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Square Wallet Makes Shopping Personal & Rewarding

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A wallet should do more, according to Jack Dorsey; the creator of Twitter is trying to revolutionize how we pay for products and services – hands free.  He thinks a wallet should do more than hold our credit cards, checks, receipts, and such – it should build relationships and earn rewards.  Paying for goods just got cool.

What is Square Wallet and How Does It Work?

Square Wallet, the software at the store knows when your smart phone has just entered the building and you don’t have to pull out your credit card or smart phone to pay.  Simple say your NAME!

Square Wallet - Handsfree
Install the app and discover a directory of places that accepts Square Wallet’s technology.  Enable the hands-free checkout and simply say your name when checking out with your purchase.
Square - Wallet   “In Square’s Wallet app, you can set up your account such that when you get close to a shop you frequent, your geo-aware phone “opens a tab,” and your photo appears on the shop’s Square-enabled register. Walk in and order and say your name; the cashier sees your face and charges you via Square. You’ve never taken a thing out of your pocket.”  (
Square Wallet - Shops

What Can You Purchase With Square Wallet?

Want to buy a gift card?  No problem.  You can store gift cards in Square Wallet and also purchase them for friends and send them electronically.  And using the gift card is easy as saying your NAME!  Literally.  Enter the store, find your item, tell the cashier who you are and BAM transaction completed.  But the shops and Square Wallet have already synced your information from your smart phone and knows you have entered the building.  How awesome is that? Want to earn rewards with your purchase?  Your first visit to each participating shop is 10% off your purchases.  Participating shops have their own rewards card which you store in Square Wallet and reap the benefits with every purchase.  The more you visit the more you save.  Some of our favorite big and local shops are linked with Square Wallet.  Square Wallet is made for mobile devices including iPhones (Download App HERE) and Android (Download App HERE) smart phones.


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