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Five Photo Editing Apps To Download For Flawless Selfies

December 9th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

How the heck are her Instagram selfies flawless – all the dang time?


I know I can’t be the only person that has pondered the wonder that is “flawless selfies” that while scrolling through an Instagram timeline.  By now, we all know that Instagram, Facebook & Twitter is nothing more than our own curated form of reality. Which is probably why you find Madeface, Bitstrips and photos of your friends online that look nothing like your friends online. One of the biggest trends in app development are apps that bring the power of airbrushing & photoshop to your fingers tips. Wondering what top photo editing apps the latest filtered-photos are courtesy of?  Check out which top photo editing apps are changing the faces of online photos everywhere below:
ArcSoft photo editing app

1.  Perfect365Perfect365, a free photo editing app that lets people instantly smooth skin, excise zits, highlight eyes and even resize noses before sending their image out on the Internet. (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)


2. ModiFace Photo EditorModiFace Photo Editor features a cosmetics/makeup simulation, as well as skin and facial enhancement effects. Other great features include blemish removal, color contacts, facial/body slimming, and even warping. To finalize your photo, you can add a filter, frame, and text, and instantly share your polished result with your friends and family!  (Available for iPhone)


3.  Pixtr – Pixtr is the get pix fixed quick app. Get professionally edited photos at the touch of a button. No editing skills required. No more pictures gone to waste. In no time at all.  (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)


Flawless selfies Christen Rochon

The Visage Lab app removed under-eye wrinkles, brightened skin & provided an au natural glow IN ONE CLICK!


4. Visage LabThe Visage Lab photo editing app applies the touch of a plastic surgeon in an instant.  Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically! (Available for iPhone / Android (coming soon))

Facetune photo editing app



5.  FaceTune - Facetune provides easy, powerful tools previously reserved for the pros, to make every photo look perfect.  (Available for iPhone / Android / Windows)




With all of these photo enhancing apps who would dare post a photo using #nofilter ever again?


Do you have any of these apps in your smartphone arsenal? Which of these apps would you download and use most?



Get Up To $100 In Free Taxi/Car Service With The Gett App Today!

November 12th, 2013 by Christen Rochon


If you live in New York or other major cities in the world without a car, then you know that car service or swift taxi service is where it’s at!  Gett is the transportation app of the future – combining state-of-the-art technology with 24/7 superior customer service (overlooked by other taxi apps). In New York City, you can even find the Gett black car service.  The Gett app (formally known as the Get Taxi app)  is one tap between you and your ride, they even remember your favorite places so it only gets faster. Once you place your order – no phone calls necessary – you will be assigned a professional driver in a seconds!

There are many apps that can help you call, text and even track your taxi service and many of them even will give you a coupon code.  But we’ve wrangled several coupon codes that will land you up to $100 in free taxi or car service with the Gett App below.

STEP 1:  Download the Gett App on iOS or Android todayunnamed

STEP 2:  Next register (no credit card necessary to register)

STEP 3:  Start collecting credits for free rides with these codes below:

“goe2013″ – $30 towards first Gett ride only






These codes have scored users up to $100 in free Gett taxi and car service and are limited so download the app and score your freebies today!  (I just scored $100 in free rides that I plan on using later today!)  For more info on the app visit


Did you download the app yet?  Share how much you racked up in savings below and if you’re using your “free rides” soon, let us know using #DDFreeRides (Sharing is caring!)




Emojify Turns Everyday Photos Into Unique Eye-Catching Artwork

October 21st, 2013 by Christen Rochon


emojify me

Have you ever wandered how you can take your cherished photos and make them into unique works of art? Emojify is the first and only app in the App Store which transforms photo pixels into emoticons, creating unique pictures. Transforming & recreating new images entirely with Emoji icons may sound too intense in theory but after taking a look at some of these “Emojif-ied” before and after photos, it makes you take a second look at these pop art inspired pics.



You can customise your images by varying the number of the icons used to render your pictures or by changing the contrast of the algorithm used. Share your creations via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Email. Emojify also exports up to 16 megapixels so that you can print them as posters and hang around your walls at home.

Not all photos come out amazing using Emojify, images like close-up portraits that have high contrast between light and shadows work particularly well, while photos of landscapes or ill-defined subjects tend to turn into an unrecognizable flurry of emoji.




Have a photo you’d like to Emojify? Buy the app for $.99 at the iTunes app store.

