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SPONSORED:  Get Inspired With Invaluable Advice For Graduates Of Any Age With AT&T #GradAdvice

June 7th, 2016 by Christen Disclaimer:  The following content has been sponsored by AT&T in partnership with the AT&T Aspire and #GradAdvice campaign.  All opinions and experiences shared are my own.   The month of June is one of the most joyous times of the year. Winter weather is long forgotten, warm sunny days reign supreme and new beginnings surround us all. Graduation season is in full swing and students everywhere are getting motivated to mature, succeed and impact the world.   Advice for graduates

Celebrating the latest graduate in our family at MSU's commencement ceremony.

  It feels like just yesterday I was straightening my graduation cap and ready to walk across the commencement stage at Michigan State University. I was so hopeful & excited to start my journey into adulthood and couldn’t wait to discover what was to come. My graduation day flew by in a blur, but I do remember taking plenty of pictures and reliving my graduation ceremony through videos the next day.  Another thing I remember the day after my graduation, that I was gifted with the most valuable advice that I'd ever received in my life. att gradadvice

From one MSU graduate to another, my sister Sophia and I.

A great piece of advice often comes in the form of commencement speeches, graduation greeting cards and even intimate conversations between friends.  Thoughts of support or encouragement often follow the themes of “Work Hard”, “Dream Big” or “Follow Your Passion” – but there are additional lessons that stood out during my graduation season that could benefit this year's graduating class.   Advice for graduates

The latest Michigan State University graduate, my sister Sophia.

    Just moments after waking up a college graduate, I got a phone call that would change my life forever. There are life changing moments that can impact a person forever.  This was my moment.  My grandmother, called to encourage my post collegiate walk and her words have been a guiding light impacting daily decisions ever since.   "Never compromise your morals & values to make others comfortable."   Owning your individuality & walking in your purpose can sometimes be easier said than done. But if you stay true to yourself & confident in the face of adversity there's nothing that you can't achieve. So to the graduating class of 2016 --- I'd like to extend heartfelt congratulations and if I could leave you with one piece of advice, I'd echo the wise words of my grandmother (with a twist) ...   "Never compromise yourself online (or offline) for acceptance. Be who you were before the internet & live your best life!"   Advice for graduates

Celebrating the newest college graduate on the campus of Michigan State University.

    Living in a post graduate world is all about perceptions, reactions and choices.  Many celebs have shared sentiments of advice that shape how graduates view success and failures for years to come a few of my favorites come from Oprah, Winston Churchill and Salman Khan.   “The biggest difficulties in life come from not being present, from ignoring what life and others are trying to tell you.” – OPRAH WINFREY   “Your greatest fears are created by your imagination. Don't give in to them.” - WINSTON CHURCHILL    “Live your life like it's your second chance.” - SALMAN KHAN     This season I’m celebrating graduation season with AT&T and its Aspire initiative – an initiative that powers technology, relationships, and social innovation to help students make their biggest ideas their reality. Together, these networks are helping students and communities across America.   What does graduation season mean to you? Reflect on what your favorite graduation memories, share your best pieces of advice to graduates and join the AT&T #GradAdvice conversation today.

Get Fashion Advice From Friends Online

August 23rd, 2011 by Christen

On September 8, thousands will gather at the world's fashion capitals for extravaganza that is Fashion Week. Many more will have a virtual presence, using laptops and mobile devices to view and discuss the styles coming down the runway.  Even with the integration of high tech and high fashion, a phenomenon dubbed Fashion 2.0, there continues to be a disconnect between imaginative designs and personal style.  Fashion and beauty sites either suggest fantasy ensembles that wouldn't fit most people, or they use simple-minded quizzes that produce fashion tips that are inaccurate, too generic or too overwhelming. solves this disconnect by putting the consumer in control. It provides an integrated array of tools that enables members to...
  1. Interact with their trusted circle--including their friends and other members with similar attributes and lifestyles--to make style and purchasing decisions
  2. Use the OTY Window-Shopper to collect fashion images that suit their tastes
  3. Mix and match these items to create different looks
  4. Receive OTY generated personal fashion and beauty recommendations on items that suit their face and body type
"Our personal style is a combination of our unique physical attributes, the sum total of our experiences and our environment," says founder Azita Gandjei. " enables members to find their own unique personal style, whether they want to fit in or stand out."



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