ability to choose language preferences via profile settings also comes in the app update. This means users will be able to see broadcasts in their native language, rather than clicking through live streams they don’t understand. Although Periscope is still rather new, this small addition is a big step toward making the app even more user friendly — quieting those who make a little too much noise one mute button at a time. BOOM.


Are you on Periscope? Check out the Divas And Dorks’ #TechTuesdayTalks every Tuesday at 2pm on Periscope. 

Make sure you follow @DivasandDorks on Periscope for all things stylish, sassy and fun in technology.  

Learn Something New! Summer School Is In Session With These Amazing Apps

July 10th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to learn something new!  There are tons of inexpensive and free apps that will help you learn practically everything!  Want to become fluent in Spanish? There’s an app for that?  Need to brush up on your cooking skills?  There’s an app for that too!  Check out 10 amazing apps that will help you learn something new each and everyday below!


learning apps


Become a master chef: Most of us have a few go-to dishes in our repertoire, but don’t branch out from there. If you want to expand your recipe bank, food journalist and author Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything is the way to go. Aside from recipes, there are kitchen tips and shopping lists built in to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. And there’s is a vegetarian version of the app you can download if you are an herbivore. $9.99 on iOS


Learn to invest: If you want to diversify your portfolio but find the stock market overwhelming, Trade Hero is here to help. Aside from being able to buy, sell and trade stocks, you’ll also receive pro tips and support so you can make the most educated decisions when it comes to investing in stocks. Free on iOS and Android



Become bilingual — or trilingual: You can pick up a foreign language without having to sign up for a Berlitz class. Duolingo turns the learning process into a game by allowing you to pick up one of more than a dozen languages through a series of speaking, listening and visual exercises. With the convenience of being able to study on the go, you’ll be a master linguist in no time. Free on iOS and Android



Get your art history on: Whether you are an art buff or want to appear more knowledgeable the next time you’re at a museum, this is the app for you. With Daily Art you’ll examine a new masterpiece each day, read about its history and the artist. Free on iOS and Android



Sharpen your #girlboss skills: Levo League recently debuted their Thinking Talents app complete with a quiz to help you assess your strengths in the workplace. The best part is that you can share your results with coworkers and friends to get a sense of how your skills can best complement each other. If you’re thinking of starting a business with your friends, this app is a must. Free on iOS


Get informed: LinkedIn recently updated their news app, Pulse, making it one of the best resources for business, career and trend information. Unlike traditional newspapers, there is no subscription fee for Pulse, and it is one of the best sources for learning about how to advance in your career and what is happening in the working world. Free on iOS and Android




Become a Stock Market Whiz: Similar to Trade Hero, the Stock Market app will help you learn the ins and outs of wall street. Aside from offering easy-to-follow graphs and charts, this app features great video content on investing and stock basics. Free on iOS and Android



Teach Others: The updated iTunes U now allows instructors to collect and grade assignments. It is also teaching us to be greener since by nature it forces you to go paperless. Not a teacher? You can still use this app! There is a wide library of free college-level courses so you can take that elective you missed out on. Free on iOS



Become a Wordsmith: Lexicon nerds, rejoice! The Word of the Day app was build for you. The title says it all; you’ll be sent a new word and definition each day so you’ll eventually have the most impressive vocabulary out of all of your friends. Free on iOS



Teach Your Kids: This is a great app for parents who want to help their tween or teen prep for high school or college. Kahn Academy allows your child to refresh their skills in past course levels and get ahead of the curve by learning advanced content. The app also features tools for parents and teacher. Free on iOS and Android


Now that you have a few summer apps that will keep you learning all summer long, which apps are you looking forward to downloading first?  Share your summer school skill wishlist in the comments section below!




Instagram’s Latest Update Is Pretty Mind Blowing! (This Is What A Photo Social App Should Look Like!)

June 25th, 2015 by Christen

Unless you’ve been under a rock – (which I kinda, sorta have for the last few days…) you may have noticed that Instagram released a new update that looks and feels pretty amazing! On Tuesday, Instagram debuted its latest version (7.0, for those keeping track) with a fully redesigned search + explore experience.

Instagram introduced its redesigned “Explore” tab, which features plenty of trending content + sort of looks like the iTunes Store, and the improved “Search” toolbar today. Before clicking on the new instagram update on US iOS + Android devices immediately, check out all the deets on the new features below.


1. See What’s Trending: Instead of just having an “Explore” tab to discover popular images related to things you are already liking, the photo sharing outlet went all FB/Twitter and added tabs for real-time trending tags + trending places. Now it’s easier than ever before to get in on the visual conversation to achieve more likes on that #TBT vacation shot. Or, you know, just look at pretty pictures on your commute 😉


instagram update


2. Discover Hand-Picked Collections: This is Instagram’s take on a playlist. Once you update your app, the top of your “Explore” tab will feature rotating curated categories — from Glimmering Islands, Ancient Ruins — that feature people and places to discover, aka a tool created solely for increasing your following number. It’s totally useful as it will without a doubt be the place where you wind up finding your new fave accounts and your next vacation destination.


instagram update



3. Use the Ultimate Search: Searching solely by people or tags (emoji tags, that is) is over as now you can search places as well as quickly tap on your top searched users/hashtags for quick + efficient creepin’ 😉 The time has finally come to see what your double tapping competition looks like by location by viewing the top posts + most recent uploads to a certain geotag before you get your filtering on.


instagram update



Follow @DivasandDorks on Instagram

Instagram for iOS version 7.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 7.0 is available today in Google Play.



6 Style & Beauty Apps Created By Black Women To Download Today!

June 19th, 2015 by Tech Staff

For us, style and beauty is so much more than keeping up with the trends, it’s a way of life!  There are thousands of smartphone apps created every day, it’s always cool to discover a few necessary apps created by women like you and me.  It’s no secret that our smartphones are directly involved in the way we work, learn and play everyday – and with these apps, your smartphone can now inspire new styles and beauty trends for you to enjoy!

Discover six style and beauty apps created by black women to download today!


plum perfect

Plum Perfect by Asmau Ahmed. Plum Perfect wants make sure you’re perfectly styled through patented technology engineered to find the best fashion and beauty brands for your personal look.



iman cosmetics app

Iman Cosmetics by Iman. It can be so difficult to find makeup that matches your skin and undertones. This Iman Cosmetics app solves that with Customized product recommendations to match your complexion and style.





Cast by Sian Morson. Make sure the weather won’t mess up your good hair day and perfect makeup with Cast. It is the first app that uses weather data to provide personalized skin and hair care tips and product recommendations.



Myavana by co-founders Candace Mitchell, Jessica Watson, Chanel Martin, and Joy Boulamwini. Myavana is the first hair care recommendation system for women of color and provides hair analysis, products, and styling techniques catered to specific hair types and textures.




Pavo by co-founder Chanelle Henry. Pavo is set to find the right style inspiration for you. Join specific style communities to discover others with similar looks.




iPORT by Lyndsey Scott. iPort is ideal for models and artists looking to create a professional portfolio, with photos and videos, conveniently.


Now that you’ve got a few more style and beauty apps to obsess over and add to your smartphone, which ones are you excited to download first?







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