From Navigation To Banking: Five Apps To Download This Week

October 10th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

With an endless selection of apps at your fingertips, there is a functional app for every type of person in your life. From the fashionista to the on-the-go bro, apps fit all different personalities.

1. Navigation: Waze


Does traffic make you lose your cool? Do you absolutely loathe running late just because of unpredictable traffic?  Keep calm and Waze on!

What It Is: The world’s fastest growing community based traffic and navigation app, dedicated to contributing to the ‘common good’ out there on the road; acquired by Google this past summer

Why It’s Unique: Reports are user-generated, allowing you to alert and join other drivers in your area in sharing real time traffic and road info, saving everyone time and gas money on their commute


2. Banking: GoBank

If you’re a gal about town who loves banking on the go, this alternative bank app may be right up your alley…

What It Is: Award-winning new mobile bank [FDIC-insured] that enables accountholders to do all banking functions via their smartphone [send money instantly, pay bills, build a budget, withdraw cash from over 42,000 ATMs nationwide, etc.]

Why It Is Unique: No overdraft fees, pay-what-you-want monthly fee (users select fee within app from $0-9 which can be changed at any point in time), Fortune-Teller feature which compares incoming/outgoing expenditures to politely tell you whether you can afford a purchase.



3. Organize Your To-Do’s: Clear

How many times have you lost your old-fashioned paper list? Stay on top of all your to-do’s virtually with “Clear!”  For the list-maker – Clear is the “clear” choice when getting things done!

What It Is: Clear is a productivity app that allows you to organize all your to-do’s into one comprehensive list.

Why It Is Unique: Clear takes advantage of the latest iOS features to make productivity even more fun and satisfying. It’s controlled almost entirely by gestures: Pairing down those to-dos is as easy as a swipe.


4. Crowdsourced Real-time Weather: Minutely

Rainboots in unexpected 80 degree weather? Not a good look for Miss Trendy. Take a fun approach to a serious weather problem with Minutely.

What It Is: Social-weather forecasting that allows users to change forecasts based on real-time weather conditions.

Why It Is Unique: We’ve all watched the weather before and dressed for rain when it ends up being a bright and sunny day. Minutely’s take on social weather ensures that you have up-to the minute information from users who are out and about in your area.


5. Family Photos: Groopic

Ever notice your photos are always missing the photographer? With groopic, even the photographer is in the photo!

What It Is: Groopic solves the impossible problem by seamlessly including the photographer friend in every group photo.

Why It Is Unique: With groopic, your pictures have every friend, every time – no more asking for help from the random stranger passing by!

Kanye West & Jay Z’s Creative Consultant Creates SHADOW Dream Mobile App

October 4th, 2013 by Christen Rochon


Have you ever had a life-altering, spectacular dream and within minutes of waking up could no longer remember the moments that made up your vision?  Well now, there’s an app for that (and it doesn’t require you to wear some silly electromagnetic head gear.)  SHADOW, a New-York based startup building the world’s largest dream database, and is now offering it’s iOS app to help users record and remember their dreams. SHADOW is an innovative alarm clock that helps users remember and record their dreams by placing them in a cloud-based, global dream repository. SHADOW visualizes your sleep and dream patterns to identify common themes and, by using dream content of other users, turns these symbols and experiences into insights.

Founder hunter lee soik explains: “Some of humanity’s best scientific discoveries begin in dreams, yet most of us forget 95% of our dreams within minutes of waking up. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers we can now build an app to capture all that lost dream data, and we are absolutely astounded by the positive response we’ve had so far. A massive thank you to every one who has backed, supported and given us your feedback, we could not have done it without you”.


At its heart SHADOW is an alarm clock, but with a stunning design and advanced features. Simply tell SHADOW when you go to bed and the time you wish to wake up, and come morning it will use a series of escalating alarms. The gradual increase in volume not only makes the waking up process easier, but helps you better remember your dreams by taking you through your hypnopompic state (the transition from asleep to awake) much slower than a standard alarm clock.

Once you’re awake, SHADOW immediately prompts you to record your dreams, you can speak or text your dream into the app and if you do audio it’ll transcribe to text and pull out the key words.  From there SHADOW will push the dream to a secured server where it can anonymously organize the global data to identify major themes and trends.  For the times when remembering dreams is tricky, you can opt to answer a series of 5-10 questions designed to jog your memory. The whole process takes less than five minutes, and once the data is recorded you decide how far and wide to share it.



