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Study Suggests Consumers Are No Longer Drinking The Apple Kool Aid….

  As a former Apple "fan-girl" - I must admit, it took me some time to realize that something in the Apple Kool Aid wasn't all natural.  Maybe it began with the idea that releasing a slightly updated version of the iPhone or iPad every several months wasn't right or maybe it was the notion of feeling tricked when Apple tried to convince me that the iPhone 5  was really something new.  Since being released after the Samsung SIII - it didn't take a genius to realize that something in the brand loyalty kool aid was going bad.  Diving into what others believe was Apple's "nail in the coffin" - Apple maps - further proves researchers latest findings.   In what some could consider an eye-opening sign of the times, recent studies by Strategy Analytics suggest that Apple users are no longer as interested in sticking with the brand’s products in the future.  
The survey found 88% of current iPhone owners in the U.S. were likely to buy another Apple smartphone. But just last year the study reported 93% of customers willing to purchase a subsequent Apple product. The decline in Apple loyalty can also be seen globally. The study found 75% of Western European users were likely to purchase another Apple handset, down from 88% in 2011. Apple says there is a market for new customers, but negative press has led to the decrease in “customer interest” for future products. Recent reviews of the iPhone 5 claimed customers were unhappy with the lack of innovation to the hardware since the release of the iPhone 4s. “It is the shift in the number of those who are unsure whether they will remain with the same brand for their next phone that Apple should be concerned about,” Taryn Tulay, an analyst at Strategy Analytics.
    Do you consider yourself brand loyal to technology?  Are you still drinking the Apple Kool Aid or have you moved onto another brand beverage of choice?   via


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  1. I’m still drinking some of the kool aid! Lol I just feel like in the long run, apple just has better products. I don’t fall into all their traps though. I refuse to buy something just because it’s new. I love Apple but I’m still rocking my iPhone 4 and my old white Macbook! 🙂

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