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Sharing Sexy Photos In Lieu Of Valentine’s Day Could Cost You…

What would you do if someone threatened to share sexy photos of you on the Internet? According to a new McAfee survey, 68.7% of us have used a smartphone to send personal or intimate text messages, emails, or photos – a habit that could put your privacy (and even your job, relationships, or financial stability) at risk.  Sharing sexy photos via text or online could cause your a world of drama, discover how you can protect yourself and your privacy below…


woman sharing sexy photos on smartphone

Did You Know:

35% of Americans plan to send sexy or romantic photos to their partners via email, text, and social media on Valentine’s Day. This makes sense given the fact that 95% of Americans believe that their data and revealing photos are safe with their partners.


Celebrities Sharing Sexy Photos (Mishaps)

Celebrities like Brett Farve, Amber Rose, Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown and more have been notorious for sharing sexy photos and in result their photos have been hacked/leaked. The fact that 95% of Americans still believe that sharing sexy or racy photos is still safe is beyond idiotic.  McAfee’s survey on Love, Relationships and Technology found that nearly 25% of those surveyed believe that the next celebrity hack might target Taylor Swift, and 50% of respondents believed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were the next celebrity couple to be involved in a cyber-scandal. Celebrities, and the general public, should be extra careful when it comes to protecting the contents on their mobile phones from their exes.




THINK Before You Press The Send Button

Despite the risks, 36% of Americans still plan to send sexy or romantic photos to their partners via email, text and social media on Valentine’s Day. Significantly more men plan to do so, compared to women (43% vs. 29%), even though men get threatened to have their photos exposed online more than women (12% vs. 8%) and often have the threats carried out more than women (63% vs. 50%).

Revenge of the Ex: About 1 in 10 Americans have been threatened by an ex-partner to reveal their shared sexy photos for reasons including lying (45.3%), cheating (40.6%), or breaking up with him/her (26.6%). Once threatened, these actions to post such images were carried out 60% of the time.

Password Sharing: About 50% of Americans share their passwords with their partners, which can potentially result in serious consequences if a breakup is on the horizon and your ex-partner is looking for revenge.

Cyber Stalking: Over 56% of people surveyed admitted to checking their significant others’ social media pages and bank accounts and nearly 50% log in to scan their partners’ emails. People track their ex-partner on Facebook more than they do their current partners.  <——- 


LRT Infographic 1.31.13 sharing sexy photos



Take Back the Web: Because (After Reading This) No One Deserves to be Hacked


  1. Lock your lips. Never share passwords with anyone, including significant others and family members. If you absolutely need to share a password, create a unique code just for that account, and change it immediately if you suspect foul play.
  2. Lock your devices. Always use password protection on your phone and other mobile devices. While your best friend might not share that embarrassing photo, if your phone is lost or stolen, anyone who picks up the device could publish your information online.
  3. Love your delete button. If you do send personal or intimate messages, take the time to delete the content from your email account or mobile device as soon as possible. It only takes a second, and this process could save you years of reputation damage control.
  4. Share the love, not your information. Once you share private information with anyone, including those you love, that data is now completely out of your control – for better or for worse.


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