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Celebrate Black History Month: Say It Loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!

Say It Loud 4SquareBadge black history month February is here, meaning Black History Month is officially underway!  Discover new and exciting ways to celebrate Black History Month with friends and family.  From earning the “Say It Loud!” badge from BET and Foursquare to historical sight-seeing tours and more below. -  

Black History Month In Apps

Be sure to prove your heritage by earning the “Say It Loud!” badge from BET and Foursquare. This badge celebrates historic locations that are important to Black history, such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in DC and the Lewis Museum of Maryland African-American History and Culture in Baltimore.   Black History in an Hour-screenshot black history month -   Even the busiest of people can learn about history. Try the apps, “Black History in an Hour” ($2.99) or “American Slavery in an Hour” ($2.99). Through a series of eBooks, readers can learn the basics of Black history in America from slavery to the civil rights movement and beyond. Events that occurred in Great Britain and South Africa are included. There's really no excuse!   For a new take on Black history, and the truth that comes of telling our own stories, Tumblr is the place to look. From the hilarious hyperbole on “Little Known Black History Facts,” about the most uncanny of our culture to the somber, “Black Vernacular,” a digital memorial of our deceased ancestors, and finally to a nice balance between the two, “Peak Blackness” which captures all that is amazing, fantastic and audacious about Black people. - -     byronhurtpic black history month   -

Black History Month In Movies

Another hot topic that always gets Black folks talking is food, soul food to be exact! Following up from his success with “Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” documentarian Byron Hurt brings us “Soul Food Junkies.” Shown at the 10th Annual Men of Strength Club – Solutions Through Film Black History Month Film Festival, this film explores the historical beginnings of soul food, the health implications of over-consumption, and the changes coming about with the food justice movement. - -   - Also shown was “Hoodwinked”, a data-driven, statistical journey to answer the questions: Are there more Black men in jail or in college? And which is higher, the high school dropout or graduation rate for young Black men? Have a look for yourselves, the answers may just shock you! Proceeds from this youth-led event were donated to Apne Aap Women Worldwide for girls in India to go to schools, not brothels. -


With so many options to explore Black History Month, how will you research and celebrate your heritage?



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