Now available at $8, SHADOW helps users record and remember their dreams. Early Backers will receive the application beginning around December, and you can still back the project from as little as $2 on their Kickstarter page until the campaign ends on 11:11am on November 2.  SHADOW is the brainchild of soik, an entrepreneur specializing in organizational leadership and experience design. Before founding SHADOW, soik was a creative consultant for Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne tour, and consultant for brands including Stella McCartney, Vitra, the CFDA Awards and Art Basel.  For more visit or find SHADOW on Facebook and Twitter.

You’ve Updated To iOS7… Now What? Five Features To Know And Love #VZWBUZZ

September 19th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

If you’re like the thousands that spent countless hours updating to iOS7 on yesterday, you’re probably wondering “Now what do I do?”.  iOS 7 adds more than 200 new features, the biggest being a complete overhaul of the user interface. Other new features include Control Center, a panel that slides up from the bottom of any screen that allows settings like Bluetooth and AirPort to be toggled on and off, a number of new camera features, a new multitasking screen, AirDrop, iTunes Radio and more.  Looking for the best features to take advantage of now?  Check out my top iOS7 updated features and how to access them below.


Siri: Siri can now pull up restaurant reviews, toggle settings, search for images, post to Facebook, play Voicemail, and access tweets. Siri will now attempt to learn the pronunciation of difficult names and Siri also has a new male voice that can be accessed through Settings > General > Siri > Voice Gender.

Camera: The Camera app includes new photo filters, which can be applied to the live view. Tap on the colored dots at the bottom of the screen to access the new filters, and swipe on the screen itself to switch between Video, Photo, Square (takes an Instagram-sized image) and Panoramic modes. Focusing photos can also be done by pressing the volume up button rather than tapping on the screen.

Block Phone Numbers: Specific contacts and phone numbers can be blocked within iOS 7. Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked to add contacts that will be prevented from calling (sending the calls to voicemail), FaceTiming, and sending messages.

iTunes Radio: iTunes Radio can be accessed from within the Music app. It is currently only available for users located in the United States, though it works for users outside of the U.S. as long as they have a U.S. iTunes account. Ringtones and Sounds: iOS 7 adds a slew of newly redesigned ringtones and system sounds, which can be accessed via Settings > Sounds.

iMessage/SMS Time Stamps: Time stamps within iMessage are now available. Pull to the left within on a speech bubble within the app to see when a text or message was sent or received.Names in Messages: The way names are displayed within Messages can be changed in iOS 7. Go to Settings > Mail Contacts and Calendars > Short Name (Under Contacts) to select an option. Choices include first name and last initial, full name, and first name only.

Have you downloaded the iOS7 update yet?  (How long did it take?)  Are you waiting to get the iPhone 5s or 5c instead?  Let me know below…

Disclosure:  Please note that I often tweet using #VZWBuzz – VZWBuzz tweets include a 24/7 conversation and a Friday mobile lifestyle Twitter chat with an emphasis on providing information and education about devices, apps and tools useful to consumers. While the hash tag is sponsored by Verizon Wireless, the opinions I express tagged #VZWBuzz are my own.

Singing Happy Birthday App Store — Means Freebies For You!

July 10th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

app store

To celebrate the fifth birthday of its App Store, Apple is offering free downloads of five games and five apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch until next week.

In five short years Apple have grown to dominate the app market, growing from a mere 500 available apps at launch to over 900,000.

app store


The App Store surpassed 100 million app downloads by the September of 2009, and has continued to grow ever since. The launch of the first iPad in 2010 created an entirely new platform, allowing a greater degree of movement and dexterity for gameplay. Users could play and interact with their apps on a larger screen for the first time, with games topping both the free and paid for app charts.More than 800 apps are downloaded every second, equating to over two billion apps downloaded every month.  Check out some of the free downloads you can snag for a limited time only below.


app store


Which apps have you downloaded and absolutely hate?  

What are some of your favorite apps downloaded to date?

Verizon Wireless Top App Picks For Father’s Day

June 13th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Can you believe Father’s Day is right around the corner? Have you decided how you’re going to celebrate the men in your life?

Sometimes the best Father’s Day present is the gift of ease and convenience, and Verizon is definitely a one-stop shop. Thanks to the nation’s largest 4G network, Verizon can help you find the quickest, easiest Apps to give Dad this Father’s Day. Whether he loves his Android or iOS device, there’s an App out there for you to show how much you appreciate your Father this year.


