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Discover How STEM Is Changing The Beauty Code With COVERGIRL BeautyU!

April 7th, 2016 by Christen

In a super cool collaboration with Girls Who Code, COVERGIRL has changed the way we discover new beauty trends with the new COVERGIRL BeautyU app!


Shopping for the latest in beauty can sometimes be a painful trial and error process.  Oftentimes, you can’t try them before you buy — and looks are deceiving.  While there are a lot of apps utilizing virtual reality to help you try on makeup looks, they don’t come close to the real thing.


covergirl beautyU


COVERGIRL has launched BeautyU – a high-tech makeup app that personally gets to know a woman’s beauty needs and makes her shopping experience more personalized than ever before. It takes drugstore shopping to a new, personalized level, recommending products based on her unique facial features and desired looks for her to virtually try before she buys.


covergirl beautyU


Sure, you’ve seen other similar beauty apps before and probably have downloaded a few (or two) to your smartphone.  However, BeautyU is really unlike any other app for beauty brands. It’s designed with updated face scan technology, that gives users a more realistic feel. It identifies and reads individual facial features at a high-speed rate to more accurately define and match skin tone and characteristics. This technology is paired with a series of diagnostic questions so the app can deliver product recommendations and looks customized specifically for that shopper in the aisle. Beyond that, the app’s magic mirror technology creates an augmented reality for you to virtually try on products and looks.


covergirl beautyU


The face-tracking capability closely follows your movements to give you the most realistic results. The app was also designed in partnership with students from Girls Who Code – making it a tool for women, by women!  Not only does the app deliver a personalized beauty experience, it takes the shopping experience to the next level with a scanning & shopping feature you’ll love.  Find more product insight right in the beauty aisle product by scanning the product with the app and if you need a little more time to make a decision create a wish list that’s saved and shoppable right from the app for later!


Just in time to update to new Spring beauty trends, COVERGIRL BeautyU app is available for FREE today in the iTunes store.

Have you tried out the new COVERGIRL BeautyU app yet? Sound off in the comments!

If Your Net Worth Is Your Network LinkedIn’s New App Is Worth It’s Weight In Gold

December 2nd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Like Facebook, LinkedIn’s new app is centered around a central feed, which shows you updates from people in your network and content they are sharing on LinkedIn. Similar to Facebook’s News Feed, the app filters which updates you’ll see based on what you’re most likely to be interested in — and the company says the feature will get better over time as you use the app more.


LinkedIn's New App



Outside of the feed, there’s a “My Network” section, which serves up suggested people you may know, as well as cards with bite-sized updates about your connected friends, such as work anniversaries and new jobs. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s similar to LinkedIn’s Connected app, which revolves around updates like these.

The updated app also includes the newly-refreshed messaging features and an overhauled search feature that LinkedIn says is 300% faster than the previous app.

All of the new features are available now on iOS and Android.




Is Instagram And SnapChat Merging To Create A Super PhotoSharing App?

September 1st, 2015 by Tech Staff

Is it us or is Instagram and snapchat starting to look a lot alike these days?  Starting today on Instagram you do a whole lot of sharing like SnapChat and more!



Instagram and Snapchat super app


Starting today on Instagram you can reply with photos in a thread and start a convo with just text. Plus, rather than tag friends in the comments of public feed posts you want them to see, Instagram now has a new Direct share button that lets you send other peoples photos or videos in a private chat.



The changes could prime Instagram Direct for the rapid-fire back-and-forth photo messaging popular amongst teens that fueled Snapchat’s ascent. It could also give people a way to talks with friend about interesting public posts without their conversation getting lost in the endless reels of comments spurred by celebs and popular users.

“I definitely think it’s an evolution” an Instagram spokesperson says regarding how Direct threads work. Previously, one person would send a photo or video, and recipients could send hearts or leave comments. But if they wanted to send a reaction photo or another image to further the discussion, they had to start a whole new thread. “Now they’re conversations whereas before they were just a moment” she said.

