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Samsung’s Flagship 110” TV – You Know You Want This! #2013CES









Samsung TV 1Samsung’s flagship TV, the F9 UHD received the 2013 Best of Innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week.  The TV is a lean, floating panel television set on an easel-like frame has a minimalist design.  It is the largest screen available in the Samsung collection with the ultra-HD resolution.  According to Samsung, it offers the best picture and video quality regardless of video source.    With its proprietary up-scaling engine it can convert HD to Ultra-HD resolution, restoring picture detail for an awesome real-life picture experience.  The television also features a powerful sound system using a fast quad-core processor for multitasking content and apps.

Touchpad Swipe Remote

Samsung TV side view

Wouldn’t it be awesome to interface with your TV like you do with your smart phone or your tablet?  How about using your fingertips to swipe through TV channels like you do photos, twitter feed, or email on your tablet?  Well, it’s here.  The TV features a five window interactive channel screen called the programme guide, which has internet connectivity.  This replaces the regular channel listing we normally use.  Using the remote control you will swipe between the five window interactive screen which offers on-demand movies, photos, video, music, and of course TV show choices.


Smart TV

Samsung TV 3

Samsung created a Smart TV section that integrates with your smart phone or tablet to view on screen movies, photos, video, and music just like you would view on your smart phone or tablet.  It features personalized viewing content from your social media accounts, friends, and family.  You think that’s smart; How about tracking your fitness activities and weight loss with its fitness app and your Samsung smart phone?  It does that too.   You want to Skype?  It has a front facing camera for Skyping.



Here are the specifications from Samsung:

1.       Samsung Smart Hub: Five intuitive panels help consumers manage and navigate different types of content, which are displayed as thumbnail images for the first time so it’s even easier to select and watch the content on the big screen. With a light hand gesture (flipping), you can discover five totally different experiences in Smart Hub, as if you have five new TV sets.

2.       S-recommendation: Quickly and easily search for TV programs, premium video-on-demand, apps, social content and locally-stored content on personal devices. The special recommendation engine also offers customized content recommendations for the most personal TV experience ever.

3.       Advanced Smart Interaction: Use everyday language and casual gestures to find content or command and control the TV.

4.       Content and device convergence with multi-screen features: Samsung’s Smart View allows consumers to move their content seamlessly between devices in real-time; AllShare connects the TV to compatible mobile devices and home appliances wirelessly and creates a smart center for media and whole-home automation. Users also gain the ability to mirror their TV content on compatible Samsung GALAXY tablets and phones.

5.       Evolution Kit: Owners of flagship Samsung 2012 TVs will be able to update their TVs with the latest Smart TV features simply by slotting in this Evolution Kit without having to buy a new TV.


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