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Social Media How To: How To Choose (Create) a Hashtag (#)

Believe it or not I still have many friends that don’t know how to use twitter, so they stay off the social network. They are missing out on great things such as quick updates, twitter chats and communicating with awesome people you’d never meet otherwise. How do you get such great connections? As some of you twitter addicts know, it’s through the use of hashtags. Hashtags categorize your tweets. It helps people, companies, brands with the same interest find your tweets. Hashtags became so popular that Facebook has recently implemented them.
This is what Twitter says about hashtags and their use:

What is a Hashtag (#)?

The hashtag (#) has become one of the most valuable assets in any modern marketing campaign. The brands that create the most effective ones and employ them well reap the benefits on Twitter. Those who haven’t invested the time and thought carefully about their hashtag(s) and how they are going to be used get predictable results.

Twitter has come up with an infographic that will help you in choosing a hashtag. It’s a bit illegible, but if you zoom in and take a look, it breaks it down pretty well.

So What are the Basic Steps in Creating and Using a Hashtag:

– They should be memorable and representative to your brand. This helps your audience easily remember them.
– DO NOT USE spaces or punctuation in the hashtag. #Divas and Dorks (only “Divas” will be hashtagged)
– Do capitalize the first letter in each word to help ease the reading of your hashtag: #DivasAndDorks is easier to read than #divasanddorks
– They should be reusable. It makes the conversation last longer and redirect similar conversations back to you and your audience
– Try not to include more than two hashtags in a single tweet.
– Hashtags (#) are no longer for twitter use only. You can use them on other social networks such as Instagram, Vine, Google+, and Facebook

Check out the infographic and let us know what you think. For fun once in a while or to branch out, click on or search for a hashtag you’ve used just to see what others are up to.

Twitter Teaches You How To choose Hashtag Infographic


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