Here are Verizon Wireless top App picks to show Dad this Father’s Day:

 Top App Picks For Father's Day

iHandy Carpenter ($1.99)- The iHandy Carpenter is the perfect App for the handyman of your house. Available on both Android and iOs devices, it provides five professional tools in one App. Users can turn to this App for a plumb bob, surface level, bubble level, steel protractor, steel ruler and inclinometer. The app is not only practical, but beautiful, with clear and crisp graphics.

 Top App Picks For Father's Day ESPN

ESPN ScoreCenter (Free)- Dad will never miss the score from his favorite games with this free App. With scores from the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and more, he will never have to ask how his favorite team is doing. In addition to scores, Dad can get breaking sports news and fresh-cut video clips streaming to his phone.

 Top App Picks For Father's Day

Weber’s On the Grill ($4.99)- If Dad’s a grill-master, then the Weber’s On the Grill App for Android and iOS smartphones will certainly be the gift that keeps on giving. With over 300 recipes, videos and recipe sharing, this App is great for grillers old and new. To make cooking even easier, users can create a grocery list to make shopping for their favorite meals organized and simple.

 Top App Picks For Father's Day

Mint (Free)- If your Father’s like most today, he probably keeps track of every penny spent. Mint is a great financial planning App that is not only 100% affordable, but helps him keep the family’s spending in check. The safe, user-friendly App helps create budgets, manage bills and keep track of spending, all from an Android or iOS device.

Top App Picks For Father's Day

How to Tie a Tie (Free)- Dad works hard everyday, so there’s no reason why he can’t look good! This free App gives easy instructions on how to tie 20 of the most popular tie knots. Available on most Smartphone devices, this App ensures that your Father looks neat and stylish, no matter the occasion.


Although these Apps are great to share with your Father this Father’s Day, the list doesn’t stop here. Be sure to check out the Android Marketplace and the App Store for more fun and easy apps your Dad is sure to love.


via Verizon Wireless NY

Video Sharing App Vine Comes To Android

June 4th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

Video Sharing App Vine Comes To Android

Vine users REJOICE!!! The app that was once exclusive to iOS users only is now available for Android devices! If you’re still in the dark ages and don’t know the hype about Vine, check out our earlier recap here.


Video Sharing App Vine Comes To Android

Now available on Google Play Store.

Vine creates stop-motion videos that can include as many scenes as you can fit in. Video stops and starts when you press on your device’s screen. Your finished product can then be shared just on Vine, or with friends on Twitter!  Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see.

• Unlimited uploads and free

• Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)
• Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
• Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks

 Video Sharing App Vine Comes To Android


Making Mother’s Day Easy For New Moms By Gifting These Great Apps

May 8th, 2013 by Christen Rochon

mother's day apps

Mother’s Day apps Mother’s Day apps Mother’s Day apps Mother’s Day apps Mother’s Day apps Mother’s Day apps

Being a new mom is great—but, let’s face it, it’s also tough. From juggling diapers and baby bottles, to fighting off sleep deprivation, there’s quite a lot to manage.

If only there was an app for that!

In honor of Mother’s Day, the folks at Verizon Wireless New York have handpicked 5 of the best smartphone apps – available on Android and iPhone, the most popular platforms today – that help make life easier for new moms.

·         Baby Connect ($4.99): Need help tracking your brand-new bundle of joy’s growth and development? How about having medicine, vaccine and growth tracking timers, reminders and notifications? Baby Connect helps new moms track, log and share daily information about their babies. Great for doctor appointments!

·         Baby Monitoring & Alarm ($3.99): Why spend a ton on a new baby monitor? The Baby Monitoring & Alarm app monitors your newborn’s sounds and will notify you by a phone call to another phone when there is a noise in the baby’s room. The app can even pull songs from iTunes to help lull your toddler back to sleep.

·         Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper (FREE): From diapers to baby food, items for a newborn (or kids in general) start to add up fast. That’s what makes the Grocery Smarts Coupon Shopper app so useful. It lets you plan a shopping trip based on what’s currently on sale at stores like Target, Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid.

·         White Noise ($1.99): Red-eyed moms will love the White Noise app for their babies—and for themselves! Use it to help your little one fall asleep by playing gentle sounds of the environment, or the familiar sounds of your fan or AC. There are also sound timers that fade audio out so your baby doesn’t suddenly awake.

·         Instagram (FREE): We know, we know. Instagram wasn’t necessarily designed to help with your lovable toddler, but, in terms of taking pics of their cute faces and easily sharing them online with friends and family—Instagram is perfect.
So, there you have it—for Mother’s Day, the top-5 apps for new moms via Verizon Wireless New York.

via Verizon Wireless New York



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