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Holiday Gift Guide: Stuff Your Stockings With Five Top Tech Stuffers

Want to get a unique gift for the person who has everything? Need a stocking stuffer for a Secret Santa. Check out this list of stocking stuffers!

5.  Coach brand smartphone case

 coach smartphone case

Who doesn’t love a coach bag?  Well now you can wrap your iPhone in Coach luxury too.  This iPhone case sports the signature Coach print and the plastic case protects your smartphone from damage. A great gift for the trendy Coach brand lover. cost:  $38.00 source    

4.  Coyote Case w/Panic Button for Your Smartphone

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - Red_Coyote_Case

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - coyote-contacts

This nifty smartphone case was created by a father and daughter team This is a great gift for “those who are most susceptible to attacks, such as urban dwellers, especially women, as well as college students, runners and cyclists, frequent travelers and the elderly.” (source) The Smartphone case acts as an emergency device and when the panic button is activated it will sound an alarm at 110 decibels, which is suppose draw attention to yourself and scare off any attackers.  It will then send a map of your location via text message to an emergency contact list you have created. The case has 3 alarm modes; alarm only, alarm and SMS, and SMS only (silent) and includes batteries that last 2 years. cost:  $99.00 source    

3.  HandyCandy Ladybuds


Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - melody3-ladybud

Add a little style and trend to your earbuds with the HandyCandy LadyBuds.  These cute, stylish, and fun earbuds adds a splash of color to your outfit while you listen to your favorite song on your smartphone.  When you are done listening to music just wear the earbuds as a necklace or bracelet.  The earbuds come in an assortment of bead and pearly colors to match your outfit of the day. Another gift for the girly and trendy lady. Cost:  $40.00 source    

2.  For Your Kiddy – Say Hello to  FiLIP Smartwatch

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - filip-wristwatch   Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - filip-dinner     The smartwatch is a wearable smart GPS and phone for kids.  Stay connected with your kid while also allowing them a little independence.  “FiLIP is a world first device which has re-imagined smartphone voice and location technology for children. The colorful wristwatch is a patent-pending marriage of GPS, cell tower location and Wi-Fi triangulation, safely combined into one small device.”  (source) Stay in touch and locate your child with its GPS assistance, calling feature, and emergency button.  The parent connects with the FiLIP smartwatch  via a smartphone app and the two are automatically connected and use the GPS location to see where your child is located.    

1.  The Joule iPad Stand


Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - ipad stand

Stocking Stuffers Holiday Gift Guide - Joule-iPad-Stand-Machined-Alloy-4

  I thought about this little elegant, sophisticated accessory when I was searching for an iPad stand to keep in my kitchen so while I’m cooking I can view recipes, watch YouTube videos, listen to audio books, or listen to music while I’m busy in the kitchen.  The stand is small, but heavy enough to support an iPad. Cost:  $129.00 - $139.00 source


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