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Sprint Exclusively Gets the Purple Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III - Sprint Logo- Analie Cruz [Source: AndroidGuys]

Not everyone is into black, white and/or silver gadgets. For those of you who love colorful gadgets we have great news. There is a new Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone available in purple, Amethyst Purple to be exact. It's exclusively available on the Sprint Wireless network. The good news is that the beloved  smartphone is not coming without some signing offers!  

Samsung Galaxy S III Special Offers With Sprint

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Amethyst Purple - Analie Cruz You can get the 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S III for $99.99 when you sign a two year contract or use an eligible upgrade (after a $50 mail-in rebate). That applies to all Galaxy S III's, not just the new purple version. If you're currently with a carrier other than Sprint, they are offering you $100 to port in your number from that other carrier. What that means is that new customers who bring their number to Sprint AND purchase a Samsung Galaxy S III, will get the smartphone for free. Sprint is also offering free activation. Don't forget to mail in that $50 rebate. That offer is pretty tempting for those who are fond of Sprint's unlimited data plans and the Galaxy S III. Get more information about  Sprint's Port In Offer HERE. Remember these offers are only for a limited time.  

Features You'll Enjoy on the Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III - Sprint - Purple - Analie CruzWith so many popular features, it's no wonder that the Galaxy S III is one of Samsung's most popular devices. Here are some notable features of the beloved smartphone:
  • Display: Looking at pictures and watching videos is great on the Galaxy S III's 4.8-inchHD Super AMOLED™,  (720p) display.
  • Processor / RAM: Switching between apps and multi-tasking is a breeze with the  S III's 1.5GHz dual-core processor  and 2GB of RAM
  • Cameras: Take great pictures wi the 8 Megapixel rear-facing camera. Video chatting and self pictures are easy to take with the 1.9 Megapixel front-facing camera
  • Hotspot: You can connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices when using the S III as a hotspot
  • Entertainment: There's always something to keep you from boredom. Download games from the Google Play Store. Access movies and books from the Samsung Media Hub. Share your pictures easily with NFC or Share Shot. NFC can also be used to read certain chips or to share documents and music with other NFC capable devices.


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