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Vizify – The Best of Your Online Presence in Full Color

May 24th, 2013 by Nicole There are many ways to make an online presence. With many job applications online, employers often research you online before an interview. What will they find? What does your online presence look like? Enter Vizify. It can help sort that out. Whether you are an intern, professional, retiree, finding that perfect job can be a challenge in this job market.  Job seekers have to rely on not just applying for jobs but also researching companies, networking, and meeting people face-to-face to get an edge on the competition.  Nevertheless, if you are new to the job hunt or a veteran we found a site that will help with your search and maybe even get you noticed and a job.  Being a little creative on your hunt may just help land your next great job.

Vizify - Divas and D - Tech


What is Vizify?

Vizify, comes from parts of the words visualizing, realizing, and clarifying. Have you always wanted to see your online career and presence in picture?  Well, that’s what Vizify does.  Vizify turns your LinkedIn career bio, along with your tweets, Foursquare check-ins, and Facebook statuses into an infographic with beautiful detail and organization – who wouldn’t want to know you. It works best for social media users. It's not only your formal resume information. It's about all around. The places you frequent, your hobbies, all parts of YOU.

Vizify Imprint

How Does Vizify Get Your Information?

Vizify builds, based on the information you provide an infograph of your career life.  The system will connect you with (if you want – or skip it) LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare.  From this information it builds a graphic generated content of your work, education, and skill history.  The setup is quick. Just allow/authorize the app to work from your social networks. It’s kinda awesome! You can also edit your content in Vizify without having to edit it in each social media application it pulls information from.  It will generate a page for each social media application you link to and provide real-time graphical analysis of the information on your activity such has what you tweet about the most, your LinkedIn profile/career information, your education, and your Facebook and Foursquare updates.  

Vizify - Divas and D - Tech tweetwords

Check out what your Vizify infographic looks like HERE



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