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Stand Out In The Crowd In The Cavallino T350 Ferrari Headphones (Review)


Cavallino T350 Ferrari Headphones

Everyday is a good day to stand out in a crowd and the Cavallino T350 Ferrari Headphones by Logic3 do just that.  In a sea of headphone choices, discovering the luxe design of the T350 Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones makes a girl take notice and wonder what's she's been missing out on all this time.  

imageCavallino T350 Ferrari Headphones Style

The ear cups and headband are trimmed in ultra luxe black leather to ensure ultimate comfort and supported by crafted metal arms and housing to ensure durability and quality. How could you have a Ferrari-branded anything without that company's iconic logo? The silver horse is centered in the middle of each earcup. The T350 features ultra-soft ear pads constructed from enhanced breathable materials for maximum comfort and come complete with a carry case for additional protection.          

imageCavallino T350 Ferrari Headphones Function

Finally a true noise canceling set of headphones!  The T350 Ferrari headphones canceled out any ambient noise while on the busy NYC streets and subways.  T350 includes a high efficiency 40mm driver incorporated into a close-back design with ANC Technology, which seals the ear pads to prevent loss of music dynamics and reduces unwanted ambient noise. The headphones come with a plastic carrying case that has a carbon-fiber look, as well as three woven cords: One with iOS controls (volume and play/pause/Siri), one for Android devices (a single button), and one plain cord. The two also have a mic built in, which can be used to make phone calls, too.  Keep some batteries handy however, because the T350s require two AAA batteries, and will not work without power. The Ferrari Cavallino T350s are a dynamic duo of style and function. They're comfortable, stylish and offer supreme audio quality!  Like any major electronic that offers quality entertainment, be prepared to pay a quality price. At $399, it may feel like the audio equivalent of buying a Ferrari itself but if you're looking for a head-turning design that stands out among the crowd the Ferrari Cavallino T350s will make you very happy.    

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