To power quick-draw convos, Direct now features an in-line camera. A quick tap adds a photo to the chat, while a tap-and-hold shoots a video. The design of the button, complete with a red line creeping around the button as you use up seconds of video, is almost identical to Snapchat’s trigger.

Direct messages can also include special hearts and big emoji. You could imagine teens sending a funny photo and then all their friends replying with selfies of them laughing or related emoji.


instagram and snapcht


And if you don’t have an image to share you can now start threads with a text message. You can message anyone. If they follow you, the thread goes right into their inbox, and if they don’t, it stays hidden in a pending cue unless the recipient approves.


Now, the Direct button beside ones for likes and comments will pull up a friend selector showing the people and groups you’ve recently Direct messaged. Tap a few and you can quickly send them the post privately. Similar to Twitter’s recently added feature that lets you DM tweets, allows you to backchannel in secret. That way you can snark about your frenemies or elaborate without your convo being fragmented amongst other comments.

People can also share hashtag pages, location pages, and user profiles via Direct. With about 25% of its 300 million-plus user base on its messaging feature, it needs more ways for people to pull content from outside their network into chat threads. Now when you discover something awesome on Instagram, it could entertain your friends too.


via TechCrunch


A Time Machine That Fits In Your Pocket Has Hit Kickstarter And Could Be Here Before You Know It

April 7th, 2015 by Tech Staff

If you’ve ever wanted to go back in time without that weird, nausea-inducing, time-travel aftertaste – there’s a new app that makes traveling back in time as easy as using your smartphone.  Finally, there’s a kickstarter app that we can’t wait to get our hands on! Pivot is an app that lets you see what a spot looked like in the past. Just point your phone or tablet in that direction, and the building, street or field in front of you transforms into history.


Once you download the app, you’ll get notifications whenever you’re around “pivot” points. Simply raise your phone to see what that place looked like at a certain point in time in history — probably in sepia tone. It’s not #TBT or a new Instagram filter — it’s actual history happening right in front of you, whether you’re traveling or right in your hometown.


To get all the images, Pivot sources online archives, and they’re hoping people will add photos of their own to the app as well. Pivot’s Kickstarter raised over $33,000 last month, and they’re planning to bring the app to Android and iOS in the fall starting with historic views of Cambridge, Massachussets and Palestine, then spreading to other cities. Talk about time travel that’s worth the trip!

Are you looking forward to checking out the app once it’s live or getting a first-hand look by becoming a beta tester?

For more information visit

Spring Clean & Get Rid Of Your Massive Magazine Collection With Magzter

April 6th, 2015 by Christen

Are you looking for more ways to streamline clutter and spring clean your home and office? You’ve held off long enough, and now it’s time to go digital! In light of spring cleaning season, Magzter GOLD lets you easily de-clutter your space by providing your favorite magazines on your mobile device, whether at home or on the go!

Meet Magzter, the Netflix-style magazine subscription app. The app’s “all-you-can-read” service, Magzter GOLD, now has more than 2,500 titles (including 500 new titles that launched just this month), making it the world’s largest available digital magazine subscription.





 Newly added titles include:

· Lifestyle magazines: Nylon/Nylon Guys, MAXIM, Health + Fitness, Art + Design and Southern Bride
· Magazines for business and news: Entrepreneur, New York, Fast Company, Inc. and Bloomberg and Businessweek.
· Travel and outdoor magazines: Travel + Leisure, Business Traveler, PASSPORT, Tennis and Ocean Navigator.
· Food and home magazines: Saveur, Cookbook Digest and Beautiful Kitchens
· Magazines for tech lovers: PC Magazine, Macworld, PC Gamer, Popular Science and PC World
· Magazines for children: Discovery Girls, Kids Explore, bonbon and Children’s Digest


How would you like your own Magzter GOLD subscription!  We want to help you kick off spring cleaning right! Enter below to win a free year-long subscription (regularly $9.99/mo.) to Magzter GOLD!


