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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review – This Might Be The Diva of All Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S 4 - Review Main

Ever since  Samsung Galaxy S III last year we were all shocked and crazed over the innovative and creative features the phone had to offer. It earned it's title: "The Next Big Thing". With so many features of such a big screen how could Samsung top the S III and do better for their followup phone the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Samsung had an Unpacked event in March to announce the arrival of the new flagship android phone. We learned mostly about the gimmicky features the S 4 would offer. Despite the fact that Galaxy S 3 has many features, the S 4 managed to have even more. The screen was bigger, the phone was taller and yet it was still thinner. At the launch event we didn't immediately know the release date and carrier info, but everyone was left anxiously anticipating.    

Samsung Galaxy S 4 – Samsung Loves Plastic. No Plastic Surgery Here

samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (1) dial pad divas and dorks Just like the leaks suggested and many at the launch felt, the Galaxy S 4 had a plastic body. Many were upset that Samsung kept the same plastic housing as they did in their successor to the former. Many did not like the feel of the material  should have done something to upgrade. The plastic housing does not matter to me since I always put cases on my phone I need the grip of a thick phone. The Samsung S4 is just too thin. The plastic housing makes the phone lighter which many will enjoy carrying a lightweight phone and not break your back or purse. Without a case, the S 4 for could feel a bit slippery and very thin and when the risk of it falling and screen cracking. However it is less slippery than the S III.  

Galaxy S 4 - Body Feel

Depending on the size of your hands and I'm able to use it comfortably with one hand, and of course a lot more comfortably with two hands. I think S4 does feel a lot more solid than the S3. It does not feel very bendy (the feeling that the plastic could actually snap in half). While others might ask why didn’t Samsung change the plastic materials I say why would they mess with a formula that got them so many sales that S three.They must feel that they did something right. It also helps accessory makers who help them with the protective cases.    

Galaxy S 4 - Display

The large AMOLED display is beautiful is very vibrant and colorful. That screen has too many colors – said no one ever! Okay, maybe those extremists who compare and contrast resolution, ppi and color saturation. But otherwise than that, you will get nothing but compliments about the eye-catching screen. The screen is responsive and the swiping this fluid and you could even use gloves when touching the screen. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (1) dial pad  samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (1) dial pad lock screen

Galaxy S 4 – Galaxy Camera – What Everyone Asks About

What Samsung bragged about the most at their unpacked event was the camera and all the features that it have to offer. It went up 5 megapixels from the its predecessor, the SIII. The 13 megapixel camera was promised to be the go-to camera for all events, at all times.   You're definitely going to love taking pictures with this phone. The 13 megapixel camera does wonders or it could be the fast processor or a combination of both. Taking some features from the galaxy camera S4 camera takes the smart phone camera to the next level it definitely revamps smartphone camera. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (8)  Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (11) We spoke about the features when we had our first hands on the smart phone back the launch. Not only are the features and options nice, but the interface is nice and easy to use.   This is definitely the phone that you should not use on a regular auto mode. Living in New York I definitely enjoyed the camera's Eraser Mode the most. Drama Shot is very fun feature to which will get many frames of a rapid movement but it's not as easy to execute. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (12) Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD (13)  

Samsung TouchWiz – Love it or Hate it?

TouchWiz, the “skin” that Samsung puts over Android has grown on me. But we can all agree it’s way more than a skin by now. I've been used to it since the Galaxy S III.  I use it on the Note II and on the Galaxy Tab. I’m very familiar with it. I enjoy the colors and animations that Samsung uses on TouchWiz. I have always been a fan and I am very familiar with them. TouchWiz offers so many features that one can become overwhelmed. I personally love that. But for those who don't there is an easy mode. I guess they're trying to reach everyone no phone is too complicated for a customer. However I will tell you what I don't like. That the operating system takes up nearly 8 GB. Samsung has made adjustments since the release to rectify that. But still, WOW. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD - all screens   The phone definitely tries to offer you many options at your fingertips. There is a lot going on in the notification menu. Some might be overwhelmed with so many toggles and switches. I always will have a soft spot for the brightness slider I like to adjust my brightness multiple times. The “auto” brightness option seems to have the phone go haywire at times. There is a lot going on there are over 15 toggles. 18 toggles to be exact. Samsung's most advanced upgrades include temperature and humidity sensors. It goes hand-in-hand with your feature for S health. This is definitely not for the person who is transitioning to a smartphone.

 Notification Screen Toggles


Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review – Fave Features

There are so many features that I don't think I could remember all of them on a regular day. Sheesh! They will come to you as the situations pop up. Trust me, it will take dedicated time to sit and learn what this phone could do. But here are the two which I think you folks might use the most: My favorite has to be S Health. It takes the pressure of monitoring your movement. It's a nice way in to the life of record keeping of your health stats. Samsung will soon introduce a S Health activity monitoring bracelet to accompany the app.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Review - Galaxy S4 Review - AC DD - S Health

  Another feature is Samsung's WatchON feature. Helping you scour your TV listings alongside your preferences, WatchON will have you keeping your Galaxy S4 riiiight by your side whenever it's time to watch TV. What's better than controlling your TV (with the built-in IR Blaster)? Having WatchON tell you when and where your fave shows are showing. You can learn more about Samsung WatchON HERE    

Galaxy S 4 For You?

All in all I don't think there would be any reason to regret getting the Samsung S4.  Although I do suggest investing in a 64 GB MicroSD card. Since it offers so many features you'll be adding and downloading a lot more add-ons. Now if you have the S III  you really don't have to upgrade, you have to analyze the changes and see if they're worth it. If you're curious about experiencing a Samsung, now would be the time. You'll be jumping into a world of creativity and innovation. I am not just saying that. Really I'm not! This phone will definitely have you feeling like a diva with so many options at your fingertips. You will want to use this phone any chance you get!


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