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Discover Instagram’s Newest App For Collage-Loving Grammers – Layout

March 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Instagram is rolling out Layout, a free, standalone app that merges multiple images into one. It’s available on iOS now (on the App Store), and an Android version is expected in the next few months.

instagram layout


Users pick up to nine photos from their phone’s Camera Roll — whether they were snapped via Instagram doesn’t matter. The app organizes them in three sections: recent photos snapped, photos with people’s faces in them, and an area with all your shots. There’s also a “Photo Booth” feature, which employs the smartphone’s front-facing camera to snap four shots in quick succession.

Layout suggests up to 10 collage templates to choose from, depending on the number of selected photos, and lets folks tweak their work any number of ways, like dragging and dropping photos in the collage, pinch-to-zoom, and a sci-fi-like “mirror” effect that duplicates part of a shot. Afterwards, they can share their creations from inside the app to platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Flipboard, Slack and others. (Twitter integration is noticeably absent.)


instagram layout


Why collages? Look at the numbers. According to Instagram, one in five active users — at least 60 million people — already use third-party mobile apps like Diptic, Moldiv and Stitch to make collages.

Layout is the second companion app from Instagram. Last fall, the company rolled out an app called Hyperlapse that lets users create image-stabilized, time lapse videos.  Are you a Hyperlapse user?  Looking forward to using Layout for your next photo-sharing collage? Tell us below!



Meet Lysn in – The New Go To Party App For House Parties Worldwide

October 29th, 2014 by Tech Staff

Camp Bestival 2014 - Day 4


Without music, a party can be rather boring.  Unfortunately, a lot of times the noise level of music can be a nuisance and kill a party faster than it started.  Lysn in is the pinnacle of silent disco services across the globe, providing state-of-the-art technology in the palm of the hand. It’s the world’s first iPhone app that enables users to connect any external audio source to their smartphone and broadcast the audio to friends and fans.

Tel Aviv White Night Festival - 2013

Silent disco parties are a new trend in the music and party industries allowing users to share a playlist via Spotify, iTunes or other popular music services.  Partygoers simply connect using their mobile device via WiFi, or with Lysn in’s Cellular Sync option that connects via cellular service providers with 3G/4G/LTE coverage.  Music is heard through headphones, keeping noise to a minimum.

Easily connect DJ gear or musical instruments to a smartphone through the Lightning /30 pin port or headphone jack and instantly stream music over a low-latency wireless network to all who “Lysn in.” Unlike other silent disco apps, Lysn in has no maximum number of users, allowing parties to be as big as possible.

Lysn in app

The app was created by Stanfy, a premier mobile app development firm. Smooth synchronization between listeners was the number one priority for Stanfy engineers. The project involved creating an intuitive user interface as well as the backend network engineering portion. Stanfy built the app from the wireframes and was involved in every stage of development until final launch in the iTunes store.

Silent disco parties have recently been utilized at the Cannes Film Festival, SXSW, Bonnaroo, Firefly and Nocturnal Wonderland festivals.

Lysn in and silent disco parties are perfect for:

  • Apartments
  • Dorm rooms
  • Shared living spaces
  • New DJs
  • Music aficionados

“Silent disco parties are changing the way we gather together,” says George Gayl, founder of Silent Storm Systems, the company behind Lysn in.  “With users wearing headphones, they communicate with one another through the music.  Anyone can join the party at any time, making the fun never ending.  The app can even be used for sports, gym activities, even just relaxing at home”.

“Music is still one of the key threads that bind us as humans, and our goal was to create an app that was intuitive and fun to use,” says Pavel Bashmakov, co-founder at Stanfy. “We took all the elements that make a disco party fun and distilled it into simple, easy functions in an app that makes a great time just a tap away.”  Learn more about Lysn in visit


Would you use a party app like Lysn in at your next apartment or dorm room party?  Share your thoughts below!



Shop, Share And Earn Cash With The COSIGN App

October 27th, 2014 by Christen

cosignHave you ever shared your favorite shopping find online, and the next thing you know, it’s become your friends newest purchase?  If you love shopping and sharing your favorite brands on social media, why not get paid for it!  With the new mobile app,  COSIGN you can share and tag your stylish picks, when someone buys it from your share – you’ll get paid!

The COSIGN app brings discovery and commerce together – turning photos into interactive, shoppable pictures. The first social media tool that allows members to share and profit from their recommendations. Now, the where did you get that? question is answered seamlessly.  As your photos spread across the web, the ‘what is that and where can I buy it’ information travels with them.

So what makes COSIGN different from the hundreds of commerce apps of today?  Many apps like Lyst and Reward Style limit sharing to notable influencers, bloggers, etc and add cumbersome links, emails or additional shopping steps in order for you to complete your purchase – but Cosign empowers users and makes it easy to shop directly from their photos on social networks.  Cosign doesn’t exclude either,  anyone can share their favorite stylish picks! From girl next door to celebrities anyone can earn revenue from purchases influenced by their social media.



Want to discover how you can cosign the next great advancement in mobile e-commerce?  Check out Cosign on Kickstarter before the official launch next month and get your preview on the game-changing app today.





COSIGN is the first mobile app of its kind that allows users to “tag” items within content they upload to social networking sites. If their followers purchase the items, they receive a monetary reward. COSIGN transforms images and videos into interactive and viral storefronts by tagging additional information such as location and cost of products and brands. For more information, visit support their Kickstarter Campaign here.




Hey Jet-setters! This App Will Change The Way You Travel Forever!

October 10th, 2014 by Christen

Mobile Passport


Travel enthusiasts and international jet-setters abroad rejoice!  There’s a new tool available that will make your international travel a whole lot easier and will make you feel like the ultimate traveling VIP!  Best of all, IT’S FREE!  With the Mobile Passport App approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors can submit customs and immigration details via phone or tablet upon landing and skip the usual passport control lines.

Airports Council International-North America worked closely with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to design and implement a secure, fast, and traveler-friendly process for Mobile Passport Control. The Mobile Passport App was sponsored by ACI-NA and developed by Airside Mobile, Inc., a proven innovator in applying mobile technology to airport processes.


Mobile Passport

If you’ve ever stood in those border control lines, then you know that they can sometimes last for hours and really kill the excitement of international travel.  Once your information is verified, you’ll be sent a bar-coded receipt which will allow you to speed through a special (VIP-like) checkpoint. The service has launched at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in August, with plans to roll it out in other airports throughout the country later this year.  

The app is available for download now in Apple’s iTunes App Store and in Google’s Play App Store. Learn more about the Mobile Passport App here:

The Ignore No More! App Is The Best Back To School App… For Parents!

August 21st, 2014 by Christen

ignore no moreHey parents!  Back to school apps aren’t just for the kids.  The Ignore No More! app is designed to block children from using their phones for anything except calling their parents.  Never get another ignored phone call from your kids again!

Parents who are fed up with their kids ignoring phone call after phone call now have a new ally. The Ignore No More! app is designed to block children from using their phones for anything except calling their parents or an emergency responder.  Developed by Mountaineer Technology Ventures, a Texas-based technology firm, Ignore No More! claims to force kids to return Mom or Dad’s calls by letting the parent activate a lock on their phone. The function also prevents the child from texting or accessing the Internet until the parent deactivates the lock.

Only one master device is needed to control an entire household of phones but more can be added if desired. Once the parent sets up the app, he or she can register as many kid accounts as deemed necessary. The parent is then able to manipulate the child’s device remotely, listing certain phone numbers on the emergency contact list, such as a mother’s cell phone or 911.


Should the child attempt to disable the block on his or her phone, a notification is sent to the parents’ phones.

The app is available for download on Google Play and is only compatible with Samsung, Nexus, HTC and LG phones. The company hasn’t said whether the app will come to iOS in the future.

ignore no more





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